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The Representation of Helen in Omeros Essay

He therefore expresses the postmodernist belief that reality can not be represented as reality, but only as fiction. He has to be wounded, affliction is one theme of this work, this fiction, since every “I” is a fiction finally.

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An Analysis of Hybridity in Ahdaf Soueif’s Works

Homi K. Bhabha describes this process, known as hybridity, as the creation of culture and identity from the blending of cultural elements of the colonizer and the colonized, thereby defying the origins of any authentic identity (Bhabha 1990). Authors like Ahdaf Soueif, Andrea Levy and Zadie Smith, who are characterized as writers of postcolonial fic...

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Indo Nostalgia A Concept English Literature Essay

The conscious use of myth is a technique adopted in Indian fiction for enhancing the effect of contemporary situation. Moreover, Indo-nostalgia is a fictional technique to project the image of India, not only to transmit with her own cultural identity but also to create an awareness of this identity in the minds of her own people and the rest of the...

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The Transcultural Identities Of Michael Ondaatje English Literature Essay

fiction with reality. b) Cross cultural clashes and Identity crisis .

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The Life and Motivation of Jhumpa Lahiri Essay

For example in an interview, Lahiri has stated that her “characters are generally always composites of people [she knew], people [she] heard of, people [she] imagined, and a little drop of [herself] (343 Fiction Gallery). This is when she started to write fiction again, but more seriously this time (Reader’s Guide).

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A Feminist Study Of Carol Shields English Literature Essay

The other book which may be useful during this process is Carol Shield, Narrative Hunger and the Possibilities of Fiction by Dee Goertz and Edward Edeen. Contemporary Canadian Women’s Fiction: Refiguring Identities.

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Anotated Bibliographies for The Bluest Eye

The author discusses the significance of the novel as a text of dialogue, which depicts the social and political time in which the fiction was written. She argues that Morrison's own expression of a black identity contains the nationalism of Black Power, and instead finds its focus in the political and cultural ideas through the expression of Africa...

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Literary Analysis and the Theory of Literature

What Dennett proposes about the self is relevant to how texts are interpreted, more so than abstract theory, although Dennett says that the self is an abstract object, a theorist's fiction. Some believe that Moby-Dick reflects Emerson's influence and not Hawthorne's—the former eschewing fiction, the latter adroit at it.

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Australian National Identity as Portrayed in “Love the Beast” and “Unfinished Sky” Critical Essay

As the given piece of information shows, the issue of cultural heritage and national identity is suspiciously topical in Australia at present. Seeing how the issue of national identity is the focus of the given paper, it is most reasonable to start with the movie that does not disperse between fiction and reality; in other words, a documentary is th...

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House, M.D. Essay

Through use of many elements from detective fiction and themes that are relevant in today’s society, House illustrates the loss of boundaries in society. Traditional detective fiction served society in that it highlighted cultural anxiety towards the unknown as well as poverty.

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Amitav Ghosh Essay

His fiction is characterized by strong themes that may be sometimes identified as historical novels. It magnificently interweaves fact, fiction and reminiscence.

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Looking At Imperial Identity In Rudyard Kipling English Literature Essay

From the critical material explored here, the issue of identity in Kim and The Jungle Books can be seen to be a highly debated topic, of which I have only scraped the surface, with the reoccurring issues of race and cultural factors being behind and self-confusion. Mohanty argues that it is when we begin to take Kim’s cultural identity seriously as ...

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Autobiography In Chitra Banerjees Works

An autobiographical novel is a method which is using auto fiction techniques or the assimilation of fiction and autobiographical elements. Chitra Banerjee believed that high-quality fiction focuses on the intellectual emotional and physical responses of a group of characters when they are placed in a circumstance not habit to them.

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Wong Kar Wai And Hollywood Cinema Film Studies Essay

Pulp Fiction- Quentin Tarantino, 1994, USA . Moreover, the switches in Pulp Fiction are not motivated as characters’ memories; the audience is forced to puzzle out the purposes served by the time shifts.

