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Literary Psychoanalytic And Feminist Criticism

I have chosen these two critical literary perspectives due to my personal interest in psychoanalysis and feminist issues.The fourth chapter (Wuthering Heights) consists of literary applications of psychoanalytic theory to Wuthering Heights, a presentation of various feminist perspectives on the novel and a subchapter dedicated to approaches that combine both types of critical perspectives.Moreover, the feminist analyst Elaine Showalter includes these writings in the “feminine phase” in the evolution of the female literary tradition, which turns them into the ideal literary texts to be analysed from a feminist perspective.The first two chapters (entitled “Introductory Considerations on Feminist Literary Criticism” and “Introductory Consid...

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Nuclear Family Is Bad For Its Members Sociology Essay

The main feminist perspectives are divided into four sub divisions of thought.Out of the Marxism grew the feminist movement.The feminist perspective attacks and outlines 4 key themes which challenge the traditional notions of the family.This is an essay in which I will attempt to evaluate the premise of whether a nuclear family is bad for its members using differences between the Functionalist perspectives of the family against the contrasting view of the Marxist and Feminist approach.A nuclear family serves its members differently, is good for some and detrimental for others depending through which perspective you look at it.

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Feminist Re-reading of Henry James's Washington Square

An Inappropriate Feminist Re-reading of Henry James's Washington Square .So of course, it would have been written in that perspective, especially since it was written by a man.Stating only (in a roundabout way) that the readers interpretation and perspective of reading the novel determines their understanding of the truth.She believes that since she reads from the feminist perspective, she has more challenges and undertakings to recognize and deal with because of James's and Bell's use of phallic relations.The author Barbara Rasmussen, states that another critic, Ian Bell's perspective of Henry James's writing " 'exploits the ideological equipment of that which it opposes': patriarchal capitalism" (63).

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Another Feminism

Other feminist may argue that the liberals are not aggressive enough and rely too much on hope.Another weakness in the radical feminist perspective is the way they group.For the radical feminist the subordination of women is seen primarily in terms of relations of dominance between men and women as distinct social groups.This essay will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of four different feminist theoretical orientations.The largest weakness among the radical feminists comes from the separatist feminist, who argues that women should organise independently of men.

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Essay on Values in Urban Studies

Positivism in this paper will be framed as traditional science, empirical science, ecological science, and feminist empirical science.I define the standpoint framework using both feminist and ‘queer’ perspectives.Affecting Geospatial Technologies: Toward a Feminist Politics of Emotion.Progress in Human Geography.Gender and Geography II: Bridging the Gap –Feminsit, Queer, and the Geographical Imaginary.

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The Relationship Between Men and Women Presented in the Short Story “the Story of an Hour” Essay

Through a feminist critical perspective, this short story supports a patriarchal society that is presented through marriage.As noted earlier, using the feminist critical perspective suggest the idea that women were tied down by marriage.Keeping the feminist critical perspective in mind, the idea is given that her “body” is the physical property and the “soul” is her emotional and mental freedom.Analyzing the text though a feminist critical perspective reveals the truth about a woman’s suffering during this era, as well as demonstrating how men were greatly carried in society.Through the feminist critical perspective, a patriarchal society is supported due to men having the assumption that a women’s role was to serve the man and become hi...

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Feminist Criticism Case Study

Feminist methodology: challenges and choices.The feminist role is based on redefining and revisioning the concept to create a platform that dispels the women stereotyping and the male identification.Communicating third wave feminism and new social movements: challenges for the next century of feminist endeavor.Feminist Criticism Method is a method of investigation that collects specific information that relate to a given feminist (Ramazanoglu & Holland, 2009).Hierarchy, unity, and imitation: a feminist rhetorical analysis of power dynamics.

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Essay on The Feminist Movement Of The United States

Although the ideology has noble intentions, the word itself has become taboo and those who identify as feminist are perceived to have the quality of misandry: the hatred of men (“misandry”).For the purpose of this argument, this essay will disregard the social perspective because they undermine facts and statistics due to widely being based upon pure opinion.Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as a woman’s most significant profession.Although women have made tremendous strides in the work force, equality still has not been achieved.In the United States, the feminist movement was a civil rights issue that sought to establish equality for women.

