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Air Lift Fermenter

Therefore, baffles will be used in the fermentation process to prevent energy waste in bulk circulation and to introduce liquid slurry turbulence in order to ensure better mixing, better suspension of solids and better retention of air bubbles. Impeller plays a vital role in mixing during fermentation because it maintains optimum substrate and bioma...

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Nonsom Fermented Fish Rice Biology Essay

Besides that, the producers of the fermented fish-rice products are not well educated on importance of proper handling and maintaining good hygiene practice to avoid cross-contamination during fermentation process of the product. For example, fish that is not eviscerated prior to fermentation process are prone to spoilage since the raw materials are...

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Submerged And Solid State Fermentation

Although I feel both submerged and solid state fermentation processes involving higher fungi are successful and productive there are certain interesting areas which can be explored to further develop efficiency and capabilities. There are two common methods by which submerged fermentation takes place; they are batch-fed fermentation and continuous f...

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Essay on Different Types of Fermentations

Fermentation is a process including a microorganism called yeast breaking down a molecule without using oxygen to produce energy. To get this alcohol the wine needs to undergo a process called fermentation.

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Science Investigatory Project (Chemistry) Essay

Fermentation is complete once no more bubbles are produced in the air-locked fermentor, since carbon dioxide (CO2) production is ended at the end of fermentation. This study is limited to the fermentation of mango, calamansi, guyabano, coconut, banana, and cashew juices, and restricted to qualitative observations of their rate of fermentation and co...

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Cellular Respiration Through Alcoholic Fermentation Essay

Two common types of fermentation are alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation. Fermentation takes time to reach its maximum rate of energy production so the time gap left tube 2 further ahead than tube 3 in the fermentation process.

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Pickles and Fermentation Essay

The fermentation process helps preserve the pickles, breaks down nutrients into a more digestible form, improves the “bioavailability of minerals”, and creates new nutrients. Pickling process dates back to ancient times that was and is still used in persevering food by anaerobic fermentation in brine to make a lactic acid, then storing it in an acid...

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Processes and Applications of Fermentation

Biochemically, fermentation is a process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances; especially, the anaerobic breakdown of sugar into alcohol. In Stanbury, P. F., A. Whitaker, and S. J. Hal (Eds), Principles of Fermentation Technology, 2nd Edition, p 1-24.

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The Affects of Different Yeast on the Rate of Fermentation Essay

In the making of wine there are 2 fermentation processes known as . Throughout this experiment ethanol is the alcohol which is produced during the fermentation process of sugar which is present in the grape must or juice.

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Effect of Sugar Structure on Rate of Fermentation

Therefore it was stated that the structural differences between different types of sugar effects the CO2 release rate during the fermentation process of yeast. The process where yeast converts sugar into ethyl alcohol and carbondioxide is called ethyl alcohol fermentation.

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Chemistry Project

Louis Pasteur in 1860 demonstrated that fermentation is a purely physiological process carried out by living microorganism like yeast. The rate of fermentation of apple juice is than the rate of fermentation of carrot juice.

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Wine Making Essay

On the other hand, many white wines do not go through fermentation, because they don’t have a lot of acid. If sulfur dioxide is added before alcoholic fermentation, it may damage the effects of oxygen, and the wine will go bad!

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Chemical Processes In Winemaking

During the fermentation process you will need to transfer wine off the sediment into a clean container. Add another 500g of sugar to the marula mixture to continue the fermentation process.

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Extraction of Ethanol Essay

Fermentation parameters such as wort fermentable sugar, specific gravity, extract yield and ethanol were measured over the 9 days of fermentation. The independent variable is the length of fermentation of jackfruit pulp, while the dependent variable is density, color, flame test, boiling point and percent yield.

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Determining Ethanol in Fermented Glutinous Rice

(The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) , 1983) .. Based on the table 1, the ethanol content on the day 3 of the fermentation showed that the ethanol content in the fermented glutinous rice is 5.2% which is higher than the fermented cassava which is 3.3%. It have to undergo fermentation process which is performed by m...

