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Communist Insurgency In The Philippines History Essay

This condition of the Philippine society has made the life of the Filipino masses, particularly the peasant workers who till hectares of land in exchange of a very low wage, a miserable one. Though nominally declared as independent on the 4th of July 1946, the shadow of the US imperialists have still remained within the structures of the country hau...

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Filipinos Then, Filipinos Now Essay

Though the colonization and Filipino revolution helped in the creation of the Filipino identity, each also brought negative impacts that hindered the Filipinos to create an identity of their own. It basically implies that a person is a Filipino if he or she satisfies the definition of Filipino citizenship as stated in the 1987 constitution.

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The Occupational Degeneration of Filipino Americans Caused by Racism

Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, the former secretary of the Department of Health in 1995, estimated that from the years 2002 to 2007, 9,000 Filipino doctors, out of about 56,000, have retrained as nurses, and 5,000 have since gone abroad (qtd. Throughout Filipino-American history, Filipino men have tasted more affliction than Filipino women.

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Filipino Philosophy Essay

Hiya is a Filipino social behavior regulator that prevents a Filipino from violating a norm, a family value, and a group goal. (5) other Filipino Phylosophies that Filipino scholars may add and institutionalize that is not or only partially influenced by the Western Philosophy and purely in the Filipino context.

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Identity: Filipino Psychology Essay

We Filipino contributed a lot to this world, A Filipino invented Fluorescent light and you could see them around the world inside the offices, nuclear plants, NASA, hydroponic, inside the buildings, airports, hospitals, everywhere around the world. Filipino values is one of the most important identity about us, Filipino identity of a person or an in...

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Values: Philippine Culture and Filipino Essay

The content of the Filipino basic personality is made up of Filipino beliefs and knowledge while the structure is formed by the Filipino initiation and various rituals and formal and informal education. Filipino ecology is the relation of the Filipino to the ecosystem such as temperature, type of soil, amount of moisture, types of crops that can be ...

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Fast food restaurant Essay

Students For them to have a knowledge about the factors why most Filipino family patronized fast food chain and future references of effects of fast food to the lifesyle of Filipino family. Help them to choose the proper eating lifestyle by giving the factors why Filipino family lifesyle change.

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Philippine Culture and Filipino Essay

” The content of the Filipino values are the Filipino myths and religion while the structures are the Filipino oral and written traditions, churches, acred places, temples and mosques. Filipino ecology is the relation of the Filipino to the ecosystem such as temperature, ype of soil, amount of moisture, types of crops that can be grown or types of a...

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Development Of Psychological Thought In The Philippines

“First we have to define first what Social Psychology is so…Social Psychology is the study of how individuals affect the society and how the society is affecting the individual .If we’re going to relate Filipino into that on how the Filipino is affected by the society that we have here in the Philippines and maybe in the world in general. The know...

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History Of Filipino Immigration History Essay

From the first to the fourth wave of Filipino Immigration, evidently Filipinos have been in America for quite some time, yet one must persistently ask who are the Filipino Americans? The rise of unemployment during the depression of the 1930s and the development of Filipino labor activism created widespread opposition to Filipino immigration, especi...

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Filipino Values

Based on studies, surveys, opinions, anecdotes, and other literatures made by experts and researchers in relation to Filipino social values or Filipino core values, along with the Filipino character or Filipino identity of a person or an individual known as the Filipino, the Filipino value system are found to possess inherent key elements. For insta...

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The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines Essay

Even though the Filipino experienced the inhumanity of the Spaniards but still they influenced us the way of their living and until today we still used and make those influences in our daily lives. The Spanish colonization in the Philippines brought such poverty, violence, misery to us Filipino.

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Discrimination towards Asians Essay

In the United States there are Filipino communities in every state (The Filipino, 2007) and a lot of Americans prefer to have Filipino wives saying that Filipinos make a loving wife and mother. Similar to the faith of those non-whites, the Filipino people where discriminated even in today’s society.

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Is There a Filipino Identity? Essay

“The Filipino way of thinking that everything foreign is good is still embedded in his personality. ”Filipino cultural values are widely-held beliefs which make some activities, relationships, goals and feelings important to the Filipino people’s identity.

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Development Of Psychological Thoughts In The Philippines

The knowledge of psychology “Babaylan” or “Catalonan” for the native Filipino people was an important part of Filipino Psychology. “First we have to define first what Social Psychology is so…Social Psychology is the study of how individuals affect the society and how the society is affecting the individual .If we’re going to relate Filipino into t...

