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Causes of Land/Boundary Disputes Analytical Essay

A study by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) found that land degradation and poor customs are some of the factors that caused land disputes in Darfur12.The majority of land conflicts in Kenya arise due to poor execution of land legislations.Today, cases of land dispute are very rampant in Cambodia due to vagueness of land rights.Land privatisation opens room for illegal deals, which deprive innocent people of their land.Many land disputes involve one person claiming ownership based on the duration that s/he has possessed the land and the other person arguing based on possession of legal documents.

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Digital Land Management in Bangladesh Essay

Inadequate and improper land records increase difficulties in the security of land tenure and land transfer.Land administration and management, land use control, provision of utility services and other services can be pursued by computerized LIS.Problems of Present Land Administration and Management in Bangladesh Lack of coordination: Land record preparation, upgrading of ROR and land transfer registration are the integral parts of land administration and these should be coordinated well enough.Land Information System (LIS) for Land Administration and Management in Bangladesh .LIS could introduce Unified cadastre that is a broader concept to incorporate information related to positioning of land, land size and orientation, land ownersh...

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Land As Defined By Ollennu Computer Science Essay

It is a long-term (over 15 years) commitment by the Government (Karikari et al., 2005) “to improve security of tenure, to simplify the process of acquiring land, to develop the land market, and to foster prudent land management by establishing an efficient system of land administration based on coherent and consistent policies and laws” (LAP 2002).The project has four components, with each having its sub-components, as have been outlined below: .The infrastructure includes institutional arrangements, legal frameworks, processes, standards, land information, management and dissemination systems, and technologies required to support allocation, land markets, valuation and control of use and development of interests in land.Component 3 – Im...

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Indigenous and Non Indigenous Essay

When aboriginal people take care of land, they are taking care of their culture as the management of land is central to the culture.Aboriginal people tried hard to co operate with the land and live with it but non indigenous people used the land to get personal gains like business.The care of the land and water is a very big priority to the aboriginal as the land is their mother, they believe they have a responsibility to look after it.ELD SYDNEY 7463 23/11/14 TO THE AUTHORITIES OF THARAWAL LOCAL ABORIGINAL LAND COUNCIL, I AM WRITING TO YOU TO SHARE MY UNDERSTANDING AND VIEWS OF THE MEANING OF LAND TO ABORIGINALS.HELP THE ABORIGINALS BY GIVING THEM RIGHT TO THE LAND, ONLY THEY CAN ENTER OR CHANGE THE LAND.

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Sustainable Land Development

During the LR process temporary land owner is the land developer, who can restrict the transaction of the parcel by subdivision and physical changes on the land.Security of land tenure, in the case of the project handled by the private organizations is another challenge to convince the land owners about security of the land tenure and other use rights ( Turk, 2007 ).The government and the private organizations are the main land developing agencies to facilitate developed land plots in the land market through the urban management methods, process and techniques ( Larsson, 1997 ).On the other hand, for the case of the squatter settlers who are deprived from land tenure, equitable access to land for shelter; participatory LR with the ap...

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Land Rights and The Global Land Rush

The failure to formally recognize customary land rights combined with what may sometimes appear to be vacant land allows governments to maintain that the land at stake is unused and unoccupied.Source: W. Anseeuw, et al., Land Rights and the Rush for Land: Findings of the Global Commercial Pressures on Land Research Project 23 (International Land Coalition 2012).Accordingly, interventions to address the global land rush cannot ignore the issue of land rights and land governance.The need to address land rights and land governance Although the global land rush presents many economic, social, and environmental risks, it also has the potential to provide benefits to local communities, investors, and governments.W. Anseeuw, et al., Land Rights...

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Indigenous Land Rights vs Non-Indigenous Land Rights Analytical Essay

The tribunal was tasked with the huge responsibility of deciphering claims to title on native land by finding out the historical ownership of the land, parties that hold interests to the land, the opinion of the elders and neighbours, amongst other things, to decide the allocations of title to the proper owners of the land.14 It is to be well observed that the land that was affected by the new process of acquiring title was land that had been declared as native land and affected the natives and indigenous land owners, rather than the non-indigenous landowners.15 In other words, the enactment of this piece of legislation further proves and points to the fact that the recognition of indigenous land in Australia basically had nothing to do ...

