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What Citizenship Means To Me Essay

It shows that we the people exemplify of what having a good sense of patriotism is.Showing them that we care about their well-being is one way of being a good citizen.Showing respect for our surroundings is another way of being a good citizen.Not talking bad about our government and supporting our government on their decisions is one way to show that we are living a in a good community that respects our countries government.Being respectful towards our government also shows what good citizenship is.

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Political Awareness And Functional Political Literacy

To what extent does the Social Studies textbook in Pakistan at elementary level teach values that promote appropriate qualities to enhance good and active citizenship?The citizenship education was previously termed “civic training and later it become civic education “Citizenship Education” does not exist as an independent subjects like social studies, Islamiat ( religious study ) and Pakistan studies have limited segments of civic or citizenship education.This cited study has defined a good citizenship as Huddleston (2005) stated that the importance of good citizenship education from an early age is very essential.How can changes or improvements to the Social Studies curriculum be made to include values that can further enhance good and ...

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Great Citizenship Essay

Partake in good acts even when others aren’t around such as recycling, throwing misplaced trash in nearby trash cans, helping elders with their groceries, so on and so forth.Do you feel you’ve helped enough just to keep a good conscious or is there more you can do to actually be considered a good Samaritan by nature?Participating in events that help others in school or in your community are huge acts of good citizenship.Doing things out of the kindness of my heart to help another, as well as obeying laws, are things I consider good citizenship.Everyone defines citizenship differently, but overall the intentions of good citizenship are all the same.

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Introduction Of Education And Citizenship Education Essay

The Aim of the Present study is to improve citizenship education in Pakistani schools through the( a) analysis of curriculum of social studies text book; (b) to develop a cadre of teachers to educate students for citizenship; (c) a formulation of a citizenship education program for schools in Pakistan.The contribution of education for the development of characteristics of being a citizen .. Citizens that have the ability to solve social problems and to improve society show good character display honesty, respect, and responsibility; and be law-abiding members of a society.The citizenship education was previously termed “civic training and later it become civic education “Citizenship Education” does not exist as an independent subjects l...

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Citizenship and Diversity

You need to explain the meanings attached to citizenship and diversity, including definitions, views of citizenship, qualities of good citizens such as dedication and responsibility, composition of the local and national communities (2001 Census) including ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability.You need to show the key benefits of good citizens to the public services and the community, for example, making a positive difference to society and protecting the environment.The emphasis of the study programme is the importance of citizenship and diversity in the public services, explaining key terminology and concepts.Assess the benefits of good citizens to public services and society in respecting equality.3P3 Analyse the importance to ...

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Is Character Education is more important today?

The activities in the unit allow the students to learn, and understand the concept of being a good citizen.I want my students to be emotionally vested in the opportunity to help someone, and become a good citizen in their communities.Students who understand the meaning of what a good citizen is will learn to become more tolerant, understanding, and sympathetic to other people and their individual needs.The activity will also require students to synthesis all of the information they have learned in the unit, and put it together to formulate their own idea of what a good citizen can do for a community.As a teacher I want my students in my social studies class to have the knowledge, skills, and understanding of what a good citizen can accom...

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Sitizenship Education Essay

Likewise, when comes to European citizenship, the normative aspect means those personal qualities which are associated with a “good citizen”(Sobisch, 1997).Switzerland and the United States can be taken as a very good example of mature social integration of many different cultures and ethnic groups.Last but not the least, from the perspective of the integration of the European society which is closely associated with the building of European citizenship, three areas are covered to illustrate that due to the existence of great divergence in European society, there is little possibility of the social integration of European society, thus making it difficult to establish European citizenship.The definition of “civic virtue” (Sobisch, 1997) ...

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The Importance Of Citizenship Education In Pakistan Education Essay

The range of views about what constitutes good citizenship has led to a variety of approaches to citizenship education.The research findings indicate that the curriculum and textbooks do not distinguish between Islamic education and citizenship education and promotes exclusionary and passive citizenship.Besides preparing teachers to teach for citizenship in the classroom, teacher education programmes must include ways to educate for citizenship through cocurricular activities such as celebration of local, national and international days, student councils, student clubs, and community service learning programmes.There are different ranges of models of good citizenship.This sense of what constitutes the good citizen varies across time, cul...

