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French Colonies In America Essay

Their interest in fur trade stemmed from the fact that there was a huge demand for fur in the European market and this fur was readily available in North America.Later the king of France sent a French explorer to look for gold in America and the Frenchman tried to establish a colony there but he failed.Marger, Martin.The Earth and its Peoples: A global History: Since 1500, Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2009.Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning, 2009. .

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Canada Fur Trade

The European did a great deal of business in fur trade; however, what the fur trade brought to the Indian were suffering and humiliation.Obviously, the Indian was the victim in the North American fur trade.To summarize, through the above analyses on the ecological impact of the fur trade on the Indian of North America, we can have the following conclusions: First, the fur trade has brought about a new cooperative mode, which was basic to the marriage between two different races, the European and the North American indigenous people.In three centuries, most Indians of North America involved in the fur trade; also, the fur traders were here and there.Some contemporary academics believed that the fur trade did not collapse the native cultur...

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The Spanish, French, and English Colonization

Whereas the English colonized so that they could escape religious persecution and to seek freedom of trade.For example, Samuel de Champlain writes, “Sieur de Monts, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the expedition, obtaining letters from his majesty for one year, by which all persons were forbidden to traffic in pelts with the savages, on penalties stated in the following commission.”# But these orders proved very hard to enforce, and in 1608, the king of France gave permission for Champlain to trade furs: .The Virginia Company directions explicitly said that the settlers were not to upset the Indian life, but to make peace and trade with them, “In all your passages you must have great care not to offend the naturals [natives]...

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Quebec history Essay

Unlike fishing, the fur trade requires a continuous presence in the territory to forge profitable relationships with the Aboriginals who do most of the work in this commercial activity.Champlain, who was first involved in fishing activities in the Gulf of the river Saint-Laurent quickly understood the interest of the fur trade.In 1627, Cardinal Richelieu entrusted the Compagnie des Cent-Associés with a monopoly on the fur trade in exchange for a commitment to colonize New France.The fur trade is the main mercantile attraction of the Kingdom of France.It was to get away from this inhospitable place that in 1604, the Huguenot Pierre Dugua de Mons, who obtained the monopoly of the fur trade, tried to establish a colony first at the mouth of...

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North American before 1750: Brits, French, Spanish

After failing to uproot the English, the Indians fell into a sullen trade relationship with the Englishmen.Soon, the Old and New World began to mix.Economically, the English did do some trade with the Indians, but viewed them more as a source of cheap slave labor.But the Indians who were recruited into the fur business suffered immense disadvantages.Old World dietary and health habits were also positively affected by the importation of corn, beans, and potatoes from the New World and new herbs that were found to treat scurvy.

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Indian & European Relations in the 1600s Essay

The Five Iroquois Nations come out on top, have control of the fur trade in Quebec (with the French) and New Amsterdam (with the Dutch).Other cases that place limits on Marshall’s nationalistic interpretations by enhancing role of state governments: Mayor of New York v. Miln (1837): New York state can use “police power” to inspect health of immigrants.British naval blockade causes disruption in New England fishing industry, and British occupation causes decrease in domestic trade and manufacturing.After the war, West India Company ignores New Netherland, focuses on slave trade.1662: King Louis XIV turns New France into a royal colony, tries to get people to move there.

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Aboriginal People In Canadian History And Culture History Essay

Moreover, the Canadian fur traders and fort commanders, unlike the land-hungry English settlers, cultivated a friendship of the Algonquians by giving the Indians gifts and presents.With the help of fur trade, the early Canadian economy was flourishing, and the alliances between the European settlers and the Indians helped Canada obtaining its independence.Europeans traded metal tools (which were very much needed by the Indians) for highly expensive animal fur.The canoe (usually made from birch bark) was the fastest means of transport through the rivers of the country, and due to its design and structure, it could carry a huge amount of goods, such as fur, food, or the metal and iron tools that the native people were given in return.This ...

