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September 11: War Against Terrorism is Necessary Essay

Since the days of the attack, many national and world leaders have come together to declare war on terrorism.This is by no means the first terrorist attack in the history of the world.On September 20, 2001, in a joint session of Congress, President George W. Bush spoke of a new war when he said, "Our war on terror begins with al-Qaida [the terrorist group founded in Afghanistan by Usama Bin Ladin in the late 1980s], but it does not end there.Bush Announces Start of a "War on Terror".The war against terrorism is a needed effort, however it is a war whose end is not yet in sight.

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Terrorism and Late Nineteenth Century

The history of terrorism deals yet one more blow to American exceptionalism, showing that the United States has never stood entirely alone on matters of violence, rebellion, and political conflict (26).31 The Bush’s national security strategy policy, “War on Terrorism,” and the Obama Administration “Overseas Contingency Operation are basically the same, which show that both administrations share the same vision for the American people.The purpose of this paper is to give a brief overview on history of terrorism and how it impacts the United States.It also underscores one of the great ironies in studying the history of terrorism.Obama is credited for widening the Afghan war and to penetrate Pakistan and Yemen has to kill al-Qaeda’s leader...

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Threat of Terrorism Should Not Curtail Civil Liberties

The consequent war on terror which was directed toward Taliban and Al Queda and later to Saddam Hussein in Iraq has left more fear of attack in reiteration.The cold war marked an important part of the world history as the twentieth century drew its curtain.Although terrorism has posed threats to Americans, the Patriotic Act which is supposed to fight terrorism has posed more threats to maintenance of civil liberty.Although terrorism poses more threats to the Americans and the whole world it should not curtail civil liberties.This law was meant to give broad powers to the domestic law enforcement unit and the international intelligence agencies like the CIA in their quest for terrorism activities.

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To what extent do you agree that clash of civilizations leads to destruction

However, other people think that “war on terror” is a very profitable campaign for “crusaders”.As a result already to the beginning of 2004 it became clear that the USA and their allies did not found any traces of weapons of mass destruction as it was not possible to prove charge in support by the Iraq regime of terrorism (Iraq War: Prelude to War, n. d. ).Considering that the military service in the USA is carried out under the contract, the American public opinion was actually not in a condition to force the government to go on a withdrawal of troops – especially after George Bush’s re-election meant support of its policy by the population (Iraq War: Prelude to War, n. d. ).Having ignored this circumstance, United States had begun mili...

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Civil Society In Combating Terrorism And Extremism Politics Essay

In short, it can be firmly said that terrorism was present throughout the human history but since few decades it has been given a new dimension.History of terrorism is as old as the human civilization.The violence which has been present in the human history throughout the ages has been given new name terrorism after French Revolution in 1779.The last few years have witnessed the longest continuous period of decline for global freedom in the organizations nearly 40-year history of publishing annual ratings.Terrorism is not new, and even though it has been used since the beginning of recorded history it can be relatively hard to define.

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Can War Ever Be Eradicated?

One of the main reasons for almost every war in the history of mankind were and still are a capture of territories, desire of a profit, but only this purpose has been disguised — under the pretext of belief, democracy etc.Terrorism acts have already taken place practically on each continent, but struggle against this terrorism cannot be won in a way of only defeating separate terrorist organizations, because everywhere in the Islamic world there are people supporting Sacred war, especially against the USA.War, as a phenomenon, cannot be eradicated, because modern processes of globalization, development of terrorism and desire of the power promote the development of war.Throughout all world history, the person has lived for only a few...

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Terrorism and Its Impacts

In response to the attack on World Trade Center, the USA launched war against the terrorism on Afghanistan.The main objective of the USA was to detain Osama and also to destroy the regime of terrorists from Afghanistan; the war on Terrorism began during the reign of Bush, the President of USA.Roger Burbach, BenClarke, (2002), September 11 and the U.S. War: Beyond the Curtain of Smoke, City lights books, 176 pages.[7]  The six day war – Causes of the War, year 11 history: Conflict: Palestine and Israel.[4] Ireland and Palestine – Divided countries United by History, (2004, October 10-14), Passia, Ramallah.

