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Discussion: Divali Essay

This festival being Indian, it is thus the Hindi characters etc ... which should apply, which is obviously not possible. For example, the English article has 17 references, against 3 in Hindi, and 0 in German and Spanish.

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Indian cinema Essay

In Mumbai and its surroundings are held festivals specially dedicated to Bollywood and other Indian film industries: . Three films, Mother India (1957), Salaam Bombay!

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Cultural Impacts Of Tourism In Mumbai

With the major languages of Hindi and English, Bombay Hindi was developed, a pidgin that is widely spoken in Mumbai incorporating Marathi, Hindi and English. Examples such as arts and crafts, dance, music, buildings and festivals or ceremonies are promoted as a commodity (Mathieson and Wall, 1982).

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Thread: Divali / Good article Essay

This festival being Indian, it is thus the Hindi characters etc ... which should apply, which is obviously not possible. Missing Model: Unicode for Hindi characters.

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Indian tradition and culture

India also known as, by its olden name in Hindi, ‘Bharat’. The current homeland of India is smaller than the Indian country ruled by British Empire.

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India: Diversity Essay

India, being a socially diverse and deep social order, praises different holydays, occasions and festivals. In India people mostly used to speak many languages and dialects which are mostly variations of about 22 officially recognized regional languages by the Constitution of India and each has produced a literature of great vitality and richness.

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Delhi Essay

Delhi (in Hindi: दिल्ली, Dillī, / ˈdɪlːiː /; in Urdu: دہلی, Dêhlī / ˈdɛɦliː /; in Punjabi: ਦਿੱਲੀ, / ˈdɪlːiː /), officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is a city and territory in northern India, containing within it New Delhi, the country's capital. The Delhi cricket team represents the city in the Ranji Trophy, a national premier league...

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Holi Essay

The Holi (होली (holī)), sometimes called the festival of colors, or Phalguna, is a Hindu festival originating in India celebrated around the spring equinox. On the second day, known as Rangapanchami, people, dressed in white, circulate with color pigments that they throw at each other, then it is customary to apologize, after having sacrificed to th...

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Indian Culture And How It Translates to America Essay

, n.d., 2 April 2012. With over 2 billion people, India has a vast array of religions and languages with Hindi being the most popular.

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Sound Pollution Essay

In the cities and other urban sites, we can note that noise pollution is higher than usual during election times- the politicians about a hundred from each political party, which itself count up to seven hundred fifty from all over the nation, use loudspeakers that cross the maximum noise limit approved by the Supreme Court of India. These explosion...

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Aamir Khan Essay

The film is also screened at various festivals such as the Berlinale, the Durban International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2017, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invited Khan for membership and received a “National Treasure of India” award from the Chinese government.

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India is my country

While ancient India had many claims, the modern India is no lesser than that. Now it (India) anufactures all its want and need not import any thing from anywhere, except for petroleum products.

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Biography of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

In 1979 he won the All India Critic Association Award for the best performing folk artist in India. In 2003, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika has been appointed the member of the Prasar Bharati Board, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India.

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Impact of Western Culture on Youth

The young ones try to act the same as these actors do which is very bad to the culture of India… . the big point which is making the culture of India to disappear in bollywood… the dressing style of the actresses, the slang word used in movies are been influenced the youth to bad step of life.

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Uttar Pradesh Essay

Other festivals include Vijayadashami, Makar Sankranti, Vasant Panchami, Ayudha Puja, Ganga Mahotsava, Janmashtami, the Christian fair of Sardhana, Maha Shivaratri, Mahavir Jayanti, Mouharram, Bārah Wafāṭ, Aïdja el-Fitr, Bakreed, Chuckowth puhots and Hanuman Jayanti. The daily vegetarian menu in Uttar Pradesh, like any thali in North India, consists...

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India’s Society and Culture

Bribe-taking and bribe-giving are a common practice in India but they are intended to speed up things or win a favor that non-Indians are not entitled to. This is a common greeting well understood across India, in spite of linguistic differences.

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Information about states in India

Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and a few Christian, Jain, and Zoroastrian communities were once natives and made up a vast majority of the whole Kashmir province, as well as neighboring states, and ancient and modern northern half of what is today India and Pakistan, but because of economic changes, riots, political tension, military involvement, and fore...

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Bollywood Essay

In Israel too Bollywood is making progress thanks to Israeli tourists visiting India and sensitized to its culture. In 1937, Ardeshir Irani directed the first color film in Hindi, Kisan Kanya, followed by Mother India in 1938.

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Examining The Brief History Of The Indian Cinema Media Essay

In recent times, western film makers have started noticing Indian cinema and are making movies with India centric theme and artists. .. India is one of the largest producers of motion pictures in the world.

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Informative Speech Preparation Workshee

It is only celebrated on the first day and the highlight is the ‘Onam Sandhya’, a vegetarian spread comprising all types of vegetables cooked in typical Malayalee style with banana chips and or ‘payasam’ for dessert. Take a look at the map shown well, this is a state of a Kerala in India.

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Differences Between Indian and American Culture Essay

Extended families are traditional in India, while nuclear families are prevalent in American culture. India has an enormous bundle of religions and languages with Hindi and Punjabi are the most popular in most of the cities.

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Maharashtra Essay

Other festivals celebrated on a large scale include Vijayadashami or Dussehra, Navaratri, Holi, Diwali, Eid al-Fitr. The Maha Shivaratri and Elephant Festival festivals celebrate devotion to Shiva.

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My ethnic identity Essay

SANSKAR (Indian student association) did make me feel a strong sense of belonging by providing far more services to help all freshmen from India rapidly get used to the new life. In addition, Jersey City Indian square annually hosts the celebration of Indian festivals and also American festivals.

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Exploration to the History of Bollywood Dance Essay

“It is derived from the dance dramas of ancient India. Dancers from India and abroad have studied Kathak for its artistic qualities, musical and expressive narrative movements.

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Emerging issues in tourism: Chennai, South India

The War Memorial of Chennai offers a glance into the heroic past of India. It was built in 1644, by Francis Day and Andrew Cogan, the founders of Chennai and the officials of the British East India Company.

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Holocaust Narrative

Hinduism dates back to the early Harappa period in India. It spread throughout India, and to other areas through trade, nomads, travelers, and other transportations.

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India Is A Secular Country

Lot of Hindu festivals are no more a symbol of religious and cultural traditions but are symbols of communalism. Bharatmata ki jai!’ In other words, while proclaiming victory in Hindi to ‘Mother India’ – unambiguously understood as Bharat, Hindu India – it is supremely violent Kali who is invoked and praised.

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Indian Literature Essay

Hindi literature[edit source | editbeta] Main article: Hindi literature Hindi literature started as religious and philosophical poetry in medieval periods in dialects like Avadhi and Brij. All contracts and negotiations will be carried out with the support of ILA Comparative Literature in India ————————————————- Amiya Dev, Calcutta Abstract In his a...

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Socio Culture Essay

Sikh Festivals . The two major Sikh festivals are the birthady of Guru Nanak, the religion’s founder, on 22 December and Vasakhi, the Sikh New Year which falls on 13 April.

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Female Representation in Hindi Mainstream Cinema

It has shaped and expressed the changing scenarios of modern India to an extent that no preceding art form could ever achieve. The films related to female representation have gained heights in the Hindi commercial cinema in the recent years.

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