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The Feminist Sentencing Law

While this seems more fitting to the rehabilitative function which has been seen to be lacking in the imprisonment of women, feminist critics also raise concerns about the appropriateness of this approach to crimes where women have been victimised or oppressed.The very nature of rape as a private crime, often with no witnesses and only the word of the victim against that of the defendant means that conviction and sentencing are problematic at best, but this should not be used as justification for dismissing feminist critiques of sentencing, which make a valid point about the dominance of male perspectives and attitudes within the judiciary system.Feminist perspectives in criminology.Smart, C. (1976) Women, Crime and Criminology: A Femini...

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Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein And The Creation Of His Creature Essay

Creating my argument was quite easy as arguing that the book expressed feminist ideas only required showing evidence of this.My thoughts on this varied throughout reading but once finishing the novel, I had finalized what I believed the novel was really saying.The feminist perspective of looking at a work of literature includes examining how both sexes are portrayed within the novel.The support characters are key to developing an argument as they tend to be the characters that act or are acted upon by other actors in the novel in a way that can be seen in a feminist perspective.Through reading the novel, I had looked through the feminist perspective and thought hard about how it was effectively expressing feministic ideology.

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Distinctive Contribution Of A Feminist Methodology Sociology Essay

Feminist research in general terms has had a lack of agreement to what precisely defines feminist theory and practice.Either you are a feminist or you are a sexist/misogynist.Further, that there are two distinct epistemologies namely that of a ‘Feminist empiricism’ and a ‘Feminist Standpoint’.Feminist research is therefore aimed at the liberation of women.The feminist movement, in achieving liberal values, must not itself become an instrument of repression against the male community.

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Equality Rights: Feminism

As a result, postcolonial and feminist theories challenges discourses that are about women by highlighting the anti-colonial gender blindness and to acknowledge “Third-World Woman” as a voice of difference instead of an object to be silenced by the power and privilege of colonialism.Although liberal feminism has created conditions to fight for equality, it is only a stepping stone for the other feminist theories that follow – it is limited in the macro and public realm of politics.The liberal, Marxist, and radical feminist perspectives all focus on the major structures that act as the basis of society’s gender concepts.To analyze these problematic individual issues, the radical feminist framework has proven to be effective.Moreover, by l...

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Women Essay

Oxford Journals, 8(2), 269-294. doi: 10.1093/hrlr/ngn008 is another source chosen to be used within the paper.Zampas, C., & Gher, J. M. (2008).Often quarterly is a good forewarning of a scholarly source, which Oxford Journals is credible for.Wise women in community: building on everyday radical feminism for social change.Interface, 3(2), 288-293.

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Margaret Atwood’s “The Penelopiad”

The Feminist Theory in literature strives to provide a voice for those who are marginalized and critically evaluate society’s representation of women.It highlights her reflective and honest perspective – unrestricted by social boundaries.The perspective in which the story is narrated has shifted from the phallocentric heroes of The Odyssey to the domestic personal perspective of Penelope and her maids.The Penelopiad integrates the Feminist Theory in order to identify the historical and social structures of female submission and give voice to those would are silenced within and beyond the novel.Following a subversion of the grand narrative, the Penelopiad has transcended into a feminist text.

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Three Major Perspectives in Sociology Essay

Sociologists today employ three primary theoretical perspectives: the symbolic interactionist perspective, the functionalist perspective, and the conflict perspective.Feminist theory is one of the major contemporary sociological theories, which analyzes the status of women and men in society with the purpose of using that knowledge to better women’s lives.Feminist theory is most concerned with giving a voice to women and highlighting the various ways women have contributed to society.Critics of the conflict perspective point to its overly negative view of society.Feminist theorists have also started to question the differences between women, including how race, class, ethnicity, and age intersect with gender.

