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Describe and evaluate explanations of insomnia Essay

This is because in order to treat insomnia, the underlining cause should be treated first, as it is unhelpful to treat the symptom but not the cause.DSM showed that insomnia is a symptom of depression.Research suggests that there are also gender differences in insomnia.They fit themselves in with the arousal pills rather than insomnia, relaxing and letting themselves fall asleep.Short term insomnia tends to last less than 4 weeks, however, when the individual gets used to bad sleeping habits, their expectations of insomnia will move onto developing chronic primary insomnia.

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Psychology Research Report on Insomnia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Among the barriers to treating insomnia is the perception among some clinicians that insomnia is fairly trivial.To change such perceptions, it is imperative to increase awareness of the effects of insomnia such as decreased functionality and increased risk of depression (Morin, 2004).It is also important to demonstrate to government officials and third-party payers that not treating insomnia is actually more costly than treating it.Insomnia treatment: taking a broader perspective on efficacy and cost-effectiveness issues.Treatment of insomnia associated with clinical depression.

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Effect of Homeopathic Treatment on Insomnia

Because of the irritability and fatigue that is associated with insomnia, interpersonal difficulties may result; on the other hand, interpersonal difficulties may be the cause of insomnia.The Insomnia Severity Index is a 7-item questionnaire that provides a global measure of an individual’s perceived insomnia severity based on the following indicators: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and early morning awakenings; satisfaction with sleep; degree of impairment with daytime functioning; degree to which impairments are noticeable; and distress or concern with insomnia.Although insomnia affects individuals of almost every demographic, complaints of insomnia increase with age, and women are more affected than men (Truter,...

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Impact Of Insomnia On Daytime Ability To Function Essay

There is currently great debate with regards to the effectiveness of this drug, as it has mostly been applied to individuals suffering from jet lag-induced insomnia and thus this drug may not be effective for other insomnias that are caused by other factors.It is thus imperative that individuals with insomnia be educated on what to do to take control of their condition and possibly go back to their normal circadian patterns.Insomnia can also affect the quality of work or study of an individual and thus this negative effect should be addressed at the earliest possible time.Impact of insomnia on sleep As insomnia is a symptom that affects sleep, it is important to determine the causative factors that result in such condition.Antidepressant...

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Insomnia: A Sleeping Disorder Type Essay

The main treatment for insomnia is behavioral therapy which includes activities like exercising regularly, meditation and breathing and relaxation techniques.For example, high blood pressure drugs can cause insomnia (Lacks & Morin 586).There are two types of chronic insomnia: primary chronic insomnia and secondary chronic insomnia (Lacks & Morin 586).Acute insomnia lasts for a short time and it occurs in two types; transient and short term insomnia.Insomnia is more common with women and older adults.

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Insomnia: Types, Causes and Effects

Comorbid Insomnia refers to a type of insomnia that stems from another condition, such as psychological, medical, and even environmental issues.Many doctors are adopting methods of addressing Insomnia at its roots vs. just covering it up with some sleep medication.Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from Insomnia daily with the number increasing every single day.As the number increases, more and more people are beginning to realize the impact that Insomnia has on the others and how it can significantly impair the lives of others.Age also has a correlation with Insomnia, as Insomnia is more frequent with the elderly.

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Relationship Between Insomnia And Depression Psychology Essay

3 highlights the relationship of insomnia and how it is a risk factor for depression (Pigeon et al.Insomnia can be evaluated using the Insomnia severity index (ISI) which based on the patients providing an assessment of the intensity of their symptoms (Bastien et al, 2001).Different types of insomnia react differently when exposed to other factors such as MDD for example it does not in any way cause primary insomnia however in cases of secondary insomnia, it is considered as being the most crucial factors based on studies related to DSM.insomnia patients in comparison to healthy controls, thus .This proves that insomnia (persistent or intermediate) does have a significant impact on the number of people with improved condition.

