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The Solomon Islands and the Problem of Sustainability

Loggers will learn that cutting down huge amounts of trees in one place can cause vast amounts of environmental change throughout the island.On land changes that could benefit the islands environment are changes in mining and restrictions on mining.The main cash crops of the island are copra, palm oil, and cocoa.If all of the above opportunities could be used or tried, the Solomon Islands environmental state could improve.The only large plantation on the island producing copra is the Lever Solomon Ltd. (LSL)1.

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Negotiation Simulation Essay

An agreement with the Island Queen is expected to provide greater income per tourist for the island than an agreement with any of the other cruise lines because of the Island Queen’s wealthier clientele.As the director of cruise ship operations for Island Queen, Inc., the Board of Directors has authorised you to negotiate with the mayor of Tropical Island, Gil Egan, to secure exclusive anchoring and disembarkation rights to the island.While most port visits are currently only one day, market research indicates that passenger demand for Tropical Island will probably exceed the capacity that the island can reasonably accommodate in a single day.If enough passengers were permitted extended stays of two or more days on the island, this optio...

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Diaoyu Islands

The United States take no position regarding the dispute of the Senkaku Islands.Victoria Nuland, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States, said the following about the dispute: ‘’With regard to the islands that you mentioned, which the United States calls the Senkakus, we also take no position on the ultimate sovereignty of those islands.Besides of this, Japan admitted this by publishing a book where they painted the islands just like China in the late 18th century.They analysis the local ecosystem, studied the local marine life, and examined whether the island would support human habitation.As you can see, both parties have their own reasons why the islands belongs to them.

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Whitsunday Islands Essay

The Whitsundays archipelago is made up of 74 islands, of which only 17 are inhabited.To sleep while camping on the Whitsunday Islands, you must first purchase a camping permit.The Whitsunday Islands are served by two main airports: .The 13 islands you can camp on are Denman Island, Henning Island, Hook Island, Lindeman Island, Long Island, North Molle Island, Planton Island, Shaw Island, South Molle Island, South Repulse Island, Tancred Island, Thomas Island and Whitsunday Island.The Tilt Train is a new train service in the Whitsunday Islands region operating three times a week in the North / South direction.

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Evolution Essay

The red line on the graph represents the finches on Darwin island and the blue line represents the finches on Wallace island.0 km, the size of Wallace island is 0. km, there are about 20 eggs in the finches clutch on Darwin island, and there are half that amount laid by the finches on Wallace island.One population of the finches that are located Darwin Island, which is 1 km, and the other population of finches are located on Wallace Island, which is about half the size of Darwin island.The red line represents the finches on Darwin island and the bleu line represents the finches on Wallace island.On the other hand, I hypothesize that the population of finches on Wallace Island will decrease as well as their clutch size resulting in a poss...

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Ellis Island Essay

Golden Door, the story of Sicilian migrants released in 2006, takes place partly on Ellis Island and ends with scenes on the island.Ellis Island Hospital documentary filmed by Lorie Conway; interdisciplinary artist Meredith Monk also directed an eponymous short film in 1981 chronicling the arrival of immigrants on the island.Originally called Little Oyster Island, it was named Ellis Island in reference to Samuel Ellis, a settler probably from Scotland, who owned it in the 1770s, before it was bought by the State of New York.Among the first films showing the island, we can cite A Citizen in the Making (1912), Traffic in souls (1913), The Yellow Ticket (1916), The Emigrant by Charlie Chaplin (1917), My Boy (1921) , The Strong Man (1926), W...

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As an Hispanic American Essay

In the 1800s, two important things happened which set Ellis Island on a path to its place in American history; in 1808, the State of New York purchased the island, making it public property and increasing its use as a defensive military position.For Ellis Island, the great numbers of immigrants who came through it can trace their beginning to Annie Moore, the first immigrant to be processed through Ellis Island.The Effect of Ellis Island on America and Immigrants Themselves It has been seen that Ellis Island had a huge effect on the safety of the nation and the people who came to the country to start a new life.Sadly, a huge fire spread across Ellis Island in 1897, killing many people and destroying all of the buildings on the island, bu...