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Impact of Caste System in India Essay

However, does it rightly or properly criticize and comment on the feminist translation perspective?Barbara Godard was born in Toronto in 1941, she was one of the most famous feminist translators who were the first to engage in feminist translation.With the rapid development of the feminist translation theory, there sprang up numerous recomments on the reinterpretation of feminist literature in China and abroad.We should avail ourselves of this opportunity to call on Chinese translators apply this feminist consciousness into their translation.Since then, some feminist theorists came up and made a lot of critics about the feminist translation theory, the most typical and influential ones are: Sherry Simon’s Gender in Translation: Cultural ...

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Feminism and how it enriches our IR theory Essay

Caprioli amongst many, not only asks that there be room for Tickner’s appeal for dialogue with feminist and IR scholars, but demands this to be necessary.Finally we will look at the impact and importance of the different types of feminist theories and whether or not they have achieved at enriching our understanding of IR theory.The contribution of the feminist standpoint in IR theory definitely sparks discussion and debate bringing forth new perspectives which demand to be heard and considered from the more ‘orthodox’ IR theories, previously privileged assumptions and preconceived ideas.Whilst simultaneously interrogating the core issues in mainstream IR, particularly in peace and security, contingent on feminist bases for gendered grasp...

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Feminist or Gender Discrimination Essay

At last , after above all discussion we have come to the point that feminist thinking is ethical as well as useful in the development of women as modifying women’s problem is the process of development.Feminism is useful in the field of women and development if we take into account feminist perspectives .feminist methodology 1 feminist seek a methodology that will do the work of “excavation “ that is shifting the focus of standard practice from men’s concerns in order to reveal the location and perspective of all women .there for main tool of Marxist feminist is class straggle and revolution which will bring about new production relation and emancipation of women .it focused on that the women are the victim of environment desaradation .f...

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Marriage and Family

Feminist fight for equal rights, they fight to have the same rights as men.There are more conversations and controversy today regarding gender roles and feminist content.They have an adopted daughter named Lilly.Everything that a normal family may go through in their family life cycle happens in this TV show.Jay’s son Mitchell is gay and is married to Cameron.

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Assess the contribution of feminist sociologists to an understanding of family roles and relationships Essay

Feminist sociologists Pahl and Vogler suggest that because of men’s higher earnings women have more financial dependence on their husbands and this is why men take more control over major decisions.Radical feminists also believe that the family, the root of women’s oppression, must be overturned; the difference being that they believe this can only be achieved through separatism – women must organise themselves to live independently of men.However different feminist views disagree on who benefits from this unpaid labour.Social action theorists and postmodernists reject this idea and argue that individuals have some choice in creating family relationship of our own and choosing our domestic set up for ourselves.In final conclusion, I beli...

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Essay on The Feminist Theory

I submit to you that, if Hofstede's findings are true, and I do believe that they are, this could be a great boost to the credibility of feminist theory and moreover that feminist perspectives could provide valuable insights into ways to improve our world and promote a more peaceful existence.have developed a more non-violent, non-confrontational policy toward the rest of the world than other nations have.According to Scott Burchill, theorizing "is the process by which we give meaning to an allegedly objectified world 'out there'" (True, 225).Additionally consider the fact that, at least until recently, the overwhelming majority of written contributions to the fields of international relations theory and world politics have been from a m...

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Feminist Theories and Gender Essay

Contributions made in society by dominate women increased a loftier voice to the feminist theory.Feminist theories perspectives provide logical contrivances in which historical mediators examine the inequalities and build justifiable arguments to support particular dialogue for a change.The feminist theory analyses the status quo of women and men in society using current and historical forbearances to better a women’s life.Just so happens, I have lived long enough to witness some of the struggles and implications that whirl around the feminist theory conversations.However, upon the global commitment to women’s rights as human rights conveyed a new resonation in feminist theories amid the local and national levels.

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Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico Essay

Exploring the goals and outcomes of women’s organizations in these three locations, author also offers an insightful perspective on politics.The fifth chapter is centered on women’s moral and ethical rights when it comes to equality with men, and the final chapter provides a historic perspective on women’s feministic movement as of death of the Cardenismo, the first Mexican president to campaign for office.Accumulating information from regional archives, journalism, and oral history, author presents an objective account of the women’s struggle.Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico .As author accumulates information from multiple sources including the real life experiences, objectivity of information laid out in the book can ...

