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Myths Into Performance; Difference Between Showing and Doing

Gray was impressed with Schechner because he encouraged Gray to “be myself first,” before acting a role or taking a character.By the time Gray had enough of being forced to re-enact fake emotions, instead of his true emotions, he met Schechner.Schechner wanted to leave the emotions or images left up to the performer.Richard Schechner taught his actors facial expressions, muscle movements, voice projections should be natural, not an automatic forgotten gesture, while concentrating on technique.According to Schechner, “On stage, as in life, there is no right way or wrong way, only what works and what doesn’t” (Richard Schechner, 2002).

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Social Sciences In Theatre

The biologist Laborit sees behavioral functions associated with theatre as liberating.Sociologists see theatre in the social structures we face on a daily basis.He sees ritual performance as an inherent quality in every human.Schechner even goes so far as to define theatre anthropology.Schechner focuses solely on anthropology and its use in theatre.

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The Theory of Performance Essay

Richard Schechner, a professor of performance studies has had a huge and profound impact on the academic theory of performance.(Schechner, Performance Studies: An Introduction, 2002) November 26, 2012 .Schechner, R. (1995).In Performance Studies, Schechner asserts that “Performing onstage, performing in special social situations (public ceremonies, for example), and performing in everyday life are a continuum”.Performance Concepts and Performance Theory.

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The Definition of Avant Garde Essay

Visually our performance was simple; we combined movement and drama, with the poem being read over the music.Bibliography .The Twentieth Century Performance Reader, Edited by Michael Huxley and Noel Witts, Second edition – Published by Routledge, 2002. .Although simple because we had five different people displaying their personal interpretation of the journey, we allowed the audience to choose what they looked at or focussed on, also we wanted the performance to reach peoples senses so that even if a member of the audience closed their eyes, we felt we had created such an apt atmosphere that they could still recognise what was happening.We wanted to create a calm, slowly paced experience, enabling the audience to take in all aspects...

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Sexism, Womanism, sexuality and male dominance Essay

By the Light of my Father’s Smile.She is almost thankful for what she has encountered as she tells her lover, Pauline, that she did not really know herself until their relationship (Schechner).The Color Purple.Anniina Jokinen: 8 July, 1999.After her Father discovers this, he gives her a terrible hiding using a belt her lover made her (Schechner).

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Review of Schechner’s Performance Theory: Approach Essay

While space, it takes different structures of place to perform, whether it is a game, ritual, sports and theater.People seem to make ritual as a symbolization of human being.For example, each team in soccer player must have 11 people, while in theater it must contain player/actor and audience.Above the information, in this case, I personally agree on Murray’s statement, yet I as well disagree on the thought that theater comes from Greek.Therefore, in order to approach people, they make a primal ritual for Dionysus and each individual.

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Free Hamlet Essays: Hamlet Interpreted

Kitchen, Jeffrey.(Shakespeare, 152).Shakespeare, William.New York: Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press, 1994.Dramaturgic Analysis of Hamlet Prince of Denmark.

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Christian Biet Essay

Richard Schechner, Performance: experimentation and theory of theater in the USA, edition established by Anne Cuisset and Marie Pecorari, translated from English by Marie Pecorari and Marc Boucher, Montreuil-sous-Bois, 2008, Ed.Christian Biet has published articles in Communications, Droit et Société, Le Fablier, the Revue des Amis de Jean de La Fontaine, Les cahiers du GRIF, Classical literature, Criticism, Theatrical studies, Ligeia, Political reasons , Communication questions, Literary history review of France, Intermedialities: history and theory of arts, letters and techniques, Theater / Public.Karel Vanhaesebrouck, The myth of authenticity, readings, interpretations, dramaturgies of Britannicus by Jean Racine in France, 1669-2004 A...

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Whose Life Is It Anyway

John helps Ken to relax by treating him not as patient but a normal human being, but at the very end of the play Ken is feeling both calm and nervous.Ken although he is going to die, is pleased with his resulting win.Ken does this to upset the nurse, and after that comment you can tell that the nurse is a bit upset, but Ken reassures her he’s not mad with her.As we progress to the middle of the play you begin to see the serious side of Ken Harrison, he is making less jokes and his anger is becoming more obvious, we can see evidence of this more towards the end of the play as he snaps more often.At the beginning of this conversation Ken is being calm and friendly, but as the scene continues you get the impression Ken doesn’t like her, the...

