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English Language in the United States example

Past immigrants were more willing to assimilate in the language system of the USA, rather than modern ones.The modern US language policy is weak and the initiative to teach languages in addition to English comes from communities.The presentation is interesting and important because language issues are crucial to the society due to high immigration levels in the USA.The first US language policy was about prohibiting African slaves to become literate in English and to use their native language.“Language, Immigration, and Human Rights in U.S. …

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Argument Against English As Primary Language Essay

It’s morally not correct to have English as primary language in United States 12 .It’s morally not correct to have English as primary language in United States 10 .So when we talk about a country like the USA, it is morally wrong to impose one language as a primary language on its citizens and residents.B. E. J. Hobsbawn wrote the following words against the “declare English as the official language of United States movement’.It is quite immoral to make one single language as a primary language of the country and to enforce it on its citizens in this free country.

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Changing social diversity in the United States Essay

” If the child forgets his home language, it may cause disruption in family communication methods.A massive increase in Hispanic population has increased the importance of Spanish language and more businesses related to Spanish have come up.As USA is a land of opportunities, millions of people of different origin have migrated to the country and settled there, thus changing the social and cultural diversity of the nation.Children at the young age face problem as they get exposed to two sets of language and culture at school and home.But this Hispanic population has no difficulty in accepting English as their main language.

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Language Contact

Language contact.Thomason highlights these mechanisms as “code-switching, code-alternation, passive familiarity, negotiation, second language acquisition strategies, bilingual first language acquisition and change by deliberate decision” (2001, p.129).From another point of view, Crabill highlights that language change due to online communication has less effective signs contrary to interactions involving human contact that have explicit non-verbal and verbal indications.As a typological mechanism of induced language change, it is conflicting and closely relates to acquisition of second language mechanism of language change.Situating social identity through language convergence in online groups.

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Training Methods In A Multinational Corporation Business Essay

Body language and greeting: The way emotions are expressed in various cultures may differ, for example in India we greet people by joining our hands and say “Namaste” and where as in USA hand gesture conveys greeting of people (Pandey, 2004).India is a multi-religious country of various believes, so in any kind of training there should be not using individualistic visual stances or sexual portrayals of women that can hurt the values of Indian culture, where as in USA we can use those kinds of images (Ahmed, 2000).Looking at both the countries and comparing between the India and USA the difference are: .”A multinational team, in contrast to teams from a single culture, entails differences among members in language, interpersonal styles, a...

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Bilingualism and Multilingualism Essay

Neural basis of first and second language processing.The Modern Language Journal, 95(iii), 356-369.Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 10, 7–21.The next stage after acquiring the second language can be multilingualism when a person studies languages sequentially.It is possible to discuss the usage of language for communication from psychological, linguistic, and sociolinguistic perspectives because language plays an enormous role in the formation of human identity.

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Education Theory Essay

Writing helps students to think originally, compose ideas in a logical way, transfer the essential communication strategies to students and enable them to develop a reflective intuition on interpretation of English text and language.The complexities and technicalities of English Language often confuse students having non-English background and especially those who live in non-English speaking countries (Ferris and Hedgcock, 1998).5 billion people around the world, out of which more than 70 percent are non-native speakers of English, use English as a language of communication (Ferris and Hedgcock, 1998).Theories in ELL designing Most of the students passing through traditional ELL courses have reported difficulty in actual understanding o...

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Fear Of Learning A New Language Essay

...revents me from learning the new language.There will be many obstacles that we will face in our lifetime; sometimes you might have a fear of water or fear of learning, but for me my biggest fear was not knowing the new language and learning a new language.Learning a new language can be difficult but without putting your time and effort into it can’t help you learn the new language, by not talking to people for two years I have learned my lesson that you can’t learn anything without you attempt to learn it.We both didn’t know any word in English When we moved to the USA.This lesson apply to the rest my life because now I am never afraid of learning or trying new things because this lesson has taught me that if we want to be better at s...

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The Peculiarities of the Bilingual Education Analytical Essay

However, it accentuates not the fact of the possible replacement of the native language (L1) by the second language or dominated language in this society (L2, English), but the peculiarities of the both languages’ functioning in the specific context.Nevertheless, “immersion programs emphasize developing fluency in an initially unknown language through content-based teaching in the second/foreign language, at no expense to the home/first language of the students” (Swain & Lapkin, 2005, p. 169).Nevertheless, there are no bilingual schools with the immersion programs for the representatives of the Italian-speaking community even in spite of the fact that the Italian language is the second language in the country according to the frequency o...

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Americanization in Denmark

I don’t think any continent should have the ability, financial wise to dominate the world.China can share their knowledge and science with USA and vice versa.Many people are afraid of globalization but I think we should embrace it and share the wealth all over the world to make it equal, to form peace and to distinguish poverty and misery.The American language is today one of the most popular spoken language worldwide.When you hear the music you know that the American part is in another language, but you don’t think about because you know the language and you understand the phrases.

