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Cross Border Terrorism Sponsored by Pak Army

The more India talks in front of the whole world about it, the more denials come from Pakistan, in the light of these facts, it is essential that India must take concrete steps to counter Pak Army support to terrorists who wage covert war against India & also unveil its true colours to the world community. The Pakistani military leadership belie...

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Media Coverage of US-Pakistan Relations | Literature Review

In the study it was resolute to find out the attitude of the Pakistani press towards the government’s stance that whether it has favored the government in conflict situation with India or not favored. conducted a research on the “US Foreign Policy Parameters towards Pakistan and India (2001-2008)”.The objective of this study was to illustrate the pa...

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Regional and extra regional players

.. (a) A pro Pak government in Afghanistan is likely to support Pakistan in case of any future Indo-Pak Conflict and would provide them necessary ‘Strategic depth’. (e) A fundamentalist Afghanistan is likely to encourage the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in the region which would affect India.

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Geopolitical Position Of Pakistan History Essay

An intentional disturbance in the flow and amount was continuously produced by India. Main water resources on which the agriculture and economy of the Pakistan depends have their origin points in India.

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Research Methodology: Impact of US Press on Pakistan

In this study sample size mean editorials related to US foreign policy towards Pakistan and India in certain time period for analysis. In fact, main purpose of this study is to investigate the US Policy towards Pakistan and India and framing in American newspapers therefore researcher used qualitative as well as quantitative approach to analyze the ...

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Pakistani & Indian Relations

Observing the Most favorite Nation (MFN) status to India by Pakistan would be a positive step forward in improving the relation between the two neighbors, Islamabad may decide on it after the elections in India, said James Dobbins (U.S Special Representative). Singers like Atif Aslam and Rahat fateh Ali khan also go India for performing musical acti...

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The Institute For Pak Afghan Relations Politics Essay

The logical corollary of this threat perception was that, regardless of its costs and difficulties, Pakistan had to pursue a sub-imperial engagements in Afghanistan to secure a client regime, which would not only give it a ‘strategic depth’ against India but would also help stabilize its volatile western border. Its security threat perception as bei...

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The Pakistan And Afghan Relations History Essay

The relations were improved to such an extent that during the 1965 India -Pakistan war, Afghanistan sided with Pakistan which enabled Islamabad to fully concentrate on its war with India and worry less about the security of its western border. In India Communist leaders endorsed New Delhi’s position on Kashmir and in Afghanistan announced Moscow’s b...

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Causes of Instability in Afghan Pak Region

All the agreements they had were not with the government of India, for they were not part of British India. The British ‘outer oriented ‘ frontier policy in the north – western boders of India which resulted in vague ill defined Indo – Afghan border and later hostile Pak – Afghan relations.

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Siachen glacier Essay

Since the Line of Control does not extend beyond NJ 9842, Pak argument that India has altered the status of Line of Control by occupation of Saltoro Ridge is not valid either. Since the alignment of Line of Control just prior to NJ 9842 was altered by Pak by its occupation of Gyong Glacier in 1984, Pak argument of Line of control extending North Eas...

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The genesis of durand line, pakistan factor and pashthunistan

[10] Singhal,D.P., India and Afghanistan . To settle the southern boundary question, the Amir of Afghanistan asked the Government of British India to send a mission and on October 2, 1893 Sir Mortimer Durand (the Foreign Secretary of India) took a mission to Kabul.

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India To China From Conflict To Cooperation History Essay

China has finally rescinded its claim on Sikkim, officially recognizing it as part of India. Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji’s visit to India in January 2002 was important in the wake of the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan, which he distanced himself from.

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Diplomacy and Propaganda in the Kashmir War

On contrary, Islam – the third main old India religion after Hinduism and Buddhism – came to India around 1000 A.D. and it is in a total opposition with Hinduism. To make matters worse both India and Pakistan (India in 1976, Pakistan in 1998) started to develop nuclear programs.

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Call centre Essay

* Education in Rural India. * Entry of foreign Universities in India (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134) * Infrastructure of India.

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Advent Of Islam In India History Essay

India and Pakistan have contrary regimes, India believes in democracy and Pakistan has had non-democratically elected governments or rather military rule. The partition of India left both India and Pakistan devastated.

