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Communist Insurgency In The Philippines History Essay

The failure of the different regimes to address the problems of insurgency has added to the strength of the CPP-NPA.The insurgency continued to prevail along the remote areas adding more desperation to the AFP.But still, the CPP-NPA was able to counter those techniques and is still managing to continue their struggle for a socialist society (Dela Cruz, 2006).The groups Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) and the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) of the labour sector for example, has contested the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU).In this light, the AFP came to the point of spreading black propaganda techniques against the party.

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Filipinos Then, Filipinos Now Essay

Kulas, in the end, realized that it is not enough to be born in the country in ordered to be called a Filipino, that being a Filipino doesn’t only mean the physical ties a person has with the land, or with tradition, or even with his or her family.He was confused on what a Filipino truly is, on who has the right to call himself/herself as a true Filipino.He was able to meet different kinds of people; Filipino revolutionaries, Spanish friars, guardia civils, circus folks (where he met Diding, a girl whom he fell in love with), and Filipino elites who identified themselves as the real Filipinos.Though the colonization and Filipino revolution helped in the creation of the Filipino identity, each also brought negative impacts that hindered t...

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The Occupational Degeneration of Filipino Americans Caused by Racism

Throughout Filipino-American history, Filipino men have tasted more affliction than Filipino women.The ratio of male Filipino immigrants to female Filipino immigrants was 9:1 (Sterngass 49).Having no other option, Filipino men often worked as dishwashers or laundry cleaners.The two contrasting views of savageness and emasculation toward Filipino men are unfortunately existent in the minds of Americans.What generally explicates the concept of Filipino emigration to the United States is the Push and Pull Theory of Migration (Banaag et al.

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Filipino Philosophy Essay

Filipino Philosophy is unique in itself and is a pride of the Filipino people.Filipino Philosophy is the attitude, worldview, and notion of the natural citizens of the Philippines towards the day-to-day experiences in life, religion, communication, survival, interrelationship with people and intra-relationship with his sakop or to oneself – the “I,” and the uplifting of one’s soul – the Filipino being.Filipino basic personality is made up of Filipino beliefs and knowledge that are equated and related to various rituals and formal and informal education passed from generation to generation.A Filipino has two major ways of dealing with his society depending upon the basis of relatedness to the self.Unlike western practices, a Filipino is n...

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Identity: Filipino Psychology Essay

We Filipino contributed a lot to this world, A Filipino invented Fluorescent light and you could see them around the world inside the offices, nuclear plants, NASA, hydroponic, inside the buildings, airports, hospitals, everywhere around the world.We gave lights to the whole world and Filipino invented the Fluorescent.And now a day’s Filipino influence a lot to society like in music, food, philosophy, art, religion and in culture, We Filipino preserve our culture very well as you can see our traditions and culture is still alive and we still doing it.Filipino is usually described by outsiders as dark skinned, flat nosed, short people from Philippines who speak either in Tagalog or Taglish, and is a Christian.Young Filipino is known as be...

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Values: Philippine Culture and Filipino Essay

The content of Filipino ecology is the identification of the Filipino with nature and its structure including hunting, fishing, nature worship and irrigation.The Filipino basic social unit is the family which contributes to and maintains the Filipino values.” The Filipino basic personality is determined by the Filipino culture because of the selection of those congruent types that are congruent with the culture.The Filipino politics are the Filipino ideas and structures related to the distribution and channeling of power within the Philippine society for its well-being, order and regulation.The content of the Filipino basic personality is made up of Filipino beliefs and knowledge while the structure is formed by the Filipino initiation a...

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Fast food restaurant Essay

Future Researchers To give information about this topic and to ellaborate and have a further study to the Filipino lifestyle.An opportunity to fast food industry to know, adjust to the lifestyle of Filipino.Students For them to have a knowledge about the factors why most Filipino family patronized fast food chain and future references of effects of fast food to the lifesyle of Filipino family.Why some Filipino family patronized fast food chains?com A healthy eating lifestyle by Rafael Castillo, MD Philippine Daily Enquirer(01/17/2009 Bulacan State University College of Business Administration Malolos City of Bulacan EFFECTS OF FAST FOOD CHAIN TO THE EATING LIFESTYLE OF FILIPINO FAMILY (Chapter 1) Edilyn G. Jumaquio Claire Ann S. Santos A...

