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Cultures of Pakistan Essay

Baloch culture is full of many social festivals like Sibi festival which has folk music performance, cultural dances, handicrafts stalls, cattle shows and a number of other entertaining activities showing the colorful side of Baloch people.The verse from Bulleh Shah primarily employed is called the Kafi, a style of Punjabi.Festivals: The people of Sind love their religion and the two festivals of Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm.Waris Shah, whose contribution to Punjabi literature is best-known for his seminal work in Heer Ranjha, known as Shakespeare of Punjabi language.Punjabi Weddings: Punjabi weddings are based on traditions and are conducted with strong reflection of the Punjabi culture followed by...

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Social Significance of Lohri

Harvest and fertility festivals a special significance for an agrarian country like India.It is the representative of the sun, and is thus related, on the one hand with rays of light, and on the other with gold.That is why the Lohri fire gets sanctified and is venerated like a deity.On this occasion, people offer peanuts, popcorn and sweets made of til- chirva, gajak and revri – to propitiate fire as a symbol of the sun god.It is associated with the worship of the sun and fire and is observed by all communities with different names, as Lohri is an exclusively Punjabi festival.

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Culture Of Pakistan

National Dress .Jashn-e-Baharan sometimes referred to as Basant, is a pre-Islamic Punjabi festival that marks the coming of spring.This was followed by new radio stations at Hyderabad (1951), Quetta (1956), a second station at Rawalpindi (1960), and a receiving centre at Peshawar (1960).The national dress is Shalwar Qameez for both men and women.It consists of a long, loose fitting tunic with very baggy trousers.

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E – Marketing of the Music Products Essay

With the fascination for this kind of music the Punjabi music and songs have acquired a greater significance in the international world of music.Chapter 2 makes a detailed review of the available literature on the internet marketing of the music products and the associated issues with a view to familiarize the readers to the discussions on the core subject of the paper ‘Impact of Internet on Indian Punjabi Music Industry: An overview on the Internet Marketing of the Music Products’ .With a tradition of more than 500 years old ‘bhangra’ which was performed during harvest festivals was increasingly being performed in weddings and other joyous occasions like New Year celebrations.1 Development of Indian Punjabi Music ‘Bhangra’ one of the tr...

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Bhangra Dance

[2] Today, bhangra music exists in different forms and styles all over the globe.Women wear a traditional Punjabi dress known as a salwar kameez, long baggy pants tight at the ankle (salwar) and a long colorful shirt (kameez).It was developed in Britain in the 1980s by first and second generation immigrants from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan forming the Punjabi diaspora, drawing from music and song of the Punjab region as well as various Western musical styles.[1] It is seen by some in the West as an expression of South Asian culture as a whole.Bhaṅgṛā popular music associated with Punjabi culture.

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A Flavour Of Contemporary India Monsoons On Screen

These attributes of cinematography bring about authenticity, as the Punjabi culture is robust, earthy and full of life.Monsoon Wedding is a strong illustration of a quality cinema experience worth watching.But more then anything it is fun because the movie has such a large cast.Conversations between characters jump between Hindi, Punjabi and English with occasional swear words.The film sustains a buoyant energy and enthusiasm, which has endeared it to audiences around the world.

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Culture Diversity In Pakistan Cultural Studies Essay

Sindhis form about 12%, Siriki (a variant of Punjabi) forms 10%, Urdu speaking (Urdu speaking population usually refers itself as Mohajirs as they migrated from India in 1947) 8%, Balochis 3%, Hindko 2%, Brahui 1% and others 8%.These areas are resource rich but most of the land is owned by big landlords in these areas.Punjabi is the predominant ethnic class which consists of 48% of Pakistan’s population.Customs relating to marriage, death and festivals are heavily influences by Hindu traditions.The southern parts of Punjab that are inhabited by the Seraiki people, produces Pakistan’s best mangoes and cotton but the life of ordinary person is difficult.