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Whose Life Is It Anyway

Later Ken and Dr Scott talk about why Ken should or shouldn’t take the prescribed vallium.‘ Kens tone of voice shows the audience how certain ken is becoming about how he would like to be treated in the future and how willing he is to go ahead with Euthanasia.” Ken and Dr Scott have a more friendly relationship at this point in the play but when ken attempted to flirt with her she didn’t flirt back.I don’t think an audience would expect Ken to change his mind at the last minute because he has carried his argument through against his doctors.The relationship between ken and doctor Emerson is quite tense at the beginning of the play because ken doesn’t like the way doctor E treats his patients, he also thinks he is bigheaded.

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Ken Case Study

It is showing that why Ken will feeling alone.To tackle the problem , Ken shouldn’t keep him away anymore ,he can makes some new friends in the College , try to be more outgoing and participate more in group activities, build trust with the new friends.According to Erikson’s(1963)8 psychosocial stages the age in the 12-19 is development of personal identity , so when Ken feeling good from himself of good at study and the teachers was praised him also his parents love him so much it make Ken feel his is different from others and keep a distance the friends which from his high school, it’s make him become Self Esteem in Arrogant.Although Ken have to study hard to have a good marks in the college ,he still have try to make him having some r...

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Whose Life Is It Anyway? Essay

Ken makes the decision that he wishes to stop all medical intervention, he has a neurogenic bladder meaning without medical attention he would die within a week.To Ken his consciousness is the only thing he has, ken is petrified of losing the only thing he has left, the only thing he can control.Ken is granted his wish, and as the play comes to an end, a few words pass between Ken and his doctor.Ken asks why Emerson is displaying this sudden act of kindness, to which the reply is “Simple!The audience is left feeling as everyone around ken does at this moment, with one question lingering in their minds, “What If…?” .

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Jan & Ken: Managing Conflict in Relationships Essay

Q #7: Identify three places in the dialogue where Jan and Ken missed opportunities to manage conflict successfully.” By admitting to him that she had trusted Shannon and confided in her it would show Ken that her decision reflected badly on her and that it really wasn’t intentionally to go against him.Like the time I told you I was thinking about dropping out of school for one semester and you just happened to tell my dad?” (Cengage Learning, Jan and Ken).She could have replied, “ I am truly sorry Ken, can you ever forgive me?” .Ken, while focused on the content level of meaning, intended to attend to the relationship level of meaning (Wood, 2013, P. 238) by these statements, “ Jan, we need to talk.” and “ I thought I could trust you a...

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The Issues of Euthanasia in Whose Life Is It Anyway

Dr. Scott greets Ken in a bright, warm and friendly way opening Ken up to her.John becomes a friend to Ken because John is not false to him, trying to avoid saying anything that will upset or offend him; he is just himself, which Ken shows that he admires from a person.This shows John to be a good character and good people person and seems to interest Ken in his qualities without Ken becoming jealous.This causes Ken to want to talk to other people with everyday life problems that he used to be able to relate to from having them himself.Ken gets angry with her professionalism and how she always tries to avoid the reality, from an optimistic point of view.

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Brian Clark Whose Life Is It Anyway Essay

But through out this scene Ken changes his attitude and starts shouting and cursing.Through out the whole play Clark portrays Ken as a sex addict who loves to flirt with the younger nurses but we (as a reader) find this ok because all have a weak spot for this funny paraplegic individual.The main reason why he was shouting is because Ken dislikes the professionalism that goes on in the hospital.Brian Clark has made Ken use a certain amount of sarcasm and partly rhetorical questions to portray Ken to the reader as he is.Ken says Christ almighty, for god’s sake and other things.

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Business studies-intrapreneurship case study Essay

Intrapreneurship Case Study of the Sony Corporation, according to Ken Kutaragi PlayStation Intrapreneur The story of the Intrapreneurial (corporate entrepreneurial) corporate struggles, determination and the ultimate creation of the very successful Sony PlayStation by persistent and driven intrapreneur Ken Kutaragi, who’s international Intrapreneurial Success story has now become one of the most celebrated in business history.Ken Kutaragi has been often been referred to as “The Father of the PlayStation,” was well as all related Sony products, including Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation Portable, and the current Sony PlayStation 3.Ken is created with saying, “I wanted to prove that even regular company employees said no, [and] especia...