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Philippine Culture and Filipino Essay

Filipino cultural values are widely held beliefs which make some activities, relationships, goals and feelings important to the Filipino people’s identity.The Filipino basic social unit is the family which contributes to and maintains the Filipino values.Filipino ecology is the relation of the Filipino to the ecosystem such as temperature, ype of soil, amount of moisture, types of crops that can be grown or types of animals present in the Philippines and other environmental features.The content of the Filipino basic personality is made up of Filipino beliefs and knowledge while the structure is formed by the Filipino initiation and various rituals and formal and informal education.” The content of the Filipino values are the Filipino myt...

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Development Of Psychological Thought In The Philippines

The knowledge of psychology “Babaylan” or “Catalonan” for the native Filipino people was an important part of Filipino Psychology.Remember the legend of Juan Tamad, the concept of Filipino time, Manna habit, to “talangka /crab mentality” and even innate criminality and distortion of Filipino squatters, barkadas, stupid yayas, maids and drivers.In the end, it is not only us who will outlive the legacy of Filipino Social Psychology but even our children of tomorrow.The logic must be it is about the Filipino people and for the Filipino people.“First we have to define first what Social Psychology is so…Social Psychology is the study of how individuals affect the society and how the society is affecting the individual .If we’re going to rel...

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History Of Filipino Immigration History Essay

Works Cited – Filipino Immigrants in the US (1865-1945) .From the first to the fourth wave of Filipino Immigration, evidently Filipinos have been in America for quite some time, yet one must persistently ask who are the Filipino Americans?“Filipino American History.” Filipino American History.Magat, Arianne “Philippines from 1900-1915” The First Wave of Filipino Migration to the United States.The Filipino experience of chasing the American Dream is a long and winding road.

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Filipino Values

“The Filipino wants to harmonize the object and the subject, while at the same time holding both as distinct.” —Elements of Filipino Philosophy (1974), Leonardo Mercado, SVD .Based on studies, surveys, opinions, anecdotes, and other literatures made by experts and researchers in relation to Filipino social values or Filipino core values, along with the Filipino character or Filipino identity of a person or an individual known as the Filipino, the Filipino value system are found to possess inherent key elements.It is a value that makes a Filipino be obedient and be respectful to parents, older siblings and authorities.* This tradition began in small villages throughout the country even before Spanish colonization, and has been an importan...

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The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines Essay

We felt angry because the Spaniards abused the Filipino they treated them as slaves.The Spanish colonization in the Philippines brought such poverty, violence, misery to us Filipino.They also encourage the Filipino men to stop using the putong and instead wore hats and they even started wearing slippers and shoes instead of going around barefoot.We can say that the Filipino during the time of the Spanish was so very poor and pity because the Spaniards treated the Filipino people not as human being but as their slaves.And we also give thanks to the Spanish because they converted the Filipino into Catholicism because if the Spain had not succeeded to colonized our country, then our country would have been a Muslim nation now.

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Discrimination towards Asians Essay

The Filipinos under the leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo were gaining much power at that time and some historians say that the Filipino people could have won the war without the American intervention.However, we fail to see is that a large percentage of these Filipino workers have a college degree and are in fact educated.Many citizens are now aware that skin color or race does not limit a person’s ability to do his job properly.The growing popularity of snit racism and equality has made some impact on the way Filipinos are treated, however it is not yet evident in most cases.Filipino nurses and care givers pride themselves as pioneers in their craft and the country even hails them as the present day heroes.

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Is There a Filipino Identity? Essay

Now, I can conclude the fact that there is still a Filipino identity.“The Filipino way of thinking that everything foreign is good is still embedded in his personality.This rectangular piece of cloth identifies us being a Filipino.”Filipino cultural values are widely-held beliefs which make some activities, relationships, goals and feelings important to the Filipino people’s identity.Evidently, our colorful history truly defines our identity as a Filipino, but as I said earlier, changes threatened this identity.