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Informative Speech on Insomnia Outline Essay

b) The other methods to deal with insomnia are to make life adjustments such as avoiding stressful situations or making your sleeping environment more comfortable.According to the US Surgeon General, insomnia costs the Government more than $15 billion per year in health care costs.a) there are several medical treatments for insomnia: Temazepam, Zolpidem, Zaleplon, Ramelteon, Triazolam, Eszopiclone ( all prescriptions you must get from your doctor).I can speak from experience because i have insomnia and use these techniques to help myself fall asleep.According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health, about 30-40% of adults say they have some symptoms of insomnia within a given year, and abo...

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The Vicious Cycle of Insomnia and Anticipatory Anxiety

.. Cognitive-behavioral models of insomnia propose that acute medical or psychiatric illnesses or significant stressful events are common precipitants of acute insomnia (Smith & Perlis, 2001).These findings substantiate the view that insomnia associated with chronic pain may operate on the same cognitive mechanisms as primary insomnia (Smith & Perlis, 2001).After insomnia begins, some patients develop poor sleep habits that perpetuate insomnia.Medical illnesses may also precipitate insomnia via their effects on bodily systems (e.g., insomnia caused by cardiac failure), their symptoms (e.g., pain and stiffness of arthritic conditions), or their treatment (e.g., (3-adrenergic agents for treatment of asthma).Short-acting hypnotics,...

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Investigating Insomnia As A Form Of Sleep Disorder Psychology Essay

After decades of research, study leader Alexandros N. Vgontzas, director of Penn State University’s Sleep Research & Treatment Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania says that insomnia is a “serious disease with significant physical consequences, including mortality.” These studies forever changes “how we view insomnia”, said Vipin Garg, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey.Causes of insomnia and ways to treat it are still poorly understood.Fatal familial insomnia is a rare genetic disorder that affects only around 40 families world-wide.Men with chronic insomnia who also sleep less than six hours a night have a higher risk of early death than “normal” male sleepers who get more...

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Insomnia and Psychological Causes in Adolescents

Correlates between Insomnia, Psychological Distress and Daytime Sleepiness of Malaysian Adults with Symptoms of Insomnia.Insomnia in the Elderly: Cause, Approach, and Treatment.The Multidimensional Correlates Associated With Short Nocturnal Sleep Duration and Subjective Insomnia among Taiwanese Adolescents.Insomnia: Prevalence, Consequences and Effective Treatment.Prevalence of Insomnia and Use of Sleep medicines in Urban Communities of Karachi, Pakistan.

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Insomnia: The Rush to Sleep Essay

Medication affords a number of over-the-counter treatments that might help for occasional insomnia in conjunction with the sleep hygiene.Consequently, insomnia disrupts daily life, symptoms resulting from the Diet (e.g., intake of caffeine or alcohol), emotional difficulties such as stress or other underlying diseases.Even though insomnia is common clinical problem, research has been minimal,” (Sleep Disorders: Diagnosis, Management and Treatment a Handbook for Clinicians, 1962) author, Giora Pillar.Becoming unnecessarily stressed over insomnia can lead to a vicious cycle.“Epidemiological data underlying mechanisms and therapy regarding insomnia are somewhat incomplete.

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Speech: How to Overcome Insomnia

Finally you have late or terminal insomnia which you wake up after less then six hours sleep and are unable to go back to sleep.There are many ways to fight insomnia or at least try to make it less severe on your self.As you can see insomnia is a serious condition, I have been dealing with it for about a year and its hard sometimes, but all the little tricks I have told you do work and there are many more.First you have Initial insomnia which is when you have difficulty falling asleep, it may take you thirty minutes or more to actually get into a sleeping state.Insomnia may seem very simple compared to other illnesses and problems, but for the person who is suffering everyday with lack of rest and irritability, it is a serious problem th...

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Effectiveness of Exogenous Melatonin in Insomnia

The pathophysiology of insomnia can be due to the disorder of the hyper-arousal state throughout the whole day which causes alertness during the day and difficulty in falling or maintaining sleep (Stepanski E, 1988).Insomnia: Definition, Prevalence, Etiology, and Consequences.Population (P): All types of insomnia patients ... Data from available clinical trials and studies done on the efficacy of exogenous melatonin in insomnia will be compiled and compared to enable a more comprehensive and easily accessible result database.Ramelteon for the treatment of insomnia in menopausal women.

