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Aphorism Essay

Cioran thus defines it as the “axiom of twilight” because it allows us to descend to the bottom of existence.The term is used for the first time in the form of aforism (pronounced aforîme) in the Surgery of Henri de Mondeville in 1314. .Certain argumentative texts and essays thereby acquire a poetic significance: those of Emil Cioran for example or even of Nietzsche seem to focus solely on the images created by aphorisms to the detriment of reasoning.Rabelais, in the Renaissance uses the modern term for the first time in the Fifth Book : "From then on held a map of the world and exposed it to them summarily by little aphorisms, and became cleric and learned in a few hours, and spoke of prodigious things elegantly and for good memory, for...

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The Argument of Whether Robots Are Human Essays

On the subject of intelligence it is easier to refer to Data as a computer to determine whether or not it is intelligent.Though Data is only a fictional android and the problem of determining a non-human's status of personhood has little to no application in our present day, in the not so distant future this may become a very serious debate with very genuine consequences.“Man is a robot with defects,” (Emile Cioran, The Trouble With Being Born).He has satisfied all of the conditions of being sentient person.In a nut shell, the character Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation is in fact a sentient being with the status of personhood.

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Paul Celan Essay

He has indeed translated poems by Yvan Goll, as well as texts by Jean Cocteau, Henri Michaux, Ossip Mandelstam, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Fernando Pessoa, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Valéry, René Char, Emil Cioran, André du Bouchet, Jean Bazaine and Jacques Dupin.His first poems, published in various periodicals, date from 1940, but his second book, Mohn und Gedächtnis (Poppy and memory, 1952) establishes his reputation as a poet of the Holocaust, first in Germany , then around the world.His verses then become more and more encrypted, fractured and monosyllabic, comparing themselves in this to the music of Webern.He receives the Bremen Prize for Literature, and considers with his poet friends René Char, Edmond Jabès and Nelly Sachs, that language mus...

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Canadian Multiculturalism Reflected In Poetry

As I continued to read the poems, I felt that poetry represents for Flavia the only thread that binds her to Romania./ Brother, why is your face pale?.Writing poems makes her discover the unknown mysteries and convey them to the readers through her lyrics.I believe that the only mistake consists of the fact that I missed one t, because this is what Flavia does: just like the potters make real pieces of art out of simple sand and water, she builds up masterpieces out of simple materials, such as words, because when it comes about working there is nothing for Flavia to love more than words.A few lines above I made a mistake and I wrote potery instead of poetry.

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Lyricism Essay

From various points of view, he undermines the ordinary connotations of the term lyricism, which he uses, on the contrary, to designate and singularly depict inner reality, no doubt in its “most remarkable” moments, even of madness (a “paroxysm of lyricism?” ), but that he does not see as only specific to these moments.In classical music, the concept of lyricism first applies to vocal art.The lyricism designating the "song" that Orpheus obtains from his lyre, it applies of course from the beginning to music.Regardless of any artistic perspective, if not the allusion to the poetry essays to which men in love are inclined, Emil Cioran begins his early work (1932 On the peaks of despair) with a section "To be lyrical"."Lyric art" is today s...

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Citation Essay

There are also collections focused on a particular theme.Many legal works consist of quotations of various types: legislative texts, codes, customs, extracts from judgments, etc.As they contribute a lot to the quality of an article, it is necessary to train in the art of quotation, both ancient authors, recognized sources of references, or more contemporary authors providing an inventory of the treated subject.Citations databases are also established, usually classified by theme and / or author.Many judgments are based on a particular citation exercise, which is case law.

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SAI son 1’s true detective Essay

season., Scott Timberg for Salon notes that Pizzolatto's previous writing experience was not in film or television but in literary fiction, a "more purely authoristic form" over which full creative control by an author individual is the norm.Fukunaga did not continue directing for the second season, which instead featured six directors over eight episodes, and Pizzolatto retained the role of screenwriter.Other philosophers and writers are identified as references such as Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze, Ray Brassier, Emil Cioran and Eugene Thacker.Having had mixed reviews, season two prompted critics to re-evaluate the "authorist" perspective of the previous season.subversive, and it's a leap from there to tell a...

