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Feminism in Legal Jurisprudence and Social Analysis

Secondly, aspects of feminist legal inquiries looking at thematic issues central to feminist thought will be analyzed.This essay will now discuss some of the theoretical contributions of liberal, radical, and cultural feminist thought to legal theory.Thus, feminist theory provided a valuable analytic discourse exposing the fallacy that Marxist ideas discuss all types of labour.Olsen suggests the lack of state intervention is itself ‘a political act confirming the status quo and affirming the public private power relations.’ [49] Such powerful discussions of feminist thought applied to legal analysis shows how traditional theories can be persuasively challenged from the feminist perspective to encourage new degrees of awareness and dial...

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Essay about Feminist Empiricism And Feminist Standpoint Theory

Feminist empiricists believe that bias is the fundamental issue within a reliable scientific system.While feminist standpoint’s assumption that subjugated individuals may have a more comprehensive view is ideal in terms of promoting equity, there must be recognition that there are contexts whereby this assumption will not be accurate.Feminist empiricism epistemology maintains... .Feminist empiricism is typically connected to mainstream notions of positivism; feminist empiricism proposes that feminist theories can be objectively proven through evidence.Feminist theories of science emphasize the androcentric nature of science.

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Psychology and Sociology in Health Care Essay

Radical feminist theory which believes that gender inequalities is the result of male domination in all aspects of life through social and economical.The feminist theory consists of three branches which are Radical feminists, Liberal feminists and Marxist feminist.In this essay I have concluded that both Feminist theory and Functionalist theory can explain the health condition depression and can help people to understand this condition but also help people to understand how to treat the condition.In this essay I will be looking at two theories Feminist which include three braches which are Marxist feminists, Liberal feminists and Radical feminists and Functionalist.The Feminist theory is a theory which attempts to explain gender inequali...

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Postcolonial Theory & Feminism Essay

Feminist theory came as a result of these particular feminist movements.Finally, that unbearable reality makes feminist theory important.The present feminist postcolonial theory goes on exerts a pressure on mainstream postcolonial theory on its constant iteration of the necessity to consider gender issues.As a result, feminist theory is the expansion of feminism into philosophical or theoretical position.Feminist theory always aims at understanding the natural history of inequality and it actually focuses on power relations, femininity politics as well as sexuality (Tiffin, 9).

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A Comparison Of A Thesis On Estrella Alfon

She first had to apply the feminist theory to find out how the women characters conducted themselves in the situations presented in Alfon’s stories.The Formalistic theory as Alcantara quoted “determines meaning – organization, structure and language” and by the used of this theory a structural analysis of form would be revealed in the works of Alfon.As a conclusion, Alcantara asserts that the selected stories of Estrella Alfon did have feminist manifestations.Sitoy’s works also would provide a great avenue for feminist analysis of text.Lakambini Sitoy has been known as Feminist writer so applying the Feministic theory into her work would be highly appropriate.

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Feminist Relations Gender

The history of feminism in accordance with actual events will be provided to explain the late arrival of feminist approaches and several reasons will be explained to help me provide an adequate answer as to what can be learnt from feminist approaches.The persistent challenge, however, is to develop ‘emphatic co-operation’ between non-feminist and feminist international relations.In conclusion, I have discussed and explained reasons behind the relatively late arrival of feminist approaches to the study of international relations theory.What is now the ‘sub field’ of feminist IR is growing in interest and research at a rapid rate.I believe that there is a lot to be learnt from feminist theories because in international relations, I have no...

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Another Feminism

Liberal feminism Liberal feminists are the least 'radical' of all feminist perspectives.Q.1(b) Feminist approaches to sociological theory have developed out of historical sites of struggle for equality.The largest weakness among the radical feminists comes from the separatist feminist, who argues that women should organise independently of men.Another weakness in the radical feminist perspective is the way they group.For the radical feminist the subordination of women is seen primarily in terms of relations of dominance between men and women as distinct social groups.

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Analyse the construction of femininity in the texts of your choice

The feminist theory makes few assumptions, and is therefore very adaptable to different contexts.However, despite these feminist ideas, it is questionable how feminist the novel really is.Feminist theory is very different to other forms of key literary theories.There is no single key commentator, whose work defines feminist theory.Anti-essentialist ideas are key to the feminist theory and anti-essentialist ideas are present in this novel.

