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The Positive Impacts of Philippines Becoming an English-Speaking Country Essay

There are debates about the language that must be used to teach subjects in schools, imagine teaching Science and Technology in the Filipino? Isn’t it hard for the student to understand and absorb the lesson in that way?

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The Educational Curriculum In The Philippines Education Essay

K12 provides students to have more time understanding the lessons, not just cramming them for a latter exam and forgetting them when the exams are over. Another reason why the Philippines has one of the lowest qualities of education in the world is because students are not given the right amount of time to understand their lessons.

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“The K to 12” Program Essay

Finally, with K- 12, Filipino graduates will be automatically recognized as professionals abroad because we are following the international education standard as practiced by all nations. By implementing this K to 12 Curriculum, students will be able to get sufficient instructional time to do subject- related tasks which makes them more prepared and...

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Jose Rizal: A National Hero

He is very dedicated in his study he took a lot of subjects, courses, and philosophies that can make him a brilliant Filipino citizen. His works and writings can give lessons to us it shows that all Filipino people are not an idiot like what other citizens called to us.

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Multilingual Education Essay

Mother Tongue will serve as a foundation to learn Filipino and English easily. That Mother tongue will make the lessons easy for every child in recognizing and comprehend to lessons and stories.

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The Teaching Profession Essay

Hence, mastery of the mother tongue will be the tool to learn Filipino and English. Contextualization and Enhancement makes lessons more interesting as the topics are related to things that are already familiar to the learner.

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Philippines Essay

This and the fact that the English language is most commonly used in an international basis has lead people to believe that English is more valuable than the Filipino or any other indigenous language. Eduardo Gullas, an old lawmaker from Cebu, says that Filipino children failed in the recent math and science tests given by DepEd because they have po...

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Curriculum Evaluation Essay

DECS Order 52, s. 1987 – the policy of bilingual education aims to make every Filipino competent in both Filipino and English at the national level 3. DECS defines bilingual as “separate use of Filipino and English as media of instruction in specific subjects.” Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) .

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Lesson Plan in I Am a Filipino Essay

I am a Filipino C. LESSON PROPER (The teacher gives the annotated material to the students. ) You must aim to: 1. show respect and appreciation for the national symbols of the Philippines; 2. discuss desirable Filipino traits and values; 3. use four words adjectives in describing yourself as a Filipino; .

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Reflection paper Essay

We should never forget our own history and the importance of it, for the sake of those souls who only had the chance to experience true freedom in us. I still see our motherland in her situation back then because we failed to get the lessons from our past.

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Educational stages Essay

K to 12 hopes to protect the rights of Filipino children who, at 18, are legally and emotionally still kids, unprepared for work or university.. Even if public education is free, families have to spend for transportation and supplies.

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Junior High School Essay

An additional two years is a burden for most Filipino families, who want their children to finish school quickly so they can work. K to 12 hopes to protect the rights of Filipino children who, at 18, are legally and emotionally still kids, unprepared for work or university..

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What Are You Made of, the Role of Faith in Social Identity Essay

When education can establish a meaningful bridge between Filipino identity and a community’s religion, more and more Muslims and indigenous peoples would develop a sense of being a Filipino— finally a part of the collective imagining of the nation. As a teacher, I should be aware of my students’ background so I could help them in strengthening the d...

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Alternative Learning System

After finishing the curriculum, all participants of the program belonging to a particular education district are given the final comprehensive examinations covering all subject areas in the curriculum. Secondary education has now become a prerequisite in vocational technology and college education in the Philippines.

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Extensive Reading Assistance to Struggling Readers Program: a Proposal

Venue: The reading programs and its strategies will be conducted by teachers teaching English, Filipino and Mother Tongue in their respective classrooms. Name| Grade| Reading Level During the Pre-Test| All 19 Kinder Pupils| Kindergarten| Cannot recognize alphabet names and sounds| All 12 Grade I Pupils| Grade I| Non-readers| All 28 Grade II Pupil...

