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Malansang Isda by Rosalinda Olsen Essay

In the novels, Dona Victorina represents the type of Filipino who rejects her identity as Indio and who would do everything to deny it in every form, particularly in mannerism and language.Rizal has been iconized and even idolized by a sect that calls themselves “Rizalistas”, but the Filipino has yet to realize and actualise his relevance.Every Filipino knows Rizal, but do they understand him?The masses can read and speak Pilipino, as it is a required subject in school, but chances are, they speak their cradle tongue among themselves and most of the time, which would be any of the major languages and the numerous dialects.Is the Filipino then a “malansang isda”?

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K-12 term paper Essay

According to them, this is for the benefit of not only the Filipino youth but all the Filipinos in the Philippines.With this, Filipino professionals who aspire to work abroad will not find a hard time in getting jobs in line with their chosen field and will be able to help their families more in the Philippines as well as the country’s economy with their remittances, property buying, and creation of businesses.Students will be able to get sufficient instructional time to do subject- related tasks which makes them more prepared and well- trained on that subject area.Filipino graduates will be automatically recognized as professionals abroad because we are following the international education standard as practiced by all nations.It will m...

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Filipino-American Assimilation Essay

The colonization of the US of the Philippines has somehow helped in the easier Filipino American assimilation of the present generation.Cultural Identity Contrary to losing most of Filipino cultural identity, many Filipino migrants remain loyal to their distinctive as Filipinos especially in continuously upholding their cultural values of hospitality, utang na loob or debt of gratitude, pakikisama or being easy to deal with and strong family ties.In seeking national solidarity, many Filipinos abroad have come together to establish their own Filipino community.Though many of them are proud of their Filipino roots, since they are already accustomed to American culture back in the Philippines, it has become easier for them to adjust to new ...

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Why I Don’t Speak in English Essay

Learning to speak the English language amongst Filipino is an inherent factor easily adopted.Why insist on the English language when you can use the Filipino language and be more adoptable to the people around you.How come he often used the Filipino language when he speaks and communicate with the Filipino nation?How the Filipinos fought the Spaniards for the right to speak the Filipino language freely, they sacrificed their lives.First, Senator Lito Lapid, Why do you think the people voted for him knowing that he could not speak the English language because by talking the Filipino language his message goes straight to the heart of every Filipino.

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Discrimination towards Asians Essay

Many citizens are now aware that skin color or race does not limit a person’s ability to do his job properly.Similar to the faith of those non-whites, the Filipino people where discriminated even in today’s society.In the United States there are Filipino communities in every state (The Filipino, 2007) and a lot of Americans prefer to have Filipino wives saying that Filipinos make a loving wife and mother.Filipino nurses and care givers pride themselves as pioneers in their craft and the country even hails them as the present day heroes.Perhaps it is this realization that led to further acceptance to the Filipino culture and the Filipino people.

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Colonial Mentality: Its Roots Essay

Some Filipino Americans may ridicule less-Americanized Filipino Americans by tagging them with labels such as “FOB” (fresh-off-the-boat), “stupid”, and “backwards” (Revilla, 1997).Another example of discrimination against less acculturated Filipino Americans is the perception that English proficiency reflects higher status and intelligence.Such a discriminatory attitude may reflect the belief that the only ways for Filipino Americans improve themselves is to Americanize (Rodriguez, 1997) and to associate only with American or Americanized people.Such a global negative regard of Filipino culture is thought to extend from preferences from foreign-made products to judgment of their physical features as more attractive and reliable.It embarr...

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My Culture, My Power

Many Filipinos all over the world are criticized because they’re Filipinos but I should say that among any other beautiful cultures in the world—in Asia, I am still proud of my culture whatever my color is, my dialect is, or whatever my country is, because my culture is my power!Moreover, it’s the hopeful smiles of the people who are strong enough to take any hurricane or flood in life.It’s the bliss in the gratefulness to the Lord, as religious and conservative country, to the paradise-like nature wonders with the remarkable hospitability to its guests!It’s the spirit of the small land of pieces of islands fighting for its economic stand and global competitiveness.They say, it’s the people who shape the culture.

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Filipino Psychology: on Spirituality, Homosexuality, Psychopathology Essay

Sure, he could seek aid/comfort from his friends, but certainly on the back of his mind and in the depths of his heart, he is utterly concerned that his family is not like the other happy Filipino families he has known.The Filipino psychopathology indeed adheres somehow to the family systemic model, believing that a person’s pathology is attributed to his family systems.In my opinion, a Filipino and a Filipina have characteristics of their own.******************************************************************************************** On Filipino Religiosity and Spirituality Our country is composed of a hodgepodge of different religions, although it is a fact that this is a predominantly Christian country.It is also vital to note that cu...