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Environmental History Essay

The migration of early European settlers to North America, however, has introduced the barter and trade practices with the Native Americans.The fur trade industry has played a great factor in the development of America and Canada for more than three centuries.These aboriginals thus destroyed the habitats of elk, deer, buffaloes, wolves and beaver thus killing them for their meat and fur (Orton, 1999).British and French empires were set in America because of fur trade in the early 1600’s.But in the 1700’s, the fur trade started to decline in the Eastern United States as a result from the clearing of large tracts of lands for settlement.

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French vs. British treatment of Native Americans Essay

The Iroquois Confederacy formed an alliance with Britain in which they were to cut the French out of the fur trade.The French were more likely to develop trade relations than to settle permanently on native lands.The conquest of the Native Americans by Europeans forever changed the continent.The fur trade in particular made many tribes more aggressive.Due to fur trading and the goods they received, many tribes developed more nomadic ways of life based on the movements of bison herds.

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Needs and Concerns of New France Essay

So again our concerns are that we are lacking women, there are not enough people in New France to later expand to a big country Canada, and more men increased then women making the population gender wise unbalanced.Another need for New France is to become fewer dependant on France, in terms of supplies, food, people, and etc.New France also has to develop its own agriculture and industries.We will also fall behind in fur trading.In New France there is a need for agriculture businesses.

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The History of the American Bottom

As noted earlier, the new immigrants were exchanging new types of goods - with the Indians now being a minority in terms of trade.The French Creoles wanted to build off the already successful fur trade that had previously been the primary source of wealth from this colony.French Creoles, settlers with ancestry from France or French Canada, came to this region in hopes of settling the area and gaining great material wealth through the fur trade.In order to more firmly establish themselves in the fur trade and to create good relations with their Native American neighbors, communities were established in the Illinois Country.When a slump in the fur trade occurred many of the settlers in the towns had to turn towards farming as a way to supp...

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Ap Us History Outline Essay

| | |New Hampshire |1623 |In 1623, under the authority of an English land-grant, Captain John | | | | |Mason sent David Thomson, a Scotsman, and Edward and Thomas Hilton, | | | | |fish-merchants of London, with a number of other people in two | | | | |divisions to establish a fishing colony in what is now New | | | | |Hampshire, at the mouth of the Piscataqua River | | |Middle Colonies | |New York |1625 |Originally called New Netherlands, was so named in honor of the Duke|These colonies are politically, socially, and| | | |of York to whom the territory was granted on its conquest from its |economically diverse.Philadelphia, New Amsterdam (changed to New York in 1674), Albany, Boston, Newport, Jamestown, Williamsburg, Annapolis, Charlesto...

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Urban Geography of Québec Essay

New Beginnings in a “New World” .canadaslargestemployersbycity2007.html .Canada’s Largest Employers by City.In order to establish its own overseas colony in the “new world”, France made the effort to institute permanent settlement of its people in the St. Lawrence Valley.The other main office is in Montréal where trade in international markets is more accessible.

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The History of the Metis

Born in the red River region in 1944, Riel had been chosen as a possible candidate for the priesthood and had studied at the Jesuit College de Montreal.However, he failed to complete his religious studies and returned to the Red River in 1868, looking for employment.This reorganization had led to some unemployment amoung Metis who for years had been working in the fur trade.He was a black-bearded, handsome young man, the son of the leader of a minor Metis revolt in 1849 against the Hudson's Bay Company.(An interesting aspect of the survey system was the plan of the setting asside two sections in each township for the future support of education.

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Slavery in New France Essay

The economy, which focused on agriculture (not planting), fishing, and the fur trade, was not based on slavery as in the southern American colonies.There were undoubtedly less than 600 Panis slaves in all the territory of New France at any one time (including the American West), the practice of slavery not having really exceeded eighty years.If the economy of New France was not based on slavery, hundreds slaves nevertheless contributed their labor to building the colony.The Compagnie des Indes holds the monopoly of the slave trade in the region.Under the French regime, many enslaved panis in New France were reported in Detroit, Michilimackinac and in the villages of the American West, but their baptism in these places did not exclude the...