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Comparative Film Analysis: Shutter Island and Insomnia

The main character in the “Insomnia” movie is Will Dormer (Al Pacino), a veteran LAPD detective whose exhaustion is intensified with exposure to the unfamiliar northern Alaskan landscape where there is constant daylight.There was high contrast lighting used in setting the mood in the Insomnia film.The sound design used in Insomnia was used to create tension and suspense in the film.“Insomnia” made an effort to zoom in on the protagonist’s emotions and at times showed the point of view shots to express the sleep deprivations and hallucinations from the eyes of the main character.Similar to the “Insomnia” film’s camera shots, “Shutter Island” also uses the zoom-in camera effect to display the emotions and thoughts of Teddy.

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Sleep Disorders

20% of the population from developed countries suffer from insomnia (Ramona Salsaña, 2011) The unusual finding, however, is that less developed countries are starting to identify more and more people with this disorder.Not surprisingly, the most developed countries also have the highest number of people with insomnia.The following includes a list of kinds of insomnia: * Initial Insomnia: this is the most common type of insomnia where the person has trouble falling asleep.The most effective ways to attack insomnia are with treatments that do not contain chemicals like home remedies or life-changing habits.The biggest culprit for sleepwalking, Night Eating Syndrome, and insomnia is stress.

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Banning of Social Media Such as Facebook from Schools Essay

Social media such as Facebook causes insomnia because of its time consuming nature.In spite of using social media for online communication in learning institutions, students are faced with challenges of reduced concentration and insomnia thus reducing their performance in school.Insomnia may lead to mental failure, memory loss, and poor concentration in class thus social media such as Facebook and twitter should be censored from the school (Pearlman, & Abram, 2010, p. 32).In spite of some beneficial effects of the social media amongst the students, cases of insomnia are inevitable because of lack of enough sleep or disturbed sleep.Abuse of drugs such as heroin, marijuana, and khat may cause insomnia and poor health of the ones who take t...

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Social Wellbeing Of Elderly People Health And Social Care Essay

They compared day time functioning in college students with and without insomnia and explored changes in day time functioning after progressive relaxation (PR) treatment for insomnia.Insomnia treatments focused on improving sleep may not improve day time functioning, or day time gains may emerge more slowly than sleep gains.Treated students with insomnia were compared to untreated SWI and students not having insomnia at post treatment.In this study Cognitive-behavioral treatment approaches for chronic insomnia and related sleep disorders have been shown to be effective in various patient populations.Smith MT, Neubauer DN (2006) conducted an experimental study to assess the effectiveness of Cognitive behavior therapy for chronic insomnia....

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Sleep Theories Essay

(Insomnia overview).There are many causes of insomnia.It is simple, using scented candles at home to create a comfortable area, take a bath and listen to the music.The most common sleep disorders include insomnia, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea.Behavior therapy is often part of any treatment for insomnia.

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Sleep And Rapid Eye Movement Essay

Indeed, it would appear after all that, as in the words of E. Joseph Cossman, “the best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep”.14 .This issue is then compounded by increased REM during depression, which also enhances negative memory consolidation.Combined, these factors have the potential to produce an autobiographical history heavily dominated by such events and memories....k between insomnia and depression, with sleep disturbances having the potential to contribute not only to the onset of depression, but also its maintenance.In support of this, it has been shown that treatment of insomnia in conjunction with that of depression results in improved patient outcomes compared to depression treatment alone.

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Literary Analysis of Fight Club Essay

Tuss, Alex (Winter 2004).An anonymous character suffering from recurring insomnia due to the stress brought about by his job is introduced to the reader.Goth: Undead Subculture."Masculine Identity and Success: A Critical Analysis of Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr. Ripley and Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club".However, his insomnia returns after he meets Marla Singer.

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Insomnia: The Sleeplessness Essay

Insomnia – The Sleeplessness .At some point of time in life, many people with acute yeast infection, experience insomnia mostly during the extreme conditions, and require serious attention when the problem of insomnia persists for a longer period of time, spanning over weeks, months or even years.However, there is an ill effect as well, and the dope smokers feel more tired as an after effect, during afternoon and also desire to have more sweet foods, snacks, that makes you tired, lazy and blood sugar levels also drops.You wake up many times in your sleep and often you get up from your sleep early in the morning.It is nearly guaranteed that if I have two glasses of wine, I do not get a good sleep and wake up at 1.00am get very thin sleep...