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Whose life is it anyway? Essay

This play is get and shows the emotion that Ken goes through, in the video it show how he fells about his fianc� and about the love of his act.His emotions are getting harder and harder to deal with in the play everyone knows how serious it is and when Ken tells his jokes it hurts the charter he point’s them to.“Have me on the floor sister please” using this quotation and others from the text explain Brain Clark’s use of humour in the character of Ken.!” but knowing doctor Emerson he does and doesn’t care what Ken says.John always try’s to make Ken happy he normal succeeds but it doesn’t go on for long in the video of the play he smuggles him done to the basement were his band are set up they play there reggae music to him while there ...

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Theatre Essays – Samuel Beckett

Artaud, Antonin (1985), , (London: John Calder) Beckett, Samuel (1961), , (London: Faber and Faber) Beckett, Samuel (1955), , (London: Faber and Faber) Begam, Richard (1996), , (Stanford: Stanford University Press) Bradbury, Malcolm and McFarlane, James (eds) (1991), , (London: Penguin) Butler, Judith (1999), , (London: Taylor and Francis) Cormier, Ramona and Pallister, Janis (1998), “En Attendent Godot: Tragedy or Comedy?”, published in Culotta Andonian, Cathleen (ed), , (London: Greenwood Press) Clurman, Harold (1998), “Happy Days: Review”, published in Culotta Andonian, Cathleen (ed), , (London: Greenwood Press) Eagleton, Terry (1992), , (London: Blackwell) Esslin, Martin (1968), , (London: Pelican) Foucault, Miche...

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Who’s Life Is It Anyway Essay

A key incident where Ken has had his dignity of choice removed was when he was forced to take the injection as one of a series of measures to keep him alive.The play writer has successfully achieved his purpose through the use of dramatic devices and has produced a strong purpose in showing the conflicting views and values of euthanasia in our society.Ken is a paraplegic resulted from an accident which stripped him from his dignity of choice, unable to make decisions himself.The conflict of desire is presented as Ken tells Dr Scott that he still has ‘’a man’s mind’’ and feels ‘tremendous sexual desires’ even though he knows that he can never again have a physical relationship.Ken says ‘’You doctors with your appalling so-called professio...

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Whose Life Is It Anyway?-by Brian Clark Essay

Ken Harrison considers he has the right to be discharged, and so to die.Ken tells DR Scott that he does not want to face the challenge of learning to cope with his situation and become “a computer section of a complex machine” Ken’s challenge is to convince the hospital that he should be released to die.Ken funds himself in a catch 22 situation, where his intelligence leads to want to die, but this intelligence is the hospital’s argument to keep him alive.Afterwards Ken had agreement from judge to be sent home.Ken maintains his right to a personal choice to be sent home where he will inevitably die because he can’t live with dignity.

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How Does Brian Clark Use Theatre to Dramatise The Euthanasia Debate?

To help attract the audience to pitying Ken and feeling sorry for his disability, Brian Clark uses Mrs Gillian Boyle, a Medical Social worker who is a ‘do-gooder’ in the play.The audience can pity Ken when he is in close contact with Mrs Boyle, which helps portray the suffering caused by Ken’s accident.Peter Kershaw also represents Ken’s challenges and is there as Ken’s Barrister to portray the things that Ken can no longer do, conveying to the audience that Ken really has got a terrible disability.They both feel very involved with Ken after spending the entire story looking after him or watching how he handles his condition.Ken and John are ‘on the same wavelength’ throughout the book, and Brian Clark uses this to emphasize the point th...

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Who Killed Change?

Ken Blanchard gives hints on what change is throughout the book he tells us that Change must align with the culture of the organization to succeed, also change must have a strong implementation with a strong follow-through.In conclusion Ken Blanchard’s book Who Killed Change brings to light that change is fragile and failure is common for change, but if you need change to succeed then there are things that can be done.Ken Blanchard tells us “Change can only be successful only when the usual characters in an organization combine their unique talents and consistently involve others in initiating, implementing ad sustaining change.” (Ken Blanchard 144) When comparing these two books they both contain general information on Change and other ...