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Impact of Humans on Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands is an alluring tourist destination for many due to its climate conditions, geological features, and water bodies.Moreover, it was known to be made up of fifteen islands (Sward, 2014) and the population of the community living in this area at the time was estimated to be over 600 people (Toronto Island Community Association, n.d.).From Island Water Treatment Plant, n.d.. .The people that did decide to stay were forced to live in the Algonquin Island or Ward’s Island since the homes on the other Islands were destroyed and used for the airport, the school, nursery, and amusement parks (Toronto Islands, n.d.).The treatment plant was mainly used as a backup when other treatment plants were out of service for maintenance (I...

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Poems “Island Man” and “The Fringe of the Sea”

While this is not like the way London is, it is unclean and monotonous compared to a rich tropical island, and you can see why island man seems reluctant to return.“And to hear // it’s call and murmurs wherever we may be.” This is very much true for “Island Man”, because he hears the sea of the island in his head, in London, and everywhere.The third verse, “To know it is swaying near to us // with songs, and tides, and endless boatways, // and undulate patterns and moods” suggests that the island community never tire of the sea and the island, not unlike the island man.It suggests eagerness to amaken, while Island Man wants to stay asleep, and to return to his dream island.The first verse gives a good example of this: “We do not like to ...

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“Island Man” and “The Fringe Of The Sea” Essay

However this is almost certainly how Island Man must have felt on his island, as he has different feelings away from it, so they do resemble each other in that sense – showing both sides of waking up at home and away.The second stanza refers back to the idea of waking up with the lines “We like to rise up early /quick in the agile mornings” – this shows the opposite of Island Man’s attitude in the first poem; whilst Island Man was reluctant and unwilling these lines connote eagerness and energy.It is apparent immediately that once again the poem is about people who live upon a small island, although there is no information about its location – as there was in Island Man (in a parenthesis at the start of the poem).This is also very simila...

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British Virgin Islands Essay

The British Virgin Islands adopted the US dollar as its currency.The main inhabited islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Peter Island and Salt Island.The British Virgin Islands are coded: .In addition, the two other poles of activity of the British Virgin Islands are tourism and boating.The economy of the British Virgin Islands is closely linked to its status as a tax haven.

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Christmas Island Essay

Christmas Island has the following codes: .This island became Australian territory on October 1, 1958 with the entry into force of the Christmas Island Act 1958–59.Christmas Island receives the Golden West Network (GWN), a Western Australian commercial television network broadcast, as well as ABC, SBS and TWIN-TV, all in English.The flag of the territory of Christmas Island was created in 1986 during a competition organized by the County Council (Christmas Island Shire Council) for the creation of an island flag.The island is 21 km long, 18 km wide (the latter dimension descending to 5 km in the center of the island) and covers an area of ​​136 km2.

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The Historical background and current situation of the UAE-Iran dispute over three islands Essay

Protests against this move by the ruler of Sharjah were supported by the British Resident, who demanded that Iran submit evidence of ownership to the island.As a result, the British government demanded that Iran explain hoisting of its flag on the Sirri Island as well as provide evidence of its claims to the Island.However, Iran agrees that negotiations over Abu Musa can be conducted based on an MOU that will ensure UAE sovereignty over the island does not compromise Iran’s economic, security and strategic interests in the Gulf region.Over the years, Iran has been making efforts to increase its military presence on the Island of Abu Musa by building an airport on the island and stationing troops on the Island.Iran’s desire to have contro...

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Minority Groups: Pacific Islanders Essay

According to Healey and O’Brien (2007), there is a tendency among islanders to “…be bipolar and occupy positions at the very top and the very bottom of the job market” (p. 305).Perhaps this is due to the fact that many of them self-contain themselves to island communities; but regardless of where they live, they are mostly a favored minority group.Within the islander community, anyone who is from a Pacific island is considered to be part of the same culture.The population of other Pacific Islanders in the United States began to rise after 1965, when immigration laws changed.This will allow newer generations to improve their socioeconomic status while still preserving their island culture.

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Kasanayan Sa Filipino Essay

[2] The province of Romblon is composed of three larger islands; Romblon Island at the center where the provincial capital is located, Tablas Island to the west, and Sibuyan Island to the east.Southwest monsoon winds or Habagat pass through the province from June to October while northeasterly winds or Amihan blows through the islands from December to February.This Turtle Sanctuary Project is Sponsored by Chris Bech and his wife Theresa – Beach Land Estate Inc. Tablas Island.The province is composed of three major islands: Romblon, where the capital city of Romblon is located, Tablas, the largest island in the province, and Sibuyan, the easternmost island.Being an archipelago, its coasts are dotted with numerous fine, white sand beaches ...

