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Female Foeticide Essay

Female foeticide or sex selective abortion is the elimination of the female foetus in the womb itself. Each time a woman gets pregnant she can have the sex of the foetus determined and get it aborted if it happens to be a female child.

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Save Girl Child Essay

Foeticide is also one of the most common causes of maternal mortality. Adds Fernandes, “Wherever green revolution has happened foeticide has increased.

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An Analysis of Female Foeticide in India

According to a study conducted recently in India, the first systematic study on female foeticide by an Indo-Canadian team, 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in India, What all the more shocking is according to its report every year, about 50,000 unborn girls-one in every 25-are aborted in India. Hence ‘Female Foeticide’ refers to the proc...

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Female Foeticide

The natural ratio is assumed to be between 103 to 107, and any number above it is considered as suggestive of female foeticide. [4] There is an on-going debate as to whether these high sex ratios are only caused by female foeticide or some of the higher ratio is explained by natural causes.

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Female Awareness

Such girls were made to submit memorandum to the various hospitals and offices and requested them to stop the menace of sex determination and female foeticide. This had really elicited good response from the villagers, particular from the ladies and it helped generating a social campaign against evil of female foeticide.

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Female Foeticide In India

All this factors clearly point out that the ever existing gender biasness in our country favoring the male and the stereotype notion of women as ‘burden’ is the primary cause acting behind the shocking statistics of Female Foeticide in India. The term ‘Female Foeticide’ may be defined as the elimination of a female foetus at any stage of pregnancy, ...

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Female foeticide Essay

Female foeticide is an evil. A female can give a ray of life to the parents and a ray of hope to the society.what we have to do is to observe inform and prevent female foeticide.

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Female Foeticide Essay

Female foeticide dwells among the society implemented by someone who is a part of us. Thus, we arrive to a conclusion that female foeticide is a devil in itself that lives amongst us and torments the lives of people all around it.

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Save Girl Child

The overall female sex ratio has increased by 0.75 % in the Census 2011 as compared to the previous Census of 2001. We are not convinced that dowry alone is the main cause of female foeticide.

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Female Foeticide in India Essay

Contents [hide] 1 Female foeticide 2 Beti Bachao awareness campaign 3 National support 4 Effectiveness 5 See also 6 References . Rates of female foeticide in Madhya Pradesh are increasing; the rate of live births was 932 girls per 1000 boys in 2001, which dropped to 912 by 2011.

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Female Foeticide: Death Before Birth Essay

Ironically, it all happens in a country where the girl is seen as an incarnation of Goddess ‘Laxmi’. More shocking is the fact that the sinful crime of female foeticide is not only common in rural areas where social discrimination against women, lack of proper education etc.

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Causes of Female Foeticide Essay

It is unjustified and unfair to point a finger at religion as a cause for female foeticide, for it our (mis)interpretations and understandings that are at fault. Knowing that the couple will abort the foetus if it is female, the doctors proclaim a female foetus even if the tests show a male foetus – to avail the extra fee they receive for abortion.

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Female Foeticide

To prevent the problem of female foeticide from happening the government has passed The Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act in 1994, making sex-selective abortion illegal. Therefore, by determining the sex of the baby and aborting it because it’s a girl, the parents as well as the participating physicians are breaking two m...

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Female Feoticide

Sabharwal had declared while delivering his presidential address at a state-level seminar on ‘Eradication of Female Foeticide’, jointly organised by the Punjab Department of Health and Family Welfare and Punjab Legal Services Authority that law can play an important role in checking this menace of female foeticide. Evidence indicates that the proble...

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Female infanticide in India

– If you have a female child, rub it in other peoples faces by educating her and providing her the same opportunities as a male child. Although most of the research on female infanticide and foeticide is focused on China and India, the issue of sex-selection is not limited to those countries and exists even in the Western world.

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Female Foeticide Is Truly A Curse Sociology Essay

The act of aborting or terminating a fetus while it’s still in the womb, because it is female, is known as female feticide. Rajasthan, which has a very low female literacy rate, is still burdened with widespread practices like sati, female foeticide and child-marriage.

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Empowerment Of Girl Child Is Empowering

It seems very difficult to empower the girl child.Our society is still suffering from many weaknesses.Instead of giving them education,they are being subjected to sufferings under likes of Purdah System.Education for the girls is more important as she not only builds the home, but all routine responsibilities are completed by her.Today’s girl child ...

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The Sex Ratios Of India

With the advent of technology, the trend of sex selective abortion or female foeticide has risen to unprecedented levels. Sometimes female infants are killed within a few days of their birth.

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Speech on social problem

As a response to this issue, We Promote save the girl child campaign and its main objective is to realize a gender balance in society by eliminating female foeticide / infanticide and ensuring the right to identity, name and citizenship for the girl child. Female feticide and infanticide is not the only issues with a girl child in India.

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Danger of Single Story

In Haryana, according to census the number of girls is less than number of boys and reasons seems to be female foeticide. I appreciate that thought that reading more literature on specific aspects that can help in widening our perception and understanding.

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Dowry system in India From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Essay

Jump up ^ “Amend dowry law to stop its misuse, SC tells govt”. [5] This has distorted the sex ratio of India (940 females per thousand males [6])and has given rise to female foeticide.

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Educating The Girl Child Is The Best Way To Enpower The Nation Essay

Education for the girls is more important as she not only builds the home, but all routine responsibilities are completed by her.Today ‘s girl child will be the mother of tomorrow.In ancient time, girl ‘s education played significant place in the society.Gargi Mitreyi played very encouraging role in spreading the education to a great extent.That is ...

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Crimes Against Women Essay

Stringent laws with no loopholes must be made to protect the interests of women. Above all, the moral atmosphere of the society must undergo a complete transformation.

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Female Foeticide in India

This type of orthodox mentality can be countered only by proper awareness. We still believe that only sons carry our genes, in other words our Khandan can only be carried by boys.

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Essay on The Maintenance Of Health Related Issues Affecting The Community

I am interested in doing research in mother child dyads and measure to improve their mental health, child abuse and HIV/AIDS, which goes parallel to Prof. Julianna and Prof. Sylvia Guendelman research interests. I look forward to studying and research at UC Berkeley.

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Plight of Women Essay

The growing influx of migrant population, mounting growth of slums/resettlement colonies, adverse sex ratio of girls and it declining trend in Delhi, low female work participation rate, high incidences of violence and crime against women, disturbingly high prevalence of anemia amongst women along with other areas of vulnerabilities such as RTI/STI T...

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Care for Girl Child

Female literacy and education has a direct impact upon the overall development of a nation, and its population growth.The UNESCO studies show that the female literacy in the developed countries is 96 per cent, in developing countries 55 per cent whereas in the least developed countries it is 27.9 per cent. Parents should always give encouragement fo...

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Ethical Debates in Abortion and Euthanasia

Euthanasia happens, so is it not better to legalise it and make it regulated properly. Some cultures prefer to have baby boys, so request are termination purely on the basis that the child is female.

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Need to React to Protect the Living Rights of a Girl Child Essay

The collusion between people, the medical fraternity and the administration has resulted in the worsening of the sex ratio and failure of the Act to make a difference. Female foeticide and infanticide are just the tip of the iceberg; there is a whole set of subtle and blatant discriminatory practices against girls and women under various pretexts.

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Women in India

After the development of science and technology, the practice of female foeticide on a large scale also started. Female age at marriage: There is high connection of the female literacy rate with that of the female age during her marriage.

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