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Industrial Democracy in Zimbabwe Essay

According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe (2013), except for members of the Security Services, every person in Zimbabwe has the right to form and join Trade Unions and employee and employers’ organisations of their choice and to participate in the lawful activities of those unions and activities. Examples of Trade unions in Zimbabwe include Zimbabwe...

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Business Organisations in Zimbabwe

(2) What factors motivate business organisations in Zimbabwe to undertake CSR initiatives? The qualitative approach best suites this research problem hence the descriptive case study design will be adopted through which qualitative data will be collected and analysed in a bid to unravel how industry in Zimbabwe can exploit the strategic role of HRM ...

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Adoption Of ICT In The Tourism And Hospitality Industry Essay

O’Connor, P. and Horan, P. (1999) An analysis of web reservations facilities in the top 50 international hotel chains. According to Bajaj and Nag (2005) a range of advanced ICT systems such as Decision Support System (DSS) can be applied to gain substantial benefits on practical levels not only by large organisations, but also by small and medium-si...

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An Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of OK Zimbabwe’s Inventory Control System

OK Zimbabwe is a publicly owned company where shareholders have a stake in the company and need confidence that their money is being put to good use. To assess the effectiveness of the available systems to manage stocks in OK Zimbabwe.

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Internal Auditing System Effectives for Detecting Fraud

Local government as a segment of the public sector is one of the three tiers of government in Zimbabwe. Internal auditing was introduced in Zimbabwean local authorities by the Ministry of Local Government [M1] in a bid to reduce the risk of fraud and other financial irregularities; to assisting the external auditors; to identifying opportunities ...

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Alderfer’s Erg Theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs Theory

Globalization of business has made it critically important for organisations to embrace the significance of human resources management. Internationally, the continuing growth of world markets increase in the availability of technological and management know-how in different countries, progress in telecommunications and the political and economic int...

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Effective working capital management of Zimbabwe

Recognition of small business contribution motivates public and private organisations to support the small business sector by providing them with a diverse range of services. The numbers of Hotels in Zimbabwe tend to increase continuously, they are the largest business cluster in Zimbabwe, yet with little or no criticisms they are regarded as the pr...

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The following hypotheses examining the relationship between strategy formulation and implementation in the Zimbabwe food manufacturing industries were tested: H1a: Rational-comprehensive strategy formulation will lead to superioror competitive implementation performance in food manufacturing organisations. It was found that within the group of organ...

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Financial operations in Oil Procurement and Distrcaibution sector

At independence in 1980 the Zimbabwe Oil Procurement Consortium (ZOPCO) a consortium of companies, which had taken over Genta was responsible for the procurement of petroleum products, due to the problem experienced by ZOPCO which led to high shortages in 1982, the government decided to take control of the sector considering the strategic importance...

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Three Major Issues Faced By Companies Going Overseas Marketing Essay

Transaction costs also are a critical factor in building up a market entry strategy and can become a high barrier to international trade. Another way of looking at it is by identifying three basic business strategies: stage one – international, stage two – multinational (strategies correspond to ethnocentric and polycentric orientations respectively...

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Information Communication Technology in E-Government in Zimbabwe

The promotion of collaborative efforts of governments, planners, health professionals, and other agencies along with the participation of international organizations for creating a reliable, timely, high quality and affordable health care and health information systems and for promoting continuous medical training, education, and research has made p...

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Impact Of The Monetary Policies

.. Coorey et al( 2007) argues that, while the initial output collapse is widely attributed to the chaotic seizure of commercial farms in Zimbabwe which is the backbone of the economy, other factors have also contributed in recent years to the county”„¢s collapse which include; 1) high and accelerating inflation of 230 000 000% in 2008, 2) price dis...

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Econet Wireless International and the African Telecommunications Industry Essay

International markets . SWOT Analysis for Econet Wireless International .

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ICT Trends in Zimbabwe

Local organisations in Zimbabwe will need to further invest in their websites to get wider visibility if they want to attract more clients and partners. Mr Atwell Mukusha – President, Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) and Chairman, Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (COMSA) 2nd Runner Up Top ICT Businessman of the Year 2011 at ICT Achievers...

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The Impact of Child Defilement On Society

Having looked at the current crisis facing the region and both the international and national commitments I would now like to focus our attention on the issue of defilement. But, while the international community has responded positively with funding for food aid and other programmes, challenges still remain with the country requiring more resources...

