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Attendance Monitoring Information System Essay

Every action has a consequence and when the positive consequences outweigh the negative consequences, they motivate the performance they want to achieve.Their analytical processes take the guess work out of making solid decisions, and their team members are empowered to take action and manage the business as if it were their own.The objective of this visit in ePerformax is to know how they seek to partner with their clients to manage their program from a business perspective to achieve their goals and vision.In doing so, they have been able to develop a high-performing team that wants to win for their clients.To maximize their analytical capabilities management not only needs to make decisions, but also have the resourcefulness to implem...

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The Filipino Family Confronts the Modern World

The main thesis of the article is how can the Filipino family confronts the modern world, how can they cope with the changes in their environment and how can it affect their family relationship.The principle that is present in the article is present in the Philippine context in a way that changes in our environment affect of how the family interacts with one another.They interviewed some families and they use it to write this article.Although the kinship model enjoys popular support as an analytical concept for the Filipino groupings, it needs extensive modification.The point of its theoretical foundation was based on fast changes in our society that mainly affect the relationship of the family.

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Fliptop Battle: the Modern Balagtasan Essay

In Filipino and ancestral phisophy, the study could be a reference in philosophical discourse through the use of criticism.The Published Doctor in Filipino Thesis of Galileo S. Zafra entitled, The “Dalumat ng Katuwiran mulang Duplo hanggang Balagtasan” is a study were Balagtasan is being invoked.Bongalon, focused on persuading the masses in appreciating literary works of Filipino writers and to generate awareness in the social issues.The league places these rappers in a pit against each other in a battle of lyrical creativity and innate musical rhythm.5 Balagtasan is Filipino art of publicly arguing in extemporaneous, scaled and rhymed poetry manner formed by a group of Filipino poets in April 6, 1924 to commemorate the birth of F...

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K-12 Program in the Philippines

Strengthening the Philippine economy through ensuring that Filipino students maximize their potentials is all but just one of the objectives of the K-12 Program nevertheless.Or, at the very least, a reading list be provided to guide the educators in using the curriculum.On June 2011, the K-12 program was implemented in the Philippines with one of its aims being to equip the Filipino students 21st Century skills for their holistic development as an individual which is in effect their contribution to the development of the Filipino nation.It should also be done to be consistent not only philosophically but also content-wise to ensure spiralling.It is also concerned of the Filipino youth being imbued “with the skills they need to pursue the...

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Cultural Differences in Psychology: Indigenous Psychology

), [Filipino psychology: Issues, views and knowledge] (pp.), [Filipino psychology: Theory, method and application] (pp.Western methods and concepts are the ones being used in the education and practice of psychology in the Philippines and there applicability to the Filipino culture and society is being questioned by Filipino scholars.If I were to study Filipino culture in a psychological lens, I would take into view social class as culture.A characteristic that defines is the use of Filipino language for research and writing.

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Camote Tops and Coconut Milk Based Ice Cream

It is an analytical method in which the human senses serves as a measurement tool determine quality and/or to describe the condition of a food product.Beat The Heat With Dost-Fnri’s Healthy Ice Cream.[2] Included in the Top 10 Most Famous and Popular Filipino Dessert is the sorbetes.The Chi Square Statistic.(2008) The Phi-Coefficient, The Tetrachoric Correlation Coefficient, And The Pearson-Yule Debate.

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Development Of Psychological Thought In The Philippines

Therefore, we must inculcate positive Filipino traits and values perhaps change the negative ones.The logic must be it is about the Filipino people and for the Filipino people.Nowadays, the Filipino concepts of “Language”, “Kapwa” and “Human Interaction” can be used as a means to improve better human relationship.Remember the legend of Juan Tamad, the concept of Filipino time, Manna habit, to “talangka /crab mentality” and even innate criminality and distortion of Filipino squatters, barkadas, stupid yayas, maids and drivers.The knowledge of psychology “Babaylan” or “Catalonan” for the native Filipino people was an important part of Filipino Psychology.

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Philippine Noon Time Shows Essay

Those present in the audience see it as a welcome home celebration, or a way to re-immerse themselves in the Filipino culture.METHOD AND METHO .Therefore our analysis will focus more on the cultural nuances of Filipino society reflected in local variety shows.Some of the groups that he mentioned were featured in these shows include: farmers, fishermen, GROs, bus drivers, people with missing teeth, people with special talents, single mothers, gay, graduates who failed their licensing exams, girls who can dance, boys who can sing, bibingka vendors, and, even, young girls with great looking legs.” Overseas Filipino Workers are also given special mention in the show.For over a decade now, noontime TV shows have captivated the Filipino publ...