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Studies that scientists have done on laboratory animals show that barbiturates cause a reduction in the tone and contractility of the uterus, ureters, and urinary bladder.Some signs and symptoms of the abuse of secobarbital are distorted mood, impaired judgment, impaired motor skills, and the residual sedation of a "hangover".It is a potent (strong) sedative hypnotic agent that is used for the short term treatment of insomnia.Secobarbital is given in capsules called "Secobarbital Sodium Capsules".Depending on the reason for a patient taking this drug, secobarbital can be administered through capsules, injection, tablets, or rectal suppositories.

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The Psychological Effects of Guilt

I wished he would.Amir experiences many psychological problems, like insomnia, directly after witnessing Hassan being raped by Assef.Throughout the novel, Amir’s character develops while struggling through an internal battle where he deals with his past mistakes; this conflict shows the immediate psychological effects of guilt, like insomnia, and the long term effects, like the ongoing climb toward one’s redemption.According to Siamak T. Nabil, insomnia is “difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or both/ or the perception of poor quality of sleep” and can be caused by “stressful situations in like (exam.The author shows that Amir is aware that his selfish personality caused the outcome of Hassan’s life.

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Sleep Deprivation

The biggest health risk would be suffering from insomnia.“Sleep Deprivation.” Causes, Effects, & Studies on.The National Sleep Foundation explains the negative effects of insomnia caused by sleep deprivation.“UC Berkeley Study Explores Link between Sleep Deprivation and Mental Health – The Daily Californian.” The Daily Californian.08 Oct. 2013. .

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Sleep Disorders Essay

Insomnia is the inability to get to sleep stay sleep or get a good quality of sleep .It can lead to memory problems, depression, irritability, an increased risk of heart disease and automobile related accidents.Untreated sleep apnea can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, obesity, and diabetes, increase the risk of heart failure, and irregular heartbeats.The cause of insomnia can be psychological and physiological.Most people who have sleep apnea don’t know they have it.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd ) And Treatment Plan Essay

Most of the symptoms associated with ADHD-like insomnia and depression is a by-product of the disorder itself, not from the medication used to treat ADHD.In the final analysis, there are no hidden dangers with pharmacological for treatment for ADHD patients.Finally, ADHD medication has been helping patients keep this disorder at bay and allows them to be productive members of society.Pharmacological treatment is helping ADHD patients overcome this disorder furthermore there is no evidence that the medication causes insomnia, depression, or heart complications.One of the most common misconceptions about ADHD medication is that it causes insomnia in its patients.

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The Significance of the Word ´Narrative´ Essay

... want to find and look for the beginning of the story that it is telling.Unlike a film, an image only shows one moment of a scene or story, so that moment it is portraying needs to display a real atmosphere to engage the viewer.The image should show the story telling moment.The photographer Jeff Walls took my second example, ‘Insomnia’, in 1994. .To conclude, from the research I have found, it is suggested that there are many mixed opinions on how narrative forms are represented.

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Causes and Effects of Sleeplessness Essay

Moreover, some fast-food like BBQ or KFC chicken, hamburger, hot dog, etc; and soda, caffeine-drink, etc also are reasons for insomnia.Aside from, it causes insomnia (or sleeplessness) by altering all sleep time as well as the time required to fall asleep.Both causes and effects of sleeplessness have just been analyzed above, major causes are life situation and inputs of human body and serious effects are serious health problems and behavior impact.Besides, people have this symptom are easy to have an accident, making a serious mistake, even the risks.With all of the above, I hope that people can avoid this worse symptom so as to have a comfortable, healthy, and happy life.

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Fight Club : Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

When he visits the doctor, the doctor tells him that he isn’t suffering my insomnia and he should visit a support group.He then stops going to the support groups and the insomnia is brought back on.This can be seen as the narrator finally overcoming his alter, Tyler Durden.Tyler Durden disappears after that and the narrator can be seen looking relieved.Dissociative identity disorder is when the alters switch and take over the person.

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