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Disadvantage of T.V

Parents are also requested that not to be too much rude for watching television.It increases their knowledge by watching various channels, vocabulary by watching English movies, shows etc.Concentrating on the TV screen for hours every day may damage the eyesight in kids and they may soon complain of headaches or similar health issues.The physical issues of watching too much television is ignorable when the mental damage a child may face from this destructive habit is concerned.Parents can use TV to help kids learn the truth about advertising.

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Disadvantages of television Essay

TV viewing numbs your kid’s mind as it prevents your child from exercising initiative, being intellectually challenged, thinking analytically, and using his imagination.Kids who watch TV more than they talk to their family have a difficult time adjusting from being visual learners to aural learners (learning by listening).Obese kids, unless they change their habits, tend to be obese when they become adults.School kids who watch too much TV also tend to work less on their homework.Kids who watch too much TV are usually overweight, according to the American Medical Association.

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Effects of Watching T.V

In a nutshell, the effects of watching TV may be divided into cognitive, entertaining and negative.Hence, the entertaining effect of watching TV is nothing but positive, when one know when to stop.In order not to become addictive, we need to reduce the hours spent watching TV.Our reality is the strong evidence that the effects of watching TV are bad rather than good ones.When it comes to entertaining, watching TV is not a good alternative to, say, communication with friends, yet it makes up about 40 % of the reasons why people watch TV.

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Benefits Of TV For Children

You might be even be surprised to find out how many kids watch and love educational shows aimed at adults.Lately, kids’ TV shows have begun promoting some positive agendas such as healthy living andenvironmental awareness.Use TV time to help kids practice for all those essay tests, and they might find that talking about this stuff can be interesting and fun!Furthermore, through watching television shows, children can discover animals, things or places that they could not have seen otherwise.Nonetheless, children should not watch too much television, instead they should engage in active things such as sports and other hobbies.Television comes across as an excellent form of entertainment for kids, in the form of cartoons and kids programs....

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How Television Viewing Affects Children Education Essay

As kids get older, too much screen time can interfere with activities such as being physically active, reading, doing homework, playing with friends, and spending time with family.Young kids are particularly frightened by scary and violent images.The problem isn’t just how long children are watching TV but, what they are watching.While watching TV, kids are inactive and tend to snack.The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under 2 years old not watch any television and that those older than 2 watch no more than 1 to 2 hours per day.

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How television effects children

in the article “Considerations on the Impact of Television and Internet over the Children’s and Teenagers’ Behavior”, the author shows that the consequences of watching too much TV makes children to think less and image less.China’s social psychology home Hua Rong also points out that spending too much time on watching violent TV programs not only results in children’s emotional indifference and lack of sympathy, but also reduces the trust of others.The report published in the “international journal of obesity” mentioned that 41% of respondent who being overweight or obesity is owing to watching too much television.The author Kristin Rushowy states that “TV doesn’t just turn kids into couch potatoes — it also makes them poorer math stude...

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Negative effects of cartoons Essay

Cartoons like “Dora The Explorer” where they teach kids new things about nature and they teach kids Spanish and how to be adventures.It comes down to the need of the parents to monitor the content of the cartoons they let their children watch and how involved they want to be in their child’s life and how they want their kids to grow up.cartoons are harmful to children because they are too influential to kids and most cartoons today are violent and they send ill messages to kids like for example, that they need to be aggressive to get what they want or that they can be violent and get away with it without consequences.Children who watch violence depicted on TV are more likely to imitate those acts since in cartoons they do not show the af...

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Report of Media Deception on children’s Education Essay

Older kids can also be affected by horrible programs; parents should not allow for watching those programs.Set a media diet and stick to it: As a parent, you should make a routine for your kids that how much time they would devote for TV, Internet and video games.Have pediatricians review your kids’ media use as part of their annual checkup: Get pediatricians review on your kids’ media use; lets take the action, if pediatricians suggest something serious like vision problem.Watch and listen with your kids – then tell them what you like, don’t like, and why: First of all listening to the child is the most important thing for a parent.According to a study “American Kids now spend 40% less time with their parents than kids did in the mid-si...