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Triumph Of The Nerds Information Technology Essay

IAS machine completed at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA (by Von Neumann and others).DEC #1; be ready to divide with next number .INC #1; store the result in CC .LISP (interpreted language) developed, Finished in 1960.LDR D; store 98000 in MR .

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Cross-cultural Communication Essay

In order to accomplish the task I decided to interview my friend from Italy who arrived to the USA after having won a language competition to live and study here and whom I recently visited in Italy.The tenor implies the participants, while the mode includes the role of the language in this situation.New York: Oxford University Press.Language and Culture (4th edition).In the USA days start earlier than according to the Italian standards.

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Variants and Dialects of the English and Armenian Languages Essay

Every language allows different kinds of variations: geographical or territorial, perhaps the most obvious, stylistic, the difference between the written and the spoken form of the standard national language and others.Its speakers are “clearly recognizable.” Besides including a great amount of Classical Armenian words, many word forms in the Karabakh dialect come directly from the Proto-Indo-European language.Relivative to the modern Armenian literary language, the Artsakhian is one of isolated and less intelligible dialects, not least because it contains elements of Grabar (Old Church Armenian).Variants of a language are regional varieties of a standard literary language characterized by some minor peculiarities in the sound system, vo...

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Challenging Experience

It’s my unforgettable experience ever.Even if I’m far away from your country and family, i can be patient and communicating with them always.Try always to focus in your studies even if it’s not good environment to study.I’m as an international student and i don’t speak English as a native language, I faced lots of difficulties in studying in math, geography and anthropology classes because they are not in my language and i need to do translations.Otherwise, when you travel for doing studies especially in foreign language that you don’t speak it, I face a lot of difficulties and all of these difficulties would be converted to advantages in future.

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Communication in Criminal Justice Settings Paper Essay

Non-verbal communication, also known as body language according to research it states that only about 10% of communication involves the actual words people say, but 30% of communication is the way in which people say those words, called voice intonation.CJ Communications in the USA, Module 1 (2nd ed.)For instance a person’s body language is called cues.You can use your non-verbal skills such as active listening, understanding body language, and detecting deception.CJ Communications in the USA, Module 8 (2nd ed.)

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Essay on Public Schools Need Successful ESL Programs

Then, No Child Left Behind law was approved, and it required every public school should have an English Secondary Language (ESL) program that will provide the “academic support” for English Language Learners (ELLs).The purpose of ESL programs is “to enhance” ESL students learning, to help students’ “emotional well-being”, and to accelerate students’ ability to learn the new language.Canadian Modern Language Review 62.4 (2006): 563-590.Public School Review - Profiles of USA Public Schools.Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin 77.1 (2010): 9-16.

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A Critical Analysis of the Secret History of the Mongols Essay

The Secret History of the Mongols.References Kahn, P. (2005).This epic is used by many historians in understanding the Mongolian language and also in understanding their culture especially when it comes to assessing how the culture treated women in society.USA: House of Stratus.Weatherford, J.

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An Analysis On Dominos Pizza Marketing Essay

Domino’s has benefitted from their change and they have adopted this change throughout their operations in USA.Looking at countries like India, China, Mexico and USA companies like Papa John’s, Dominos and Pizza Hut have aimed to further strengthen their brand image with affiliations with other brands like Coca- Cola and Pepsi, which shows (Table – 1) the different beverages used by the pizza companies.India, USA and Mexico .Language of advertisements .India, USA and Mexico .. India, USA and Mexico .

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Cultural Differences And Similarities – Columbia And The United States

The body language is greatly used when dating and a message can be sent with no utterances.Body language include facial expression, body posture and hands movement.In Columbia a part from what one says the way you say it and the body language you use is very important.The society has mastered the body language so much that a parent can easily tell when a child is lying or saying the truth.The establishment of the Columbian Academy of Language by a commission from the Spanish Royal Academy of Languages is a clear testimony of this.

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The communication quality between doctor and foreign patient

In literature, several paper [2,6] use language and culture interchangeable but in this paper we will use the language as creator of culture.When we add a new language program XML file is extending.For example in USA, 18% of people older than 5 years speak another language at their home (U.S. Census Bureau 2002: QT-P16, cited in Lee 2003:3).With the recent migrations in the western countries such as Germany, France, USA, Canada, UK, Holland the number of non-speakers of the native language has become noteworthy.Both foreign patient and the doctor can see every question in their native language and culture.

