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Compare and Contrast at least two Victorian Ghost Stories

“The Canterville Ghost” in complete contrast is not a traditional ghost story as it is humorous and does not take the traditional features of a ghost story very seriously; the ghost ends up being frightened of the other characters. The author could have chosen a positive word to describe the sun like “bright” or “beautiful”, but as this is a ghost s...

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How does Dickens create interest, tension and suspence for the reader of The Signalman, by Charles Dickens

The story of “The signalman” was a very popular story when it was written, because at the time it was written it was very modern because the steam train was a very new invention and the Victorians also enjoyed ghost stories. After the ghost has appeared twice you get the feeling that the ghost will appear for a third time this also creates tension a...

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How do the authors of The Red Room and The Signalman create suspension and tension with characterization and setting

A ghost story without a ghost, it could be said. The story opens with, “it will take a very tangible ghost to frighten me”, and shows the arrogance of this narrator on the first line.

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Canterville Ghost Chapter 1 Summary Essay

This story may deal with a cranky old ghost. It is the parody of a ghost story.

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Compare and contrast Charles Dickens’ The Signalman and Catherine Storrs Crossing Over

The central character, an ordinary girl, is a typical character of a 20th century ghost story, in that she is very believable, ordinary and there is very little description about her character. The ending of an effective ghost story has the potential to create fear and mystery and it is usually the place in the story where the ghost is revealed.

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Beloved: Analysis

Everyday I am fighting an unforgettable legacy of slavery in the form of her threatening memory and her daughter's aggressive ghost. The most common thing is like love and words.

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The representation of the supernatural in HG Wells Red Room and Susan Hills Farthing House

For example in The Red Room the ‘ghost’ doesn’t have a physical form, its just a force whereas in Farthing house the ghost takes the form of a young woman. This is because whether a ghost actually exists in The Red Room is always in question unlike Farthing House in which the ghost is of a woman who died there a long time before but has lingered in ...

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The Victorian Era Old Heroes English Literature Essay

‘I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.’ . Explain the significance of the light that radiates from the head of the Ghost of Christmas Past; why does Scrooge want the spirit to put on his cap, and why does this request make the Ghost angry?

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Poetry anyalsis of the “Root Cellar”

Some say they are nothing and can go through walls, and others believe they are slimy or gross like movies make them out to be, but then again all living things are different then there is probably different kinds of ghost. I suppose if you believe in ghost then you have some idea of what they are made of.

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The Turn of the Screw

James consciously repeats this word towards the end, when Miles is frightened by the ghost, or by the governess, by repeating the word it re-emphasizes the horror of both moments. I don’t anticipate.” Douglas also tells us off the horror of the story; making the reader anxious about the story, when trying to explain why the story is so horrifying he...

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F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Lost Hope of Babylon Revisited

With section II of the story, we see Charlie launch out to begin his new life with his daughter. This section of the story closes with Charlie "waiting in the dark street until [his daughter] appeared, all warm and glowing" (Fitzgerald 497).

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What are the important characteristics of an effective ghost story

In ”The axe’ the story comes to a climax at the end with the man locking himself in his office and the ghost of Singlebury in the other room. This instantly leaves you in no doubt that the story is going to be a ghost story.

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Free YGB Essay: Genre and Plot of Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

His business is evil by his own admission; he does not state what it is specifically, but it becomes apparent to the reader that it involves attending a witches' Sabbath in the forest, a remarkable action in view of the picture of Brown, drawn early in the story, as a professing Christian who admonishes his wife to pray and who intends to lead an ex...

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English Lit Coursework – Pre 1900 Prose

In my opinion, the technique that was most effective was Unseen Terror, because I believe that it is the most needed technique, for a ghost story because it is the technique that really frightens the reader. To create an effective ghost story certain techniques have to be used, and these techniques are even more important when writing a ghost/horror...

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Compare the two ghost stories, ‘The Red Room’ and ‘Farthing House’

The ghost from ‘Farthing House’ is a lot different from the entity in the ‘Red Room’ as the force the man is able to manifest in the Red Room is intent on frightening him further as the countess of the castle unleashes her revenge from her husband on him, while in the case of the ghost of ‘Farthing House’ this is not so. I have a lot to compare, as ...