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The Negative Effects of Violence on TV Essay

With kids being around violence while watching “kid’s shows”, “the child becomes less sensitive towards its effects on victims and the human suffering it causes.The TV channels should not be allowed to expose this kind of material and violence to kids at such early ages, because of the aftereffects it will have on the teenagers and children.” Other studies showed that kids who saw violent cartoons had a high chance to not share their toys with others.Studies have shown that revelations of violence to kids at early ages will affect them mentally.Another good idea would be to try and talk to your kids about violence in media.

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Original Oratory

According to Kids Health magazine, “In our teenage years, we become more aware of media images- as well as how other kids look and how we fit in.The American Psychological Association produced a study on how early TV violence is linked to adulthood aggression, “Early childhood exposure to TV violence stimulates an increase in aggression later in adulthood.” If guys watch violent TV shows, it is more likely that they will be verbally aggressive, generally aggressive, and aggressive towards spouses and loved ones.According to a study by, “Reality TV shows that air on channels like MTV and TLC, influence how teenagers believe what a normal relationship looks like.” Teenagers that watch a lot of reality TV shows change the way ...

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Television, a Waste of Time And Money Essay

Television makes real murders seem like nothing to kids because they don’t yet understand the reality from their TV world.Parents should limit there kids while they are young so it’s not hard to pull them away when they’re in their teen years.Parents are not to be blamed totally but there is a good part that does rely on them to guide their kids the right way and limit the hours of TV they watch everyday.Kids who have premium channels on their televisions are even more prone to committing a violent act.Television affects everybody including kids, teens and adults when they watch excessive amount of TV each day.

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Television is harmful Essay

In addition, late-night TV watching tires kids out so that they can not pay attention in school.Is it any wonder that most kids do not think that the future is bright?” TV watching (especially late-night and violent shows) has been connected with poor sleep patterns in children.This is probably the result of taking in too many calories (junk food — which is advertised on television — stuffed in unconsciously as kids stare at the screen) and not burning up enough calories (sitting still rather than running around and playing), “66% of Americans eat dinner while watching television” (Television Project).There is no other experience in a child’s life that permits so much passive intake while demanding so little active outflow as the experie...

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Teaching My Children to Fish Essay

If we were right, we may bring much greater joy and happiness to my kids if they are well prepared and able to succeed in life.The kids will need to imagine the story in their heads through the words while they need not imagine at all when watching a TV program.Kids’ mind are like a blank piece of paper but adults’ mind are just a square within that paper.My wife and I agreed to keep our kids away from too much television.Experts say that typically when the kids step into the formal education or primary school in our case, they are then taught to think 0 or 1, true or false, right or wrong, which will greatly hamper or suppress the naturally creativity in our children.

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Our Culture and the Media

With many children, much of it is spent on the TV.Here are some statistics that I found: •Approximate number of studies examining TV’s effects on children: 4,000 •Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 3.5 •Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television: 1,680 •Percentage of day care centers that use TV during a typical day: 70 •Percentage of parents who would like to limit their children’s TV watching: 73 •Percentage of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, preferred television: 54 (parents are finding it hard to compete with all of the excitement of the media) .If kids watch a lot of TV, they could de...

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Effects of television on children Essay

Kids who had just seen commercial vehemence accepted many superior levels of aggression than other kids.This encourages vehemence behavior in the kids (Television’s Impact on Kids).It is very important to know that too much television watching may have a bad impact on academic and learning execution of kids (“Television’s Impact on Kids”).The negative consequences caused by television over the last 10 years in regard of self-image are high increases in bulimia, depression, self-mutilation, eating disorders, and anorexia Watching too much television of any kind has evident psychological and physiological negative outcomes on kids.An experiment was conducted where kids were left alone in a room with a videotape monitoring other kids playin...