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The Duel for North America

Coureus des bois French- Canadian fur trappers, “runners of the woods” Edict of Nantes – Issued in 1598 by the crown of France, it granted limited religious freedom to the French Protestants, and stopped religious wars between the Protestants and the Catholics.French and Indian War – Colonist’s New Destiny Path cleared for conquest of a continent, birthrate high and energy boundless, they were in no mood to be restrained.Quebec – Established by France in 1608 (Catholic) with large help of Samuel de Champlain, “Father of New France” Tried to convert Indians to Christianity and to save them from the fur trappers French Catholic Missionaries, notably the Jesuits Antoine Cadillac – Founded Detroit in 1701 to thwart English settlers from push...

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Early encounters between American Indians and European colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures Essay

coureurs de bois: fur traders (N.F.)Thesis: Actions such as Bacon’s Rebellion, the Powhatan Wars, King Phillip’s War, the Encomienda, the New England Confederation, and the Fur Trade, Dutch and French.In the New Netherlands (later renamed New York in 1664) Ethnic and religious differences prevented a development of a strong sense of community in the 1620’s-1640’s * Dutch West India Company more interested in profits than keeping order, so New Netherlands was founded for economic purposes and its origins in trade explain its diversity, including Dutch, German, French, English, Swedish, Portuguese, African, Calvinist, Lutheran, Quaker, Catholic, Jew, Muslim.Analyze how actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European colonists shaped th...

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America's History Of War Essay

Since sugar cane was more profitable than fur trading in New France, it was more important for France to protect its colonies in the West Indies.For New England, it was crucial for them to destroy New France and the allies that were preventing them from obtaining and occupying new land.France was ultimately defeated in the end and ceded all of its territories east of the Mississippi river to England.The war was fought around the world; in Europe, North America as well as India, with the conflict mainly due to ongoing hostilities and struggles of absolute rule between Great Britain and France.The British won several victories, but the war was far from over; the final result depended on the defeat or victory of France.

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Responses to Native Americans

In the wake of the age of exploration, the English and French made substantial efforts to expand into the North American continent.A symbiotic relationship thus began to evolve where the Indians would trade furs to the French in exchange for knives, guns, and other commodities.France sought to establish a colonial economy centered on the fur trade, dependent on trapping and skinning beaver.However, despite such cultural benevolence, the economic embellishment of Native Americans in the fur trade led to excessive beaver trapping, which violated Indian religious beliefs, and ultimately demonstrated the polluting effect of European contact on Native American culture.Economically, the French began to incorporate large numbers of natives into...

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Compare and contrast the treatment of Native Americans by Britain and France

The two most popular races that were enslaved included the Native Americans and Africans, and in this paper I will be comparing and contrasting the treatment of the Native Americans by both Britain and France.The events that took place in New France, present day Canada, however, were much different.The Indians’ knowledge on the habitat and how to hunt really set off the fur trade business for the French, which in the end benefited the country on the largest scale.And so all in all, everyone who lived in New France, whether it be a native Frenchmen or Native American, they all managed to live side by side and find a common ground on which to live.Colonization was so popular due to its trade worth and how much it could help the mother coun...

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The “discovery” of America

They established a fur trade alliance with the Iroquois confederacy, the most powerful Native American empire in 17th-century North America.The Dutch had come to America to trade, not to conquer.The European settlers would explain their superiority to Native Americans and justify both the conquest of Native lands and terminating their freedom by bringing Christianity, new forms of technology and learning, new legal systems and family relations, and new forms of economic enterprise and wealth creation even though they did also bring savage warfare and widespread disease.Instead of enslaving Native Americans in farming and mining operations, the French exploited existing inter-tribal alliances and rivalries to establish trade relationships...

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European Immigrants in 17th Century North America

Indian trade dominated, especially in deerskins, but settlers quickly established a slave trade.England and Holland warred three times from 1652-75 over trade.Trade with the Iroquois gave the Dutch command of all fur-trading from the Hudson to the Great Lakes.Spanish land in New Mexico and Florida preceded all English settlements, but fell into disarray as the English were putting down roots in the last quarter of the 17th century.The Iroquois then headed to the Hudson to trade with the Dutch.