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Development Of Psychological Thoughts In The Philippines

In 1965 Fox said that this is a trait of Filipino culture that is paid to be in the social context because of its fortitude to produce close family ties.“First we have to define first what Social Psychology is so…Social Psychology is the study of how individuals affect the society and how the society is affecting the individual .If we’re going to relate Filipino into that on how the Filipino is affected by the society that we have here in the Philippines and maybe in the world in general.The primary social welfare system for the Filipino is the family.The study of the customs and beliefs of Filipinos serves as a function of social and economic dimension of Filipino culture.In a traditional Filipino family, the father is considered the ...

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Study of filipino cuisine

It must be recognized that when we speak of Filipino culture and heritage, we likewise speak of the Filipino recipes that have been handed down from one generation to another and vice versa.Adobo( a stewed meat or seafood and vegetables dish), Lumpia( Filipino spring roll), Sinigang( a tangy soup made from sour fruits like an unripe guava and tomatoes), Bistek( a a Filipino-styled beef steak), Lechon( a dish made by roasting a suckling pig) are not only popular dishes of the Filipino cuisine, but are also identified and acclaimed as the national dishes of the country.It’s interesting to note that while most of the foreign demand for Filipino food comes from Filipino immigrants or overseas workers, there is also the emerging market compri...

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Understanding Ourselves Through Philippine Literature Essay

Reading materials written by Filipino writers is helpful in building a sense of being Filipino.The writers were able to write about Filipino experiences, and reflect what being Filipino is about because they are Filipino writers.Also, reading literary pieces by Filipino writers makes us aware of who we are as individuals.We should be thankful and regard it as a blessing.In the literary pieces studied, there is always an element of being Filipino present.

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Philippine history Essay

Because the Filipinos were hungry for education, they flocked to public and private schools in large numbers.They established the Philippine public school system.They also established Aglipayan Church (Independent Church).They teach English language to the Filipinos.(The American soldiers were the first teachers of the Filipinos.)

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Filipino-American Assimilation Essay

Though many of them are proud of their Filipino roots, since they are already accustomed to American culture back in the Philippines, it has become easier for them to adjust to new environment.Filipinos learn to exist in a foreign land while practicing their identity and the US having skilled Filipino workers.Filipino Migration to the United States.In seeking national solidarity, many Filipinos abroad have come together to establish their own Filipino community.The Philippine Constitution has granted the English language as co-official with Filipino.

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Model of Filipino Values Essay

According to the anthropologists LEONARDO MERCADO the Filipino worldview is basically nondualistic.based on his linguistic analysis of Filipino value terms like loob (Cebuano buot ),he includes that Filipinos desire harmony not only in interpersonal relationships but also with nature and religion while still remaining nondichotomous.F.landa jocano identified two models of the Filipino value system.the first is the exogenous model or the foreign model,while the second is the indigenous model of the traditional model .the foreign model is described to be a “legal and formal”model while the indigenous model is described as a “traditional and non formal’model or guide but is deeply embedded in the subconscious of the Filipinos.the foreign mo...

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Filipino Psychology Essay

The main problems they encountered in the use of Filipino in teaching psychology, especially in its initial years, included the lack of materials written in Filipino and the lack of a technical vocabulary.However, there were observable benefits as well brought about by the use of Filipino in teaching psychology.Other factors were the difficulty of expressing or explaining some Western concepts and theories in Filipino, the negative reactions of students who sometimes felt that their skill in speaking and writing in Filipino was inadequate, and the students’ lack of fluency in the language.This did not work out because Enriquez realized that the translation failed to express a truly Filipino psychology.Most importantly, with the birth of ...

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Filipino People and Hardworking Filipinos Essay

Even though the Japanese allowed continuing using English as the medium of instruction in teaching.Japanese Occupation Japanese occupation cause severe destruction during the Philippines because they’ve abolished government structures and abuse many Filipinos and Americans.They also established Pro-japanese militants, all of them are Filipinos and these groups were used by the Japanes to spy on the Filipino Activities.We were given the chance to be educated.One of the evidence is the Death March.

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The Philippine educational system

It was in the early 1970s that this was initiated when Virgilio Gaspar Enriquez returned to the Philippines from Northwestern University, USA with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and lost no time in introducing the concept of Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino Psychology).For instance, in the area of personality, the Western approach in research of not being enmeshed and bound by the culture being studied has resulted in a characterization of the Filipino from the ‘‘judgmental and impressionistic point of view of the colonizers’’.In 1975, Enriquez chaired the Unang Pambansang Kumperensya sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino (First National Conference on Filipino Psychology) which was held at the Abelardo Auditorium at U.P.Many Filipino intellectuals, nota...