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The Effects of Text Message in the Psychosocial Development

Filipino words are often longer than English therefore cell phone users frequently used English words or the combination of both. This includes forgetting writing their own language, Filipino.

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Exploring Cultural Diversity in Mirror for Man

Living here in an area with a rich ethinic mixture has opened my eyes to things like: the Filipino tendency to eat with a spoon and fork while Americans tend to use mainly the fork, the Oriental's tight family ties and the growing rate of American divorces, etc. Being a traditional Filipino household with very close family ties meant that everyone h...

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Pick a developing country Essay

Many elements of Filipino culture have traces of Spanish colonization. For instance, many Filipino families today still practice the Spanish siesta or sleeping during the afternoon.

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Why I Don’t Speak in English Essay

How come he often used the Filipino language when he speaks and communicate with the Filipino nation? First, Senator Lito Lapid, Why do you think the people voted for him knowing that he could not speak the English language because by talking the Filipino language his message goes straight to the heart of every Filipino.

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My Philosophy change is a challenge Essay

Make it as your partner in delivering a lesson so that the students will not get bored. The most valuable lessons are often found in the things that didn’t work, so treat it all as a learning experience that keeps your content constantly fresh and worth talking about.

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Mother Tongue-Based Multi-Lingual Education in Philippine Schools Essay

Below, I tabulated a progression plan for teaching and using the three languages (mother-tongue, English, Filipino) based on how I understood the program. Learners achieve grade level competence in each subject because teachers use their home language, along with the official school language, to help them understand the academic concepts.

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Status Implementation of K – 12 Essay

I’ve been able to talk to several teachers in Grade One, that they are having problems with the terms used in different subject areas. And for the next three (3) years (Grade 4 to Grade 5) the gradual transition of Filipino and English as the medium of instruction is introduced.

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Filipino People and Baler Essay

Other than that, Jericho Rosales as Celso acted smoothly throughout the film though some criticize him not fit for the role half Filipino and half Spanish since his beauty was truly for a Filipino Man. Nanding, whose primary goal is to completely wipe out the Spanish soldiers stationed in the town of Baler, can never accept Celso, a half- Indio, hal...

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Personal Background of Jose Rizal

The Filipino students in Spain knew Rizal by reputation, many of them had been his schoolmates, and they enthusiastically welcomed him, but in their gaiety he took no part. It is an organization of Filipino students in Madrid which aims to expose the conditions in the Philippines under the Spanish rule.

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Cell phones Affecting Reading Comprehension Essay

This distracts students from their lesson and makes them have to re-focus all over again (voices. These cellphones have been popular to most of the citizens of the Philippines.

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E-learning Game

Filipino culture places a high value on education. The design for a good formula to suit the Filipino preference will open the opportunity for growth of e-learning in the Philippines.

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What is K12 Program :) Essay

Learning in Mother Tongue also serves as the foundation for students to learn Filipino and English easily. Aside from the Mother Tongue, English and Filipino are taught as subjects starting Grade 1, with a focus on oral fluency.

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Historical Perspectives on Curriculum Development Essay

Its measurements outcome is now devices taking into consideration subject matter and personality values. Course of the study It is an official guide prepared for use by the administrators, supervisors, and teachers of a particular school system as an aid to teaching a given subject or areas of study for a given level or grade, combinations of grades...

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The Indolence of the Filipino People Reaction Paper Essay

Through this essay, there are a lot of significant lessons that can be taken. Bibliography: .

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Effects of Noontime Shows in Philippine Economy and Filipino Families Essay

A post on Tumblr from “Filipino Culture” that noontime shows help the family to bond and laugh together while watching these noontime shows. Like the Wowowee where Pinoy migrants who hold get-togethers with fellow Pinoys often congregate around a television set that has The Filipino Channel (TFC) in order to watch the show and get their kids learnin...

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