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Study On Organizational Citizenship Behavior Management Essay

More recently, Skarlicki and Latham (1995)examined organizational citizenship behavior in a university setting; their data also supported a two-factor structure, (organizational and interpersonal) could be referred as organizational citizenship behavior .In two separate factor analytic studies, DiPaola and Tschannen-Moran (2001)found that there are not five separate dimensions of the construct, or even two for that matter, but rather that one dimension captures all aspects of organizational citizenship behavior .The fact that organizational citizenship behavior is conceptualized as a Set of behaviors’ affected by the thinking of the peoples on the working area that’s why personality variables are not used in the study of organizational c...

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Citizenship Why Is It Important Now And Always

This has caused a strong imbalance in the application for citizenship.The best way to encourage someone to be a good citizen is by educating them.Why is citizenship the most important duty?Citizenship and participation are important because a state or a country is only as good as its people.Citizenship must never be taken for granted.

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Effect of Different Leadership Styles on Organisation

Employees that are regarded as high-self monitors are more likely to give in to citizenship pressures and engage more in citizenship behaviours, because those employees value their image and the way they are perceived by their co-workers and supervisors (Blakely, Andrews, & Fuller, 2003).Self development behaviour is good citizenship behaviour because employees try to improve and increase their personal contributions to the performance and effectiveness of the organization (George & Brief, 1992).Research of Flynn (1996) shows that in a situation of high citizenship pressures employees with less demanding family situations engage in more citizenship behaviours than married employees with more responsibilities towards their familie...

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Citizenship of Organization, Nation and Planet-Rights and Responsibilities Essay

In fact there have been studies which show that the Corporate Citizenship impacts the Organizational Citizenship via Employee Engagement.Many Management literates have investigated the notion of Citizenship from three perspective-an Organizational Citizenship (where the efforts are undertaken by the employees to behave as good citizens within their organization); from a social perspective with the notion of Corporate Citizenship (where initiatives are undertaken by businesses to act responsibly in society in particular and the Nation in general) and last but not the least from the planet perspective with the notion of Environment Citizenship (where efforts should be undertaken by Individuals/entity to be responsible towards environmental...

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What are the main features of Marshall’s theory of citizenship

He combines Marxian notions of class conflict with Marshall’s theory, seeing the relationship between citizenship and social class in terms of a broader ‘struggle for life chances.’ Using Marshall’s account of the progression of national citizenship to join the normative debate on the uses of nationalism, he argues that: .This structure then sets the path towards his third stage, social citizenship, and a welfare state where all citizens are able to enjoy the protections of the society in which they live.The third element is that of social citizenship.The Second stage is political citizenship.Another term for this element would be that of ‘legal’ citizenship.

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Global Citizenship Essay

It can be predicted that future success of global citizenship will be enjoyed by those organizations that understand the need to insist the importance of differences rather than seek mass similarities.As a global citizenship, McDonald’s take its responsible to help the global environment.As the essay has shown, global citizenship should consider their responsibilities in three aspects: environment, education and diversity.Moreover, educating the people of the world is also a part of global citizenship and McDonalds mostly contributes in this area.Secondly, McDonald’s has encouraged its young employees get good educations.

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Are Criminals Born or Made? Essay

Citizenship may normally be gained by birth within a certain territory, descent from a parent who is a citizen, marriage to a citizen, or naturalization.“Every good citizen makes his country’s honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred.For one to be a good citizen, there are certain expectations a person must follow to achieve this goal.While many people have their own ideas of what makes a good citizen, there is little consensus to exactly what this would be.While both are good theories, and create a strong case for government, neither is applicable in the real world because what is demanded of the citizen in these systems of government is based on certain assumptions.

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What does it mean to be a citizen?