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Macro Environmental Analysis Pestl Of Zimbabwe Finance Essay

He studied various aspects of international trade including taxation and many facets of cross-border sales and financial transactions. He also holds a Masters in International Trade Law with special emphasis on Import and Export Law from Potchefstroom University in South Africa.

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Banking Industry Analysis: Zimbabwe And India

International lines of credit from international financiers such as the World Bank and IMF were made available benefiting the banking industry immensely. As a result Zimbabwe was experiencing strong economic growth due to the international support and such growth was reflected positively upon the banking sector, as it was working effectively.

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Zimbabwe Mobile Telecommunications

Capital budgeting is the most important function done by financial managers and it is not only a popular corporate finance topic but one that has been widely researched by academics particularly in International researches. In Zimbabwe Mobile Telecommunications have dominated on the Zimbabwe Stock Central (ZSE) with respect to Econet Tuner Zimbabwe.

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Land Reform and Property Rights in Zimbabwe

Even when Zimbabwe became independent in 1979-1980, the British government continued to allocate funds to Zimbabwe in an attempt to redistribute land, however this distribution occurred on a ‘willing seller, willing buyer’ basis. Zimbabwe has agreed…to end all illegal occupations of white-owned farmland and return the country to the rule of law, in ...

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How Poverty in Zimbabwe Has Changed over Time? Essay

Governance in Zimbabwe was controlled externally via colonial rule, and even after the decline of colonialism, for a significant period, the leader of Zimbabwe was externally decided and was the case of the appointment of Mugabe. The devastation of the land reforms is still being felt in certain parts of Zimbabwe today; the loss of intellectual peop...

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Black Economic Empowerment and Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe Essay

Regulations of the Zimbabwe Indigenization Policy Regulations to implement the 2008 Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Act requiring local control of foreign firms doing business in Zimbabwe took effect amid rising concern the program would dash any interest investors might have in the country. Under section 9, anyone who “projects or proposes ...

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The Internal Business Environment in Zimbabwe Essay

The employment law in Zimbabwe demands that employees be hired on fixed term contracts. By stimulating fair competition and rewarding performing companies are the aim of the economic reforms adopted in Zimbabwe ().

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Rural Employment and Tobacco Exports

The disequilibrium in the global market created by countries like India who have ratified FCTC will shift the growers market to Argentina, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Indonesia as discussed above. has made the place of Indian tobacco secure in the international market as ‘quality filler’.

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Effects of Globalization on Zimbabwe

Organizations like the Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation attempt to raise money to support programs that help those with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, as well as providing funds to help educate children and the less fortunate in Zimbabwe. The International Money Fund (IMF) has also cut off their support of Zimbabwe due to Zimbabwe’s inability to pay back past loa...

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Budget Practices and Procedures in Africa

I am also going to interview the budgeting staff from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe in order to get views on the analysis of their capital budgeting processes. Capital budgeting is the most important function done by financial managers and it is not only a popular corporate finance topic but one that has been widely researched by academics particularly i...

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Elections and Democracy In Africa

Regrettably, the noble initiatives that were being undertaken at the international scene did not effectively trickle down in the domestic plane. In Kenya for example, various reports and surveys by the Transparency International and the Center for Governance indicate a direct linkage between corruption and its proximity to political power.

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Role of Transport on Tourism Essay

International Journal of Tourism Research. Culpan (1987, p 546) identified transportation modes and management as the “important ingredients of the international tourism system,” acknowledging that linkage by air, sea and land modes is essential for the operations as well as the availability of support services such as fuel stations, auto repair, mo...

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Modern Studies Notes – Print

ILO – international labour adapted the declaration of fundamental principles and rights of work. The World Bank is an international organisation that provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries for development programs (e.g.

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Financial problem in a country or organization of your choice Essay

The Battle for Zimbabwe. Furthermore, the Zimbabwean economy was brought down by the illegal sanctions (an order that is given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with it.

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The rate of inflation in Malaysia

Finally in April 2009, government of Zimbabwe decided that Zimbabwe dollar was suspended and all trade is made in foreign currency such as US Dollar or South Africa Rand. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued Zimbabwe dollar 10 trillion, 20 trillion and 50 trillion (25 US Dollar) in January 2009 but it is nothing helps to the inflation problems.

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