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Study of filipino cuisine

What if the country sought out trained Filipino Chefs and sent them overseas to open restaurants that would showcase Filipino cuisine? According to Chef De Castro (2012) “Filipino Food is ready to hit the main stream if they don’t think Filipino food is ready for prime time how do you expect the rest of the world to think it is ready for prime time?...

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Understanding Ourselves Through Philippine Literature Essay

Reading materials written by Filipino writers is helpful in building a sense of being Filipino. Being a Filipino is a gift from God.

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Philippine history Essay

The economic development of the Philippines progressed. It provided for free primary education and the establishment of a school to train Filipino teachers.

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Filipino-American Assimilation Essay

Cultural Identity Contrary to losing most of Filipino cultural identity, many Filipino migrants remain loyal to their distinctive as Filipinos especially in continuously upholding their cultural values of hospitality, utang na loob or debt of gratitude, pakikisama or being easy to deal with and strong family ties. Filipino Migration to the United St...

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Model of Filipino Values Essay

Filipino values are for the most part centered at maintaining social harmony motivated primarily by the desire to be accepted w/in the group the main sanctions against the diverging from these values are the concept of ‘hiya’ roughly translated as a sense of shame and ‘amor propio’ or self esteem. Based on studies ,surveys opinions,anecdotes and oth...

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Filipino Psychology Essay

Other factors were the difficulty of expressing or explaining some Western concepts and theories in Filipino, the negative reactions of students who sometimes felt that their skill in speaking and writing in Filipino was inadequate, and the students’ lack of fluency in the language. Its proponents continue to advocate for a psychology that is truly ...

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Filipino People and Hardworking Filipinos Essay

They also established Pro-japanese militants, all of them are Filipinos and these groups were used by the Japanes to spy on the Filipino Activities. But this system is abused by higher Spanish officials because they collect too much tax and products from the Filipino people.

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The Philippine educational system

Filipino Psychology has constructed a core, Kapwa which means “ togetherness”. It is regulated by the National Organization of Filipino Psychology (Pambansang Samahan sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino) which is established in 1975 by Virgilio Enriquez, regarded by many as the Father of Filipino Psychology.

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Filipino Customs and Traits Essay

Through the ages, Filipino people have met all kinds of catastrophes and calamities – revolutions, wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and epidemics. The amulet makes the Filipino that’s someone who is not a risk taker.

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Filipino Cuisine Essay

Other influences from a variety of countries can be seen appearing and disappearing from Filipino Culinary traditions as they fought for their culture and their freedom. By eating a Spanish/Filipino dish you can see the large influence that colonization had on this island country, in contrast by eating the Filipino dishes of the late 1800’s you can ...

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The Evolution of Fashion in the Philippines

The history of Filipino fashion is made up of the mixing of cultures and the intentional separation of social classes. The History of Filipino Fashion.

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Sikolohiyang Pilipino

Protacio-Marcelino (1996) responded to these points in her Ph.D. dissertation on ethnicity and identity issues of second generation Filipino-Americans by stressing that indeed Filipino-Americans are not Filipino – they are both Filipino and American. And in the 1990s, tests were developed to measure a wide variety of Filipino characteristics – katal...

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Scope And Delimitation Example

everyday experiences on games Filipino children play, food Filipino children eat, clothes Filipino children wear, animals in the Philippines they know, famous Filipinos they know, things Filipino children use and activities Filipino children engage in; . According to Yacat (2002), there are two kinds of pagka-Filipino: Filipino by name which is shal...

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Philippine culture Essay

Filipino psychopathology, or sikopatolohiya in Filipino, from Spanish psicopatologia, is the study of abnormal psychology in the Filipino context. Filipino Values – Indigenous Concepts in Filipino Psychology Cultural, Societal Traditions Remain Integral Part of Philippines Skin Whitening and Dark Beauty in the Philippines It was precisely his Wester...

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Colonial Mentality: Its Roots Essay

It embarrassed me that I should be a part of a race so disregarded and dehumanized by society” The denigration of the Filipino culture and body involves the perception that anything Filipino is inferior to anything foreign. Some Filipino Americans may ridicule less-Americanized Filipino Americans by tagging them with labels such as “FOB” (fresh-off-...

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