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Supporting people to express themselves

I will also use the cases of Mick and Owen (K101 DVD, The Open University, 2010), who were infected with HIV and will expand my answer with an overview of group support.Found it a bit tricky.TMA 03 – Part B .Ryan, T. and Walker, R. (2010) ‘6: Why do life story work?’, K101 Resources, Milton Keynes, The Open University .Bornat, J. and Barnes, F. (2010) ‘Unit 6: Group lives’, K101 ‘Block 2: Working with life experience’, Milton Keynes, The Open University .

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Essay about Health and Social Care

This essay will look at case studies in K101 Block 2 to demonstrate why the principle is important and how care workers can apply different methods of putting it into practice....) K101 An introduction to health and social care, Unit 5,’Working with life experience’ Milton Keynes, The Open University .One of the five key principles of care practice is to ‘Support people in having a voice and being heard,’ (K101, Unit 4, p.183).The Open University (2010) K101 An introduction to health and social care, DVD, Unit 5, video 5.1 ‘Life story work: Jordan Morgan’s life story book’ Milton Keynes, The Open University .Children respond to stimuli which in turn form the ‘internal working model’ (K101, Unit 5).

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The Importance to Care Users of Being Heard Essay

The disempowered and unheard will be supported by their carers and therefore will be enabled to make their own contribution to society.For my first example I will use Life Story Work and Jordan Morgan (K101, unit 5) a boy who has spent a great deal of his short life in the care system.For such children, making sense of their lives can be challenging and the boundaries between truth and fiction may be difficult to dete... ... middle of paper ... ...unheard a voice, and to support and enable people to reach their full potential through communication of their wishes and feelings.The Open University 2011 K101: An Introductory to Health and Social Care DVD, Block 2, Unit 7, Task 4, Resource, Milton Keynes, The Open University.The Open Univers...

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Title Essay

This will be a brief summary of one of the TGF discussions relating to Book 2 and what you have learned from it.We expect you to participate in all TGF discussions for Book 2. .This part of the TMA is worth 30 marks.The second 5 marks for Part II are based on another piece of work which will be a short report you will submit in the same file as Part 1 of the TMA, at the end.4 TMA 02 Part II Part II of TMA 02 is worth the other 10 marks (the TMA is marked out of a total of 100).

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Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA) Instrumentation

Figure 3: TMA probe types (left-right): compression, penetration, tension, volumetric [ 7 ].8.Menard, K.P., .A purge gas is used during the TMA measurements.The calibration of the instrument needs to be done before using the TMA.Figure 1: The simple schematic diagram of TMA [ 1 ].

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Role of Complement Factors on NCIPH

The factors causing TMA include pathogenic infections, immunosuppressive drugs and blood group incompatibility (7) however, the mechanisms of toxicity remain indistinct.Studies on TMA implicate elevation of (mention specific cytokines) these cytokines in thrombosis (ref) and hence the role of these factors in NCIPH will be evaluated.Secondly the extent of complement activation and its participation in development of TMA will be assessed in NCIPH patients.For platelet adhesion experiments on invitro cell lines platelet rich plasma will be incubated for 15 minutes, washed and imaged for platelet adhesion.ADAMTS13 is a disintegrin and metalloprotease with eight thrombospondin-1-like domains composed of an amino-terminal reprolysin-type meta...

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2001: A Space Odyssey Essay

It was kind of like he had been reborn and watching himself in the third person was kind of like a wake up call for him to get up and start doing something with his life.I believed the ending of the movie was a little bit of a mixture of emotions.The black monolith appears at the foot of his bed and as he reaches for it, he is transformed into some sort of baby-like-being enclosed in a light floating along next to the earth, like a star.I also thought that it was said when Bowman was watching his life in third-person.He sees a lot of different things including aliens.

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Working environments for carers are often the living environments for care receivers

Although adequate, suggestions have been made by the staff for improvements such as brighter rooms and tiles in the bathroom to create a more pleasant working environment.Both have their distinctive living / working areas but the boundaries are blurred as the care workers are, to all intents and purposes, entering the homes of individuals and sharing communal spaces.Even though a professional distance is maintained, staff members are considered to be friends to the tenants rather than just care worker staff fit in with daily lives of tenants and their relatives promote tenants connections with local clubs mosque and shop.Not only had the physical environment improved by having the adaptations carried out, Veronica was able to take back c...

