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Disadvantages Of TV

Playing in the open prepares a child both mentally and physically to be strong and learn the life’s lessons from nature directly.It has been medically proved that watching violent TV shows filled with anger, hatred and shootings leave a permanent scar in the brain.Therefore, in modern society TV has been rightly referred as ‘idiot box’ .Moreover, children spending more time watching TV display more violence.The UV rays that are emitted from the screen cause different damage and health hazards.

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Television Essay

According to a report of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia, which was published on Circle magazine, people who watch TV for more than 4 hour a day have a higher risk (80%) of dying from heart disease compared with those who watch less than two hours.The joint study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the University of New England also found that a third of Australian children aged over two are spending more than the recommended two hours a day watching TV.Television is a health hazard to people, especially to children Spending too much time on watching television can cause many diseases such as refractive error of the eyes (especially nearsightedness), obesity, heart attack, spine disease, mental ...

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Essay about Effect of Technology on Modern Society

But, sometimes technology helps parents to communicate better with their children and know where they are, what they’re doing, and if they’re okay.Also, the usage of some mineral resources can also pollute the air; burning any kind of fuel fossils releases dangerous elements into the air, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.Although technology does simplify people’s tasks and duties and make things much easier, it may weaken health, kill environments, and ruin the social, human interactive life that once was.People are so intrigued by their smartphones and laptops that they are blind to the ones that they called “friends” who are all now so distant, that human interaction is very difficult.But, not everyone considers the downsides...

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Effects of television Essay

At some point there are things that need to be addressed by the parent when their children are watching television on their own.A practice such as letting children watch television program only after finishing their homework is one of the ways where they can be limited to watching or playing video games.“Watching television all day and doing nothing physical is not a cause for a child to be obese at an early age, but still the researchers are working out on the said matter” (Lepage-Monette, 2007).However, for a working mother, she cannot just contain her children to watch programs that she intends to watch.Strong Association Between Time Watching Television and Blood Glucose Control.

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A healthy and safe home based environment Essay

There are childminding networks all over the country are rich sources of information and support.There is lots of support available for childminders.•Constant supervision means watching a child at all times, probably close by, maybe helping a baby to stand or a toddler to climb up a slide.You could read through the Welfare requirements of EYFS or find information in your local library.•Close supervision is when you are watching the child without being involved in what they are doing, however you are ready to step in and help when necessary, maybe if a toddler is eating a snack or playing at the playground.

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Effects of TV viewing on children Essay

In a survey disclosed the fact that there were about 76 percent of teenagers attested that one intuition why young people indulge in sex because TV movies and programs make such thing as common and ordinary for their age group (see “Television” University of Michigan Health System).The advertisers really put an effort to convey their audiences-whether young or old-whom the actions perform on TV, those actions are worth emulating for and because of this, children are motivated to imitate it.But the irony for this issue is that, parents tend to forget their responsibilities as parents in supervising their kids, due to their hectic schedules and demands of their work, especially in watching television where children are expose to different ...

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Effects of TV viewing on Children Essay

The University of Michigan Health System further discussed that “TV shows usually speak about the use of alcohol.The existence of alcohol on TV resorts the gamut from prime-time programs…In addition, the researched informed us that those who are TV addicts are more similarly to smoke cigarettes and marijuana.A survey showed that there was about 37 percent of the kids stated that they were terrified by a TV story and the symptoms for this included anxious feelings, withdrawing from friends, nightmares…(see “Television” University of Michigan Health System).In a survey disclosed the fact that there were about 76 percent of teenagers attested that one intuition why young people indulge in sex because TV movies and programs make such thing a...

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Reflective Essay on Reality Shows

We need to ask ourselves who is to blame, the producers who make the reality TV shows or we the audience who give the producers reason to dramatize reality in a sexually immoral way that that affect the behavior and morals of our young.If we didn’t create a market for low quality TV productions would our children be exposed to such appalling entertainment range?Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture.The question remains would it help if reality TV was banned?The shallow scripts and predictability of mediocre reality TV are clichés and with time audiences will distinguish between scripted premeditated and organized reality TV shows and the real thing.