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The Tragedy That Was 9/11

This war continues today and has costed the United States government over 1 trillion dollars in expenses (History).Due to the immensely negative resulting social and economical changes, as well as the sense of fear brought into the American public, the al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade centers on September 11, 2001, was the most traumatic event in United States history.These long term effects have affected American negatively both economically and socially, but the greatest reason that the September 11th attacks were the most traumatic event in American history was because it occurred on our own soil.They did not comply with the governments demands, so as promised, the war on terror began.In response to this act of terrorism, the Unite...

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The Solution to Terrorism Essay

“International Terrorism.” .Violence is never a solution for violence; as such, war will not be able to put an end to wars.According to Islamic believers and scholars, Muslims do not view war as the sole solution to bring peace in the world, neither to impose their beliefs amongst the people.Gaining a better understanding of the occurrences behind terrorism and recognizing the differences between races, ethnicities and religions, a solution to terrorism may be found in increasing the openness of different societies with each other.Given the history of warfares that United States engaged in, some believed that there were far larger motives behind the attacks they launched, specifically against Iraq.

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Security versus Liberty in the US Fight Against Terror Essay

On the same day as the attack of the Twin Towers, President George W. Bush declared war on terrorism.The Gallup Poll Public Opinion 2005 (2006).USA: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. .History shows us that in times of war, the government has often restricted personal freedom in the name of national security.His novel has never been more relevant than after the war against terror gave the government reason to increase the surveillance.

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Treason, Terrorism and Wartime Criminal Justice Essay

Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime From the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terrorism.The anti-Vietnam War protests of the 1960s produced repressive political crimes and political trials, which carried over into the wiretapping abuses of the Nixon Administration resulting in the president’s resignation under threat of impeachment.To understand this we must first look at what treason and terrorism are and the effects they have had in the reduction of civil liberties during times of war.Human rights in the ‘War on Terror’.During the Korean War, President Truman nationalized the steel industry in order to break a strike that threatened war production.

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Essay on Racial Profiling : Ineffective Strategy

It is more comprehensive, and effective to consider people’s behavior, countries they travel, people they associate with or their response to questions, to determine if there is a need to take a closer look at them.It seems that many are willing to sacrifice their convictions and civil rights for a sense of safety in this war against terrorism.Racial profiling in airports should be prohibited because it is an ineffective strategy against terrorism and a violation of our civil rights.And the rest is history”.The fight against terrorism must continue but never at the expense of civil liberties of millions of innocent people.

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international terrorism

This essay really enlightened me and allowed me a broader range of thoughts that will allow me to understand terrorism more fully.Terrorism is a part of history that Americans easily forget about living in the most powerful nation in the world.It is hard to relate today’s terrorism with yesterday’s fight for freedom.People are too quick to pass judgment regarding terrorism instead of trying to understand it.These were some of the same settings for the causes of wars in America’s history, from the American Revolution, to the Civil War.

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Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus, and the War on Terror Essay

net) In earlier American history, suspension has occurred often during times of war.The worst terrorist attack in U. S. history claimed nearly 3,000 lives when 4 passenger jets were hijacked by terrorist for the Middle East and crashed.For the first time in recent history, a legal U. S. citizen acted with intentions similar and possibly directly linked with those who we would place and try at GTMO.” -Rand Paul We are living in a world that has been overwhelmed with war; a war that many of us will never have to physically fight but one that challenges us mentally every day.org) While Habeas Corpus is most commonly related to English history and has since evolved to its place in American History, it also has been molded for other modern le...

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The turning point of history’s great events Essay

The United States citizens and Congress which gave almost a unanimous support to war on terrorism and War in Iraq now find that they have been misled by the government and have said so with their votes in the Congressional elections.It seems that the incident of 9/11 which had won us worldwide sympathy and desire to act against terrorism has resulted in a much divided and threatened world due to our actions since 9/11.Acts of Terror, “Terrorism” and International law .History is full of incidences which have altered its course.The new system will hopefully give more importance to international bodies and international laws [Gasser, 2002] to resolve dispute and the threats posed by terrorism.