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Working and learning: developing effective performance at work Essay

Continue with my scouting for new ways to improve my future objective and start to prepare for my TMA after concluding what I found on improving time and my career options.My personal time and laptop will play a major role in preparing for my TMA3 Post more comment on TGF and share new information found.Specific– To manage my time over the next 4 weeks and prioritise my objective into two categories of my TMA 3 and in the dairy journal.This TMA 3 incident report will show a brief explanation of how the material I read in connection to my first Work base learning using A Fairweather 2006 7 simple steps to planning your days learning objectives and the four concepts of Kolb’s learning cycle (1994), in how I can plan and control my daily ti...

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Making And Remaking On City Road Essay

Evaluations are drawn from the relevant Open University reading and visual resources and the essay is revised following ‘TMA 01 feedback’ (TMA FORM PT3e: TMA No 01, 2016).In conclusion, this essay has outlined an example range of ‘making and remaking’ on City Road in relation to ‘connections and disconnections’.Meanwhile, businessman Nof Al-Kelaby provides examples of making and remaking on City Road, in relation to connections and disconnections between people and places.Eventually, the online community connected universally with visitors, particularly those from America and Turkey and is now proving popular.Having arrived... .

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The History of Wal-Mart

(Suneja, 2000, B200 pg.61) Finally, Wal-Mart’s acquisition of ASDA has clearly shown how through the cross-border acquisitions MNC’s are able to achieve their growth and improve their profitability, it has also shown that by entering new markets they may also bring certain advantages, although not always equally beneficial for all the parties involved, still, they can have positive impacts on them.With every entry into new markets companies are facing certain problems, in regard to Wal-Mart, it has encountered certain cultural issues.Additionally, ASDA/Wal-Wart was accused multiple times by charities and trade unions for the violation of its employee rights and their exploitation.(OU case study for B200 TMA 07, 2005 pg.The introduction o...

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Reduction Of Cigarette Consumption By The Uk Government Economics Essay

However, since the regulations of the UK government are not strong enough the consequence of tobacco consumption is not satisfying.Only by increasing taxation of tobacco can lessen the demand of cigarettes.The Health Act 2009 plans to ban the presentation of tobacco products and constrain the format of tobacco advertising in large shops from 1 October 2013 (Department of Health, 2010).On the other hand, tobacco companies should observe the tobacco policy.Moreover, it is vital for the UK legislators to strengthen the policy and completely constrain tobacco advertising.

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Analysis of Local Government Finances in Multan District

The record of TMA is old; there is no practice of periodic update; and monitoring system is weak.It has been observed that service delivery potential of the TMA is weak because of its inability to meet all the expenditures.Component 1: The first component involved conducting a comprehensive literature review to see the national, regional and international trends in local resource mobilisation and issues faced by the system.A research study carried out by Provincial Program Support Office, DSP, Punjab ‘Tax and Non Tax Receipt Database Development – TMA Khanewal’ in 2005 indicates that there is substantial potential of increase in revenues without enhancing the rates.The above table shows the break up of development expenditure for the T...

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Analysis of Economics and Finances of Multan District

The above table shows the break up of development expenditure for the TMA.It has been observed that service delivery potential of the TMA is weak because of its inability to meet all the expenditures.Component 1: The first component involved conducting a comprehensive literature review to see the national, regional and international trends in local resource mobilisation and issues faced by the system.Short-term notes are used by an issuer to raise money for a variety of reasons: in anticipation of future revenues such as taxes, state or .TMA on the other hand have significant revenue generation and use this to their advantage and work with autonomy.

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Assess Your Own Progress As A Student English Language Essay

Therefore, I had to spend a lot of time trying to learn how to justify my key points better and I have to some extent rectified this as can be seen by my rising grades.I have enjoyed this course so much when I started the course it was because I wanted to learn structure and improve my writing skills and AA100 was compulsory course for degree I wanted.I have made use of information that is included in the assessors’ comments on each tma to analyse what I have been doing wrong and used this information to help plan and improve on each subsequent tma.After reviewing tma06 I Have found a major area I need to concentrate on In the past essays I have cut material to get down to the word limit.I have found this is causing my essays not to read...