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Filipinos and the Reproductive Health Bill Essay

18 October 2011.This would help many Filipino families, especially the poor, in achieving only the size of the family they desire (Pernia, Reproductive Health Bill is an important step towards the improvement of the quality of life of every Filipino, and I believe that it is the government’s responsibility to allow its people to take this crucial step forward.“Family Planning.” World Health Organization.“Reproductive Health.” World Health Organization.

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Philippine Independent film Essay

In the constantly changing world of the Filipino film industry, film festivals have become windows through which the Philippines let the world see its screen images.Whenever foreign film festivals come around, the low-budget films of alternative Filipino moviemakers are invariably invited.Since indie films are racing up to the top and is now more appreciated by the audience, this study would benefit most Filipino viewers.Watching movies is the cheapest form of entertainment for the Filipino masses.For years, Filipino independent filmmakers like Kidlat Tahimik (Perfumed Nightmare, 1977), Raymond Red (Anino, 2001), and Brillante Mendoza (Kinatay, 2009) among many others have received critical acclaim worldwide.

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Coping mechanisms Essay

He tends to speak fast when discussing without realizing that students couldn’t understand what he was saying so most of the student just rely on notes, memorizing but not understanding or put it on their hearts that’s why most of the students fail when it comes to analytical type of examination especially when it comes to multiple choice because of confusion.Again, the Filipino response to stress is to look for more stimulation.” I put that in quotes because the Filipino term is masaya, which is really more of an externalized merriment.The nerve cells fire away until, frayed and exhausted, the user develops paranoia (borrowed into Filipino as praning) and then psychosis.It appears to be a universal condition which everyone young or old,...

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Filipinos Then, Filipinos Now Essay

He asked Don Tibor, a Visayan lawyer, if he has the right to call himself a Filipino, to which the lawyer answered that in order to be a Filipino one must be a worthy and valuable person.He was confused on what a Filipino truly is, on who has the right to call himself/herself as a true Filipino.It basically implies that a person is a Filipino if he or she satisfies the definition of Filipino citizenship as stated in the 1987 constitution.Kulas, in the end, realized that it is not enough to be born in the country in ordered to be called a Filipino, that being a Filipino doesn’t only mean the physical ties a person has with the land, or with tradition, or even with his or her family.He was able to meet different kinds of people; Filipino r...

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The Occupational Degeneration of Filipino Americans Caused by Racism

What generally explicates the concept of Filipino emigration to the United States is the Push and Pull Theory of Migration (Banaag et al.Having no other option, Filipino men often worked as dishwashers or laundry cleaners.In a study done by Madamba, it is revealed that job mismatch is highest among Filipino women in 1980 (20 percent) (58) and this implies that Filipino-American women also take a fair share of career misfortune.It can be deduced from this theory that the main push factor for a Filipino’s desire to emigrate is the discontent he or she has for his or her native country and the major pull factor that drives the Filipino to immigrate is the allurement and comfort he or she sees in the United States.A Filipino doctor who ends ...

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Filipino Philosophy Essay

Filipino Philosophy is the attitude, worldview, and notion of the natural citizens of the Philippines towards the day-to-day experiences in life, religion, communication, survival, interrelationship with people and intra-relationship with his sakop or to oneself – the “I,” and the uplifting of one’s soul – the Filipino being.(5) other Filipino Phylosophies that Filipino scholars may add and institutionalize that is not or only partially influenced by the Western Philosophy and purely in the Filipino context.A Filipino has two major ways of dealing with his society depending upon the basis of relatedness to the self.Filipino basic personality is made up of Filipino beliefs and knowledge that are equated and related to various rituals and ...

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Identity: Filipino Psychology Essay

In sports a Filipino holds the record on championship titles in boxing.Filipino identity now has pride in it, never give up, that’s the true Filipino identity it contributes well in our society.Young Filipino is known as being late, with the “manyana habbit”, “easy go lucky” but all of the Filipino starve for the best in life.We gave lights to the whole world and Filipino invented the Fluorescent.Filipino values is one of the most important identity about us, Filipino identity of a person or an individual known as the Filipino, the Filipino value system are found to possess inherent key elements of value system which includes their own unique assemblage of consistent ideologies, moral codes, ethical practices, etiquette, and cultural and...