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The age of ‘the black stars’ Essay (Book Review)

The introduction to the book presents a short description of the most important aspects connected with the era of Harlem Renaissance in the USA.The Harlem Renaissance presented a lot of examples of great talents in different spheres of the cultural life in the USA.That is why the book can be considered as helpful for those people who study the peculiarities of the Harlem Renaissance and for those who are interested in the cultural life of the 20th century in the USA.New York, NY: Poter Lang.However, these books can also be interesting for the wide audience because of the easiness and brightness of the language and a number of interesting facts and details.

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Postmodernism: Its Early Approach Essay

Jean-Francois Lyotar.Malpas, Simon (2003).USA: Scholargy Publishing, Inc. .Because of the beauty of approaches and language they incorporated to the terms or concept, there is a strong possibility of conformity.Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism And Socialism From Rousseau To Foucault.

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Language of Agriculture

Wilhelm, Trampe, ‘Language and Ecological Crisis’, in .Language could be used to provide for different approaches that would encourage the creation of an egalitarian society and a healthy relationship with Nature.[3] Trampe presented four language political tendencies to discuss the language of agriculture in terms of reification, the concealment of facts, increasing resentment against traditional farming and slogans and phraseological elements.According to Berman, “language is metaphorically structured.”[31] Metaphors that included “the rape of the land”, “virgin forest” and “penetrating the wilderness” set up the exploitation of Nature, in relation to the rape of a woman., Language, Ecology and Environment .

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Business in US and The Czech Republic

Apart from the cultural differences, Czech Republic has some comparative advantages over USA which could be helpful for Steve in establishing business.Therefore, the obvious difference is the language that is being spoken between the two countries.“The country offers easy solutions available at very competitive costs due to its high intellectual capital, good language skills, geographic advantages, cultural proximity to Western Europe and the United States, a modern telecommunications infrastructure, first-class office premises and growth-stimulating investment climate“ (Czech Republic, ¶3).Unlike USA, there are several taxes exists.English language is not widely used in the country.

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Essay about “Richard Rodriguez: A Bilingual Childhood”

As a personal opinion, I can say that although Rodriguez believes that assimilation is necessary to be part of American society, family traditions, and backgrounds are just as important if not more than conforming to a culture.I strongly believe than people can keep their culture within another one.Rodriguez not only faced the obstacle of mastering the English language, but also that of fitting socially into a classroom of wealthy white children.He feels that assimilation is necessary for immigrants to be part of society and to be successful in the USA.To immigrate does not only mean to come and live in a country after leaving your own country, but it also means to deal with many new and unfamiliar situations, social backgrounds, culture...

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International Outsourcing Essay

For instance, if Hewlett Packard expands its business by opening manufacturing plants in India, China, Russia, and other countries, it creates jobs in the manufacturing sector in these developing countries, but it also creates jobs in other sectors, such as information technology, shipping and handling, and management in the country of origin i. e. the USA.Besides achieving a reduction in the operational costs, the multinational corporations claim that they get better efficiency and customer service (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2006).The companies in rich nations like the USA also save their operational costs and maximize profits by outsourcing to developing economies like India.Considering the existing success of international outsourcing, ...

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English Language Essay

With my experience learning the English language, I can say that I was forced to do it -forced, because if I have it my own way, I will not burden myself learning a new language.This examples depicts of how well a culture or a way of life is transmitted through the use of language particularly in our case, the English Language.This perhaps the reason why especially in Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea industriously find ways and means to learn the English language as they can see the overwhelming advantages of knowing the language.In a study, English language is not the most spoken language but statistically speaking, it is the most distributed language around the world (O’ Niel, 2007).And most importantly, in the world full of...

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Personal Conflict Essay

More so, it was to be of great assistance to me especially in my stay in the USA.I chose English because it was an international language and I knew it would help me communicate with many people from different parts of the World.She did not like it when I told her (she understood me inspite the language barrier) how the policemen had treated me .All my thoughts directed to the kind of life I was to lead in the USA.It was on January 2006 when I first set my feet in USA, a day I will live to remember.

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Global Development of the English Language

This part of the circle consists of the language English within those countries where it is being used as a secondary language.However, people belonging to internal linguistic started and adopted English language as per their own choices and shaped the language in their own style.From taking setup internationally, to getting an education, the English language is necessary for all and is present in all forms including written and verbal.The people of these countries learn English language because the English language is an international language and commonly speaking all over the world.For this reason, the circles have reasons, including the type in which the circle is spreading, different forms and the acquisition of the language and fun...

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International Migration

This money can support a better standard of living and helps boost the economy because they are now spending more money on quality food, health care and education.The host country (USA) has many effects on their country by taking in Mexicans.In Mexico the health care is very bad with 500 patients per doctor and the USA has 350 patients per doctor.There are also jobs that cater for everyone even for the 1% illertacy people in the USA and for the many in Mexico.The USA education is very good with a literacy rate of 99%.

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