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Overview of Financial Affairs of Local Government of Multan Essay

Karachi: Oxford University Press.Shah, A., Ahmed, S., Boadway, R., Chaudry, S. A., Huther, J., Mukhtar, H., et al.Fiscal Federalism in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities.SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY -AUSTIN , 78 (1), 109-121.Canadian Tax Journal , 51, Pt 6, 2215-2275.

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List of stakeholders

For a business to believe in quality in its product, its staff, its services or its processes can give it the edge over its competitors especially if that business is trying to break into an existing market.Being the main factor in the discussions, Some excellent points were made and I think it gave everybody something else to think about.I think it will also help him to make a rational decision for the company on the basis of a merge or not.Communication was the main topic in the discussion.Strengths Wide variety of choice .

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Bridge Syllabus 2012-2013 Essay

• Meet the student mentor outside of class before October 1.Inappropriate student behavior not conducive to the proper functioning of the class will be identified and dealt with immediately.August 30 Rest of Knowledge Orals September 6 Medical Museum September 13 Service Project and Advising September 20 TBA September 27 Role of Science in American Culture, Ethics and Science October 4 Principles of Undergraduate Education, Professional and Graduate Programs October 11 Eiteljorg Museum; Career Assignment due October 18 Study abroad, Next semester’s profs, Scrapbook and Schedules with sections due October 25 Registration, Pizza, Last Class.Inappropriate talking, eating, texting or working on other coursework during the class session shoul...

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Mechanical action Essay

Indeed, the torsor {T 1/2} {\ displaystyle \ {{\ mathcal {T}} _ {1/2} \}} represents the action of part 1 on part 2, and consists of writing in any point B the coordinates of the force vector and the moment vector of the statically equivalent action; speaks of "reduction of the torsor at point B".According to the principle of reciprocal actions, part 2 also exerts a pressure on 1 which is equal and opposite to the action of 1 in 2: .For example, if the contact is summed up in a point, example part 1 is a sphere and part 2 is a plane, we can only exert a force perpendicular to the fulcrum.A contact action can also correspond to a torque, this is the case for example of a motor shaft 1 driving a device 2 in rotation.A contact action can co...

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Insight into Tricare

Tricare (2012) .UNT Digital Library.Medical Briefing – Commission Site Visit to the TRICARE Management Activity.Accessed January 19, 2013. .The Trey Research Monthly, 53, 149-150. .

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Ema Essay

Where is your word count?Some key factors influencing culture are: Which industry or sector he business is in, and how much and what type of .Many cultural element of a business is not obvious, but there has been attempts in the academic literature to develop definition and identify influencing factors.competition it faces The procedures and policies within the business – ever-evolving, but often a good indicator of underlying values.MARKING GRID Part I Maximum Marks Your Marks Question 1 (a) Identify the problems faced by Lodge Bistro that relate to the study session chosen Explicit identification of the study session chosen20 List of problems106 Why these are problems and how these affect Lodge Bistro1814 Total marks Q1(a)30 20 .

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Effects Of Making Assumptions Based On Stereotypes Social Work Essay

It is essential to identify that there are different religious, cultural and other particular needs of people, therefore care workers should also see service users as individuals and tailor care according to their individual preferences so that appropriate services can be provided.It is important for care workers to avoid being condescending when disabled people are accompanied by their cares but should communicate directly with the disabled persons.An example of this was demonstrated in with an account given by Roz, a white nurse when a patient’s wife made loud racist remarks that ‘she thought it was disgusting that her husband should be in a bay with three black men on their own’ which offended the men.An example of this provided in K1...

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Application Of Phase Diagram Of Two Components Biology Essay

Thus, with lowering of temperature, the liquid composition will change from point 1 to point 2 to point 3 to point E as the temperature is lowered from T1to T2to T3to TErespectively.Since we looking at a system at constant pressure, the phase rule in this case is F = C +1 – P.  The eutectic point is therefore an invariant point.(Compositions might also be expressed as mole fraction of A or B, in which case the total must add up to 1).Therefore, according to rule 1, composition X, which is made up of a mixture of 80% A and 20% B, will have, as its final crystalline product a mixture of 80% crystals of A and 20% crystals of B. .The value of F is reduced by 1.