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Carbon Dioxide Production through Fermentation

.. Base on the outcome of the experiment, it was very obvious that carbon dioxide evolved from fermentation. The pipette pump was used to draw the fermentation solution beyond 0 mL after which the tubing was folded and clamped with the binder clip.

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The Process of Beer Production

Fermentation does not use oxygen so it is called ANAEROBIC RESPIRATION. The respiration during fermentation is anaerobic, or ‘without oxygen’.

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Chemistry Project

Since ancient times, however, humans have been controlling the fermentation process. When studying the fermentation of sugar to alcohol by Yeast Louis Pasteur concluded that the fermentation was catalyzed by a vital force, called “ferments,” within the yeast cells.

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The bioprocess of yogurt

Depending on the type of yoghurt, the above fermentation process may occur before this addition of fruit or after. It is vital to note that ‘too long or too short a fermentation process will produce a product that is inferior in either its flavour or texture.

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Brief Description of Alcoholic Beverages Essay

Fermentation of this liquid mix produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. The determining factor of whether a wine is red or white depends on whether the skin of the grape is included in the fermentation process or left out.

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Cellular Respiration Essay

In alcohol fermentation, pyruvate (product of glucose in glycolysis) is converted to 2 molecules of ethanol (C2H5OH) and 2 molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2) while in lactic acid fermentation, pyruvate is reduced directly into lactic acid (Campbell and Reece, 2008). Anaerobic respiration can be further divided into two types; namely, alcohol fermenta...

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The Process of Fermentation

· Using room temperature for fermentation: Because enzymes within yeast are from different habitats therefore using different temperatures for each type of sugar would affect the fermentation process. Therefore we decided to use room temperature as it is suitable for both types of sugar and the yeast in which perform the fermentation process.

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Turning Grapes Into Wine Essay

Fermentation can require anywhere from ten days to a month or more. Sometimes, winemakers choose to allow fermentation to begin inside uncrushed whole grape clusters, allowing the natural weight of the grapes and the onset of fermentation to burst the skins of the grapes before pressing the uncrushed clusters.

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Adenosine Triphosphate and Aerobic Respiration Essay

Fermentation in anaerobic respiration . This type of fermentation is called lactic acid fermentation.

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Wine Making Process Essay

Regardless of the chosen path, once fermentation begins, it normally continues until all of the sugar is converted to alcohol and a dry wine is produced. Sometimes, winemakers choose to allow fermentation to begin inside uncrushed whole grape clusters, allowing the natural weight of the grapes and the onset of fermentation to burst the skins of the ...

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Microbiological Quality of Yogurt Analysis

A colorless liquid called acetaldehyde is also produced during fermentation and gives yogurt its distinct flavor “ (Danone Ireland) . [2] Fermentation implies the use of microorganisms to complete the process (zymology which is the science applied in this process), and can also be used as a preservation technique with the usage of lactic acid.

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History of Wine and History of Wine Making Processes

The conversion of sugar to alcohol is such a vital step in the process of making wine, that the control of fermentation is the focus of much of the attention of the modern winemaker. Red pigments that are called anthocyanins and other compounds in the grape skins are extracted during the fermentation process to divulge the characteristic red color o...

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Home Brewing for the Beginner Essay

Today I informed you on the preparation, brewing, and the fermentation of making beer. Fermentation will be apparent when the airlock is bubbling.

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The Influence of pH on the Activity of Catalase Enzyme Essay

The ferment potency was defined in the pH range 4-9 at the optimum perature and expressed as a percentage of the maximum. The optimal pH level is a significant characteristic of the biocatalyst, but not as exclusive to ferment alone.

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A Study of the Vinegar Fermentation

Slow fermentation process, which was done in this experiment or the generator process can be substituted with other faster methods using a more efficient fermentor like in submerge processes which can produce vinegar with an acid strength of 12% or more in a shorter period of time. To enumerate the principle and methods in fermentation; and 2. to id...

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