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Analysis of Senkaku/Diaoyu Dispute & Role of Us in Diffusing the Issue

United States had considered Senkaku Islands as part of the Ryukyu island chain and had taken control of it.However, it also has been U.S. policy since 1972 that the 1960 U.S.-Japan Security Treaty covers the islets, because Article 5 of the treaty stipulates that the United States is bound to protect “the territories under the Administration of Japan” and Japan administers the Senkaku Islands.Chinese authorities did not assert claims to the islands during the time the islands were under US administration; formal claims were registered in 1971 when the US was preparing to end its administration.On November 29, 2012, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved an amendment to National Defence Authorization Act for the year 2013 stating the Japan...

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Visitor Management Plan for Greek Island Case Study

(2006, p. 71), the first threat to the tourism industry in Crete Island is the uncoordinated planning and development of tourism within the Crete Island.As the Crete Island grows, its population has increased and criminal activities have increased threatening tourism in the Crete Island.In addition, locals could be attracted to Crete Island tourism through increased link between culture and the lifestyle of people in Crete Island.The location of firms in the Crete Island in itself is strength for the Crete Island because it researches and promotes best tourist activities for the Crete Island.According to Noonan (2006), Crete Island has the opportunity of establishing a holiday seaport that accommodates cruise ships, boutique ships and le...

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The Environmental Change and the Collapse of Easter Island Essay

But, because Easter Island was an island almost completely isolated from the rest of the world , these factors cannot have played an important role in the collapse of the island.However, the people did not consider the fact that the island was not able to reproduce enough resources.The cannibalism in combination with the lack of wood and food caused the decreasing of the population and the collapse of Easter Island.This led to environmental change because the island itself had not enough biological resources to refill the stock.Once the environmental situation on the island got worse and all the food was gone, the inhabitants of the island turned to the only food left: humans.

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Introduction To Office Administration Information Technology Essay

The councils will bring massive changes to island office workers roles.At that time responsibility of island chief was to organize, control and monitor the vice island chief’s works.In the future the island office has taken much more responsibilities of the island and public as the technology was introduced the working environment is more comfortable and with sophisticated equipments the administrative process are faster and more convenient.The island office would be evolving with the new technologies.Other than the island chief there were two more vice island chiefs.

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Evolution of the Finch on Darwin & Wallace Island

The population increased to 351 for the Darwin Island finch, and 444 for the Wallace Island finch.The scientist believed that if the precipitation was to increase at Darwin and Wallace Island, the finch beak would enlarge in size.Since the discovery of a small population of finches, scientist have been able to determine that precipitation helped the finch population increase in size on Darwin and Wallace Island.The decrease of the finch beaks at Wallace island measured at 11.61 mm.On the 3rd experiment for Darwin Island, the independent variable was increased to, while the independent variable for Wallace Island increased to 68. cm.

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Essay on Fire Island, A Historical Overview

Yet other explanations of the naming of Fire Island come from without a doubt "Fire."Long Island resident William Smith was given a vast area of land on Long Island as... ....eople on the east side of the fence” or just plainly “oh you are one of them”, to Ocean Beach and its many shops and bar/restaurants which is widely known as the land of no which is ironic since it is the biggest party town on the island.The origin of Fire Island's name is not quite clear; there are many stories as to where the Island got its name.The Native Americans may have used fires to signal the mainland; as did the whalers when they required supplies from mainland Long Island.

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Two Popular Places for Vacation Essay

If I choose one place, I think Jeju Island is better place to go on vacation because it contains many different features from inland once, which are dialects, unique rocks (basalt), tropical plants and so forth.I have been to Jeju Island with my parents in December, 2010.These are enough to attract more people to visit Jeju Island.We should collaborate to advertise Jeju Island.I think it is the reason why Koreans also enjoy when they go to Jeju Island.