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Feminist Social Theory Essay

Thus, feminist social theory embrace post-enlightenment principles, focusing on values associated to “difference”,”particularism” and “specificity” (Harrington: 2005, p. 233).Feminist social theory analyses six patriarchal structures active in United Kingdom: male violence structure, sexuality, housework, paid work, and cultural institutions.Postmodernism social theory is mostly interested in methodologies based on autobiographical forms, which are related to the concern of sociology about identity, and the aim of many feminist to explore the social world of women using their own experiences (Bilton et all1981, p.130).Postmodernism theory is the last key feature of feminist social theory.It focuses on new approaches to analyses social ...

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Feminist Theories and Gender Essay

New York, NY: Routledge.However, upon the global commitment to women’s rights as human rights conveyed a new resonation in feminist theories amid the local and national levels.Feminist theories perspectives provide logical contrivances in which historical mediators examine the inequalities and build justifiable arguments to support particular dialogue for a change.Nonetheless, a full fledge definition encompassing all dialogues defining feminist theory cannot be found.Therefore, understanding the powers and limits theorizes the historical dialect of feminist theories becomes evident.

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The Humanistic Nature in Counseling Essay

A Comparison of Feminist and Non-feminist Women’s and Men’s Reactions to Nonsexist and Feminist Counseling: A Replication and Extension.It is essential for a feminist counselor to find the convergence between the social and cultural context which contributes t individual problems, and how to orient counseling goals to seek societal change.In a feminist approach in counseling, therapists believe that a woman’s body and role in the society may increase women’s vulnerability towards societal problems such as different personality issues and gender issues (Capuzzi and Gross , 2003).Counseling practice and method The feminist approach in counseling holds two major assumptions.Perception of counselors In Enns and Hackett (1993) study, responde...

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Feminism and how it enriches our IR theory Essay

Whilst simultaneously interrogating the core issues in mainstream IR, particularly in peace and security, contingent on feminist bases for gendered grasp of issues that have defined it.YOUNGS, Gillian, ‘Feminist International Relations: A Contradiction in Terms?In many ways, 1980’s feminist theories started to peel back the masculinist surface of world politics to address and bring to the surface these intricate gendered and racialized dynamics.Finally we will look at the impact and importance of the different types of feminist theories and whether or not they have achieved at enriching our understanding of IR theory.TICKNER, Anne, Gendering a Discipline: Some Feminist Methodological Contributions to International Relations, Signs, Vol.<...

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Feminist Theory

Sometimes, “women’s rights” includes protection of women where women are subject to special circumstances (such as maternity leave for child-bearing) or more susceptible to mistreatment (traffic in women, rape).I believe the Feminist explanation is most persuasive for a few reasons.” .Paragraph 3: Feminist theory writers: Socialist feminist theory analyzed the connection between the oppression of women and other oppression in society, such as racism and economic injustice.Usually, “women’s rights” refers to whether women have equality with the rights of men where women and men’s capacities are the same.EXPLAIN: Not all feminist theorists have agreed about how to achieve that equality and what equality looks like.

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Can feminism be thought of as a theory of law Essay

A strong contrast can be seen between the feminist legal theory, which bases its social beliefs at the apex of its legal structure, and the Marxist theory which states that “social understanding is seen as an ideological perception of the economic relations existing at a given time which will change as the underlying economic relationships alter.”17 Here it is clear that a Marxist approach would place very little emphasis upon the social question of gender inequality, but would instead focus upon an economic foundation with the speculation that if a high enough proportion of society feel a need to increase gender equality then a revolution would take place.Overall, I believe feminism to be undoubtedly ‘fundamental in some way.’ The criti...

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The Feminist Theory And The Women Of Ancient Greece Essay

In conclusion, based off of the feminist theory, the women of ancient Greece were treated very poorly and by all four aspects of the theory.In earlier times this divide led to the strict and often harsh treatment of women, but as time continued and the emergence of equal rights and feminist movements arose, the divide between the two genders has since begun to close, and has led to better relations between men and women.The feminist movements or feminism, arose during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the hopes of gaining political power for women’s suffrage both in America and the United Kingdom (Cawater-info.net).The second aspect of this theory is gender inequality which suggests that the different social experience...