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Effective Use of ICT for Education and Learning Essay

References: Brown, H. Douglas.Engelsk Språkdidaktik; Texter, kommunikation, språkutveckling.Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy.It has led to progress in developing countries, where computers might be rare but smartphones are available, for them to unite and connect wi... ... middle of paper ... ...would be obligated to watch the clip to partake in class and this medium could motivate them in a different way than reading a book would.It would also be easier for the teacher to see who watched and who did not watch the clip.

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How television effects children

Moreover, Watching TV takes up most of the children activity time, as well as reduces the time on looking at the picture, see the picture album, reading, game time.New Zealand Otego university researchers take a survey between 5 and 15 years old children about the time spend on watching TV.After reading “Watching TV hinders kids’ math achievement, study finds” published on May 03,2010.David Isaacs, in his essay “Television and Children,” states that watching too much of television leads to obesity, especially if the time spent watching is not spent exercising.David said “It seems obvious that watching too much television leads to obesity, especially if the time spent watching is not spent exercising.

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The Impact Of Television Advertisements On Children Behavior Marketing Essay

The present study strives to find out whether children love watching television so much that they prefer it over social interaction, physical and developmental activities or they just use it as a leisure activity.66% of the parents disagreed to the fact that their children preferred to watch TV to playing with friends.To analyze the influence that they get from watching the ads.To make children aware of the health hazards consumer educational campaigns and product labeling may also be used.It is a fact that children spend their spare time watching TV.

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The Importance of Defensive Driving Essay

In some states, taking a defensive driving course can cause a reduction of up to 10% in your insurance rates for a time of three to five years.You can’t control the actions of other drivers.In order to avoid these road hazards, You need to become a Defensive Driver!But, by gaining defensive driving skills, you can avoid the dangers caused by other people’s bad driving.The benefits of taking a defensive driving class vary with each state, but often include a reduction of points on your driver’s license following a citation and the guarantee that insurance rates will not increase.

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Is Television Addictive? Essay

The Sundance Reader, Fourth Edition.Television viewing is comparable to drug and alcohol addiction as illustrated by Marie Winn in her essay entitled “TV Addiction”.In some cases “addiction” is good-humoredly referred to as a propensity to overindulgence of oneself on something pleasurable like cookie or mystery book addiction but watching television programs results to negative effects in people that somehow consume their lives and leave them feeling a void that can never be fulfilled.In the paper, Winn cited some testimonials of a college instructor, a pre-school teacher, a filmmaker and a lawyer who have directly experienced being “hooked” on watching television shows as well as mothers who has observed this dilemma on their own young...

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Television Impact On Children

But the irony for this issue is that, parents tend to forget their responsibilities as parents in supervising their kids, due to their hectic schedules and demands of their work, especially in watching television where children are expose to different kinds of indecent advertisements and commercials.A survey showed that there was about 37 percent of the kids stated that they were terrified by a TV story and the symptoms for this included anxious feelings, withdrawing from friends, nightmares…(“Television” University of Michigan Health System).In a researched entitled “Television” and conducted by the University of Michigan Health System stated that “in a usual American household, there are about 7 hours spend by children in watching tele...

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Social Learning Theory And Tv Children And Young People Essay

Leading more of today’s children demanding more time spent watching it.It also should be noted that much of the research conducted on this subject have been done in previous years where exposure to TV violence was mild compared to current TV programs.In 1973, Tannis McBeth Williams studied children in a Canadian town before and after the town got TV; the results found that creativity dropped and that within two years after the town received the arrival of TV the rates of hitting, shoving, and biting among first and second graders had increased by 160%.They note that child ranging in ages from 6 to 9 who watch violent programs on TV that displayed aggressive same-sex characters, and had perceptions of TV violence being real had higher rat...

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Effects of Technology in Our Lives

Mohan Kumar, 2012. .21 March, 2010. .Adolescents pay a high price for depending on social networks, computer games and TV, especially when it comes to sleep.The New York Times.Nowadays instead of watching TV together or eating a family meal, everyone in the family is in a separate room, either playing video games, watching football or just typing messages.