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Values: Philippine Culture and Filipino Essay

The content of Filipino ecology is the identification of the Filipino with nature and its structure including hunting, fishing, nature worship and irrigation.” The content of the Filipino values are the Filipino myths and religion while the structures are the Filipino oral and written traditions, churches, sacred places, temples and mosques.When these Filipino values coalesce and mesh in a mutually supportive system, it is called “Filipino value system.The Filipino politics are the Filipino ideas and structures related to the distribution and channeling of power within the Philippine society for its well-being, order and regulation.Filipino cultural values are widely held beliefs which make some activities, relationships, goals and feeli...

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Fast food restaurant Essay

Significance of the Study: The study aims to give information to different group of people regarding the effects of fast food chain to the Filipino A healthy eating lifestyle by Rafael Castillo, MD Philippine Daily Enquirer(01/17/2009 Bulacan State University College of Business Administration Malolos City of Bulacan EFFECTS OF FAST FOOD CHAIN TO THE EATING LIFESTYLE OF FILIPINO FAMILY (Chapter 1) Edilyn G. Jumaquio Claire Ann S. Santos Alithea P. Libao Maria Alaisa Umali Maria Veronica Celine Salamat Mr. Gualberto Magdaraog.Future Researchers To give information about this topic and to ellaborate and have a further study to the Filipino lifestyle.Filipino Family For them to classify the effects of fast food chan in their heal...

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Key Drivers Of Retail Industry Marketing Essay

The increase and the positive outlook of the domestic growth along with this the increase in inflow of remittances by the Philippines workers employed overseas will help in the consumer spending.The Philippines retail sector is expected to see continued growth in the current year with the increase in consumer spending as the economy continues to expand and inflation rate remains contained.Also, the low interest rates will increase consumer spending.The positive outlook has also prompted many players to expand their operations.Source: Bloomberg .

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Philippine Culture and Filipino Essay

Filipino ecology is the relation of the Filipino to the ecosystem such as temperature, ype of soil, amount of moisture, types of crops that can be grown or types of animals present in the Philippines and other environmental features.Filipino cultural values are widely held beliefs which make some activities, relationships, goals and feelings important to the Filipino people’s identity.The Filipino basic social unit is the family which contributes to and maintains the Filipino values.The content of Filipino ecology is the identification of the Filipino with nature and its structure including hunting, fishing, nature worship and irrigation.” The Filipino basic personality is determined by the Filipino culture because of the selection of th...

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History Of Filipino Immigration History Essay

The rise of unemployment during the depression of the 1930s and the development of Filipino labor activism created widespread opposition to Filipino immigration, especially in California where the concentration of the Filipino population is high.From the first to the fourth wave of Filipino Immigration, evidently Filipinos have been in America for quite some time, yet one must persistently ask who are the Filipino Americans?“Filipino American History.” Filipino American History.(Filipino American History) The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 permitted many Asian residents in the US, including Filipino Americans, to apply for citizenship.Magat, Arianne “Philippines from 1900-1915” The First Wave of Filipino Migration to the United ...

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Filipino Values

* Bayanihan – is a popular Filipino ideal that refers to the communal effort necessary to move a house.It is a value that makes a Filipino be obedient and be respectful to parents, older siblings and authorities.It is a Filipino tradition that arose among indigenous populations where community members would band together to relocate one’s home by placing it on a grid of bamboo sticks and lifting together.Based on studies, surveys, opinions, anecdotes, and other literatures made by experts and researchers in relation to Filipino social values or Filipino core values, along with the Filipino character or Filipino identity of a person or an individual known as the Filipino, the Filipino value system are found to possess inherent key element...

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The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines Essay

Also the Spanish introduced to the Filipino to used the stone in building construction so that the bahay kubo was transformed into bahay na bato with balcony and we think that was the style of some houses today.Even though the Filipino experienced the inhumanity of the Spaniards but still they influenced us the way of their living and until today we still used and make those influences in our daily lives.We can say that the Filipino during the time of the Spanish was so very poor and pity because the Spaniards treated the Filipino people not as human being but as their slaves.The Spanish colonization in the Philippines brought such poverty, violence, misery to us Filipino.And we also give thanks to the Spanish because they converted the ...

