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Expalnation of Father Returning Home Essay

was one of the foremost Indian writers and critics to emerge in the post Independence India. Paintings, 1969); written and directed an award-winning film (Godam, 1984); made a dozen documentary films and scored music for some of them; taken on the mantle of editor for literary magazines (Shabda, 1954-1960); written for India’s most respected publica...

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Maharashtra Essay

Maharashtra has the largest network of state roads in all of India. With 267,452 km of roads, Maharashtra has the largest road network in India.

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Information about states in India

The other festivals celebrated on a large scale are Vijayadashami or Dasara (Marathi: दसरा), Navaratri, Holi, Diwali, Eid (Ramzan Eid). [46] The University of Pune, the National Defence Academy, Film and Television Institute of India, National Film Archives, Armed Forces Medical College and National Chemical Laboratory were established in Pune after...

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Dussehra Essay

Prayers are addressed to Rāma and barley shoots are placed on the altars. In Mysore, this festival is celebrated with great pomp: a procession, led by the mahârâja enthroned on a caparisoned elephant, parades through the city illuminated for the occasion.

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Brief Gerographic background of from where Anna Hazare was born Essay

Maharashtra is the most industrialised state and has maintained leading position in the industrial sector in India. Maharashtra is the wealthiest and most developed state in India contribution 15% of the country’s industrial output and 13.3% of its GDP as of 2006-2007.

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Indian Literature Essay

2 Literature from North East India * 4 Journalism in India * 4. Umashankar Joshi, Pannalal Patel and Rajendra Keshavlal Shah have won the Jnanpith Award, the highest literary award in India.

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Role of Press in Indian Freedom Struggle Essay

Gujarati journalSaanjvartman played a prominent role under the editorship of Sanwal Das Gandhi, who played a very significant role in the Quit India Movement in 1942. There is not a single province in India which did not produce a journal or newspaper to uphold the cause of the freedom struggle.

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Translation and its role in multilingual country

Her novel, translated as Midnight Tales focuses on the inner world of Muslim women in the conservative society of Tamil Nadu in south India. We are now going to talk about a few writers who have brought out very vividly the different cultures of India through their writing in vernacular languages.

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Ramayana and Lord Rama

Many people of the Hindu faith observe through social gatherings and food offerings to the gods at home and in temples throughout Nepal and India. Since then, this day is celebrated in India as Deepawali or Diwali.

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Delhi Essay

In 1947, independent India confirmed New Delhi as the capital of the new country: New Delhi, located within the territory of the National Capital, hosted the institutions of the central government of the Republic of India, including including Parliament. The Delhi cricket team represents the city in the Ranji Trophy, a national premier league champi...

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Cultural Impacts Of Tourism In Mumbai

Many festivals held in Mumbai allow tourists to have a look into the Mumbai culture because they are able to celebrate along with the locals while at the same time interacting with them. The Mumbai Tourism Development Corporation has created numerous amounts of festivals specifically to promote tourism in the city.

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А princess Hindu Essay

In the development of Marathi literature, Sant Eknath is seen as a bridge between the towering predecessors Dnyaneshwar and Namdev and the equally noble successors Tukaram and Ramdas. Sant Eknath (1533–1599) was a prominent Marathi Saint, scholar and religious poet.

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Indian cinema Essay

Three films, Mother India (1957), Salaam Bombay! One remarkable thing is the rapid diffusion of the speaking film throughout India and in all the “languages ​​filmed”, Ayodhiyecha Raja (1932), in Marathi, Narasinh Mehta (1932), in Gujarati, Dhurvkumar (1934), in Kannada, Sita Bibaha (1934), in Oriya, Joymati (1935), in Assamese, Sheila (1935), in Pu...

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Indian Literature Essay

Later important religious literatures developed that were associated with certain regional philosophies and sects: texts in Tamil from the 13th to the 15th century devoted to the medieval Hindu Shaiva-siddhanta sect; the works of the Lingayats (a Hindu sect devoted to the worship of Shiva) in Kannada, especially the vacanas, or “sayings”, of Basava,...