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Basant A Lost Festival Of Lahore English Literature Essay

Later they will be served with tradition array of food in Punjabi Cultural ambiance.It yields huge revenues for the government without costing much.“Kite flying is my passion, I am crazy about kite flying and I will do what ever it takes to restore this festival,” says an 18-year-old enthusiast.The government should announce Basant in advance so that people from all over the world can make plans and take care of the security arrangements because the ban on Basant is a great cultural loss to Lahore and to Pakistan in general, and with the ban on Basant in its 7th year, the city is a poorer place.At night, there will be a tonga ride to the Food Street where guests will enjoy the food at the Punjabi Food Festival.

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Gujarat Essay

There are a large number of training institutes in the area.The following universities and colleges can be found in Gujrat: .The main Peshawar-Karachi railway line crosses the city, which has a major station.The tale is still very well known today and is an integral part of Punjabi culture.There are now over five hundred fan factories in Gujrat, Gujranwala, Lahore and surrounding areas.

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Attractions And Culture Of Southall Cultural Studies Essay

During many festivals Southall has its own charm.If council, private organisations and communities of this place support each other, Southall can be added in undivided parts of London’s famous places.Not only movies but number of Punjabi music videos has been shot here and a lot of famous personalities from Indian cinema and Indian music industry accommodate themselves here.In case of Southall, it has number of events and festivals which can be easily used as a tool of branding events and can be helpful for its popularity.By my observations and research I found that there is some lacking of appropriate marketing approach towards its popularity.

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The Impact of Internet on Indian Punjabi Music Industry Essay

According to Kalra, Kaur and Hutnyk (2005), Punjabi music is clearly derived from the nature of maximizing the sense of the cultural hybridity between tradition and neo-modern approach, such as the use of high energy contemporary Punjabi music, and the incorporation of Punjabi principles in the lyrical composition.Hence, the increased demands on Punjabi music in 1997 triggered the establishment of other innovative web sites catering the same commodity –Punjabi music.According to Hyder (2004), old lyrics of Punjabi music as well as Bhangra music have always been oriented to a contemporary view wherein the sense of the songs depicts the lifestyle, values and core activities among Punjabi community.In fact, most websites providing Punjabi m...

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Holidays in Kazakhstan Essay

Dear foreigner, join to us in our street festivals!It is a beautiful end of event.So, this is the list of holidays that we will celebrate in the near future.Singing songs, dancing, telling poems we can observe there.In the end of this occasion people come to the main square, where is given a wonderful salute at 10 p.m. On the 25th of May it became a tradition to open all fountains in the city.

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Parent Child Relations Essay

References .While being a new immigrant, my father only knew how to speak his first language, which was Punjabi.In addition, I believe that it is important for children of all ages not to judge different cultures or languages, simply because they may not understand that specific religion .Raksha Bandhan.Annually, my family and I celebrate numerous festivals and celebrations even though they may not relate to our specific religion or culture.

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Yolandi Visser Essay

The group is then excluded from two festivals and announces the cancellation of its American tour.In 2011, the group released the track Fok Julle Naaiers which used the word “fagot”.With Max Normal: .The group responds that the cameraman tweaked the truth in their edit, that the group is not homophobic and has gay members, and that the conflict with Andy Butler began long before the events filmed by the cameraman.The group explained that their DJ, himself homosexual, uses this word in an uninhibited way, and that the semantic sensibility around this word seems to come mainly from the United States.

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Graduation Speech : The Music Festival Essay example

Furthermore, I’ve gained a love for more competition, wondering exactly how high I can reach, because next time I won’t make the same mistakes again.That was when I realized that I’m not the only one in this sort of situation.After this ordeal, I gained confidence and learned new skills through overcoming mistakes.... middle of paper ... .Now, I don’t waver at the idea of having to perform by myself on stage or in front of someone and I know many different ways of learning a music instead of just going through it repeatedly.

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Socio Culture Essay

The main India dialects spoken here are Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi and Telegu.The main festivals of Malaysia are naturally religious in origin.Virtually every day is a Hindu festival, but amongst Malaysian Indians there are three major festivals, Deepavali, Thaipusam and Thai Ponggal.Deepavali/Diwali or Festival of Lights is one of the most widely celebrated of Hindu festivals It falls when the moon has waned in the Hindu month of Kartik which corresponds to a period in October/November.This is in accordance with their religious beliefs.The major ones are listed below : Religious Festivals .