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Filipino Smiles and Spirits Essay

Filipino Spirit is Waterproof!God really great for giving them such a trait.We still find a sense of humor even in the worst day.Having that trait is a blessing, show them that happiness is in your attitude.“There’s no reason crying in the rain, or flood for that matter.

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Wife and Filipino Women Essay

The letter speaks of the duties and obligations of Filipino mothers to the youth, the roles of a wife to her husband and guidance to young women on their choice of their lifetime partner.The letter also speaks of the philosophy of freedom and independence that would be a key for the emancipation of humankind from slavery, and the necessity for education as the fundamental source of liberation, to quote from Rizal, “Men are born equal, naked.Rizal concluded his letter by encouraging the Filipino women to “Let us, therefore, reflect; let us consider our situation and see how we stand….Rizal compared the Filipino women and the foreign women, which entails his huge respect to the Filipino women on their vital roles as mothers and wives.I adm...

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Education in the Philippines Essay

In public schools, the core/major subjects that are introduced starting grade 1 include mathematics, Filipino, and Makabayan (until grade 3, this subject is synonymous to social studies, but also incorporate values education and the fundamentals of political science).Third year has Geometry, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Filipino III, and World History and Geography.Filipino is based on Tagalog, so in Tagalog areas (including Manila), Filipino is the foundational language used.Fourth year has Calculus, Advanced Algebra, Physics, Filipino IV, Literature, and Economics.DECS Bilingual Policy is for the medium of instruction to be Filipino for: Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Edukasyong Pangkatawan, Kalusugan at Musika; and English for: English, Sc...

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Philippine Education Essay

Third year has Geometry, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Filipino III, and World History and Geography.DECS Bilingual Policy is for the medium of instruction to be Filipino for: Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Edukasyong Pangkatawan, Kalusugan at Musika; and English for: English, Science and Technology, Home Economics and Livelihood Education.Fourth year has Calculus, Advanced Algebra, Physics, Filipino IV, Literature, and Economics.On December 2007, Philippine president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that Spanish is to make a return as a mandatory subject in all Filipino schools starting in 2008 but it didn’t come into effect.Second year has Algebra II, Biology, English II, Filipino II, and Asian History.

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Movie “Himala” by Ishmael Bernal Essay

Lastly, Sepa (Ama Quiambao) and the fans of Elsa represent a sector of the Filipino people who are willing to sacrifice their livelihoods just to be saved by a false prophet, all for the belief that God will help those who do not help themselves.The movie “Himala” by Filipino National Artist Ishmael Bernal deals with the social issues of poverty, religion and fanaticism.The greatness of the film is reflected by the fact that it is now considered a Filipino classic, with Elsa’s (Nora Aunor) speech being quoted until today.Not only the Filipinos adhere to this problem but the rest of the world does too.It is a universal struggle.

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Students as Catalysts Of Peace Essay

According to Jose Rizal, “Youth is the hope of the fatherland.” It is indeed a privilege for every Filipino youth to show patriotism and responsibility in raising the country through bringing back peace.There are lots of organizations and projects being built globally to foster peace.Peaceful resolution of conflicts is more likely the choice of an ideal youth.But how can we encourage the youth?The project that aims to raise schoolchildren as peacemakers.

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Jose Rizal Essay

Nationalism today places before us a grand challenge, a great responsibility.More than ever, in our national existence, we need Rizal to enlighten us, to be a symbol of our onward struggle for the realization of our ambition as a nation, unfettered not only politically, but culturally and economically.When the question on who would be the national hero arose, whether Rizal or Bonifacio, the American government “guided” the Filipino people to choose Rizal.In a time where being born a Filipino in the Philippines was a disadvantage, he lived to prove this wrong and in his works that led to his death, he immortalized the true spirit of the Filipino people – the spirit of resilience, of valor, of greatness.At this time of the Philippine histo...

