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Misuse of the Internet in Academic Institutions

It is, therefore, important to ensure that all internet users are adequately educated and informed about the misuse of computers, the internet and the World Wide Web.Although several technology and sanctions based approaches are available to deter internet misuse, the most appropriate first approach to reduce the proliferation of such misuse is by educating internet users and students at academic institutions.It is normally expected that a student or a researcher will use the available material on the internet and attempt to improve on it by adding their own insights.Many practices in which internet users may indulge and which may be construed to be a misuse if the internet can render individuals subject to criminal liability.Educators s...

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Essay about 10 Ways to Determine Information Credibility on the Internet

Anybody can place anything at whatever time and whenever.Conducted research or studies on the Internet happen to be part of a standard pattern of behavior that considered normal in our society.The informatio... .Online information can and does influential the credibility of the information given.The Internet helps the majority number of worker and students to find information.

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Computers in the Classroom

Students will disregard the importance of the teacher’s knowledge and look for knowledge on the internet.However, they may want to use the internet for further emphasis on the subject.With the internet and computer used for further emphasis in certain areas, students will be able to learn more effectively.Teachers are then faced with the question of how much internet and computer usage should be included in a lesson.As teachers use computers and the internet in their instructional lessons, some of their authority and knowledge is lost.

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Free Internet Essays: We Must Not Permit Internet Censorship

If we allow the spectrum of information available on the internet to be narrowed, we are allowing the reduction of the food for our thought.The second related effect of censoring the internet is reduced knowledge.The final effect of censoring the internet is manipulation made easy.The first effect of censoring the internet is the upset of the natural balance of information on the internet.Why the internet threatens the world.

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What is Plagiarism and Why do People Do It?

Internet sites like specialize it determining how much of a paper can be traced to internet sources.To avoid plagiarism one has to know its major forms; turning in someone elses paper, the Internet `Pastiche and Improper Paraphrasing .However, simply paraphrasing even coupled with proper footnoting is still frowned upon since the writer is too dependent on the source material.Internet Pastiche is still fairly easy to detect.In fact an Internet Pastiche can actually be the preliminary step of paper writing.

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Students Internet Essay

On the negative side the internet has created an opportunity for students to access sources that of information that may not always be accurate and therefore may misguide their learning.Through this mechanism they are able to ask one another questions, share knowledge and ideas and consult practitioners to learn what they need.One of the advantages of the Internet for students is that it provides them with a research tool that is more quickly and efficiently able to access numerous information and media sources.Students have a wealth of information at their fingertips and access to such knowledge can be a very positive thing.The Internet also allows students to network with experts and with one another.

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Which Sources of Knowledge Essay

Our knowledge obtained from books is purely authoritative knowledge (with some exceptions).Once again, we are faced with the problems of authoritative knowledge with Internet web sites.Which Sources of Knowledge – books, web sites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other- do you consider most trustworthy, and why?For science books, the copyright date must be new, because scientific knowledge changes almost every day.While much information is obtained through books, surely the largest source of information is the Internet.

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Importance of Internet

Earlier internet wan the source to collect information only but as time and technology changing day by day, lots of new trends is coming and our daily life has shifted on Internet.So in a nutshell, the importance of internet in business development is immense.Internet usage is important as internet are the biggest source of all aspect.Internet covers the world happenings everyday.Internet includes a variety of current issues and developments about the world.One of the benefits is internet gives lots of information to us.Students could even use the internet as a replacement of textbooks and reference books as it contains an endless source of knowledge.Students can also check the latest scientific knowledge and research.Scientist nowadays ...

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Essay on Internet Usage And Academic Performance

...eed to go outside our homes to get food or clothing because the internet provides it.Internet use is best illustrated in Internet Usage and Academic Performance: A Study in a Malaysian Public University by Harlina Halizah Siraj, Abdus Salam, Nurul Ashiqin Bt Hasan, Tan Hiang Jin, Raihanah Binti Roslan and Muhammad Nazam Bin Othman to give us insights on the positive and negative effects the internet can have on academic performance.The internet created a community online that is growing tremendously.The Internet is an endless source of information, a network that connect various groups of people through tools such as: social media, virtual reality games, blog posts, online dating to create one big culture.Which opens doors for privacy...

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Social Media Paper Essay

The information highway called the social media can be a reliable researchable source depending on subject matter and the author.The information provided by social media is gathered, distributed and stored through the internet, extranet, television and radio.The ability to edit the information listed causes it to be an inadequate source of facts and reasoning.When social media meets in term of marketing, it establishes price effective tactics toward reducing company expenses by utilizing the internet.The internet is also a mainstream example of social media in the world.

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Learning Plan Essay

This activity is emphasizing the use of authentic activities by constructing knowledge through interaction with the environments (internet and peers), and applying it to real-life situations (debate).Networking: Once again, this skill is illustrated when students must search, connect, and analyze information on the internet for the purpose of their research/analysis paper (Jenkins, 2001).The student must connect textbook material and internet material to the US politics of today.Performance: This skill is illustrated when students view sample debates on the internet and use this as models of performance in their own debates.In terms of the content of the debate, questions may look like, “Did my team incorporate facts from the textbook?”,...