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Science Fiction Film: An Overview

While these types of science fiction film did not disappear, the 1960’s ushered in a new type of science fiction film that dealt more with science, the human identity and political issues. This film, and other early science fiction films such as The Mysterious Island (1929) and The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), also shows how pre 1960’s science ...

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Identity in Hurtson’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, Kingston’s Woman Warrior, and Spiegelman’s Maus

Not only are these expressions of who they are, but they show a desire to go against cultural backdrops that dictate their identities to be something they do not want them to be. The opposing cultural influence begins right from her childhood – her grandmother who raises her, whose cultural views are influenced by the common ideas of the outside wor...

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The EUs Multilingual Reality and European Identity Debate

This is reasonable in terms of Whorf’s specific recognition ( 1941: 91 ) that linguistic structures and other cultural patterns “have grown up together, constantly influencing each other.” The mutual assimilation of languages under the influence of a broader cultural unity is, of course, observable in . If the idea of language is so important in dy...

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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan Essay

Especially with their marriages in China, which was a social necessity that they must secretly endure in order to be happ... . One of the central themes in writing of the second generation Asian Americans is the search of identity and individual acceptance in American society.

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Hanif Kureishi’s Inflection Of Postcolonial Identities

Even outside of the theatre, all of Kureishi’s characters engage in the performance of identity, which is reflective of Bhabha’s view of cultural identity as mask and performance. His extreme and sweeping return to Asian traditions renders his cultural identity inauthentic, as his return to his ‘roots’ are used as a defence mechanism.

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A danger of a single story Essay

One might think how amazing it is, but fiction as it is here today may often matter much more than it is meant to. She talks about the clusters based on cultural identity.

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Virginia Woolf | Femininity, Modernity And Androgyny

In “A Literature of Their Own,” Elaine Showalter discusses the female experiences and their creative processes in British fiction. On the other hand, the fictions of Virginia Woolf, in particular, depict the difficulties of achieving a sense of female identity, and beyond that, the impossibility of finding any final, stable identity for the subject.

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Character Traits of Superheroes

For instance, discovering whether or not they were being the version of themselves that makes cultural compromises and they let the outside world see, or are they being the self that they project in their home lives? In the world of heroic fiction it can be used to drastically turn the tables on those individuals.

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Margaret Atwood, The Circle Game

She was also as a short story writer and her books of short fiction include Dancing Girls and Other stories (1982), Wilderness Tips (1991) and good Bones (1992). In fiction, the attention has shifted from the society in the century to the individual in the twentieth century.

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Toni Morison Analysis | Feminist Postcolonial Approach

We find several post-colonial themes in her novels like slavery, homeliness, rootlessness, cultural clash, mimcry, question of identity, language, magic realism, marginlizatin etc. Morrison’s fiction in the frame of postcolonial theory very aptly presents postcolonial black identity.

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This connection between science fiction and feminist inquiries, what Sarah Lefanu describes as the “marriage between feminist politics and science fiction” (5), is what makes utopian writing situated within science fiction narratives so important to a discourse concerned with feminist issues and social power relations. Articles that examine utopian ...

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The Female Identity: Redefining Women Stereotyping and the Search for Equality

Snapshots: 20th Century Mother-Daughter Fiction. This is true not only among feminist and non-feminist scholars but also in fiction and novels.

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Philippine Literature Essay

Prosegenres are many and varied, ranging from science fiction to romance. * novella – A fictional prose narrative ranging from 50 to 100 pages, most common in science fiction and detective fiction.

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Philippine Literature Essay

Prosegenres are many and varied, ranging from science fiction to romance. The term play has come to mean drama written exclusively for performance, while the “loftier” term drama, is commonly reserved for works that are considered to be more.

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Christos Tsiolkas's Loaded as Grunge Writing

The lead character Ari is torn between his cultural and sexual identity, hates conformity, the consumption of drugs to get out of his hated reality, use of music when he has no drugs, coming up with narrow-minded conclusions based on generalizations, and lack of future direction which all doesn’t sound very grunge. Drug references, homosexuality, an...

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Essay on Fight Club Analysis

"Fight Club, or the Cultural Contradictions of Late Capitalism." Journal for Cultural Research 11.3 (2007): 221-242.

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