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The Positive Impacts of Philippines Becoming an English-Speaking Country Essay

There are debates about the language that must be used to teach subjects in schools, imagine teaching Science and Technology in the Filipino?Filipinos are great English speakers, we tend to learn fast, perform well and these make us competent globally.Isn’t it hard for the student to understand and absorb the lesson in that way?Koreans, Chinese and Japanese are also choosing to study in the Philippines to learn English because they find Filipinos good with teaching the language.The more foreign investments in the country, the more jobs to be available for our countrymen and that would bring a positive impact to the economy and less incidence for unemployment and becoming poor.

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Influence of Gay Language on the English Proficiency of Freshmen Students

The study will make use of the survey method for it seeks to know people’s opinions, attitudes, perceptions, and judgment on a particular subject of interest as described by Calderon (2004).Here in the Philippines, Gay lingo, sward language, gay language, sward speak, and gay slang are a variety of words in Filipino language.Retrieved from .Filipino gay lingo.(Filipino gay lingo, 2008) Gay language or swardspeak falls under the category of slang, the most popular of all.

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Motivational Exploits of a Magsaysay Awardee: What Inspires Me the Most Essay

While some could simply grasp the ventu... .It made me realize that the youth residing in urban areas are auspicious in an exceptionally great extent as they can taste the masterpiece of the finest education, and that primacy should always be in favor of education....he shoes of those indigenous people who experience the educational dilemmas they are defying at this moment in time, I cannot be more grateful for the grant of edification that I have been gaining since time immemorial.These are what my adored Ramon Magsaysay Awardee proved.wholly admit that I was not familiar of these heroes who proved to be a Samaritan to their fellowmen not until I knew about this Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation which accentuates such people.

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Education of the filipino Essay

I say I’m just being practical.Now where’s my sense of nationalism?It is true that education will bring emancipation and the right education will broaden our perspective and hopefully, appreciate and capitalize on the diversity to propel us forward.It’s much better to accept the fact that we, Filipinos are diverse in culture and language as well as our way of thinking because we have been influenced by so many cultures internally and externally.But despite of that I believe that we must preserve our resources and Filipino values to an extent.

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English Proficiency as Related to Academic Performance

Academic Performance – is the outcome of education — the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their educational goals.Supporters of House Bill 5619 believe that adopting English as medium of instruction would address the problem of declining English proficiency among Filipino students and graduates and improve competitiveness of the Filipino labor force.House Bill 5619 or the Act Strengthening and Enhancing the Use of English as Medium of Instruction seeks to raise the English language proficiency level of Filipino students and graduates in order to increase their employability and global competitiveness.Thirty-eight years later, during the promulgation of the 1973 Constitution, English remained as an official l...

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Study of filipino cuisine

There’s so much more to Filipino food than adobo, There are just so many things going on [with Filipino cuisine].What if the country sought out trained Filipino Chefs and sent them overseas to open restaurants that would showcase Filipino cuisine?According to Joseph P. (2012) host of ‘Bizarre Foods’ “I predict, two years from now, Filipino food will be what we will have been talking about for six months I think that’s going to be the next big thing,” Filipino food grow weak on us mainstream market compared to other Asian foods even top Filipino chefs in a Los Angeles Times article were quoted about the difficulties of Filipino food assimilating into the mainstream culture.While Jollibee, Max’s, Red Ribbon, and Chowking are seen in areas ...

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The Role Of Gawad Kalinga As A Promotional Tourism Essay

During this phase, the Filipino will lift himself from poverty by unleashing his potential for productivity and hard work in the right environment.It also aims to build a village culture that honours Filipino values and heritage.The Filipino people have the innate culture of giving and sharing, exemplified by the age-old concept of “bayanihan”.The natural beauty or landscape of the destinations, the facilities and services of the tourism supplier, and the organizations – government mandated and non-government mandated, stimulate tourism response.Aside from the colorful houses and beautifully landscaped surroundings, each GK community offers the warmth, hospitality, and inspiring stories of its residents, who represent the triumph of the ...

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I am Filipino “ Can they smell that aroma in me?”

Under Spanish rule, most of the Filipino populace embraced Roman Catholicism, yet revolted many times to its hierarchy.One of the races known around the world is the Filipino.Men are so sweet and romantic when it comes to love, they will send you flowers, bring you to a very romantic place, they text you sweet quotes and often tell you how special you are to them.Filipino may have different religions in different sectors of our country, but what is consistent is that we have one strong form of faith in the Supreme Being.The Philippines was a Spanish colony for over 300 years, leaving what can now be called Filipino culture and people semi-Hispanicized.