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European Colonization of the New World Essay

(New York, NY: Oxford University Press US, 1993), 56, 101. .They instead started trading in fur and other merchandise with the local Indian tribes3.Spain was the first country to lay vast claims on the New World.The English entrance into the New World was basically for profit-making purposes.The French knew they would expand their trade by finding the Northwestern passageway; but endless forests and local tribes blocked their expansion.

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Terms and Essays

New France- area colonized by France in North America, stretched from Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains and from the Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico.New England Confederation- military alliance of the English colonies of Massachusetts, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven in 1643 to bring together the Puritan colonies in favor of the church and for defense against the Dutch colonies and Native American tribes.27. voyageurs- boatmen employed by the fur companies in transporting goods and passengers to and from trading posts.New Amsterdam- Served as the capital city of New Netherland; and was a 17th century Dutch colonial settlement located on the southern tip of Manhattan.Dutch- formed colonies in the New World called New Netherlands w...

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Interactions Between English and Native Americans

In the eighteenth century, the Dutch and English competed with the French for trade and territory, which gave local Indians continued economic, diplomatic, and military leverage as Europeans competed for their trade and military alliances through the seventeenth century.Instead of enslaving Native Americans in farming and mining operations, the French exploited existing inter-tribal alliances and rivalries to establish trade relationships with the Huron, Montagnais, and Algonquins along the St. Lawrence River and further inland toward the Great Lakes.As often as possible, Native Americans took advantage of rivalries among European powers to maintain or enhance their own political and economic positions.However, they also maintained frien...

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The 1812 U.S. War with Britain Essay

There was for instance the losing of the Ohio River valley which had important routes for fur trade by British and Canadian traders.A People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present.Chicago: University of Chicago Press.Hickey, D. (1995).The War of 1812: A Short History .

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Early European Exploration Essay

In both cases, had the American Indians simply not been there when the first explorers arrived, the history of this continent, and this nation would have been drastically different.Both the nations of France and Britain invested countless amounts of time, money and men into the colonization of the new world.And because of this, both France and Britain did receive the benefits that North America had to offer.The ways the British and the French went about living on the same lands as the Native Americans were so different that they can, in some ways, be considered opposite.Not long after the first explorers had entered the "New World" they found out that they were not alone on this new frontier.

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The History Of Fur And Leather

Beaver fur coats are still considered and cherished to be one of the best kinds of fur coats out there, so if you want to appreciate the beauty, warmth, and links brought to you by beaver fur coats, then you should have one in your attire.Despite so many environmental concerns and hazards, protests by activists and eco-friendly groups’ people who desire to wear clothes made by fur and leather or fur leather fabrics will use and buy it no matter what, provided they are being manufactured.PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) states that the quantity of energy needed to generate a real fur coat from ranch-raised animal skins is more or less 15 times that did not require to produce a fake fur garment, nor is the fur eco-friendl...

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Terms Ap Us History Essay

Hudson River) and found plentiful furs Fort Orange-Dutch merchants founded this fur-trading post (now Albany) in 1614 after following H. Hudson’s exploration to trade for furs with the Iroquois West India Company-chartered by Dutch government in 1621 and set up New Netherland colony and New Amsterdam (Manhattan) as capital, brining in farmers/artisans to make sustainable.Massachusetts Bay-Colony established and governed by John Winthrop 1630, who led exodus of Puritans from a morally corrupt England where his people were being persecuted, sought to create a “New” England that was a reformed Christian society.He knew coexistence was unlikely and was angry that NE colonists restricted their trade and accused them of many violations.Metacom...

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Religious views on the fur and ivory trade

They are taught this in the teaching that “God made the world and gave humans dominion over it” consequently the welfare of animals is their responsibility and as animals in the trade are treated awfully it is very wrong.All Buddhist’s disagree with the fur and ivory trade, mostly because they believe in ahimsa- which means not to harm any living being- and the First Precept is to not harm other sentient beings, but as the fur farms are very cruel and elephant are killed just for the ivory in their tusks these methods show harm and are therefore seen as wrong acts by many Buddhists.The Dhammapada states “All living things fear being put to death- let no one kill or cause others to kill”; this teaching emphasises how important it is for B...

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