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“Web site credibility: Why do people believe what they believe?” by Marie Iding, Martha Crosby, Brent Auernheimer and Barbara Klemm Critical Essay

Moreover, the authors managed to create credible and reliable work which can be taken as valid source for the researchers who want to continue investigations of this sphere.The authors also describe some areas in which the wrong data obtained from the Internet is especially noticeable and important.However, not all information which could be found in the Internet is credible.Resting on some data found in the Internet, patients and customers can make wrong conclusions and be deceived.Moreover, the main question of the credibility of information in the Internet is introduced.

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Open Source Software and the Private-Collective Model of Innovation

The empirical examples of such ‘combination’ include but not limited to Nokia’s Tablet development project [Stuermer, M. et al., 2009], the internet search giant Google, who uses Linux7 for most of its servers [IBM, 2012].Fetchmail is an Internet e-mail utility program that “fetches” your e-mail from central servers to your local computer.Lakhani, K. R. and R. G. Wolf (2005), ‘Why hackers do what they do: Understanding motivation and effort in free/open source software projects,’ in J. Feller, B. Fitzgerald, S. Hissam and K. R. Lakhani (eds), Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software.Open source in the US government.Apache Server Software – is used on Web server computers that host Web pages and provide appropriate content as request...

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Learning Plan Essay

Performance: This skill is illustrated when students view sample debates on the internet and use this as models of performance in their own debates.In terms of the content of the debate, questions may look like, “Did my team incorporate facts from the textbook?”, “Did my team use at least two credible internet sources within the argument?”, “Did my team follow special instructions assigned by the teacher (e.g.In terms of the use of technology and media; the students will be instructed to research one source of information, from the internet, related to their argument.This activity is emphasizing the use of authentic activities by constructing knowledge through interaction with the environments (internet and peers), and applying it to rea...

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The National Health Law Program Essay

Internet works to ease and speed the transfer of any information, data or images in less than seconds to anywhere in the world.This source is enhancing the knowledge of healthcare law professionals by keeping them updated with current issues relating to healthcare insurance.The U.S. National Library of Medicine is a source serving the data needs and prerequisites of social insurance analysts and health care researchers.This source is extremely significant for health care law experts as they can improve their insight and knowledge by staying up with the latest news, revisions, and upgrades in the field of healthcare policy and law.Internet is a global communications network; through it we can exchange information and send messages around ...

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Assessment of a students personal learning style

I was accustomed to read books as opposed to e-learning or learning by internet as far as my study is concerned.I am intended to avail all the available sources such as books, the Internet, movies and journals to present a good academic and scholarly work to get appreciable results in future.A poor knowledge of computer and internet kept me away from using an internet but it is now hoped that I will be used to it very soon in my next two years.These seminars are also a unique experience for me as they informed me about the things happening on an international level for instance persecution of the Christian throughout the world came to my knowledge at SLCC in contrast to my previous knowledge of persecution that was only limited to the Bi...

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Offensive Material Essay

Is it proper to restrict expression on the internet for the sake of limiting exposure to offensive material?With information on virtually any topic, collaborative forums, and a massive library of media, it seems at times that everything is available on the internet.Communications of the ACM 39.8 (1996): 13-15. Business Source Complete.Washington: GPO, 1996.The internet is a powerful venue for knowledge.

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Learning Plan Essay

•Networking: Once again, this skill is illustrated when students must search, connect, and analyze information on the internet for the purpose of their research/analysis paper (Jenkins, 2001).•This activity is emphasizing the use of authentic activities by constructing knowledge through interaction with the environments (internet and peers), and applying it to real-life situations (debate).New Media Literacy Skills •Performance: This skill is illustrated when students view sample debates on the internet and use this as models of performance in their own debates.In terms of the use of technology and media; the students will be instructed to research one source of information, from the internet, related to their argument.The student must c...

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Commercially provided databases Essay

When citing information from the Internet, it is excellent practice to try to find the same information from more than one source.So, the Guardian and the Daily Mail might report on the same story, but may well take different slants depending on each journalist’s personal opinions and the newspaper’s agenda.Websites of reputable sources, such as the BBC, or the mainstream newspapers, will be reliable- although as subject to bias as printed news.Information on internet should be treated with more caution.For example, anyone can alter an entry in Wikipedia- the website relies on knowledgeable readers to correct any errors.

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The internet as a means of learning

Research done on the internet allows us access to the newest information and up-to-date developments in any field possible.Today’s modernized version of the internet is not only a toy to entertain those who are bored; it has moved on to become one of the most important tools of gaining knowledge about the world.The internet has slowly become a necessity in our life.The internet has become the primary source of information for most school and university students writing papers or simply studying.It has become as simple as learning A B C. The internet has grown so popular in the last decade that teachers have started using it in school to support the traditional style of teaching from books.