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Differences Between Indian and American Culture Essay

The American people tend to have a series of short-term relationships, and many do not commit to one person for a long time.Indian are more family oriented, compared to Americans.India has an enormous bundle of religions and languages with Hindi and Punjabi are the most popular in most of the cities.In India, the parents choose the mate for their child, which is called an arranged marriage.In most cases, the bri... ... middle of paper ... ...abortion.

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Indian cinema Essay

In Mumbai and its surroundings are held festivals specially dedicated to Bollywood and other Indian film industries: .In the UK, the films Devdas (2002) and Rang De Basanti (2005) were nominated for the British Academy Film Awards for the best foreign language film.The American company Netflix has also made its debut in India and is launching its first television series, The Lord of Bombay.Some of the most prominent include: .It was screened in several international festivals and won the award for best Indian film at the Asian and Arab Film Festival, New Delhi, in 2006. .

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Wedding Customs in Monsoon Wedding

Before the marriage ceremony, the bride’s family takes pictures together with her in her traditional Punjabi wedding dress.One of the first Punjabi marriage traditions that takes place in Monsoon Wedding is the chunni chandana ceremony (“Punjabi”).Be blessed by your elders.” In Punjabi, and speaking broadly, Hindu culture, ancestors are believed to play a pivotal role in everyday life.Her traditional Punjabi dance is done to the tune of modern Bollywood music, which mixes very well.“A Pungent Taste Of Punjabi Life.” Washington Post 08 Mar.

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Culture of Pakistan Essay

The annual processions of saints (Urs) are moments of great devotion but also the occasion of popular festivals, with concerts of mystical music.Pakistan also has a rich architectural heritage inherited from the Mughals.Among the most impressive is the Badshahi Mosque, which was for a long time the second largest mosque in the world, made of red brick and white marble with inlaid mosaics, and arguably one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.The most common languages ​​in 2010 were: Punjabi (44.15%), Pashto (15.42%), Sindhi (14.10%), seraiki (10.53%), Urdu ( 7.57%), Baloch (3.57%).The great representative of Pakistani Sufi music is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who made the art of qawwali known to the whole world.

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Ramayana and Lord Rama

To mark the return of Lord Rama, in the evening, the residents of Ayodhya lit their city with millions of earthen lamps (called Deepak).Thus it is termed as Vijaya Dashami.These rituals are intended to rid the household of the ten bad qualities, which are represented by 10 heads of Ravana as follows: Kama vasana (Lust) .Many people perform “Aditya Homa” as a “Shanti Yagna” and recite Sundara Kanda of Srimad Ramayana for 5 days.Vijayadashami (Bengali: বিজয়াদশমী, Kannada: ವಿಜಯದಶಮಿ, Malayalam: വിജയദശമി, Marathi: विजयादशमी, Nepali: विजया दशमी, Oriya: ବିଜୟାଦଶମୀ, Tamil: விஜயதசமி, Telugu: విజయదశమి, Konkani: दसरो, Punjabi: ਦਸੇਰਾ) also known as Dashahara, Dussehra, Dashain (in Nepal), Navratri or Durgotsav is one of the most important Hindu fest...

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Pragmatic Perception Of Politeness In Requests English Language Essay

Chapter 4 presents the Result and Analysis of the Data obtained from the Native English speakers while Chapter 5 shows the Result and Analysis of the Data collected from the Native Punjabi speakers.However there may have additional factors which may play an important role in the request patterns of the speakers, such as the gender of the speaker and the addressee, the age range of the addressee, the education level of the speaker or addressee and so on…these topic are reserved for future research work in English and Punjabi languages.The Native Punjabi Speaker students speaking English as second language are all learning English from many years and so they are under great influence of English language culture and its norms.In addition to...

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Representation of ethics in the stage dramas of Pakistan Essay

Over past three decades the Rafi Peer theater workshop has produced diverse and amazing body of work in Drama, Puppetry, Dance, Music, besides this it hosts four major Art Festivals.The Play was Performed both in Lahore and Karachi.Rafi Peer theater workshop has done enormous service for performing Arts in Pakistan, by supporting Artists and the Arts.It was Created and Directd by Salmaan Peerzada, Starring Kursheed Shahid, Perin Cooper,Salman Shahid, Rubina Saigol, Imraan Peerzada and Samina Peerzada.The theater workshops first Production was ‘Culture Culture’.