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Terrorism Threats the World Essay

This paper will discuss two ways that make terrorism a global issue which are terrorism’s networks and psychological impacts of terrorism.Brief description of Al-Qaeda and the War Against Terror .The attacks become the most shocking in American history because it caused a very huge costs.According to this fact, President Bush said that the war against terror is a different kind of war, fought on many fronts in many places[5].Historically, Al-Qaeda was starting with the group of Arab Mujahideen (fighters) in 1979 during the war between Russia and Afghanistan.

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The Nature of Terrorism

Yoram Schweitzer in "Suicide Terrorism Development & Characteristics," Mark Sedgwick in "Al-Qaeda and the "Nature of Religious Terrorism," and Dr. James Armstrong, all demonstrates that suicide terror attacks are politically motivated even though the perpetrator may use religious symbolism to justifies their acts.The popular image of Muslims Arabs in the Middle-East shouting "God is great" in the wake of terror attacks might have blinded some scholars into concluding that the main motivation for terrorism is religion.The fall of the Soviet, which also marked the end of colonial outposts in most of the Middle East, created a vacuum in anti-colonial terrorism, resulting in religious suicide terror.Lecture "on the nature and history of ...

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Terrorism Policies and Influences Essay

Understandable that our two nations both have a very different history and diverse makeup there are similarities that we can extract and apply to our current terrorism threat and apply certain aspects of the Israeli counter-terrorism policy to ours without the same consequences that they suffered while trying to adapt a counter-terrorism policy that is both politically beneficial and efficient.Terrorism in Israel Region In Inside Terrorism, Bruce Hoffman explains that the word “terrorism” has “insidiously worked [its] way into our everyday vocabulary,” and that there is no “precise, concrete, and truly explanatory definition of the word” (Hoffman 2006, 1).During the course of my paper we will analyze the history of terrorist activity in ...

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1984 and the US Government Essay

Winston Smith, though working at the Ministry of Truth remembers history as it was, not as it is written.That is also the belief of the war on terror; war must exist first so that peace can follow.In the US history the omitting of certain historical facts from history texts has been numerous; the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War Two was hidden; Japanese Americans were taken from their homes and put into concentration camps so that their political or cultural heritage wouldn’t jeopardize the American’s fight against Japan.At Winston’s job, he rewrites history, and by rewriting history, he is covering up a sordid past that if the public new that’s how government was in reality, there would be a mass wave of protest again...

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CIA-The World Factbook Essay

An article (c.2007) devoted to the state of Syria, “ Political Overview” , an article that was part of “The Syria Review 2007” presents that, “The U. S. government has labeled Syria a state-sponsor of terrorism.The strategic, heavily fortified plateau that is the Golan Heights is wary of war.Finally, however, there appears to be known data which apparently communicates a message which is quite supportive of Syria’s foreign policy when it comes to military and governmental defense in Noriko Sato’s “ On the Horns of the Terrorist Dilemma: Christian Syrians’ Response To Israeli ‘Terrorism’ ” in the academic journal “ History and Anthropology” and this known data contains this, “ As related earlier, it is a prevailing understanding among Ale...

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Turning Points in the History of the Middle East Analytical Essay

The events that had great significance on the history of Middle East included the September 11 attack, a second Gulf War, and a Palestinian rebellion (Turning Points 114).The modern history of the Middle East has been shaped by several events that have taken place over the years.However, this doctrine that one’s national culture and interests are superior to any other has contributed to the prolonged conflicts that have been a characteristic feature in the history of the Middle East.The collapse of the U.S.S.R was a critical turning point in the history of the Middle East because it heralded a new system of political and economic ideology, alignment, and population.During the 1980s and 1990s, the history of the Middle East was shaped by ...

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America’s Global War on Terrorism Essay

Former President George Bush described al-Qaeda as “a fringe form of Islamic extremism that has been rejected by Muslim scholars and the vast majority of Muslim clerics; a fringe movement that perverts the peaceful teachings of Islam (Holloway, 2008).” This declared War on Terror was against terrorist groups, like al-Qaeda, but many did believe that the Former President had a hidden agenda.Whether or not the current 10-year war was actually waged against Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, or any other tyrant is truly unknown, and if the September 9/11 attacks were hoaxed and just a coercion for the American people to be tricked into war, who knows.Bin Laden was quoted saying, “If the instigation for jihad against the Je...