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Impact of Caste System in India Essay

1.2 The application of the feminist theory in literature.While the method they adopted is to reinterpretate the Bible from a feminist point of view, to translate the Bible by means of “neutral” or “gender-inclusive language” and propose several amendments of the translation of the Bible, which resolves the concept of feminist translation.After the publication of this book, there came into being a lot of thesis about the feminist translation theory almost at the same time.Godard was absolutely a pioneer in western feminist translation and her feminist translation practice and theory were extremely important for us to study the western feminist translation.Through the recomment on the feminist literature, and the comparison of different ve...

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Theory Analysis of Critical Theory and Feminist Theory Essay

Critical theory recognizes that the ability to understand can lead a change while feminist theory, a philosophical approach of critical theory, sees that the means of thinking of feminine is different from the masculine.Horkheimer furthered; “critical theory must be explanatory, normative and practical at the same time(Bohman, 2005).” That is, one must be aware and be able to identify things that are not in the right flow in a society, must be able to take actions to adjust or modify it.As explained by Sailer, “ Feminist theory assumes that gender is an all-encompassing category for perceiving human experience.Seiler, R. M. Human Communication in the Critical Theory Tradition.Critical theory is a philosophical approach that includes femi...

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A Radical- Socialist Feminism with a Postcolonial Approah Essay examples

The theory is also limited by context, as it may not be able to explain every problem connected with oppression.By examining radical-socialist feminist theories, I could try to understand the root of women’s oppression even if the or... ... middle of paper ... ... patriarchal society.My theory is rooted in radical-socialist feminism with a postcolonial approach.In order to explain the application of this theory, I will illuminate a feminist issue.I will attempt to formulate my own feminist theory using the previous works of feminist scholars as my foundation.

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Principles of Feminist Therapy Essay

The authors highlighted these areas as important areas in feminist therapy.On top of gender, class, ethnicity, class and culture issues are also important issues explored in the field.Chapter 1 of the book helps feminist counselors and therapists in identifying the differences and the similarities of various threads of feminist theory and therapy.The author highlighted feminist therapy’s treatment of emotional distress, its social and cultural sources, power sharing, the importance of women’s experiences and its focus on social change and the empowerment of women.Feminist theory and therapy not only have differences within the field, it also has its similarities with other fields.

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Feminist Epistemology Essay

And she further notes that “it is an axiom of feminist theory…that all generalizations about ‘people’ are suspect” (Jaggar 1992, 157).Subjects, power and knowledge: description and prescription in feminist philosophies of science.The possibility of feminist theory.Furthermore, Jaggar claims that feminist outlaw emotions—which are outlaw emotions that “incorporate feminist perceptions and values”—are particularly useful in feminist epistemology because they “can help in developing alternatives to prevailing reality by motivating new investigations…Feminist emotions provide a political motivation for investigation and so help determine the selection of problems as well as the method by which they are investigated” (1992, 161).So, although ...

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Feminism is for Everybody

In Feminism is for Everybody, hooks attempts to integrate a myriad of people into a theory of feminism.In her encounters with people on a daily basis, she finds that: “When I ask these same folks about the feminist books or magazines they read, when I ask them about the feminist talks they have heard, about the feminist activists they know, they respond by letting me know that everything they know about feminism has come into their lives thirdhand [sic], that they really have not come close enough to the feminist movement to know what really happens, what it’s really about.In the section discussed above, hooks closes with “A feminist vision which embraces feminist masculinity, which loves boys and men and demands on their behalf every ri...

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Feminism And The Feminist Ethical Theory Essay

There’s a theory called the feminist ethical theory, which is what feminism is based on.Competition is something that feminist belief is wrong because the competition is based on what one person or team wants, and not what everyone wants.The feminist ethical theory explains a lot about what people are morally supposed to do, and not to do, what makes a morally good person in society, and how we act in different situations like allowing refugees in your country.Feminist is really against abstraction.Feminist belief in cooperating with each other, because i... ... middle of paper ... ...ot treating everyone like we are supposed to be.

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Essay on Limits and Challenges of the Feminist Critical Approach

"Towards a Feminist Poetics."Showalter, Elaine.The feminist critics to be considered in this essay are Simone de Beauvoir, Elaine Showalter, Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar.Modern Literary Theory.It shall compare and contrast aspects of theory put forth by three prominent feminist critics, while also considering the arguments raised by three écriture feminine scholars.