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The American Media: A Postmodern Look at the Role of Media in America Today

Some people allow children to just sit in front of the TV to keep them occupied without knowing what their kids are watching.Just because it is a cartoon and looks cute, does not mean that it is something kids should be watching.For the older kids, such as teens, models and actresses on television have been accused of giving a negative body image to teen girls.One thing all of the psychologists and media subject books can agree on is that unrestrained excess in anything is not healthy for children, so parents need to know what their child is watching and for how long they are watching it.Some kids have TV’s in their rooms and are allowed to watch throughout the night.

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TV Addiction Children

It is easy for children to fall into the category of being a TV addict because their parents do not limit how much they can watch.For less severe watchers, it may be as easy as making a TV watching plan for each week.According to a recent study done by the Yale Family Television Research and Consultation Center, over the course of the year, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school or participating in any other activity except sleep (Sather, 2007).It is less stressful for parents to have the television entertain their kids rather than for them to have to all day.Once one decides to turn off the “tube”, the hours that were dedicated to watching TV can now be used for more productive activities throughout the day.

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Television Essay

They also assert that watching too much TV often does have negative effects on youngsters.They also assert that watching too much TV often does have has negative effects on youngsters.Another impact of watching TV is healthy problems like increasing obesity and ruining their eyes.Take “ chuyen la Vietnam” as an instance, a man strike himself a brick on his head, then, on account of curiosity, kids emulate the actor after watching that show ; because of this an accident happens In short, TV has tremendous potentiality as a power means of mass communication; whereas, it is obvious that TV has bad impact on children in private and on people in general.Another impact of watching TV is healthy problems like increasing obesity and ruining thei...

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Effects of Television to Children

Television (TV) has its good side.In a study done by the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital that today’s children spend more time watching TV (15,000 hours) than they do in school (11,000 hours).A balanced TV diet is something that many parents sensibly strive for by restricting time, monitoring program content, quality and delivery( e.g.TV can affect kids’ health, behavior and family life in negative ways.However, the reverse can also be true: Kids are likely to learn things from TV that parents don’t want them to learn.

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Negative Influences of Media

Teens and kids should age at their own pace, not by listening and watching the media.Almost all teens and kids listen to music; however, some lyrics that kids listen to are not appropriate for their age (NYTimes).If kids take in too much too fast, they can be overwhelmed and be consumed by it.Parents should do their kids a favor and censor the things they view.If not handled properly, kids and teens can be corrupted by society.

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Reality TV a Poblem Essay

Although reality shows can be bad examples for kids and teens James Poniewozik of Time Magazine writes in his article titled “Why I Watch Reality TV With My Kids” he believes it is good to watch reality television with children and teens because it is the last type of family programming there is.Usually the child or teen who is watching reality shows are watching with no parental guidance and choose to watch programs that are outrageous or most “grown up” show, they are not looking for the shows with least values not with the most.No matter who is watching reality TV or who isn’t they continue rise in popularity and spring out of nowhere by the masses.“Why I Watch Reality TV With My Kids.” Time 181.23 (2013): 54. Business Source Elite.I ...

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Neil Postman Essay

Postman also argues that even though he does not find Sesame Street non educational he is the unpopular opinion that “kids will only learn to love learning and school if school is like tv.” Education has taken many hits then and even today.An educational tablet is a fun and useful took for kids and I think can be a great learning tool, like Sesame Street.When we watch tv the average tv watcher only retains 20 percent of what they have watched.“Thou Shalt Have No Prerequisites” a tongue in cheek commandment but very true as well shows that while a class may have prerequisites a tv show does that, showing that continuity and sequence does not matter for tv programming.With social media easily at our fingertips it is easy for us even to thi...

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Positive Effects of Media on Children Essay

The stars and idols of tomorrow are the children watching TV today, the kids who are inspired by that athlete, by that celebrity, or that scientist; restricting television for kids would mean prevailing them from growing their passions and becoming who they want to be.Pop idol celebrities, like Justin Bieber also had idols when they were kids, who inspired them to grow towards their passion.By watching Sesame Street, toddlers can learn much about cultural diversity, racial harmony, cooperation, kindness, and how to manage feelings and emotions.Kids watch sports, and decide what attracts them the most, and they discover their passion as they practice it.Advertising companies spend huge amounts of money on creating conscience among kids ab...