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Filipino Customs and Traits Essay

” The belief on “Kapalaran” (fortune) provides self-assurance and audacity to the Filipino.In every problems and disturbances, still, the Filipino people are smiling and they still find way to laugh.Filipino courage has been proven in the Battle of Mactan, Tirad Pass, Bataan, Corregidor, World War II, and in many other battlefields.The amulet makes the Filipino that’s someone who is not a risk taker.That’s how Filipino families are commonly defined.

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Filipino Cuisine Essay

Filipino Cuisine can be best described as a mixture of the eastern and western influences it provides an array of rich flavors, color and spices which made the Filipino cuisine unique, delicious and irresistible.Filipino cuisine is distinguished by its bold combination of sweet (tamis), sour (asim), and salty (alat) flavors.By eating a Spanish/Filipino dish you can see the large influence that colonization had on this island country, in contrast by eating the Filipino dishes of the late 1800’s you can see a reemergence of Filipino ideas, Filipino recipe, and culinary traditions after the Spanish invaders were driven into the sea.Filipino food is very much so indicative of the history of the country.The culinary center of the Filipino cui...

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The Evolution of Fashion in the Philippines

RyansWorld: Fashion Trends of the 2030s, (n.d).The source The History of Filipino Fashion by Melanie Mayne discusses that Philippine Fashion was acknowledged in 1500s, but it was just recognized in United States and Europe in 1800s.The history of Filipino fashion is made up of the mixing of cultures and the intentional separation of social classes.Mayne, M. (n.d).The History of Filipino Fashion.

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Sikolohiyang Pilipino

Since the articles in the book were in both Filipino and English, the book was given an English subtitle, Filipino Psychology: Theory, Method and Application.Protacio-Marcelino (1996) responded to these points in her Ph.D. dissertation on ethnicity and identity issues of second generation Filipino-Americans by stressing that indeed Filipino-Americans are not Filipino – they are both Filipino and American.They further noted that ‘‘the 1970s saw tests developed in creativity, selfperception, personality and vocational testing, and the 1980s an increased interest in personality testing, with a number of researchers doing studies on the Filipino child and the Filipino adolescent.And in the 1990s, tests were developed to measure a wide variet...

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Scope And Delimitation Example

A similar study was also conducted among 3rd year High School students in Baguio City by Herrera and Robias (2010), and the findings revealed that although “respondents exhibit a positive preference for things Filipino, these preferences have not yet been lifted to a level of consciousness that would make their manifestation of such personal preferences as expressive of their identity as Filipino, or as charters of national identity” (Herrera & Robias, 2010, p.67).The NELF firmly believes that the Filipino child is “a human being who loves God, parents, and country, is proud to be a Filipino, honors the customs, traditions and good values of the people, knows his/her basic rights, respects other cultures and is able to live in peace ...

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Philippine culture Essay

Pakikisama is another Filipino value that has been misinterpreted by foreign–the-history-of-philippine-psychology-a316940/ Filipino Psychology or Sikolohiyang Pilipino has basic concepts based on indigenous Filipino values, including hiya, bahala na, and utang na loob.” It is not a big a burden as “debt” is because in the Filipino culture of interpersonal relations, there is always the opportunity to return a favor.Psycho-medicine See also: Philippine Mythology Filipino psychomedicine, or sikomedikal na sikolohiya in Filipino, is the application of basic psychology to native healing practices loosely considered as ‘medicine’.With the increasing number of Filipino psychologists realizing the...

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Colonial Mentality: Its Roots Essay

Another example of discrimination against less acculturated Filipino Americans is the perception that English proficiency reflects higher status and intelligence.Such a global negative regard of Filipino culture is thought to extend from preferences from foreign-made products to judgment of their physical features as more attractive and reliable.“My idea…of Filipino culture and identity is split into two forms: the FOB…and the Filipino American.The discriminating attitudes of some Filipinos hold against members of Filipino communities they perceive to display Filipino characteristics.“Throughout my days at elementary school I had an acute fear that someone would discover that I was Filipino.

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