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Colonialism and Local Traditions

Rather, exemplified through the character Guido who participates in both the traditions and procession, despite having “an European education”, Joaquin urges the Filipinos to embrace and be proud of both traditions alike and, to not categorize the Tadtarin tradition as low brow but “to see the holiness and the mystery of what is vulgar”. By doing a ...

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May Day Eve By Nick Joaquin Essay

If were going to take a look at the settings of the story particularly the scenario of the narrator were he is with his fellow Filipino going to his family’s place, the author described the place as “the beauty of the afternoon seemed in the distance, on the hills, in a dull soft sky”. May Day Eve, by Nick Joaquin i a short story that told how life ...

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A Glimpse of the Japanese Era through Filipino Paintings Essay

1. Who are some of the Filipino painters who made paintings about the Japanese period in the country? Paintings, for example, were one of the artworks that .the Filipino people used in expressing their feelings to awaken patriotism of their countrymen.

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Setting of Nick Joaquin’s May Day Eve Essay

i don’t think it was considered as his best, but i love it for its playfulness that i rarely see in the Filipino . in diliman, that’s where i finally found out what i felt like to be where one is supposed to be, and his works greeted me in my Filipino literature class and in fiction writing.

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Phil .Literature Essay

In 1936, when the Philippine Writers League was organized, Filipino writers in English began discussing the value of literature in society. Laya, are discourses on cultural identity, nationhood and being Filipino done in the English language.

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American Literary Periods

The identity of a Filipino today is of a person asking what is his identity.” – Nick Joaquin “This is then what one finds in Filipino fiction: a self that shares in all of the contradictoriness of the national self.” – Ninotchka Rosca ————————————————- . Further complicating the matter is the Filipino appraisal of its own “national”language (Pilipin...

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Philippine Literature In The Spanish Colonial Period Essay

Thus, the major novels of the period, such as the Filipino Rebel, by Maximo Kalaw, and His Native Soil by Juan C. Laya, are discourses on cultural identity, nationhood and being Filipino done in the English language. This combination of writing in a borrowed tongue while dwelling on Filipino customs and traditions earmarked the literary output of ma...

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The Poem “My Final Farewell” Essay

I think Rizal is encouraging the Filipino youth to be proud of being a Filipino and to use their talents and skills to transform what is happening to our society to a better one. He is the symbol of the Philippines as the martyr whose death does not matter if one dies for those he loves and also for his country and for all the Filipino people.

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Cultural diversity – Chinese and Filipino

Two cultures that are different in their traditions and rituals, though similar in their sexuality and beliefs are the Chinese and Filipino. Media has impacted the Chinese and Filipino culture, more negatively on the Chinese than on the Filipino.

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Rizal’s Parents’ Qualities Essay

This achievement made his friend from the other country admire him so much like Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt, an Austrian Linguist and the Director of Ateneo de Leitmeritz, he called Rizal as the “Greatest Filipino” and “the greatest of the Malayan race”. Our freedom from the Spanish colonials, our fighting spirit of becoming free from the conque...

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Phillipine Literary Periods

was a Filipino politician, jurist, poet and one of the foremost statesmen of his generation. Bob Ong is the most doted contemporary authors by the Filipino people of the recent times.

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Filipino Psychology Essay

The sense of freedom that goes with the realization that psychology need not be imported from the United States of America brought new vigor, new meanings, and new directions for Philippine psychology. The surge of interest in the arts changes the self-image of the Filipino psychologists themselves and, perhaps, even their identity.

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May Day Eve

From the story, the readers would learn and understand several values and the pain of women discriminated in the past. May Day Eve reflects tough and painful lives of women in the past.

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Period of Enlightenment in the Philippines (1872-1898)

A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA ( To the Filipino Youth ) — A poem Rizal dedicated to the Filipino youth studying at UST 7. LA TERTULIA FILIPINA( A Filipino Conference or Feast): Depicts a Filipino custom which he believed was much better than Spanish.

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The Views On a short story May Day Eve

Yet the May Day Eve can be seen as blessing for them both because they loved each other even though they failed to realized and expressed it until their last breath. When I read* the story I have having a hard time to fathom it at first because of the fast twisting of events, at first you will not fully comprehend what is the story all about or what...