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TV Advertising Essay

Study: Kids’ TV, computer habits start early.Parents watching television with their children can take the chance to interact with their kids using the media as a springboard into more personal discussions about family values and beliefs.“Sometimes, watching a single violent program can increase aggressiveness.Studies had been conducted on the effects of TV violence on children and teenagers, finding that children who frequently view these messages could .Children as young as two years old will spend two hours a day in front of a television even though most pediatricians urge parents to not let their toddlers watch television at all.

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Behavioral Impact of Violent Television Stimulation

Effects of Watching Violence Movies on the Attitudes Concerning Aggression among Middle Schoolboys (13-17 years old) at International Schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Paik, Haejung & Comstock, George.Research on violent TV and movies, video games and music uncover unequivocal confirmation that media roughness builds the like hood of forceful and fierce conduct in both prompt and long haul connections.Juvenile can learn negative conduct examples and qualities structure numerous different encounters, for example, TV programs and movies.A research done by Md Salleh Bin Hj Hassan, Mohd Nizam Osman and Zoheir Sabaghpour Azarian (2009) demonstrated that 147 youthful young men ready to watch films that contained high amounts of violence wh...

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Effects of television on children Essay

Besides, the time of TV watching significantly cut back contact with family and companions (Judith and Lawrence, 2004).Finally, scientists from the University of Siena found out that children experience a painkilling, soothing result by watching cartoons.It is very important to know that too much television watching may have a bad impact on academic and learning execution of kids (“Television’s Impact on Kids”).In spite the fact that telly can be a very strong method of educating kids about the hazards and liability of sexual behavior, such issues as sexually transmitted infections like AIDS and HIV and unwanted pregnancy are rarely debated in programs with genital content (“Television’s Impact on Kids”).They restrict though that watchin...

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How Did Mass Media Influence Adolescents and Children in the Last Ten Years? Essay

“Kids who watch the most television don’t do as well in school,” says Poussaint.“If children watch ‘edutainment’—shows that teach through song and dance—they begin to associate learning with an entertainment format and expect that format when they go to school,” he says.“If you watch a violent show and a half hour later go to a store where someone cuts you in line, you’re more likely to respond aggressively,” Rich says.So well has research documented the connection between watching violence on television and aggressive behavior, he says, that the correlation is “stronger than those linking calcium with bone density and passive smoke with lung cancer.“Parents need to watch television with their children and explain what’s make-believe,” h...

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Essay about Comprehensive Sexual Education Of Public Schools

Denying them such crucial information makes them vulnerable to higher risks of contracting life threatening diseases and higher teen pregnancy rates.As previously mentioned the need to acknowledge the impact media has on sexual exposure to teens is imperative and rather than focusing on which type of education works best we should provide them with as much information as possible....unlimited gateway of overwhelming information at their fingertips.... middle of paper ... .According to Rich, studies have shown that “children ages 6 to 11 are attracted to and watch TV with sexual themes and references, such as dating shows, soap operas and sitcoms, in part because they are accessing “forbidden fruit” aimed at more mature viewers.

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Position Paper Outline & References Page due Essay

Be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word 2010 document (.docx), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font After reading “TV Watching: The Top Environmental Hazard for Children” by Todd Huffman, note your initial reactions to the essay.Ethos, pathos, logos… By working on this now, you will write material that you can use in your draft to turn in this week.Keep in mind that this is not a testimonial paper.Here is some advice.•Ethos relies on the credibility or the authority of the ad itself (“I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”); •Pathos is an appeal to your emotions (“Coke adds life.”); •Logos is an appeal to your intellect (Ads that show great gas mileage numbers for a car appeal to your intelligence—they imply that you have th...

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Media War in Lebanon

(LBC, 2001) While channels such as Al Manar and New TV stated that the other Christian group supporting Michael Aoun won the elections.If they watch the assassination of a person they admired over and over again on television then rage takes over them.He wrote: “Lebanon’s TV stations try to act as if they are pan-Lebanese.Media coverage of the riots in few years back that resulted in the burning of the Danish consulate in Beirut was almost entirely political with LBC and the Future TV concentrating on the fact that many of those arrested were Syrian while NEW TV and others emphasizing other mitigating circumstances.” (Harb, I., 2006 March) The danger of broadcasting such news might revolve the viewers being diplomatic to savages.On the o...