In my mind this is against the concept of citizenship in working toward the common good in creating an environment that accommodates a safety net for all.In conclusion, within this essay I have endeavored to define the concept of a citizen that has explored various theories surrounding this topic and present a sound discussion on my belief of the interlocking association between social inclusion and citizenship.· Rubenstein K, (2000) “Citizenship And The Centenary – Inclusion And Exclusion In 20th Century Australia” 24 Melbourne University Law Review 576 .Whilst citizenship in a legal context can be defined objectively and focuses on the formal status of an individual in the community, such as permanent or temporary residency it is the s...

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A study of citizenship and its relation to surveillance and privacy Essay

After all, citizenship is seen as a “patriotic duty”, and not engaging in such a process can be perceived as not embracing the American culture.Instead of the government itself directly enforcing specific behavior, this type of disciplinary power relies on other citizens to promote citizenship.As such, from this experience, I found it clear the impact that disciplinary power had upon citizenship and social exclusion and discrimination.This kind of social exclusion and discrimination promote the idea of citizenship if only to escape the attacks of others.What then results is a great amount of social exclusion and discrimination based solely on the characteristics of citizenship.

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Delivery of Citizenship and PHSE within UK Schools

Deficiencies in learning about responsible citizenship c. How to improve learning about responsible citizenship at home d. How to improve learning about responsible citizenship at school e. Where to obtain information and materials about how to teach responsible citizenship .c. An evaluation of how learning, teaching and assessment strategiesmust develop to ensure that citizenship and PHSE remain relevant to theneeds of young people.It depends upon your point of view – determining whethersomething is an example of good practice is in the eye of the beholder.The key to progression is to establish and develop a wider audience forthe objectives you are trying to achieve.However, there are many factors involved when someone turnsout to a ...

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Corporate Citizenship And Political Competence Essay

The successfulness of an executive that obtained a good level of corporate citizenship and political competence would be measured by their ability of persuasion; to create results.Kaiser Permanente has launched one of the biggest preventative health campaigns known as thrive.It’s about knowing how to map the political terrain and get others on your side, as well as lead coalitions.”(Johnson, 2009) The knowledge, skills, and behaviors guide corporate citizenship balanced with political competence in a positive or negative direction in correlation with positive or negative organization outcomes.History has defined and acknowledge individuals with good corporate citizenship and political competence.Common skill set amongst strong corporate ...

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The World Wide Interconnectedness Today Education Essay

The reason for such an involvement seen by the government was to have a good grip of its citizens.Economists view education as both consumer and capital good because it offers utility to a consumer and also serves as an input into the production of other goods and services.The same concepts have been applied to the implementation global citizenship education, but in different perspective obviously.In fact, I really support the implementation of global citizenship education in most countries as it opens up students mind on the global issues, encourage them to address global issues such environmental and war, as well as preparing themselves for global challenges of the future.Parents that can afford to send their children to such schools c...

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Relationship among Organizational Citizenship Behaviours

Organ suggested that the empirically supported relationship between job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviours could be described as a reflecting relationship between perceptions of fairness and organizational citizenship behaviours.However, some researchers have found that there is no relationship between organizational citizenship behaviours and job satisfaction (e.g.The 13 items questionnaire assesses citizenship behaviours and gestures through items such as “I am willing to help others who are not able to work”, “I am willing to volunteer to give orientation and guidance to new members who join our team” and “I make innovative and good suggestions which help to improve the department”.As personal choices rather than d...

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Processes associated with globalisation including international migration, are undermining national citizenship

” However this is qualified by the need for the retention of power of the nation-state, based on Castles’ judgement that it is still the only potential reference point for citizenship and possible mechanism for citizenship provision.Despite new approaches and theories of citizenship, the nation-state type is still today the dominant form of citizenship.National citizenship is generally regarded as the original and enduring form of citizenship.An examination of how global forces are being seen to undermine national citizenship and the counter arguments, that these forces are encouraging a fight-back or that they do not even pose a threat to national citizenship, will follow.As Castles points out “the development of the modern citizenship ...

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Distinguishing Characteristics Of Active Citizens

1985 in Milligan, 2005:418), is also view as creating networks of relations favorable to civic engagement and involvement for the common good.Modern democrats define citizenship as the of individual and freedom from constrain of the state, the idea of citizenship as “autonomous”, on the other hand, Social liberalist/democrats view citizenship with the right as a precondition for political equality and democracy, emphasis was given to social equality, common bond between citizens which bridge differences of class, religion and culture, (Siim 2000:24-25).The third sector and more especially voluntary organizations provide opportunities for social participation, for democratic involvement at local level for active citizenship (Tuner, 2001:2...