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Essay on The Internet and User Content

"The False Ideals of the Web."In the first paragraph, Jaron appeals to the pathos of the reader; he assumes that the reader is of the generation that has grown up in the digital age, thus they would agree that the most important aspect of the internet is the people who contribute to it.We simply need to control what users are able to contribute to the internet, and where, rather than either allowing them to uncontrolled, or not at all.For example, if the internet were controlled by academia, it would most likely be a peer reviewed source of information.New York Times.

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Social Media Paper Essay

They need to read and learn from both sides of stories to maintain a neutral side and make the appropriate decisions.This source also helps reunite family friends and find friends and family.The credibility issues that can rise from information found on the Internet are trustworthy, bias and conflict of interest.The media helps us to know and grow with our knowledge.Is the source reliable?

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Socio-cultural Issues

Having a virtual library with the ease and convenience of the Internet, students can be more efficient, resourceful, and creative in their schoolwork and research.A negative aspect of advancement of education over the web is that these amenities are not available to those without access to the Internet.Other consequences involve the knowledge of sufficiently retrieving knowledge through search engines, the credibility of the sources used for research, and equal access to students around the nation and world.He believes that they will be “better able to synthesize knowledge from many sources and […] more successful in dealing with complexity and change” (118).Teachers would research and find articles from the Internet to incorporate into ...

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Essay on The Social Consequences of Communication Technologies

Telecommunications shifts this balance more towards group work taking away from the necessary individual work skill.It would seem that with all this extra time the society would be researching and working to improve the technology further; however, the increased technology has seemed to make the society much lazier and increasingly dependent.The sharing of negative information and the availability of offensive material has also made negative ideals more available to those who may act upon them.However, the Internet contains a lot of irrelevant inform... ... middle of paper ... goal has seemed to also take away from the amount of work done by a society.Group work is an essential and necessary skill; however, knowing how to work indi...

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Marketing And Advertising on the Internet

Overall the Internet has proven to be a useful tool in society and has advanced the growth of our civilization as a whole.Internet Now Core to Marketing and Advertising Industry The internet has evolved into a dynamic source of information as well as an extraordinary marketing tool that is able to reach nearly any user.The use of the Internet has become an everyday tool in the life of millions and has allowed consumers as well as business owners the ability to research information.The marketing and advertising fields go hand in hand together and having the Internet makes it easier to do these things.Another downfall that the Internet has on marketing and advertising is “Consumers could usually be relied on to wait through 30-second radio...

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Cyberterrorism Case

This because, the free transfer of information and knowledge can only take place in the presence of global Internet connectivity (through the World Wide Web).For example, the democratization of the computer knowledge has led to anyone being able to access the Internet and to manipulate the computer, according to the whims of the same.At the same time, these governments should ensure that in order to come up with proper reconstructions, that the Internet providers, and the information technology professionals are all included in the efforts to realize an all- comprehensive approach.At the same time, by the very fact that cyberterrorism has been so formidable in reducing Internet supported sources of income and thereby plummeting the sourc...

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The Process Of Learning A Musical Instrument Education Essay

A further problem, the learner faces while utilising the Internet for educational purposes, is the overwhelming amount of information and knowledge available online in an instant.In my dissertation I will test and analyze these two different learning processes in order to establish how they have evolved since the times when Internet teaching resources didn’t exist on such a vast scale up until now.The modern approach to learning guitar has first come to the picture with the arrival of the Internet.There are numerous publications available on the Internet that describe advantages and disadvantages of online and traditional learning, however, it’s not yet been proved which of the above-mentioned learning methods is more efficient.The aim o...

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Internet Technology in Higher Education

The internet has enabled and accelerated new forms of human interaction through instant messaging, internet forums and social networking.The internet carries a vast range of information and resources such as the internet linked hypertext documents of the world wide and infrastructure to support electronic mail.Internet makes everything so easy like we can say that communication becomes so easy with the help of internet.We can do everything with the help of Internet like communication is much easier and we can share everything with our family and friend by using internet.Internet and technology does really effects upon the education because education is incomplete without internet and technology so that internet and technology are most im...

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Evaluating Internet Sources Essay

Due to this, most companies and organizations have put up a website over the Internet so that they can reach out to everyone, anywhere in the world.It is therefore important for students to learn how to evaluate Internet sources if they are valid and credible to be used for academic purposes.Robert Harris from the website Virtual Salt has come up with ways on how to evaluate Internet sources properly.Harris, R. (2007, June 15).Still, it is hard for them to restrict students from Internet usage and this is why students and other researchers should learn how to evaluate Internet sources properly.

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Reading Books and Using Computers Essay

This research might help the librarian facilitate will the library as the source of effective and reliable room of information through books and computer with internet.This study will let students know the importance of books and computer, their advantages and disadvantages so that they may limit their self to use them, and to know the kind of source of information they will use in a specific problem.And how both source of information help us.To know which students prefer between books and computers as their source of information.The result of this study may be used by school administrator to know what kind of source information the teacher and the school staff that may use for a better and effective teaching.

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