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Filipino Artist Essay

* Maningning Miclat was born in Beijing, China on April 15, 1972 but she was a Filipino. He had a photographic memory, was the first Filipino painter who also painted secular subjects.

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National Museum Review (Philippines) Essay

He also painted scenes of traditional Filipino customs, fiestas and occupations, and series of historical paintings on pre-Colonial and Spanish Colonization scenes. At the end of the day, I realized that I’m so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful history as a Filipino.

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Reaction paper about National Museum Essay

However, I still enjoyed the gallery for it reminds me that Filipino culture is still the best among all. However, the main museum is actually the Museum of the Filipino People located in the former Department of Finance Building.

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National Museum of the Philippines Essay

As we move to the second floor, there is the fantastic Bones Exhibit. Located at Padre Burgos Street, Manila City, sat the two branches of The National Museum of the Philippines—the National Gallery of Art and the Museum of the Filipino People, where we went first.

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Negative Impact of Premarital Sex Essay

Studies point to liberalizing attitudes towards sexual issues among Filipino young, as well as the rising levels of sexual risk-taking activities. In Filipino setting, for example, adolescents who perceived their parent to hold liberal attitude exhibited increased likeliho .

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Carlos Villaluz Francisco Essay

In the quest for a Filipino modernist idiom, Francisco, who chose to be based in his fishing village of Agono, observed Philippine folk aesthetics and researched Philippine histon,, customs, and traditions. “Filipino Struggles through History” chronicles the history of Manila from the first great Rajahs of Tondo, the Spanish colonial period, Balagta...

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Scope And Delimitation Example

A similar study was also conducted among 3rd year High School students in Baguio City by Herrera and Robias (2010), and the findings revealed that although “respondents exhibit a positive preference for things Filipino, these preferences have not yet been lifted to a level of consciousness that would make their manifestation of such personal prefere...

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Jose Garcia Villa Essay

For me, it immortalizes into words how the Filipinos and his readers will now remember Villa- a beautiful sliver of words and poetry, a figure larger than words, deeper than his writings, and even more beautiful and remembered even in his death. His typewriter was also showcased in the exhibit.

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A Mother Diagnosed With Cancer Psychology Essay

By the time Filipino daughters reach adolescence, they are expected to become “mother substitutes” (Liwag, Dela Cruz, & Macapagal, 1998, p.155). Based on her research among Filipino college students, females exhibited higher tagasalo traits than males.

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The Talent Variety Show Filipino Talent Media Essay

(Mutz, 1998) Showtime on this matter sets the Filipino audience for what the Filipino talent is. The mechanisms and the strategies of the show in instilling the meaning of the Filipino Talent to the viewers whether subtle or blatant will also be taken into consideration as part of the study.

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Filipino Values

These foreign influences that contributed in the shaping of a Filipino culture are as follows: * The Malays – The basic component of Filipino culture is the Malay temperament which could best be described by “niceness and pleasantness” to others rather than by virtue of law abiding features. * This tradition began in small villages throughout the co...

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Effects of Noontime Shows in Philippine Economy and Filipino Families Essay

The objective of the Filipino noontime show is to be, to an extent; personal with those it places its attention on (Juntado, 2014). Like the Wowowee where Pinoy migrants who hold get-togethers with fellow Pinoys often congregate around a television set that has The Filipino Channel (TFC) in order to watch the show and get their kids learning to danc...

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Topical Structure of Paragraphs Written by Filipino Students

An Analysis of the Topical Structure of Paragraphs Written by Filipino Students. They were told that the mood subject is not necessarily the topic subject.

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Filipino People and Juan Luna Surprise Essay

These artworks show us the creativity of Filipino and we can also see the life of the Filipino have in the Philippines as every point of it tells history. Through these paintings, we can see the country’s norms before where many Filipino were slaved and murdered brutally.

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Reaction Paper on Visiting National Museum of the Philippines

And so do other paintings, humanity unredeemed, reason and aspiration. These artworks show us the creativity of Filipino and we can also see the life of the Filipino have in the Philippines as every point of it tells history.

