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Education in the Philippines Essay

In public schools, the core/major subjects that are introduced starting grade 1 include mathematics, Filipino, and Makabayan (until grade 3, this subject is synonymous to social studies, but also incorporate values education and the fundamentals of political science). On December 2007, Philippine president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that Span...

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Philippine Education Essay

DECS Bilingual Policy is for the medium of instruction to be Filipino for: Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Edukasyong Pangkatawan, Kalusugan at Musika; and English for: English, Science and Technology, Home Economics and Livelihood Education. But from grade 4, Filipino and English as a medium of instruction will then be used.

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High School and Basic Education Essay

With this, Filipino professionals who aspire to work abroad will not find a hard time in getting jobs in line with their chosen field and will be able to help their families more in the Philippines as well as the country’s economy with their remittances, property buying, and creation of businesses. K – 12 are divided from kindergarten, elementary ed...

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The Flow of K-12 Program in School Levels Essay

The result of this program can decrease unemployment rate and there would be many opportunities for Filipino students or graduates for if we had a quality of education then more employers will hire our graduates. The k-12 program is proposed to raise the quality education of Filipino students and graduates that needs to be supported by people in 3 r...

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Status Implementation of K – 12 Essay

It will determine the extent of the curriculum implementation in Grade One (1) classes in the different schools of Tacloban City Division, the different additional needs in textbooks, classrooms, trainings and seminars, acceptability of the curriculum as viewed by Administrators, Grade One (1) Teachers with at least one (1) year experience with the ...

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What is K12 Program :) Essay

Learning in Mother Tongue also serves as the foundation for students to learn Filipino and English easily. NURTURING THE HOLISTICALLY DEVELOPED FILIPINO (COLLEGE AND LIVELIHOOD READINESS, 21ST CENTURY SKILLS) After going through Kindergarten, the enhanced Elementary and Junior High curriculum, and a specialized Senior High program, every K to 12 gra...

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Philippines: The National Achievement Test Essay

The NAT was developed to measure what pupils/students in grade three, grade six and fourth Year know and can do in five subject areas: Science, Mathematics, English, Filipino, and HeKaSi (Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika) in elementary and Araling Panlipunan in secondary level. The National Achievement Test (NAT) is a Philippine-made standardized te...

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How Parental Attitude Affects the Academic Performance of the Students Essay

Grade Point Average refers to the average of the final rating grades. With the increasing number of educated parents and higher instances of professionals and career women among mothers, it is necessary to look into the attitudes of Filipino parents to determine, how these would affect their children’s school performance.

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The Teaching Profession Essay

Example, kayu in Ilocano is puno in Filipino. As I read this part of the article, what came to my mind was an English and Filipino class where mother tongue is translated to English and Filipino.

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The English Language In The Philippines English Language Essay

Figure Self-assessed English Competence of Filipino Adults from December 1993 to April 2008 .. In the 1970s, Filipino began to replace English as the main language of instruction in schools, in the name of nation building.

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Economic Importance Of The English Language English Language Essay

The House Bill 5619 or “An Act to Strengthen and Enhance the Use of English as Medium of Instruction in Philippine Schools prescribes the use of English, Filipino or the regional/native language from pre-school to Grade 3 and the use of English as the teaching language in all academic subjects from grades 4 to 6, and in all levels of high school. Lo...

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English vs. Mother tongue as a medium of instruction Essay

Out of the 10 districts in the Kalinga division, the Lubuagan district topped the 2006 national achievement test Grade 3 reading test for both English and Filipino, with mean scores of 76.55% and 76.45 respectively, which indicates mastery. It is also the medium of instruction for teaching other subjects, including Filipino and English.

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Scope And Delimitation Example

According to Yacat (2002), there are two kinds of pagka-Filipino: Filipino by name which is shallow and Filipino by heart which is deeply-rooted. In a study on pagka-Filipino, Yacat (2002) claimed that there are two kinds of pagka-Filipino: Filipino by name which is shallow and Filipino by heart which is deeply-rooted.

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Extensive Reading Assistance to Struggling Readers Program: a Proposal

Supplies/Materials Needed| Grade| Source of Fund| Amount| Bridges to Reading A| Kindergarten| Available already| | Bridges to Reading B| Grade I| Available already| | Bridges to Reading C| Grade II| Available already| | Bridges to Reading D| Grade III| Available already| | Fuller Approach – book bounded| Grade II-III| MOOE| P 500| Reading Exercis...

