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Pierre Louÿs Essay

Pierre Louÿs founded in 1891 the literary review La Conque, where the works of Parnassian and Symbolist authors were published, masters serving as models, such as Mallarmé, Moréas, Leconte de Lisle or Verlaine, but also young poets still unknown like Valéry, André Gide and Louÿs himself. His next novel, La Femme et le Pantin (1898), inspired by Casa...

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Yolande Moreau Essay

Agnès Varda offered her her first roles in the cinema in the short film 7 p., Cuis., s. de b .... to be entered in 1984 then, the following year, in Sans toit ni loi. In 2004, she performed and co-directed with Gilles Porte, Quand la mer monte ... where she played the role, drawn from her own experience, of an actress-comedian on tour in the North f...

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Analysis of Jean-Luc Godard

Through such films as Vivre sa Vie: Film en douze tableaux (1962) and Une femme est une femme he began to interrogate and illuminate conventional cinema via new cinematic and artistic techniques. I will, therefore, make reference to four of Godard’s films: A bout de Souffle (1960), Une femme est une femme (1961), Vivre sa vie: Film en douze tableaux...

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Fanny Ardant Essay

In 2015, she played the sulphurous Comtesse de Castiglione in La Séance, Edouard de La Poëze's first short film. Fanny Ardant makes various films for television, some of which, like Les Dames de la côte by Nina Companeez, caught the attention of François Truffaut, who was looking for an actress and made her the first role in La Femme d'à Côté ( 1981...

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Isabel Otero Essay

In 1985, noticed at the Avignon festival, she made her film debut in a Swiss film, Derborence, which will compete at the Cannes festival. In 2001, she succeeded Clotilde de Bayser in the television series La Crim ', where she played the role of Commander Hélène Vallon alongside Dominique Guillo.

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Bernard Noel Essay

Trained at the Conservatoire de Nancy, he participated in the first festivals in Avignon in 1947 and 1948. Very present in the theater (from 1947 to 1970), he played in quite a few films, for example Le Feu follet by Louis Malle, La Ronde by Roger Vadim and Une femme bride by Jean-Luc Godard .

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Christian Morin Essay

After leaving TF1 in 1993 before returning to TF1 in 1996 (after Rires sur la ville with Amanda Lear), he joined France Télévisions, to present a daily remake of La Tête with Cendrine Dominguez. On television, he appears as a guest actor in episodes of successful series: Maigret with Bruno Cremer (1998), Navarro with Roger Hanin (2000 and 2001), Une...

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Cookie Dingler Essay

The group is mainly known for having been behind one of the biggest hits of the Top 50 of 1984/1985, Femme libérée. In 1987, Christian Dingler joined the Alsatian theater company La Choucrouterie.

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Daniel Ivernel Essay

In the cinema, he made his debut in 1946 in a film by Louis Cuny, Le Beau voyage. But it was with the director Julien Duvivier who made him known with Sous le ciel de Paris.

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Christian Bérard Essay

Both of them directed the Théâtre de la Mode in 1945. . He worked closely with 1930 from Jean Cocteau and Louis Jouvet, for whom he made the costumes and / or sets of La Machine infernale (1934), L'École des femmes (1935) La Folle de Chaillot by Jean Giraudoux (1945), Les Bonnes de Jean Genet (1947) and Dom Juan de Molière (1948), his most famous co...

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lime Essay

In 1931, he experienced a new triumph with the adaptation of the play to the cinema: Marius film by Alexander Korda and first film of the “Marseille trilogy” by Pagnol, one of the first successful talking films of French cinema. He also appears in film adaptations of plays he has performed on stage such as La Petite Chocolatière (1932), L'École des ...

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David foenkinos Essay

The film was nominated in two categories at the Césars 2012, for the César de la best adaptation, and for the César for best first film. In 2011, again with his brother Stéphane, he co-directed the film La Délicatesse, an adaptation of his eponymous novel from 2009.

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The Female Character in Besson's Films

This film was filmed in Taipei, Paris, New York. As a director, producer, and scriptwriter, Besson guarantees that his creative vision will be visible in its entirety throughout the work.Back in his early movies from La Femme Nikita in 1990 to Léon: The Professional (1994), Besson is known for writing badass female characters.

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Clara Luciani Essay

She sings two tracks from the Psycho Tropical Berlin album released in 2013: La Femme (track 3) and It's Time To Wake Up (2023) (track 7). She first became known within the rock group French La Femme, singing on several songs, but also through her single La Grenade, released in 2018, which has to date totaled more than 59 million plays, or more than...

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Hafsia Herzi Essay

The film earned her in 2007 the Marcello-Mastroianni ("young actor or actress") prize at the 64th Venice Film Festival, followed in 2008 by the César for best female hope. She immediately followed up with the film Secrets, which director Raja Amari was filming in Tunisia.