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Divorce Bill Essay

Feminist theory, Individualism, and dual income theories will be discussed and analyzed to determine if they apply to the recent rise in divorce rates in North America.In recent years, Feminist theory has become pushed its way through traditional theory to become recognized.Feminist theory brings up a good point in the sense that it discusses the liberation of women and the new ideas and rights of women today.Feminist theory taught women that they did not need to depend on men for emotional support, financial support, or even to give them status in society, rather, feminist theory taught independence.This idea, again, shows the way that feminist theory has attributed to the divorce rates.

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Who’s Afraid of Charles Darwin?: Debating Feminism and Evolutionary Theory

There are many feminist theories and each of them is informed by different sources.Vandermassen fails to do this as she is stuck needing an irrefutable explanation for behaviour.She feels that many feminists see science as a completely patriarchal construct which has nothing that can be used to enhance feminist thinking.: Debating Feminism and Evolutionary Theory seeks to draw feminists attention towards science as a new source of information to help understand women’s roles and to reinforce women’s rights to equality.In doing so she forces women into stereotypical roles which rob them of their autonomy by forcing them to be dependants.

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Feminist Theory - There is No One Definition of Woman Essay

Women and Values: Readings in Recent Feminist Philosophy.Feminist Theory, Cultural Imperialism and the Demand for “The Woman’s Voice,” is that the entire worldwide experience of women cannot be universally articulated.Since “feminist theory” has been established without encompassing the inherently different experiences of non-white/non-Anglo women “much of the theory has failed to be relevant to the lives of women who are not white or middle class” (Ibid.Have We Got a Theory for You!Theories of Sex Difference.

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Feminism and Constructivism: A Comparison

On the contrary the stringent focusing on ‘traditional’ women’s roles as being subservient or dominated by males means that feminist international relations theorists exclude the participation of women in non-submissive roles, such as politicians, soldiers and ambassadors.Key feminist conceptions include liberal ideas of women’s equality, socialist conceptions of a sexual division of labour and the Freudian suggestion that identities are produced, often within the evolution of patriarchy .For V. Spike Peterson, gender is a “…systematic social construction that dichotomizes identities, behaviors, and expectations as masculine and feminine.” This is exemplified through the works of a feminist researcher, Cynthia Enloe, who looks at the rel...

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Problematic or Illuminating: A Look at Feminist Theory

Rich’s article, “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence” , seemingly only serves to further shroud feminist theory concepts in ambiguity and practical uselessness, deeming it problematic and less useful in analyzing any questions of gender.By the conclusion of the paper, one will be justified, from points made throughout it, in making the statement that Frye’s article is much more illuminating, due to the facts that it can be more easily understood by more readers in both literary and practical aspects, and helps to simplify feminist theory concepts in the light of separatism.In order to take an analytical look into articles that contain [feminist] theory and further deem them of one of the previously mentioned natures, one mus...

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Julia Kristevas Works Feminist Theory English Literature Essay

It is in ‘Stabat Mater’ that Kristeva’s contribution to feminist theory becomes evident, however, in another work of hers, ‘Women’s Time’ her difficult relationship with feminism as a movement becomes apparent.By looking closer at two of her works, ‘Stabat Mater’ and ‘Women’s Time’ we see that Kristeva’s approach has elements of ‘feminist theory’ but that she differs in her approach to how she perceives feminism as a movement.This was due to the fact that feminist theory in England and America addressed the political, cultural, and sociological practices and institutions that marginalized or oppressed women .In this essay Kristeva analyzes different tendencies in the women’s movement and in feminist theory, primarily in that of Western ...

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The Purpose of Feminist Legal Theory Essay

As I mentioned before, feminist theorist believe that there is a barrier in gender when it comes to equality in the society, which in this case we can relate it to how these women’s are considered less value and less than human in many ways.APPLICATION OF THEORY B Now, I would like to apply feminist legal theory to the Bedford case, the case it self shows that there is a need to revise the law that is discriminated and biased towards women.Class lecture, LS 102 from University of Waterloo, Kitchener, March 4, 2014.Last but not least Professor Nicola Lacey’s “general principle” supports what the purpose of feminist legal theory is.Feminist perspectives on criminal law.

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