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Pakistani Art and Culture Essay

Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Seraiki, and Pashto poetry have all incorporated and influenced Pakistani poetry.Over a period of time, a body of literature unique to Pakistan has emerged in nearly all major Pakistani languages, including Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pashto, Seraiki, Balochi, and Sindhi.The Negroid people live along the Makran coast and are a small minority known as the Sheedi who came from East Africa in the 15th century.Jashn-e-Baharan aometimes referred to as Basant, is a pre-Islamic Punjabi festival that marks the coming of spring.Panjabis, Seraiki and The Sindhis have considerable admixture and show a diverse phenotypic features representative of their multicultural history.

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Punjabi: the culture Essay

Those who know Arabic and Persian state that Punjabi accent is a combination of those two languages.Even though Western culture effects Punjabi area and many cultural aspects have changed under its influence, the main characteristics of traditional Punjabi clothing has not changed.Speaking about Punjabi, the cuisine of this area is distinguished from other cultural meals by species.Finally, speaking about Punjabi and its culture, it should be stated that ye recent changes are connected with the intrusion of the Western culture, however, this specific are has conserved the specifics of the ancestry’s traditions and try to follow them now.Even nowadays, when Western culture has penetrated into the smallest parts of the world having changed...

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Case Study Punjabi By Nature Marketing Essay

Punjabi by Nature will serve traditional authentic Punjabi food to the likes of Locals & Business & Leisure Tourists.Promotion of Punjabi cuisine as well as culture.The Southall city is near the Heathrow airport and lots of Asian communities living there because Southall is well known as mini Punjab (INDIA), Peoples from Punjabi backgrounds coming from other cities of UK & from countries like India, Canada, Australia & US have no choice but to eat at places like McDonald’s & Pizza Hut because the other small restaurants in the local lingo are not providing hygienic & good quality Punjabi food.Our target will be to encourage local people towards the Punjabi cuisines and Punjabi culture about which they are not awar...

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Speech on Indian Cuisine

[89] Many of the most popular elements of Anglo-Indian cuisine, such as tandoori foods, naan, pakoras and vegetable dishes with paneer, are derived from Punjabi styles.Sugar, spices and nuts are added for flavour.[87] The main masala in a Punjabi dish consists of onion, garlic and ginger.Much of this food was made to meet the demands of traditional Punjabi lifestyle, with high calorie counts to support rural workers.Home-cooked and restaurant Punjabi cuisine can vary significantly.

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Delhi Essay

There are several cricket grounds (or maidans) scattered around the city such as the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, one of the oldest cricket grounds in India where international cricket matches are held.The Delhi cricket team represents the city in the Ranji Trophy, a national premier league championship played between different cities and states in India.Punjabi cuisine and Mughal delicacies like kebabs and biryanis are popular in Delhi.Other sports such as field hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, badminton, swimming, go-carting and table tennis are also popular in the city.In the past, Delhi has hosted several national and international sporting events, such as the First and Ninth Asian Games.

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How To Improve Tourism in Malaysia

Baju Kebaya is most likely I wear during any festivals.I really feel excited and happy to know about others culture and tradition.Malays also celebrated their festivals.Other languages used in Malaysia are, in English, Tamil, Chinese, Telegu and Punjabi.Malaysia provides a number holidays based on a festivals, normal public holidays on Saturday and Sunday.

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The Status and Role of Regional Languages in Higher Education in Pakistan

Apart from Punjabi poetry and literature, little development has taken place in educational materials in Punjabi.Also, they report higher use of Urdu (66%) than Punjabi (44%), thus displaying a language shift from their mother tongue Punjabi to Urdu, a high status language.The results of the study confirm an earlier finding on the low ethnolinguistic vitality of Punjabi students, especially girls, in which Punjabi speakers hold their own language Punjabi, in low esteem (Mansoor, 1993).Pakistan fits the classic concept of a culturally plural society on many grounds: ethnicity, language and culture.1 Punjabi- and Seraiki-speaking communities make up 54.68% of the population (Punjabi 44.15%, Seraiki 10.53%); the Sindhi-speaking community (1...

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