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Jean-Francois Zygel Essay

In 2011, he collaborated with the national orchestra of Île-de-France for La Femme sur la lune by Fritz Lang (Cité de la musique). In 2013, the orchestra of the Opéra de Rouen created a new score written for La Belle Nivernaise by Jean Epstein (commissioned by the Cité de la Musique and the Normandy Impressionist Festival).

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Robert Mitchum Essay

This critique of anti-Semitism and military training methods, directed by Edward Dmytryk, was a landmark film of that year and was shortlisted for five Academy Awards. The song from the film, which has become cult in the southern states of the United States, The Ballad of Thunder Road, was also a record success, performed by Mitchum himself (while i...

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Daniel Mesguich Essay

Iradj Azimi gives him a main role in his film Les Îles (1983). The film encounters almost as many misfortunes as its subject: delays related to the settings of the shots, multiple bad weather (including the famous cyclone Hugo) which obliges to redo the sets, problems of financing and distribution which will delay the release which will not take pla...

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Marlene Dietrich Essay

At the beginning of 1944, she shot Kismet, a musical film in which her legs painted in gold caused the press to talk as much as the Allied breakthrough in Italy, then appeared in the propaganda film Hollywood Parade at the sides of all-Hollywood. Shot in the UFA studios in Babelsberg, this film, which brings together Emil Jannings (huge star at the ...

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Anne Dorval Essay

We could hear her with Thomas Hellman and the group Karkwa during Montreal's White Night in February 2006, where she performed You Are the Sunshine of My Life, or on L'Heure de Glory in October 2006, where she performed Lyle Lovett's Smile. Having become a close friend of the director, she will subsequently appear in most of his films, including Les...

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The Global Journey In The Sin Dejar Huella Media Essay

Mexico’s entry into NAFTA in 1994 and President Salinas de Gortari’s free-market policies led to a fall in national film production and distribution. Sin dejar huella was part of this new wave of transnational cinema production: it was co-produced by Mexico’s AltaVista Films and Spain’s Tornasol Films, and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón – a widely recognised...

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Henri guybet Essay

Two great successes which allow him to land the main role of the film Le Pion, where he plays Bertrand Barabi, a “pawn” who, encouraged by a young widow (Claude Jade), made his debut as a novelist and met with success. Gérard Oury gave him his first grand role in the cinema in The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob which is very successful, where he plays So...

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The Sleeping Beauty Essay

The main character is Maleficent, the wicked witch and evil fairy: she appears throughout the film as a rather benevolent character despite spell she cast on Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, commanded by a feeling of revenge that animated her following the loss of her wings, cut off by her former companion King Stephane, the father of the Princess ...

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Auteur Theory and Jean Luc Goddard’s Work

There are more such references from films and theatre that occur in the film; for example as the film moves into its concluding segment, the character of J.P. Melville in the film makes an oral reference to Cocteau’s testament d’Orphee. Godard describes how he visualized the scenes in the film dealing with Odyssey in Le Mepris as being lit in a mann...

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The Lyonnais Essay

The two writers do not wish to write a biographical film nor an apology for the characters but rather to evoke a "state of mind" which would allow to mix true story and fiction. Michel Neyret, former number 2 of the Lyon PJ, received a "Pacha" watch from Cartier estimated at 30,000 euros, from the thug Gilles Benichou, then his indic, in thanks for ...

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Essay about Feminism, Anti-feminism and Adultery in the Lais of Marie De France

Marie de France is not a feminist, an antifeminist, a woman who supports the code of chivalry, nor a woman who opposes the code of chivalry. French Studies 37.2 (1983): 129-42 De France, Marie.

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Her name was Sarah Essay

The steam locomotive we see is a 141 R, a type of locomotive that was built from 1945 to 1947 in the United States and sent to France to overcome the difficulties of reconstruction. While with her husband and her daughter she has to move into an apartment in the Marais, at 36 rue de Saintonge, Julia learns that her husband's grandparents moved there...

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Sir, Lord Cherkaoui Essay

In residence at the Toneelhuis in Antwerp since 2007, he is part of the new emerging generation of Flemish choreographers trained around Alain Platel and the Ballets C de la B and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in the late 1990s. Member of Les Ballets C de la B (Les Ballets Contemporains de la Belgique), a dance company located in Ghent, Belgium, Cherka...

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Billy Wilder Essay

He co-directs with Alexandre Esway a film with Danielle Darrieux (of which it is already, at 17, the eighth film), and Pierre Mingand: Mauvais Graine. In 1938, he began a prolific partnership with Charles Brackett which resulted in several classics of American comedy, including La Huitième Femme de Barbe-Bleue (1938) and Ninotchka (1939) by Ernst Lu...

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Michael Lonsdale Essay

In 2008, the International Film Festival Entrevues in Belfort gave him a cross tribute with Édith Scob. Michael Lonsdale directed many texts, including, in 2002, Marie Madeleine by the Martineau brothers, in 2001, La Nuit de Marina Tsvetaeva by Valeria Moretti, and, in 2010, a show on Sister Emmanuelle, after other shows on Thérèse de Lisieux and Fr...

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