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The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

At the Twelfth Summit held in Islamabad in January 2004, India offered to contribute US$ 100 million for Poverty Alleviation projects in SAARC countries (outside India). However during Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s visit to Islamabad (for the 12th SAARC summit) Pakistan persuaded India to resume talks about maintenance of peace and the stall...

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Effect of President Visits on the Economy

It remains America’s trust that such a solid India would go about as a stabilizer to the development of the Chinese power and impact in South Asia and the Indian Ocean locales. It would be reviewed that the US had announced its proposition in March, 2005 to help India grow as a significant politically influential nation of the 21st century.

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Strategic Relations Between China and Pakistan

Sixthly, US support to India increased after the Sino – India war to counter China, this was resented by Pakistan, which China exploited to wean the influence of US from Pakistan and get a foothold in the Indian subcontinent. Though, traditionally, the driving factor for China was a hedge against India and getting strategic leverage against India, r...

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Evolution and growth of Muslim society Essay

He wanted to expand his rule across India and attacked seventeen times in this regard. Though the Muslim society experienced ups and downs throughout the history, yet it yielded positive effects on the minds of people at large in Indo-Pak Sub-continent.

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Enduring Pak-China Relations Essay

* Home | Editorial . The US raid in Abbottabad created a perception that Pakistan’s air force is weak and compromised, prompting India to remark that it could carry out similar attacks on jihadi outfits in Pakistan.

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The Continuation Of India Pakistan Dialogue History Essay

The crushing defeat of India in the Sino-Indian border conflict in 1962 led to series of talks over Kashmir between India and Pakistan. As both sides were blaming each other for supporting the Sikh insurgents in India and Sindhi nationalists in Pakistan, the visit of President Zia-ul Haq to India in 1987 to watch a cricket match, opened door for a j...

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Game Theory

Pakistan saw an opportunity to defect since the peace process was going pretty well and India was not expecting an attack. The element of surprise shifted the payoffs in favor of Pakistan attacking India.

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Afghanistan and Pakistan Relations After 9/11

Therefore, normalization of Pak- Afghan relations is the only recipe to bring peace and stability in the two countries. The border skirmishes, the Communist invasion, the civil war in post cold war Afghanistan, the rise of Taliban, the on going War on Terror have all been conflicts between actors with transnational links.

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History of Cricket in India

The amount of money involved in cricket today and the influence it holds over the general Indian public is huge, and that make a very powerful motivator for the media to use cricket as a tool to further its agendas in India and the world. Interestingly, it was cricket that formed the first bilateral exchange in 1952 when Pakistan, led by Abdul Hafee...

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Confidence Building Measures India And Pakistan

However, the need for India and Pakistan to negotiate CBMs is both immediate and vital. The escalating situation in Kashmir, the bone of contention between India and Pakistan since 1947, may yet provide a flash point and may induce both countries to come to a negotiating table and opt for quick implementation of ‘enforceable and verifiable’ CBMs.

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Military Actions Against Terrorist Organisations Politics Essay

The case studies above bring out significant lessons for India. If India can generate national and political will, the same would go a long way in combating the menace of terrorism in the country.

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Federal Express

So from a company perspective, Courier Pak fit perfectly into FEC’s product mix. When going head-to-head with competitors such as Express Mail (USPS), Courier Pak didn’t compete on price (because it was almost double that of a 2-lb Express Mail package and price sensitivity was pretty low in this market anyway) instead it competed on convenience and...

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Tetra Paks Opportunities In Italy

Tetra Pak might have been able to deploy premium pricing strategies while skimming the market with their superior products. Tetra Pak must cross-sell products from its entire portfolio to customers across the globe.

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Kashmir Dispute Essay

pakistan has taken no decision to even help the killing of muslims in burma, afghanistan or palestine which certainly makes kashmir best with india only. however some provide u with d reason that we want pak because it is a muslim territory, but let me bring in your kind notice that there are 3 lakh mosques in India that is more than any other count...

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In the opinion of the house honesty takes you further than hypocrisy

He speaks highly of India while in India and highly of Pakistan while in Pakistan. During he British rule in India, Lord Curzon adopted the ‘divide and rule’ policy, which resulted in the partition of Bengal in 1906. .

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