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Discrimination towards Asians Essay

Perhaps it is this realization that led to further acceptance to the Filipino culture and the Filipino people.The growing popularity of snit racism and equality has made some impact on the way Filipinos are treated, however it is not yet evident in most cases.However, we fail to see is that a large percentage of these Filipino workers have a college degree and are in fact educated.Many citizens are now aware that skin color or race does not limit a person’s ability to do his job properly.Filipino nurses and care givers pride themselves as pioneers in their craft and the country even hails them as the present day heroes.

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Is There a Filipino Identity? Essay

Yet, due to external factors like technological advancements and colonial influences, the true essence of being a Filipino now reaches the point where it is slowly degrading.Ronnie John Pascua SOURCES: Ma, Corazon Alejo-Itila, Mitzi Marie Aguilar-Reyes, and Anita Feleo, Garment of Honor, Garment Of Identity (Manila: En Barong Filipino, 2008), 17,271 Tomas D. Andres and Pilar B. Ilada-Andres, Understanding the Filipino (Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 1987), 5, 151. .“The Filipino way of thinking that everything foreign is good is still embedded in his personality.Now, despite of these changes, “Is there still a Filipino identity?This rectangular piece of cloth identifies us being a Filipino.

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Development Of Psychological Thoughts In The Philippines

The knowledge of psychology “Babaylan” or “Catalonan” for the native Filipino people was an important part of Filipino Psychology.The study of Filipino Family is valuable because they value family relationship.“First we have to define first what Social Psychology is so…Social Psychology is the study of how individuals affect the society and how the society is affecting the individual .If we’re going to relate Filipino into that on how the Filipino is affected by the society that we have here in the Philippines and maybe in the world in general.According to Enriquez, in spite of the fact that western psychology works in the Philippines, the use of Filipino has led to the identification of the value “pakikipagkapwa” which is more importa...

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Study of filipino cuisine

While Jollibee, Max’s, Red Ribbon, and Chowking are seen in areas where there are huge Filipino communities, the challenge is how to make the Filipino cuisines capture the local mainstream the way the Japanese, Thais, Vietnamese and Chinese have done.According to Joseph P. (2012) host of ‘Bizarre Foods’ “I predict, two years from now, Filipino food will be what we will have been talking about for six months I think that’s going to be the next big thing,” Filipino food grow weak on us mainstream market compared to other Asian foods even top Filipino chefs in a Los Angeles Times article were quoted about the difficulties of Filipino food assimilating into the mainstream culture.There’s so much more to Filipino food than adobo, There are ju...

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Understanding Ourselves Through Philippine Literature Essay

Being a Filipino is a gift from God.Reading materials written by Filipino writers is helpful in building a sense of being Filipino.In the literary pieces studied, there is always an element of being Filipino present.Another Filipino trait present is respecting our elders, as evidenced in the line “carried more weight if it is said by a man with gray hair.” This is about consulting adults in decision-making.Although some pieces may not directly point to being Filipino, but they contain elements and themes that are realities found in the Philippine society.

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Philippine history Essay

They established the Philippine public school system.Because the Filipinos were hungry for education, they flocked to public and private schools in large numbers.They teach English language to the Filipinos.They gave the bright young Filipino students an opportunity to take up higher education in American universities and colleges.It is a compulsory sale by the Filipino farmers of their farm products to the Spaniards.

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Filipino-American Assimilation Essay

This media has made migrant Filipinos aware of historical events in the Philippines and has showcased Filipino culture and tradition as a source of national pride.The colonization of the US of the Philippines has somehow helped in the easier Filipino American assimilation of the present generation.In seeking national solidarity, many Filipinos abroad have come together to establish their own Filipino community.The Philippine Constitution has granted the English language as co-official with Filipino.Filipinos learn to exist in a foreign land while practicing their identity and the US having skilled Filipino workers.

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Model of Filipino Values Essay

F.landa jocano identified two models of the Filipino value system.the first is the exogenous model or the foreign model,while the second is the indigenous model of the traditional model .the foreign model is described to be a “legal and formal”model while the indigenous model is described as a “traditional and non formal’model or guide but is deeply embedded in the subconscious of the Filipinos.the foreign model was inherited by Filipinos from western cultures,particularly from the Spaniards and the Americans.According to the anthropologists LEONARDO MERCADO the Filipino worldview is basically nondualistic.based on his linguistic analysis of Filipino value terms like loob (Cebuano buot ),he includes that Filipinos desire harmony not only...

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