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A good Citizen Essay

One important aspect for being a good citizen is to help people.To be a good citizen first you have to be a good person.Theodore Roosevelt said, “The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight.” Education is sometimes viewed as a prerequisite to good citizenship, in that it helps citizens make good decisions and deal with demagogues who would delude them.In order to observe that trait you must play by the rules- don’t do good cop bad cop, always obey parents, teachers, coaches and others who have been given authority, observe just laws, honor and respect principles of democracy and most importantly always respect your country and its national symbols.These traits are...

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Is citizenship in Australia an individual’s legal status? Essay

Unlike other countries that highly restrict their growth and development only to their people, Australia is open to all who have basic history of the country and English understanding, good moral characteristics, no criminal record and readiness to swear allegiance to the country’s constitution.Chauchat, M., & Cogliati-Bantz, V 2008, “Nationality and Citizenship in a Devolution Context: Australian and New Caledonian Experiences”, University of Queensland Law Journal, vol.It is also evident that the Australian citizenship law has gone through many amendments, a consideration that has seen citizens in Australia and other residents, permanent and non-citizens, receive equal treatment.Chesterman, J., & Galligan, B1999, Defining Australian Ci...

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Citizenship and diversity Essay

A citizen is a native or naturalized member of a city, country, or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection also citizenship is the state of being vested with the rights and duties of a citizen and is also the character of an individual viewed as a member of society.Qualities of a good Citizen .The Public service view citizenship as very helpful as the citizens who help tackle crime by being witnesses, reporting crime, and actively doing something helps the Police convict and get justice for crimes done.Responsible -A good citizen takes personal responsibility to improve the community in which they live.Dedicated -Good citizens do not give up on tasks; they persevere until change is achieved.

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The Concept of European Citizenship Analytical Essay

Through this analysis, we find ourselves in the dilemma of whether European citizenship essentially means that there needs to be a military muscle to support the citizenship status.The concept of European citizenry is, therefore, trotting down a path which has never been witnessed before in the world; at least on a continental scale because it is aimed at detaching nationalistic sentiments and citizenship, but at the same time, it seeks to protect its citizens who identify more with their own nationalities at the expense of European citizenship (Habermas 2001, p. 4).The concept of European citizenship implies a post-national form of citizenship where in the past; all regions of Europe and the definitions and visions of citizenship have b...

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Workplace Citizenship Skills for Organization Function

The workplace citizenship skills make a professional part of the organization which increases job satisfaction and hence, the overall productivity of organization.Organ defines (as cited in Yun et al., 2007) organizational citizenship behaviour as individual quality which cannot be recognized directly but plays a vital role in the effective functioning of the organization.In a multidisciplinary team, effective communication, collaboration, good team spirit and flexibility between team members improves job satisfaction.This paper talks about the workplace citizenship skills necessary for the effective functioning of organization.On the other hand, transformational and empowering leaderships motivates the members to work with the team whic...

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Political Theory Essay

Utilitarians believe that people are equal when the common good is enacted for the rights of all people and that the common good applies equally to all members of society.He argues that to appreciate the value of citizenship, one must have been involved in a violent struggle to attain it.It is possible that the opposition to universal citizenship comes from our ingrained belief in traditional political theory as developed by dead white men who placed huge limitations on citizenship including social class, race, gender, age, land ownership and literacy as well as other requirements through the ages.The problem with the liberal view of universal citizenship is that it requires as basis equality.Conservative opponents to universal citizensh...

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Concept Of Citizenship To A Global View Politics Essay

Global citizenship aims at bringing the concept of citizenship to a global view.They are guided by learn think act approach to global citizenship.Currently, corporate global citizenship entails an understanding and awareness of the future global trends that can affect the world climate for doing business and the global populations’ quality of life.One of the organizations that promote global citizenship is Oxfam International.Global citizenship is a wide concept that does not have a generally agreed upon definition.

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