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The Greece Culture

There is a food custom leading up to New Years that is the Vasilopitam, the cutting of the New Year’s Eve bread for which it is named after. My Easter, Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s Eve table consists of rice, pansit (Filipino noodles), turkey with stuffing and gravy, adobo, pinakbet (a Filipino/Ilocano dish of vegetables and fish cooked in bago...

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Study of filipino cuisine

What if the country sought out trained Filipino Chefs and sent them overseas to open restaurants that would showcase Filipino cuisine? According to Joseph P. (2012) host of ‘Bizarre Foods’ “I predict, two years from now, Filipino food will be what we will have been talking about for six months I think that’s going to be the next big thing,” Filipino...

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Beliefs of filipino women: Traditional feminine gender

However, when it comes to Generation, the non-significant differences between Filipino daughters and mothers may be found in that the cultural expectation of both generations (Filipino mothers vs. Filipino daughters) has rooted its ideals from our past generations’ belief as a collective community as opposed to individualistic values. No significant...

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Research Essay

The many long debates in Fili were at times so convoluted that they tend to go around in circles (not to mention non-sense characters mouthing nonsense statements) that here are parts when they were boring and pointless. Who would forget the Christmas Eve when Basilio was chasing Sisa, his lunatic mother?

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The problem and its background Essay

A lot of Filipino short stories may be written in this foreign language, eventually became our second language − but then again, the Filipino culture will always be taken into account. The study attempts to identify the image of the Filipino youth as reflected by the juvenile characters in selected short stories in English by selected Filipino write...

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El Consejo De Los Dioses

Hucapte made arrangements for the staging in 1915 afterwards, in 1961 it was edited with a prologue by Astrana Maria in El Cervantismo de heroe Filipino Rizal. FILIPINO A Guest asked: Amor Patrio” ang kanyang kauna-unahang isinulat na propaganda na ipinadala sa dyaryong tagalog “Ang pag-ibig sa tinubuang Lupa”.

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Palm Sunday

It may be the period, which symbolizes the beginning of the forty day liturgical period of prayer and fasting. Whatever the kind, these branches are blessed and distributed together with candles either during the All-Night Vigil on the Eve of the Feast (Saturday night), or before the Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning.

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Kabataan Sa Makabagong Henerasyon

Rodolfo Dato edited an anthology of Filipino poems in 1924 under the title Filipino Poetry. This novel tells of a Filipino repatriate who, having been educated abroad, finds himself a stranger in his hometown.

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Filipino Mode of Thinking Essay

To give out examples of this Filipino mode of thinking, a lot can be stated. The Filipino mode of thinking is “oriental, non-dualistic, holistic and has unity between the subject and the object” as stated in first paragraph.

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Jose Rizal: A Man for All Generations

Those thought to hold liberal, therefore subversive, views were rounded up, including three priests seen, according to John Schumacher, as “leaders in the campaign for the secularization of the parishes,” causing both the civil authorities and the friars to grow “more suspicious than ever of Filipino priests and of Filipino ilustrados as well.” The ...

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Festivals in Davao Region Essay

Davao City is particularly lively, holding various parties and putting on fireworks displays in a number of locations. New Years Eve (Bisperas ng Bagong Taon): is the official end of year celebration and sees a variety of festivities enjoyed across the Davao region.

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Body of the Paper Essay

1 Filipino Wedding Customs In early times, Filipino groom-to-be threw his spear at the front steps of his future home, which is said to be a sign that the bride has been spoken for. Filipino Wedding Traditions.

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Firecracker Should Be Banned in the Philippines Essay

It is said that our country is one of the top 20 countries that celebrating New Years eve who uses up Firecrackers and that is why our DoH was conducting a “Iwas Paputok” program that can help to reduce up the smog after the eve. Nevertheless, I agree with Senator Gringo Honasan, chair of the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, whe...

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Sikolohiyang Pilipino

Protacio-Marcelino (1996) responded to these points in her Ph.D. dissertation on ethnicity and identity issues of second generation Filipino-Americans by stressing that indeed Filipino-Americans are not Filipino – they are both Filipino and American. And in the 1990s, tests were developed to measure a wide variety of Filipino characteristics – katal...

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Development of Dance and Music in the Philippines Essay

The Philippine band repertoire consists of marches, overtures, symphonic poems, concertant pieces, and medleys of Filipino folk tunes, which are performed duing the military and civic parades, as well as formal and semi-tests the playing prowess and physical endurance of the competing musicians. It consists of marches and pasodoble pieces (fast and ...

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