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Price Mechanisms Rationing Function In The Property Market

Assuming the land owner of a vacant land wants to increase their asking price above the market value in order to get a better profit and has increased the price of the land to RM 120,000.This can be proven when the industrial area’s land value did not increase as much as the residential areas because the demand for industrial land was not so high compared to residential land.Thus it can also be said that if the same piece of land is used to develop low cost units, the land value would have been different.Thus the ownership of a parcel of land symbolizes the wealth of a person as private ownership of land strips of the community from the benefits of that land.For example, a land with high end residential units would have higher land value...

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Status of Agrarian Reform

The enactment of the Republic Act (RA) 3844, Section 49, better known as the Agricultural Land Reform Code emphasized on the foundation of an organization called the Land Authority.Established on 8th August 1963, the Land Authority was endowed with the responsibility of implementing the Republic Act 3844 policies.Around 90% of the current land acquisition and distribution (LAD) balance consists of private agricultural lands, with 83% of lands being compensable by the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) and 61% requiring coverage by compulsory acquisition.27 was 34.56 percent for land distributed and 49.79 percent for beneficiaries provided with land titles.The Executive Order 364, signed by the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo...

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The Land Registration Act 2002 Essay

The most important part of the 1925 Act was the introduction of a formal land registry, in which registration constituted actual notice of the interest.5 The key principle here was to have as much land as possible formally registered and they could then be evidenced by registration and not by title deeds, as was the case with unregistered land.One of the most famous cases that discusses this is that of Williams & Glyn Bank v Boland [1981].6 The 1925 Act was a watershed in the history of land law as it bundled together six separate pieces of land and property legislation, as well as trying to simplify the transfer and interests to others, as well as the fragmentation of ownership by creating numerous different interests in favour of o...

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Hawaiian Monarchy Persuasive Essay

The land commission was mostly foreigners that didn’t speak or write Hawaiian.This act was for the “commoners” to be able to own land; it protected the maka’aiana’s Mahele.Hawaiians had never even thought of owning land but the foreigners pushed this idea on them so much they did it.He also started a group of land commissioners to record and document the land claims from foreigners and Hawaiians.First you needed to have your land surveyed.

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Land Law in Kenya Essay

This mode of ownership in Kenya is currently governed by the Trust Land Act by which all land in the rural areas which is neither government land nor individually owned is vested in the county council in trust for the residents living there.There are two elements to the doctrine of estates, corresponding to two ways in which estates may be classified: (1) Duration: An estate in the land is a time in the land or the land for a time so land can be split into slices of time.Generally , ownership of land includes the airspace above it and the sub soil below it (a coelo usque ad centrum; from the heaven to the centre of the earth).Land tenure is the name given, particularly in common law systems, to the legal regime in which land is owned by ...

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Analysis of Land Consumption Rates

This will ensure that land use change occurs proximate to existing like land use classes, and not wholly random.An analysis of land use and land cover changes using the combination of MSS Landsat and land use map of Indonesia (Dimyati, 1995) reveals that land use land cover change were evaluated by using remote sensing to calculate the index of changes which was done by the superimposition of land use land cover images of 1972, 1984 and land use maps of 1990.Changes in land cover by land use do not necessarily imply degradation of the land.In evaluating the socio – economic implications of change, the effect of observed changes in the land use and land cover between 1972 and 2001 were used as major criteria.Land use affects land cover an...

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Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

— Within six (6) months from the effectivity of this Act, the DAR shall submit a comprehensive study on the land size appropriate for each type of crop to Congress for a possible review of limits of land sizes provided in this Act.” SECTION 5.The goal of the extension is to complete the land acquisition and distribution by June 30, 2014, but has again failed to fulfill its mission.In line with the principles of self-determination and autonomy, the systems of land ownership, land use, and the modes of settling land disputes of all these communities must be recognized and respected.They have failed the landless farmers who dream to have their own land to till.In case the tenant chooses to be a beneficiary in another agricultural land, he l...

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World War II: D-day invasions

The first landings on Utah,by the Americans, and on Sword, by the British, were overall successful in forming a defendable position from which more troops could land safely.From these examples we can see why the D-Day landing played an important role in World War II .D-Day was a large turning point of World War II because of the preparation of the amphibious assault landing, the successful execution of the amphibious assault landing, and the multiple outcomes of the landings on D-Day.The multiple outcome of the landings lead to other victories But most of all D-Day was the beginning of the end of the German’s rise of power.The first stage of “Overlord” was to land paratroopers inland to secure any roads and bridges that might lead to and...