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American Strategic Culture Essay (Book Review)

In the overall, the United State still has a long way to go as regard to issues of terrorism.According to American analysts, the concept of terror and war is still a fundament aspect in America.The major subjects of American’s concerns include Hitler of the World War II and Stalin after the war.It can be traced back from the Cold war period during fight against communism and the domination of the Soviet Union.The collapse of the Soviet Union war on terror was deemed the most important strategic concept.

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The Reign of Terror in the French Revolution

This war caused the finite terror of the people and made them confront their won risks and obtain salvation through any kinds of civil disturbances.Apart from the relationship established among violence, terror and war, what identified the violence of the terror from the past facets of the Revolution was its systematic nature and the constructed fact that the state had instituted it (Bates 139).The Vendee war ennobled the ancient regime by adding essential factors of which its inglorious end would otherwise have deprived it: popular passion and the heroism instigated by resistance (Furet et al.The Reign of Terror spread itself throughout the war by creating inner conflict within the elements of the French Revolution, which consisted of r...

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Essay about The War On Terrorism And Terrorism

... against terror (Roth, np).It is obvious the government of the United States is not doing its job, evident by the fear of terrorism possessed by every citizen.Soon we may be literally living in a world of terror.This counterterrorism plan does more to help the terror issue than it does to prevent it; and with this current policy, terrorism will never see an end.9/11 marks the beginning of the terror age in US History.

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Impact of terrorism on international relations Essay

A-Social Terrorism Another form of terrorism within society is called .Many people have moral skeletons in their cupboards and deal with them in different ways but only the Americans celebrate their history of violence in Hollywood films which particularly have glorified the genocide against the Indians.According to Richard Haas, a former member of the US National Security Council and special assistant to the elder President Bush, and Director of Policy Planning in the State Department under the presidency of “George W. Bush in the wake of the Cold War the fundamental question that continues to confront American foreign policy is what to do with a surplus of power and the many and considerable advantages this surplus confers on the Unite...

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American History

Being the longest war in American history, the toll it took on the people in america at the time must have been incredible."History Basics: What Everyone Should Know About World War I."WWI The First World War, also known as The Great War, lasted from 1914 to 1919.The First World War was important to American history because it was the first major world conflict the US was involved in.The 9/11 Attack started the “War on Terror” so called because no war was declared on a country or singular group, but on the ideal and actions of all extremist groups seen as a threat to democracy, freedom, and the American way of life.

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Moral Frameworks of Terrorists

Terrorism, as a political tool, has therefore come to be used almost as a daily term, in the media, by academics, in family homes, and, indeed, the populace is scared, perhaps by hyper coverage of terrorism in the media, perhaps by the attacks themselves, but, for whatever reason, the populace is scared, and so the terrorists are winning, under the definitions of terrorism which have been discussed herein.Recent events have brought this to the fore, with the war in Afghanistan bringing back many memories for the United States government, who supported the Afghan Mujahideen as ‘freedom fighters’ during the United States war with the Soviet Union, but recently, the United States government branding breakaway Afghan groups as terrorists, an...

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Terrorist Attacks in the United States of America

Indeed, America was on a state of war however this decision was not approved by all.The United States of America is no exception because they also experienced this same catastrophic event in their history.President Bush’s famous line “You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror” (CNN, 2001), signals the government’s decision to identify who are their allies and who are their enemies.This declaration of war was followed by attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq.This kind of dilemma is not only observable in countries under war or chaotic situations but rather it is affecting even developed countries with stable government systems.

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Prevent Terrorism Essay

If the US wants to achieve anything in its war against terrorism, then such underlying issues must be dealt with.This war must continue at all costs and any security measures set up should be uptodate.The US however is not the only victim of terrorism as the threat of terrorism affects the world at large.Terrorism dates as far back as the 17th Century and its root causes are deeply imbedded in history.Conclusion A lot of measures could be taken to put a check on terrorism but nothing much can be achieved unless the root causes of terrorism are strictly analyzed.

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