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Today children by the age of nine are capable of murder, there is a problem with this because now this influence is actually coming out to the forefront because now kids are killing each other in School yards all over the country many kids are dying because of the influence of these shows they watch on the Television.Violent programs on television lead to aggressive behavior by children and teenagers who watch those programs.Children begin watching television at an early age, sometimes as early as six months, and are ardent viewers by the time they are two or three years old.Sure they Parents extensive television viewing is bad for your eyes, and parents tell you that television is polluting to the mind; but why then do they let their ch...

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Multiple Hazards in Cities: Examples from London, Mexico City and Los Angeles

* Hazard zonation maps .The strategies adopted are increasing the amount of equipment to fight the fires, planning, education, clearance zones and a voluntary watch service.Typhoons and cyclones are also a hazard to the Philippines.Some of the hazards affecting Los Angeles are directly concerned with the physical environment, others are where man has modified the physical environment to his dis-advantage there are also some that occur entirely within the human environment.London has experiences a variety of hazards for a long period of time.

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Accident And A Hazard Children And Young People Essay

The older the child the more curiosity it has and is interested in the surrounding world so it may meet many hazards... Is able to walk, climb, run and jump, all these actions can carry their own hazards and a bump to the head maybe a common occurrence, again no matter how small the incident, full precautions should take place.We adults need to be aware of all potential hazards and risks our children may face as their environments change, when possible we must have our eyes on the child at all time.Most hazards cause accidents – for example, in my nursery a girl was riding a scooter and accidently run into another child causing a big graze on the other child leg.All early years workers in all settings have a duty to use safety equipment...

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Abuse on Reality TV Essay

You’d think after all the child abuse cases related to rape and sexual abuse, one like the John Benet Ramsey case, people would want to end the use of reality TV shows that illustrate these young girls in a sexual way, but these shows continue to play on televisions all throughout the country.Moments after having her “special drink” the young girl started doing stomach spins on the floor.A pageant mother claims she prepares her daughter by giving her an unidentified juice drink, “pageant crack” or “go-go juice”.No one knew what was in the concoction, and some people were led to believe it had a small amount of alcohol in it along with extremely caffeinated soda drinks.​According to AbuseWatch.net, children must be recognized as child act...

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Sensory Loss

* Furniture to stay in same place, if left out of place can cause hazards * Suggest that colour contrast in will help detect what room they are in, also doors can be painted different colours.All should fit in with the company’s polices and procedures such as meeting needs, outcome focused care and involving service users in decisions.For sight loss making sure there are no trip hazards and placing furniture in specific areas and by keeping the same layout will help the person be able to feel more comfortable in moving around by themselves.With sight problems the person has a higher risk of trip hazards indoors and outdoors.* Have changed how they read, watch TV.

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Effects of Watching Too Much TV

The human body needs physical activity in order to burn the food and calories, but by setting every day more than five hours watching TV that can affect the whole body because there is no locomotion, and that decreases the blood movement.For instance, we can see many students who watch too much TV cannot focus in classes, even if the class so easy, but on the other hand they can understand and focus on TV shows and movies, which means that their brains are weak in the real life and damaged.All in all, spending too much time watching TV will affect any person whatever hi or her age.However, people who spend match time watching TV every day, they may not see what happen to them right moment, but by time they will know that they got a lot o...

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Reading Written Works And Watching TV Essay

Moreover, reading book and watching TV are activities that can ease the sense of isolation.In comparison, watching TV requires less thinking and is easier to become addicted to, but it can supply one with various kinds of entertainment.Taking everything into account, we can say that both reading and watching TV have pros and cons; the point is that we need to know how to balance between them and benefit from them the most.Through watching TV, one can relax and enjoy many kinds of entertainment with fewer attempts (Rubenoff, 2012).However, one is more likely to get addicted to watching TV; he or she may spend much time watching TV, become a couch potato and not feel like communicating with others.

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