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“Conyo Talk”: The Affirmation Of Hybrid Identity And Power In Contemporary Philippine Discource Essay

), The Pragmatics of Interaction, John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam, pp.‘Conyo’ talk became an emulation of how English and/or Spanish speakers talked to native Filipinos: a sentence in English and/or Spanish with some Filipino words.Philippines is a hybridized society, and many Filipinos want to preserve the double cultural standard, maintaining the dominance of English and Spanish as languages of power, but embracing as well their complex identities manifesting openly the hybridity of their identity as Filipino, Hispanic and Anglophone.“Conyo talk”: the affirmation of hybrid identity and power in contemporary Philippine discourse.),Exploration in Pragmatics, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, pp.2007, Developing pragmatics interculturally, ...

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The English Language In The Philippines English Language Essay

Most school textbooks for subjects such as Biology, Physics, Mathematics and others are printed in English and are rarely has Filipino versions.Long-term foreign residents say that in the late 1960s it was possible to converse in English with almost any Filipino that had attended elementary school.Figure Self-assessed English Competence of Filipino Adults from December 1993 to April 2008 ..In the 1970s, Filipino began to replace English as the main language of instruction in schools, in the name of nation building.38 years later, during the promulgation of the 1973 Constitution, English remained as an official language adding Filipino and dropping Spanish during the process.

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Economic Importance Of The English Language English Language Essay

In the 1970s, Filipino began to replace English as the main language of instruction in schools, in the name of nation building.Long-term foreign residents say that in the late 1960s it was possible to converse in English with almost any Filipino that had attended elementary school.They were sent to the Philippines to establish a new highly centralized public school system, to teach basic education and to train Filipino teachers using English as the medium of instruction.Figure Self-assessed English Competence of Filipino Adults from December 1993 to April 2008 ..The House Bill 5619 or “An Act to Strengthen and Enhance the Use of English as Medium of Instruction in Philippine Schools prescribes the use of English, Filipino or the regional...

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A Filipino Metamorphosis – Poetry Essay Reviewing

As an epigraph to his book, Toledo quotes a line from another recent American Laureate Robert Hass: ”a word is an elegy from what it signifies”.Like Hass’ work, subject and object can’t be so easily separated.The Book of Tea.Perhaps Filipinos do not see themselves as a fusion culture and maybe Toledo does not want to distract himself with questions of nationalism, local content and identity when he is contemplating a more ontological place in the scheme of things; however, I, as a non-Filipino reader would be even more charmed to read a ‘Filipino Robert Hass’ re-setting his well-informed and self-assured work somewhere in its own archipelago of 92 million people and 7107 islands.htm [accessed 3 January 2010] .

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A Multimedia Thesis Project Essay

Father Ramon De Prado, the vice-provincial priest taught these two deaf Filipinos and they were the first deaf Filipino who learned to use the Filipino Sign Language.(2004), AN INTRODUCTION TO FILIPINO SIGN LANGUAGE: Part ll: Traditional and Emerging Signs [pp.1-154] Philippines: Philippine Deaf Resource Center, Inc. .A phrase is a logical grouping of words that does not contain a subject verb, while a clause is a logical grouping of words that does contain a subject and verb.Filipino Sign Language; A complication of signs from regions of the Philippines, Filipino: Philippine Federation of the Deaf.In FSL, the pointing pronouns are noted in commonly using among Deaf Filipino signers which usually include the index finger.

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Who Made Rizal Our Foremost National Hero, and Why?

Likewise, we attempted to disprove the claim made by some quarters that Rizal is an American-made hero, & we also tried to explain why Rizal is greater than any other Filipino hero, including Andres speaks well for Taft that he was sufficiently free from racial prejudice to appreciate in some measure the stature of a great Filipino.The same proclamation ordered the hoisting the Filipino flags at half-mast “from 12:00 noon on 30 Dec 1898” and the closing of “all offices of the government” during the whole day of 30 Dec. actually, the impressive Rizal Day program, sponsored by the Club Filipino, was held in Manila on 30 Dec 1898.Because in this writer’s humble opinion, no Filipino has yet been born who could equal or surpa...

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Filipino Mode of Thinking Essay

To give out examples of this Filipino mode of thinking, a lot can be stated.This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.” .The Filipinos should also preserve and enrich these practices for the sake of the country’s culture.The Filipino mode of thinking is “oriental, non-dualistic, holistic and has unity between the subject and the object” as stated in first paragraph.It could either be present only in some areas or in the general public but all of these points to our Filipino mode of thinking.

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