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Land Pollution Essay

Land Conversion is the process whereby a piece of land is converted from its indigenous form to a form used for either agriculture or infrastructure.Improve fertility of the land by reforesting.Desertification is when anthropogenic effects of human development or other actions convert a piece of (essentially) fertile land into desert-land or dry land.Soil pollution is again another cause of land pollution that affects not only the land, but also a lot of other things such as forest cover of a region, productivity of land in terms of agriculture, grazing etc.The best way to avoid land conversion is to make efficient use of the available land.

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Land Use And Land Cover In Ethiopia Environmental Sciences Essay

On the other hand, changes in proportion of cultivated land, changes in forest cover (bamboo and thickets), grasslands, and expansions of arable land will be dependent variables used to analyze land use and land cover dynamics.The land use and land cover dynamics study in the northwestern Ethiopia suggests that population dynamics, exiting land tenure, institutional and socioeconomic conditions should be critically examined to put in place any land related policy (Zeleke & Hurni, 2001).Objective 4: Investigating effects of policy changes on land use and land cover and population dynamics .Inherently, a study of resource- population interactions and land use and land cover changes need the employment of diverse methods so as to find o...

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Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill

Schedule III proposes that the land acquirer shall provide 25 additional services to families affected by the land acquisition.Clauses 2 and 3 of LARR 2011 define the following as public purpose for land acquisition within India:[5] • Acquisition of land for purposes relating to the armed forces of India, national security or defence, police, safety of the people; • Acquisition of land for railways, highways, ports, power and irrigation purposes for use by government or by government controlled corporations (also known as public sector companies); • Acquisition of land for planned development or improvement of village or urban sites or for residential purpose to weaker sections of society in rural or urban areas; • Acquisition of land fo...

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The Importance of Land Essay

The Aboriginal peoples’ strong ties to their land can also be explained in terms of the law – “‘Everything come up out of ground – language, people, emus, kangaroos, grass.To remain well, and to keep the land ‘good’, a healthy interplay between the people and the land is required, along with a responsible attitude to the land.While white Australians may consider the land they live on to be merely dirt and rocks, for Aboriginal Australians the land is imbued with spirituality, a belief that has more in common with pagan religions than with the Christianity of the European colonisers of Australia.Because of their special relationship with the land, an important part of Aboriginal spirituality is caring for the land.The importance of the la...

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Jaguar Land Rover Essay

The main activities of Jaguar Land Rover are the design, development, production and sale of luxury and sports vehicles, and off-road vehicles under the Jaguar and Land Rover brands (including Range Rover ).On January 1, 2013, the activities of Jaguar Cars Limited and Land Rover were merged into Jaguar Land Rover Limited and the parent company was renamed Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC.In June 2007, Ford plans to part ways with Jaguar and Land Rover.However, Ford will continue to supply engines for Jaguar and Land Rover until 2020. .Jaguar Land Rover was founded in 2008, when Tata Motors bought Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford.

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Land Pollution Essay

So in search of more land, potent land is hunted and its indigenous state is compromised with .Land conversion, meaning the alteration or modification of the original properties of the land to make it use-worthy for a specific purpose is another major cause.Unused available land over the years turns barren; this land then cannot be used.Land that is once converted into a dry or barren land, can never be made fertile again, whatever the magnitude of measures to redeem it are.Solutions for Land Pollution .

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Mortgage of Land as Security Under the Land Use Act 1978 Essay

In the place of the allodial title formerly held, the Act confers on any person or group of persons the ‘Right of Occupancy.’ The Land Use Act does not define a ‘Right of Occupancy’; but its precursor, the Land Tenure Law (of Northern Nigeria), defines it as “a title to the use and occupation of land” This right can be statutory or customary; expressly granted or deemed granted.By section 5 of the Act, the governor is empowered to grant statutory right of occupancy to any person for all purposes, and any such grant by the governor operates to extinguish all existing rights to the use and occupation of the land From Sections 21-23, the act firmly established the Governor’s supervision and control over all land in the state such that no tr...