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Ngo Csi Report

AARAMBH is registered with the – The Charity Commissioner –Mumbai, The Income Tax Department and the Home Ministry –(FCRA) Government of India. 26.| Satish | Marathi medium| .

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Bombay Essay

Wankhede Stadium is one of the main cricket stadiums in India, and generally hosts national team matches. Bombay hosts the headquarters of the two Indian stock exchanges: the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), as well as the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of India, as well as a large number of Indian bank.

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Textile Industry of Mumbai Essay

[15] Seven mill structures were granted heritage protection status by the Government of Maharashtra. Most of Bombays mills ended up located in the Girangaon area- the literally translation from the local Marathi means “mill village” – now part of Cenrtal Bombay which at its peak had about 130 textile mills, with the majority being cotton mills.

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Ghasiram Kotwal

He began writing in the fifties but his signature style began to develop clearly with his association with the experimental theatre movement which was a beginning of modernism in Marathi literature. Ghashiram Kotwal is a Marathi play written by playwright Vijay Tendulkar in 1972 as a response to the rise of a local political party, Shiv Sena, in Mah...

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Diwali or Divali

There are main public festivals in Auckland and Wellington, with other events around the country becoming more popular and visible. Fairs and art festivals are held in the state, a venue for fun and shopping.

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Narsinh Mehta also known as Narsi Mehta or Narsi Bhagat (1414 – 1481) was a poet-saint of Gujarat, India, and a member of the Nagar community, notable as a bhakta, an exponent of Vaishnava poetry. These are popular throughout India and have been published in several translations worldwide.

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The Wave of My Life: Dalit Woman’s Memoir

However, in the sphere of women’s human rights in India, there is a big gap between theory and practice. According to Article 14 – “The state shall not deny to any person equality before law or the equal protection of laws within the territory of India.” And Article 15 states – “State shall not discriminate against any citizens on ground only of rel...

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Nagpur Essay

In Marathi “nag” means “snake”. The suffix pure means "city" in several languages ​​present in India.

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Languages in India Essay

The Anthropological Survey of India counted 325 languages ​​used in 5,633 communities. The People's Linguistic Survey of India, a private research institution, counted 66 different alphabets and 780 languages ​​in a national survey.

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Navneet Publications

Navneet Publications India Ltd has appointed Mr. Mohinder Pal Bansal as Additional Director of the Company with effect from September 14, 2010. This Code of Conduct has been prepared by Navneet Publications (India) Limited to comply with the applicable rules of the Stock Exchanges where the securities of the Company are listed i.e., The Bombay Stock...

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Indian Literature

In 1942, she was arrested during the “Quit India” protest and stayed in jail for 21 months with Gandhiji. The Golden Threshold, published in the United Kingdom,1905 The Bird of Time: Songs of Life, Death & the Spring, published in London, 1912 The Broken Wing: Songs of Love, Death and the Spring, including “The Gift of India” (first read in publ...

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Indore Essay

As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Mission for a Clean India), the city of Indore has made considerable efforts, placing it in the first rank of Indian cities in terms of cleanliness. After India gained independence in 1947, Holkar State, along with other neighboring princely states, joined the Indian Union.

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Nation As A Myth Is India A Myth History Essay

The mudslinging continues as the nation says that these states don’t tend to treat them as part of India and the states believe that they are treated as foreigners in India, So why not be a separate nation. This individualistic feeling of superiority than the nation has always been into India, right from when the states were asked to join in the Uni...

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Language Conflicts And Subordination In India

In the nineteen sixties, a new political party called the Shiv Sena became a force to reckon with because it promoted the concept of Maharashtra for Marathi speakers only, the implication being that jobs in the state and especially in Bombay, should go to Marathi speakers and nobody else. India beautifully combines a rich diversity of languages.

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Indian rupee Essay

In 1957, India adopted the decimalization of its currency, a rupee is worth 100 paise. The Indian rupee was used in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ceylon before these countries were separated from India.

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Samsung company Essay

The company is the first in India to introduce fuzzy logic based washing machines, silver nano refrigerator and flat screen TVs. The company is having two R&D centres in India, at Bangalore and Noida.

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