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The Evolution of Fashion in the Philippines

Filipino imports lost popularity over time, but the materials have recently made a comeback with the popularity of organic fabrics. The history of Filipino fashion is made up of the mixing of cultures and the intentional separation of social classes.

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How Filipino Consumers Behave Essay

When it comes to food products, some Filipino consumers checked the “nutrition facts” that were placed at the packaging of a certain product. Though majority of the status of the Filipinos have not improved, but recent studies showed that Filipino consumers exhibit wiser purchasing habits.

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Response to Filipino Paintings Essay

The artists behind those paintings help our country to be known by their creativity and imagination giving us enhancements and emotions. These artworks show us the creativity of Filipino and we can also see the life of the Filipino have in the Philippines as every point of it tells history.

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The problem and its background Essay

The purpose of this study is to reveal the image of the Filipino youth as portrayed by juvenile characters in selected short stories (19-20) in English of selected Filipino writers. The input part presents the variables that the researchers used to find out the image of the Filipino youth as portrayed by the juvenile characters in selected short sto...

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Research about National Museum Essay

But the National Museum of the Philippines make some events and exhibit to expose the things inside the museum. It is the most valuable oil-on-canvas painting by Juan Luna, a Filipino educated at the Academia de Dibujo y Pintura (Philippines) and at the Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, Spain.

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Education in the Philippines Essay

On December 2007, Philippine president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that Spanish is to make a return as a mandatory subject in all Filipino schools starting in 2008 but it didn’t come into effect. In public schools, the core/major subjects that are introduced starting grade 1 include mathematics, Filipino, and Makabayan (until grade 3, this sub...

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Philippine Education Essay

On December 2007, Philippine president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that Spanish is to make a return as a mandatory subject in all Filipino schools starting in 2008 but it didn’t come into effect. Filipino is based on Tagalog, so in Tagalog areas (including Manila), Filipino is the foundational language used.

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Beliefs of filipino women: Traditional feminine gender

Scholars have shown that the Maria Clara stereotype is not only used by certain Filipino feminist nationalist, but also by first generation Filipino immigrants (Ignacio, 2000). Thus, the process of acculturating to a new culture that has some aspects that conflict with the Filipino culture can be very perplexing and stressful to Filipino women striv...

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How a Simple Gesture of Courtesy Can Change Humanity Essay

It is given and should not be asked for. We should exhibit courtesy everywhere we go and with whomever we meet.

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Philippine Culture

If the Filipino people before were able to survive and live life to the fullest even before the colonizers of our land contributed to our history and culture, then surely the Filipinos of today can be as great or even greater than what we were before. Together with all these changes, Filipino literature, language, and music also flourished.

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Economic Efeect on Working Abroad

Former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo applied the term Overseas Filipino Investor or OFI for Filipino expatriates who contribute to the economy through remittances, buying properties and creating businesses. A policy note entitled “How do Filipino families use the OFW remittances”, written by Aubrey Tabuga, a research associate of the ...

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The Positive Impacts of Philippines Becoming an English-Speaking Country Essay

There are debates about the language that must be used to teach subjects in schools, imagine teaching Science and Technology in the Filipino? The more foreign investments in the country, the more jobs to be available for our countrymen and that would bring a positive impact to the economy and less incidence for unemployment and becoming poor.

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Malasakit And Filipino Time

I recommend this research paper for all the employees who do not use the Filipino Values Like MALASAKIT for the company and also for the employees who always become late when it comes to do their task and duties. But for the Filipino, there is always tomorrow, a philosophy which is reflected in his maxims, such as “paglipas ng dilim may araw pang da...

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Dead Stars

And also the rich Filipino culture and customs, specifically the long engagement of Alfredo and Ezperanza, which were more dominant and exercised in the past are proof that the events in the story took place during those times. Also, Filipino women in those times, as how Benitez exhibited them in her story, are way more modest and formal than the on...

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Masculinity in the Philippines Essay

As centerpiece in the nation’s gender reconstruction, the PMA indoctrinated its Filipino cadets into a Euro-American ideal of military manhood. In sum, America’s high colonial rhetoric celebrated the special bond between American officers and their Filipino troops, and, by implication, denigrated elite Filipino character and capacity for command.

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