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Jan and Ken Case Study Essay

How do you perceive Jan’s effort to convince Ken to forgive her?Ken could have tried opening the conversation more productively by saying something like, “Jan, do you have a few minutes?(This acknowledges to Jan that ken feels that her time is valuable), I would appreciate if we could talk about a problem that I am having.How can Jan and Ken move their conflict discussion into a win-win orientation?Ken’s problem is more recent and Jan’s issue seems to have been smoldering for a while.

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Ken Block Essay

Ken Block is married to Lucy Jones, father of three children: two girls and a boy.Ken Block's avowed goal at the start of the season is to win the 2013 championship.Ken Block unveils his calendar for 2014 in February: he will participate in the Rally of Catalonia in the WRC, in 2 events of the Rally America championship, in the Global Rallycross championship, and in 3 events of the World Rallycross Championship .Ken Block started rallying in 2005 at the age of 37, in the American Rally Championship.Ken Block won this event for the 7th time ahead of Travis Pastrana and Adam Yeoman.

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How schools kills creativity Essay

As a result, they get their job and that’s it they do nothing, if we will push all people to study and get their degrees 50 years later degrees will have no value.No doubt that what Sir Ken said is right and I totally agree with him.I think that the way that we are educating people these days is not right at all, because we are putting limits to their minds.In other words, we recruit people to be workers not creators and so people want their degrees just to get a good job.According to Sir Ken Robinson these days students are educated to be a good workers rather than creators.

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The Tattoo and Social Learning Theory

Another example where the context of differential reinforcement is present throughout the novel is where Ken and Koa are working together with Freddy to earn some extra cash by selling coke.An example of differential reinforcement is seen in the tattoo when Ken and Koa were surfing and they saw the Haole’s approaching the beach from their tour bus, so they had decided to steal their shoes.Another example that was seen in the novel was that not only did Ken’s father encourage Ken to become violent but so did Koa in a way where he used alcohol, his physical strength and drugs as an excuse to beat these two marine men, just because they were Haole’s, they were confronted about drinking and being underage and they wanted something that these...

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Ken from Whose Life Is It Anyway Persuading the Judge to Let Him Die Essay

Using it, Ken, creates sympathy and it made the whole quote more persuasive and he was saying that people are cruel by taking the choice from him.I think they are very effective upon this story and the story wouldn’t make sense and so much drama if it didn’t.I like the way Ken uses strong words like “appalling”, by saying this, he is exaggerating and by doing this, he is shocking.Ken doesn’t thing letting someone live although they’re against it is terrible, but the fact that they don’t get the choice.Overall I think that the judge did the right thing letting ken die.

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Whose Life Is It Anyway Essay

To which Ken replies, “I can’t feel anything wherever you are.The audience learn that he was once a teacher and sculptor and if he is unable to use his hands for his art the audience are increasingly convinced that he will have very little quality of life.” As the play progresses the pity that is initially aroused in the audience becomes empathy as the audience gradually become familiar with the character of Ken.” is a play by Brian Clark, written in the late 1970’s, and tells the story of paralysed Ken Harrison and his fight against the establishment, particularly Doctor Emerson the consultant physician, to be allowed the choice to end his life.While the opening scene uses humour to introduce Ken the visual impact of the nurses having t...

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Writing About Deep Play And Dark Play English Literature Essay

Weber with his more appropriate line of reasoning, would have argued out that kind of play in question had its stakes extraordinarily high for a number of reasons; she was a black woman married to a white racist, she had earlier not told her the truth, thus leading to their union and the fact that by then, society had deemed it awkward for mixed color marriages to take place which would have been treated with much skepticism.Dark play is thus particularly intriguing when put to play by authors since it becomes virtually unpredictable to tell a tale ending.With respect to Bentham’s theory, one case can be viewed from the following perspective: Irene who passes as a part time lesbian and part time married woman should come clean to her hus...

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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

I am glad that Sir Ken Robinson was able to discuss this topic.In the academe, people are very particular in following a norm where laws and theories are more important than any other subjects like what Sir Ken mentioned, the arts.These two concepts should complement each other and not struggle.As what I have mentioned a while ago, Sir Ken sees that the academe treat mathematics and sciences as superior to arts, which I agree.Sir Ken Robinson presented his side of the story very well because he stated what is really happening in reality.

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