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Species-area Relationship of Herpetofaunas in West Indies

What geographic factors may determine species richness over the whole range of island sizes?According to the equilibrium theory (MacArthur and Wilson, 1967), the relationship between immigration and the extinction of species to island depends on the island size and its distance to mainland.X12 Area of the island .X1 and X3 are used to examine species dispersal from mainland; X2 is used to examine the nearness to equator; X4, X5, X6, X7 are used to examine stepping stones in each loop circle; X8, X9, X10, X11 are used to examine total area of stepping stones in each loop circle; X12 is used to examine area effect; X13 and X14 are used to examine shape (irregularity) of island; X15, X17 are used to examine habitat quality; X16, X18, X19 ar...

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Prince Edward Island Essay

In 1988, following the court decision R. v. Morgentaler (1988), the then opposition Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island tabled a motion calling for the abortion ban to be upheld in hospitals across the province; the then incumbent Prince Edward Island Liberal Party under the leadership of Premier Joe Ghiz nodded and the ban was upheld.Its inhabitants call it quite simply "the island" but it is also nicknamed the "garden of the Gulf", the "farm of one million hectares", the "cradle of Confederation" or the "potato island".According to the rules of typography, we write Prince Edward Island for the island, and Prince Edward Island for the province.In Scottish Gaelic, its name is Eilean a ’Phrionnsa (Prince's Island) or Ei...

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The History Of The Galapagos Islands

There is a real correlation between conservation and development in the Galapagos Islands.The Ecotourism has permitted tourism to continue and progress in the Galapagos Islands, even if its biodiversity is very protected, thanks to a very strict conservation policy, rules and controls.Generally, in poor countries, the primary resources permit to survive (water, minerals, trees) but Ecotourism in the Galapagos Islands has provided an alternative source of incomes.To sum up, the Galapagos Islands example shows that Ecotourism requires a very well balance between economy and environment.The low-impact tourism developed in the Galapagos has benefited the islands.

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Comparing and contrasting between two poems Essay

A phrase from each poem could possibly link this to each poem, for example in ‘Island Man’ on the fourth line it says ‘In his head’ and in ‘Blessing’ on the third line it says ‘Imagine’.‘Grey metallic soar’ and ‘Dull, north circular roar’ are used to describe London as really dull and having a lack of colour, whereas the island appeared to be very colourful, for example ‘ Blue surf’ and ‘sun surfacing defiantly’ and ’emerald island’.For instance in ‘Island Man’ he continuously dreams about the island where he possibly grew up and where he wants to be everyday instead of the dull and stressful life that he is currently living in London.And also because in ‘Blessing’ they are longing for something which they need to survive (water), wherea...

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The Krakatoa Island

This island lies 4,776km from Krakatoa.Most amazing of all is the fact that four hours after the blast occurred, it was heard on the island of Rodrigues.Forsaken island and Long Island were in 1883 the remnants of this caldera.Instead, slow and steady eruptions piled up lava and ash to form a new island.Animal such as birds and insects came to the island to take advantage of the rich plant life.

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Anselm’s Ontological Argument

(2)It is completely possible that ‘Best island’ can exist within reality; ‘Best island’, no matter whether it actually exists within reality, can exist within some circumstances, therefore ‘Best island’ may possibly have existed within our world.It mentions nothing of the depth of water surrounding the island, whether or not there are inhabitants of the island, the size of the island etc.In other words there is nothing within the definition of an island that allows for maximum greatness within a certain island.(6)Because ‘Best island’ is the greatest and there is nothing which can be greater than ‘Best Island’ (as stated in point 1) then this argument shows that there is a possible island which is greater than the island that no island c...

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Geography of Barbados

Sugar cane was first introduced on the island of Barbados in the mid-1630s.The rest of the island is relatively flat, but elevates as it rises to the Central Highlands.Many of the natives that were not captured fled the island to other windward island to find strength in numbers in combating the Spanish.Captain John Powell, who claimed the island for King James I of England, officially claimed it.The island has a tropical climate and it rarely falls below seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

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An Analysis Of Treasure Island

Treasure Island: Analysis of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is an exciting adventure story full of exotic stories.Cherish yourselfAt Robert Stevenson 's Treasure Island, the hero' s gym tried to win Captain Flint, the legendary wealth, when he lied to deceive pirates.Text Treasure Island itself represents the world we live in, many dangerous and rewarding worlds."Treasure Island".- "Treasure Island" was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and published in 1883, but from 1881 to 1882 it was named "Ocean Chef" for children's magazine "Young People", but it was later changed It was.

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