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Comparison between ‘The Red room’ and ‘Farthing House’

In the closing stages the man in ‘The Red Room’ manages badly the supposed ghost and so was mentally and physically broken down as a result of the intense darkness, his belief in that ghost do not exist. It is also very rare to find a friendly ghost and in most ghost stories there is normally someone who disbelieves in ghosts and later finds that a ...

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Compare and contrast ‘ Red Room’ and ‘Farthing House’ showing how the authors have presented their ghost stories

In Red Room the man comes across as, brave yet big headed and boastful, however, towards the end of the story the man is confronted by a ghost and he becomes scared. In this story many of the events have a dramatic effect and some of the lines are very theatrical, ‘ With a cry of terror, I rushed to the alcove.’ The scenery and the dramatic emphasis...

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Prose study comparison of 3 19th century Ghost stories

Also the story is scarier because its based on an eerie story about the scary people and the house is very supernatural. Dickens creates atmosphere, suspense and mystery in this short ghost story.

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The Signalman has an unsuspected ending

Look out”, just like the ghost would say he must have been intrigued that the ghost from the tunnel was trying to contact him. This naturally scares the man, “the nameless horror that oppressed me”, when he realises it is a man and not a ghost he is relieved.

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The supernatural and rational interpretations that seem to explain events in The Signalman and The Red Room

When he is asked if it is a ghost that is present in the room, he replies that ‘there is no ghost there at all’. The story leads us down a path, which never reveals which explanation the writer wanted the story to be based around.

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Philosophie de Ghost in the Shell Essay

It's even possible to consider the choice of the writers of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex to use JD Salinger's short story The Hilarious Man as a key part of the story, as an example of a sham itself; Salinger's short story can also be considered a sham, because of its popularity eclipsing its original, L’Homme qui rit by Victor Hugo. The ...

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Analyzing Suspense And Tension In The Monkey S Paw English Literature Essay

The story contains many details that would have been common in Victorian literature this tells that the story was written in the early twentieth century. Usually in a ghost story there is a typical dark and gloomy setting .

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Jacob Marley Essay

Everything he now does is in direct opposition to his actions at the beginning of the story. Marley’s ghost is warning Scrooge that if he doesn’t change his character, he will too be burdened in his afterlife.

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The old Nurse’s story Essay

The idea of listening to a ghost story is to be scared. To be honest it doesn’t even seem like a ghost story.

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How I would interpret and stage the supernatural in ‘Macbeth’ Essay

I would have him talking to a stool because if you had a ghost the audience will see that he is actually seeing one, but if I don’t, and you have Macbeth talking to a stool the audience will believe that he had gone insane. Macbeth recognises the ghost of Banquo is sat in his place at the table; he believes this is a joke by someone who may know he ...

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The Superstitious Man Essay

Again crossing over does not use all the frightening ghastly death scenes even though it is a modern day ghost story, however the story is set through the eyes of ‘the girl’. The story may be seen as a traditional ghost story as it does not contain all the modern day aspect as most modern day ghost stories do.

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Ghost Story of College Ghost Lure

The storyteller also told me of another ghost. People who have seen his ghost describe the same sunken cheeks and other particular features.

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How Does Dickens Create Suspense in The Signalman?

When a setting of a story is portrayed in such dark and negative manner to the reader, it can only make the reader think about whether this sinister description of the setting could be linked to the outcome of the story and the plot. Throughout the story we are questioning the sanity of “The Signalman”, whereas at the end of the story, we ourselves ...

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Compare the signal man by Charles Dickens and if she bends, she

a ghost at the end of the story. out to be a ghost, this is why every one is ignoring him.

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Crossing Over is an Unconventional Ghost Story in that it doesn’t adhere to Traditional Expectations

I feel that although when this was first published it was probably seen as an unconventional ghost story, now as we experience a wide variety of ghost stories through film and television it is slightly less unconventional. The way in which the weather is used to create atmosphere (‘it was beginning to get dark… pavements slippery’) is reminiscent of...

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