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Alternative Learning System

The ALS program follows a uniform lesson modules for all academic subjects covering the sciences, mathematics, English, Filipino, social studies, current events among others. Levels[edit source | editbeta] Elementary If a student has never reach the first grade, the student will be admitted in the Grade 1 level with the corresponding module of instr...

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Mother Tongue-Based Multi-Lingual Education in Philippine Schools Essay

Learners achieve grade level competence in each subject because teachers use their home language, along with the official school language, to help them understand the academic concepts. 1975; Akinnaso 1993; see Adegbiya 2003 for other references) demonstrated unequivocally that a full six-year primary education in the mother tongue with the L2 taugh...

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Education Systems in Australia and in the Philippines Essay

Filipino students spend longer hours at school than Australians; a minimum of eight hours compared to Australia’s six hours per day. Both are almost the same except Filipino schools do not allow shorts or really short skirts for girls.

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National Achievement Test

The input encompasses the performance of Grade VI pupils in the five subject areas of the NAT result for two consecutive years. Indeed, to identify what subject does the Grade IV pupils have difficulty?

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Philippines is a developing country Essay

A teacher’s wage is not even enough for them to live a decent life but they still continue their profession. They are the ones suffering because of the government’s lack of prioritization.

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Historical Perspectives on Curriculum Development Essay

Its measurement of outcomes is standard tests based on subject matter mastery . The Japanese-devised Curriculum They devised the curriculum for the Filipino to suit their vested interest.

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A Narrative Report on the Mass Training for Grade Essay

On the same day, Mrs. Evangeline Palejo, tackled about the English subject in Class A while Mrs. Analyn Quilang lectured on ESP in Class B with the presence of Dr. Norma Guillermo, Chief Education Program Supervisor in Elementary Division. The following demonstration teachers were; Mrs. Emily Guiquing, MTB, Mrs. Emma Calimag, Math, Mrs. Norolaine Ca...

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K-12 term paper Essay

It will make more globally competitive Filipino students and it will maximize their time on choosing their career base on their ability. Since its implementation, which started with the Pre-School program just this school year 2011-2012, many still doubt its benefit for the Filipino youth and the Filipino people as a whole.

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Rizal’s Transcript of Records

Intelligence doesn’t reflect on how high grades you got, instead, it reflects on how you deliver & share your knowledge, how you serve the people, and how you use it the right way. Imitate Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal not only academically but also professionally.

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“The K to 12” Program Essay

With this, Filipino professionals who aspire to work abroad will not find a hard time in getting jobs in line with their chosen field and will be able to help their families more in the Philippines as well as the country’s economy with their remittances, property buying, and creation of businesses. It is the curriculum used by the Department of Educ...

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English Proficiency as Related to Academic Performance

It is considered as a major subject and is taught in the Philippines from grade one to college and is the medium of instructions in many schools. Thirty-eight years later, during the promulgation of the 1973 Constitution, English remained as an official language adding Filipino and dropping Spanish during the process.

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Reading Level of Grade Three Pupils at Luis Mirasol Memorial School Essay

Undersecretary Bacani said the new policy aims to make every Filipino child a successful reader at the end of Grade 3. Parent’s net monthly income has no significant relationship with the scores both in English and Filipino.

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Pros & Cons in the K-12 Basic Educations

International test results consistently show Filipino students lagging way behind practically everybody else in the world. The poor quality of basic education is reflected in the low achievement scores of Filipino students.

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Jose Rizal: A National Hero

It’s an honor for me that Jose Rizal fights our freedom and our right being a Filipino. His works and writings can give lessons to us it shows that all Filipino people are not an idiot like what other citizens called to us.

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Multilingual Education Essay

In the long years of educating children, the school and the curriculum designed to use Filipino and English as a medium of instruction. One of the changes in Basic Education Curriculum brought about by the new K-12 program is the introduction of Mother Tongue- Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) specifically in Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2 and 3 to ...

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Gift Giving Essay

Some of the Filipino traditions are the Filipino Christmas lantern, Christmas caroling, “simbang gabi” or the misa de gallo, and the gift giving, the true essence of Filipino Christmas. WHAT MAKES THE FILIPINO CHRISTMAS UNIQUE?

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