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Sex Gender And Feminism Sociology Essay

Radical feminist take on the view of women being victims of male dominance and some critics would argue that this is heavily exaggerating both female and male roles in society.According to the feminist belief, women are being exploited by the sources like books, media, and the society by means of children’s toys.Firstly, the definition of gender through socialization will be looked at from Feminist and Functionalist perspectives followed by studies into the nature of gender, i.e.Like radical feminism, Marxist feminist do agree on the need of revolutionary change, however instead of it being a matriarchal system, as proposed by the radical feminists, Marxist feminists state that a communist society should be established.The essay must be ...

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What Contribution have feminists made to our understanding of victimisation? Essay

These are welcomed and positive responses in the eyes of a feminist, but they are also patchy and do not respond effectively to the needs of ethnic minority victims, which will be discussed later when criticising the feminist contributions.In a survey of literature recorded on major databases, more feminist contributions were found; this shows the extent of the feminist contribution in this particular area of victimology.In answering this question it would be useful to first discuss very briefly, the feminist contribution to the study of criminology in general to help and aid understanding of the feminist perspective on victimisation.Rafter and Heidensohn, International Feminist Perspectives in Criminology, Open University Press, 1995 ...

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Feminist Epistemology Essay

24-29; Mary Hawkesworth, “Feminist Epistemology: A Survey of the Field,” Women and Politics 7 (1987): 112-124; and Hilary Rose, “Hand, Brain, and Heart: A feminist Epistemology for the Natural Sciences,” Signs 9, 11 (1983): 73-90.Inessential women: problems of exclusion in feminist thought Boston: Beacon Press.Subjects, power and knowledge: description and prescription in feminist philosophies of science.I will explain the concept of emotional perspective and response in a moment, but I want to first note that the type of emotions she thinks are important to feminist epistemologists are outlaw emotions—which are emotional responses that do not follow or support the values and norms we have been taught to accept.So, although I am uncertai...

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Examine Marxist views of the role of the family

The traditional Marxist perspective tends to be a bit old- fashioned.Also feminists emphasize that housework is unpaid labour.Conversely Feminist perspectives emphasize the harmful effects of family life upon women, and the role of the family in the continuing oppression of women.For feminists, the family and marriage are major sources of female domination and gender inequalities in society.Like functionalists, Marxists grip a structural perspective on the family, looking at how the family subsidises to the maintenance of society’s structure.

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Essay on The Economic Differences Between Men and Women

Cambridge: Harvard University Press.(1995) Out of the Margin: Feminist Perspectives on Economics.Berkeley: University of California Press .Essays on this issue were brought together in a 1993 volume of Beyond Economic Man: Feminist Theory and Economics (Ferber and Nelson, 1993).(2003) Feminist Economics Today: Beyond Economic Man.

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Applying Showalter’s Idea’s to Branagh's Film of Hamlet Essay

So, by using feminist theory to show these bonds in Branagh's Hamlet, Showalter's goal to conclude with "a fuller sense of the responsibilities of feminist criticism, as well a new perspective on Ophelia" is achieved (224)."Representing Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Responsibilities of Feminist Criticism."William Shakespeare: Hamlet.Further, she says that Ophelia's story is important to tell from a feminist perspective because it allows Ophelia to upstage Hamlet, and that this re-telling can be done by tracing the iconography of Ophelia in visual art, theater, movies, and even psychiatric theory.Elaine Showalter begins her essay, Representing Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Responsibilities of Feminist Criticism, by criticizing analy...

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Impact of Feminism on Social Work Practice

The discussion then moved to the effect of traditional and feminist perspective on social work service.Specifically, domestic violence survivors are often directed, either explicitly or implicitly, that their situation is personal and should be considered and dealt with from a personal and pathological perspective rather than applying the tenets of feminist thought that view such situations as manifestations of structural and power problems in our greater society.Conclusions include that there is significant gap between the understanding or acceptance of feminist constructs amongst social workers and its application in daily field practise, that social workers are often likely to perpetuate hegemonic gender roles, and because of such per...

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