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Comparison Essay

: document used as the source for writing this article.Finally, sometimes, the explicit link is reduced to a minimum, as in this aphorism of Cioran : .According to Patrick Bacry, the comparison relates to one quality, namely the color blue.However, this color cannot have points in common with an orange.This is how Paul Éluard's sentence can be interpreted, often used as an illustration of what a stylistic image is: "The Earth is blue like an orange".

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Johann Sebastian Bach Essay

Other musicians, such as Glenn Gould, also offered a different approach to Bach, emphasizing sensitivity, the readability of contrapuntal lines and clarity of articulation.The culmination of this "baroque renewal" can be found from the 1950s, with performers such as Jean-François Paillard and Marie-Claire Alain who, within the young firm Erato, will allow to a mass audience to taste the music of the cantor, first in France, then in Europe, the United States, and Japan.In Germany, Karl Richter gained an international audience with the religious works of J.-S. Bach.If there is anyone who owes everything to Bach, it is God" (Emil Cioran).Finally, let us add that this music, even revisited (Jacques Loussier or Wendy Carlos), transposed, even...

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Masochism Essay

Penetrated by arrows, "pierced".Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of homosexuals.An avatar of the torture of the breasts of Saint Agatha, and that the masochist eroticizes.In festive masochistic relationships, it often happens that the dominant places clamps on the subject's breasts.Violence allows redemption and vice is, as Cioran would say, "a flight of the flesh out of its fate, says Roland Jaccard".

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Romania Essay

As a result, its image is, like that of other countries, mixed.Romania's codes are: .Romania's international cultural influence remains modest, despite the militant action of Romanian cultural centers operating alongside embassies and stringing together festivals, exhibitions and conferences on the most diverse and modern subjects, in a multi-cultural and European spirit.Romanian culture (in the broad sense) therefore shines above all through personalities, born and raised for the most part in present-day Romania and Moldova but having sometimes expressed themselves in other languages ​​or possessing another nationality or dual nationality, which was sometimes the consequence of the "brain drain" especially to Western Europe and the Unit...

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Ludwig van Beethoven Essay

Seyfried thus gave the false impression that Beethoven himself had written a treatise on composition.He "could not refuse this wish to such a high-ranking figure, although he had little inclination to give composition lessons to anyone and had no experience in the matter. ""Archduke Rudolf, the Emperor's younger brother of Austria, decided to take composition lessons with Beethoven."In 1832, this 'course' was published by conductor Ignaz Seyfried under the title 'Ludwig van Beethoven's Studien im Generalbasse, Contrapuncte und in der Compositions-Lehre'.In the summer of 1809 he copied selected passages from the most important books of compositions of that time, by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Daniel Gottlob Türk, Johann Philipp Kirnberger,...

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Marcus Aurelius Essay

The subject of the painting death of Marc Aurèle inspired a painting by Pierre Félix Trezel (exhibited at the Salon of 1806) and Eugène Delacroix, which represents the Last Words of the Emperor Marc Aurèle in a painting presented at the Salon of 1845 (Lyon, Musée des Beaux-Arts ).A bas-relief medallion representing Marc Aurèle cared for by Galien was produced by the sculptor Louis-Aimé Lejeune for the facade of the “new Faculty of Medicine”, rue des Saints-Pères in Paris, between 1950 and 1953.He is performed by Alec Guinness and Richard Harris respectively.In The Fall of the Roman Empire, he is poisoned by a group of conspirators who believe they will benefit from Commodus' accession to power, and, in Gladiator, it is the latter who ass...

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Paris Essay

He is the first director and the creator of the first Film Studio.Georges Méliès is known for the developments he brought to the techniques of cinema, mainly in the field of script and special effects.but Paris liberated!Paris martyred!”(Famous sentence of General de Gaulle pronounced during his speech given at 7 pm, on the Place de l'Hotel-de-Ville, on the evening of August 25, 1944, the very day of the Liberation of Paris).

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