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Negative Effects of Technology on Children

“Kids Eat Hefty Number of Calories While Watching TV.” Stanford News.This is a common problem of kids of this generation and kids are losing the value of learning from their mistakes.When a group of 4-6 year olds were asked to choose between watching TV and spending quality time with their fathers, 54% of them would rather watch TV.Impatience goes hand in hand with the laziness kids are starting to develop.Due to the ease of access to the internet kids now expect immediate responses and rely on the internet to give them all of the answers.

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Rampant Violent Crime Essay

Much before there was even electricity.What television show people have been watching for the last thousands of years?Most TV shows that have violence show what a bad thing it is, like the guilt and pain that can come from crime.And it’s not the same with video games where people can argue that video games might make dumb kids think it’s ok to kill people.It is the things the people watch on television that influences them.

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Childhood Obesity Essay

The parents should also ensure that their kids are enrolled in schools where they can access physical education facilities regularly as is designed in the curriculum.In addition, the kids do not have the money to purchase these fast foods, as well as sensitizing their children’s health (Summerfield, Liane M 2007).The () busy schedule by parents and constant fears about the safety of their children has made it almost impossibility for kids to engage in any sports or other programs of activity after school, as they have to rush home in time.Eating patterns such as having a meal while listening to radio watching TV, watching video games as well as eating while doing homework have also been identified as risk factors for the causes of obesit...

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Essay on The Effects Of Television On Children 's Children

So therefore, children should only be watching TV for no more than two hours each day.But some examples of negative effects of television would be exposing children to things like drugs, alcohol, and violence that parents do not want their kids involved in at any point in their life.Also, a lot of the shows on television promote plenty of violence, which is not right for a child to be watching at such a young age.However, children can still watch television, but less of it is better otherwise a child tends to have no social life and causes damage to the eyes.Therefore, parents can help change these issues and take them away from watching too much television or they can monitor ... .

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Growing Up In The 1990s Vs Growing Up In The 2010s Essay

However when these games are given to young kids, it will affect their minds as they grow and are glued to mature rated videogames all day.Nickelodeon and other such cartoon networks were very popular for kids and they did not act like you were stupid.TV commercials were much better, as there wasn’t as much insulting of your intellect, really bad comedy, and sex in them during the 1990s.Me, as a seventeen year old boy, is still surprised on how fast the acceptance of music like this has reached the media, and I feel that it truly is not good for the minds of the youth growing up in this age, while the 1990’s still did have some of these flaws, but it was much less.Sadly most anime has been taken off TV around America and Canada and the o...

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Women Make Better Teacher Than Men Essay

Parents should limit the number of hours their childrent are watching TV, perhaps stock the room in which you have your TV with plenty of other non-screen entertainment such as books, kids magazines, toys, puzzles, and board games to encourage kids to do something other than watch the TV.* TV-Y7: directed towards kids 7 years and older (kids who are able to distinguish between make-believe and reality); may contain “mild fantasy violence or comedic violence” that may scare younger children.Many believe that it is important to solve problems that arise from watching too much television, such as violence and obesity.Kids spend more time watching television every day than any other single activity, aside from sleeping (Conger, 2010, July 7)...

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Childhood Obesity

They can contribute to the possibility of obesity affecting their child by cooking and buying unhealthy food and permitting too much time watching television.Reasonable portions need to be made by schools, and parents need to be more active with the kids, and put their foot down about not watching a lot of tv, as wll as them fixing healthy and nutritious meals.Schools sometimes feed the kids bigger portions than needed, and allow kids to overeat.TV is watched way too much by children these days.This article is bringing attention to people by showing how parents and pediatricians don’t recognize that kids are gaining too much weight very early on in their childhood.

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