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Legal Imperatives for Affordable Housing Delivery in Nigeria Essay

Such policy would foster the development of a uniform land title in the system, which in turn would engender certainty, reliability and security of land title deeds.A vibrant storage and retrieval land information system enhances transparency in land dealings and is immeasurable as a factor aiding speedy settlement of land disputes.Since market efficiency depends very much on the availability of reliable information that can be used to check genuineness of titles before purchase and to trace records of land transfers at any point in time, efforts should be geared towards making registration compulsory for all land dealing.[17] Apart from these, the over concentration of power of land management in an individual rather than institution; t...

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Demand for Energy. Energy Sources Analytical Essay

The demand for the land will go down as a result of the potential conflicts, leading to a decrease in the price for the land.On the other hand, land that is in the urban area or in a rural area but used for residential purposes, rural residential, should be valued as a non-rural land (Baxter & Cohen, 2009).Another important factor that should be noted is that a land that is unimproved is always valued as a rural land.The value of land is a very important issue that needs to be considered before executing any development that involves land.If a land is in the rural area and its use is likely to change so that it is used for an urban purpose or for any other purpose that is not rural, that land will be classified as a non rural land for th...

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Land Reform Essay

Philippine Land reform .There is a so-called land-ownership and landlord class (upperclass/owners of land) receives rent from tenants such as farmers.Land reform or mainly called “Land redistribution”.Agricultural Land – Land devoted to agricultural activities.Coverage and distribution of agricultural land .

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Land Rights Essay

The Wik decision was a significant phase in the Land Rights movement, which, for the first time, provided Aboriginals with a legal position to claim their traditional land.Regaining control of the traditional land was crucial to the Aboriginal people, as all means of their identity, spirituality, and the Dreaming shared an inextricable link with the land.The Mabo judgement was the initial step in recognising the Aboriginal’s link to their traditional lands, and became the first positive push for the Land Rights movement.The Mabo decision also made clear that native title had been extinguished over freehold land.The High Court’s Mabo decision of 1992 acknowledging Native Title was based on the recognition of the spiritual links between th...

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Conceptualizing Naval Helicopter Landing Gear Engineering Essay

The above plot is showing that the maximum acceleration value for hard landing condition for the design option-1 is 119.6 m/sec2.The above plot is showing that the maximum acceleration value for hard landing condition for the design option-1 is 48.1 m/sec2.Fig.13: Showing the crush landing condition acceleration plots for the Design Option-1 .Crush Landing Condition: The acceleration plot for normal landing condition (descent velocity of the helicopter = 15 m/sec and upward deck speed = 0m/sec) for the design option-1 is shown below: .Maximum Normal Landing Acceleration (m/sec2) 7.5 .

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Legal Effects of the Mabo Case in Australian Law

From the colonisation of Australia by the British in 1788 The native Australians (Aboriginals) have fought to claim back their land, but it was seen by the first Australian colonists that Australia was “terra nullius” and therefore the indigenous people had no claim to land rights.It limits the application of native title to land which no-one else owns or leases, and also to land with which indigenous Australians have continued to have a sacred bond to.The land, known as the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands, is in the far north of the state.But with these rights come quite a few guidelines and requirements that have to be met for an indigenous person to be able to make a claim to land in Australia, some of which in the Northern Teretory inclu...

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Land tenure reform in Zimbabwe Essay

Land in transition:Reformand Povertyin Rural Vietnam.The black population of Zimbabwe was promised fertile farming land after independence – which was “bought” from the profitable, commercial and predominantly white farmers.I will discuss the perquisites of land reform by van de Wall and compare that to the land reform tenure of Zimbabwe.These pieces of land was given to previously disadvantage black people so instead of a few commercial farms only being owned by the minority (white) it was now subdivided into smaller pieces of arable farmland and given to the black population.Government must as a priority provide resources and clear policies to enable farm dwellers to realise their land rights also provide farmers with security in respe...

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Book Review: A Field of One’s Own: Gender and Land Rights

It is not very clear how giving land rights will improve condition of women and productivity of land as there are many other empirical evidence other than those quoted by her that reveal in opposite direction.Though she says that an even joint title over land is also beneficial for women than having no land but having independent control over land would give them greater flexibility.[2] Agarwal claims that despite the legislations favouring land rights to women, very few have effective land control.So though the women sow the seed and harvested the crops without which there would have been no production yet they were denied land rights just if they did not plough the land.[3] Cecile Jackson “Gender Analysis of Land: Beyond Land Rights ...

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