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Ethical statement Essay

(c) Page 50 .In study topic eighteen it says “As a community of practice evolves, its function is to reflect collaboratively and develop shared approaches” (Craft A., Reed M., Jones C., Goodliff G and Callan C 2012 pg 153) This links into the work I completed during study topic two and while completing TMA 01 ‘The influence of policy in my early years setting’.After completing this TMA I decided to do some research into the work of Mary Ainsworth and John Bowlby, following my research I thought of a way in which I could improve the way in which my settings key person scheme works.(b) page 47 Reed M and Rees M. (2000) ‘Working in teams in early years settings’ Cable C., Miller L and Goodliff G. ‘working with children in the Early Years’...

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Mescaline Essay

In Pedro Almodóvar's film Passengers Lovers (2013), several characters take mescaline, either voluntarily or without their knowledge, during their flight.Some writers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Henri Michaux were heavy consumers of mescaline.The film reflects well the hallucinogenic aspect which manifests itself in particular by the constant fear of others in their prolonged delusions.Michaux has dedicated a book to him, Miserable Miracle, in which he talks about his personal experience with this drug.In the movie Matrix (1999), the character of Choi, who buys a pirate program from Neo at the beginning of the film, alludes to it as being for him "the only way to get high".

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Understand and Prevent Dengue Fever Essay

Thrombocytopenia (100 000 cells mm−3 or less) .Case definition for DHF .Petechiae, ecchymosed or purport .DHF is clinically defined by high fever, hemorrhagic manifestations, thrombocytopenia and evidence of plasma leakage (Table 1).Bleeding from the mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, injection sites or other locations Haematemesis or melaena .

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The Center of Medicaid and Medicare Services Essay

This will function through interactions and supply many Americans with affordable and accessible coverage.Bardach, E. (2008).There is anticipation that the CMS will participate with states to generate new, aggressive health insurance markets by 2014.There is also provision for the new consumer education efforts and outreach to assist consumers appraise their choices and decide on their eligibility free schemes.It also ensures employers reimbursement to assist meeting partial cost of offering health reimbursement for early retirees.

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How can care workers be supported to provide better care?

It is essential to provide guidelines and records that are clear and easy to follow, to create the balance between paperwork and good quality care.(Eds),’Understanding Health and Social Care’, An Introductory Reader, 2nd Edn, London, Sage/Milton Keynes, The Open University.It can show whether these actions were reasonable and justified, or inappropriate, in which case, care workers would have to face the consequences.G. Lee-Treweek (1994) ‘Bedroom abuse: the hidden work in a nursing home’ in Johnston, J. and De Souza, J.When dealing with challenging behaviour, record-taking can serve as helpful tool.

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Improving Concordance to Smoking Cessation Treatment

‘Self-efficacy’ is a term introduced by Bandura (1997) as a cognitive mechanism underlying behavioural change.For example, a nicotine patch may indeed help patient X to quit smoking, but a patient Z who not only has nicotine patches but also told his family and colleagues (especially those who smoke) about his quit attempt and ask for their support, is likely to be more successful than someone who relies on nicotine patches and willpower alone because social support enhances the likelihood of adherence (TMA, 2009; McEwen et al, 2006; Medicines Partnership, 2003).According to this theory, efficacy determines whether coping behaviour is initiated and maintained when faced with obstacles (e.g.After approximately six months in the action sta...

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Why does street crime have such a hold on the public imagination

One possible problem with the law is that in tends to look at domestic violence as pathological, offering services to ‘seek out’ why they behave they do, or offering programmes allowing them to discuss with others why it is they believe they behave the way they do.Domestic violence challenges the boundary between public and social order.Women’s Aid groups have for over the past three decades argued that men have used their masculinities to dominate and control their families, exploiting their power by intimidating and abusing their status in the household.However, home is not always a safe environment, and yet until very recently ‘hidden crimes’, many of those which occur outside the home, may be happening between family members in what ...

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