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Another Feminism

One difference between the Marxist and the socialist is in Marxist theories of class women tend to appear insignificant.In this respect women have interests in common with the whole working class, and Marxist and socialist feminists often see greater scope for cooperation between women and working class men than do radical feminists.The largest weakness among the radical feminists comes from the separatist feminist, who argues that women should organise independently of men.Marxist feminists also place much greater stress on the exploitation of women in paid employment.Marxist and socialist feminism Marxist and socialist feminists regard capitalism rather than patriarchy as being the principal source of women's oppression, and capitalist...

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Nuclear Family Is Bad For Its Members Sociology Essay

This is an essay in which I will attempt to evaluate the premise of whether a nuclear family is bad for its members using differences between the Functionalist perspectives of the family against the contrasting view of the Marxist and Feminist approach.Liberal, Marxist, Radical and Socialist.The feminist in contrast shares the values to some extent of the Marxist view of conflict.The Feminist Perspectives share commonalities to both Functionalist and Marxist approaches but are markedly different.From a feminist point of view the functionalist approach teaches passivity in woman and ensures children are socialised to accept their place in the hierarchy of the family, perpetuating the cycle.

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The extent to which Marxist and Feminist theories help our understanding of society today

However, feminist Woodhead would argue that the wearing of a hijab represents freedom as women can enter the public without revealing their past.Gramsci argues that Religion counts as a hegemony in showing oppressed people alternative ways.Marxist and feminist would strongly disagree with functionalist argument and insist that it is to benefit the ruling class.Marxist and feminists both agree that religion benefits the capitalist class, however they both disagree of the capitalist.Marxist Lenin describes this is a spiritual gin.

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Examine Marxist views of the role of the family

Oakley has emphasized that housework is hard, routine and unrewarding and housework remains the primary responsibility of women, though men might sometimes help.If women ironed clothes, cooked and cleaned for others outside the family they would be paid for it, but in the family they are not.Althusser, a Marxist writer argued that, in order for capitalist to survive, the working class must submit to the ruling class or bourgeoisie.Conversely Feminist perspectives emphasize the harmful effects of family life upon women, and the role of the family in the continuing oppression of women.Also feminists emphasize that housework is unpaid labour.

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A Function Of A Family Sociology Essay

Liberal feminist Wollstonecraft (1792).Marxist feminist like functionalist they tend to ignore the diversity of modern family life assuming everyone lives in heterosexual nuclear family.They paint a very negative picture of family life possibly exaggerated.Unlike functionalists who sees male and female roles being different but equal,Marxist feminists believe that men dominate family relationships.Feminist theory discards functionalist view that society as a whole is benefited by socialisation in the family but rather men benefits more.Women are portrayed as passive victims of exploitation,it does not take into account women who abuse men by fighting back.Marxist feminist Bentson (1972) argues that family responsibilities make male worke...

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Family and Household Essay

Marxist feminists also believe women provide emotional support for their husbands/partners without this they would be unable to face the oppression and alienation of the capitalist workplace.According to Marxist Feminists housewives fulfil several important functions for the capitalist system: they bear and rear children at no cost to the capitalist system and, along with their husbands, encourage their children to accept authority such that a new, suitably obedient generation of workers becomes available; housewives also provide many domestic services at low or zero cost which reduces the wage levels which the capitalist system needs to pay its male workers.[Online] Available at: .understanding a divers...

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Liberal versus Marxist Feminism and Women in Corporate America Essay

Similarly, the feminist movement would have a special interest group that would lobby and influence the state and federal senate to their point of view.I am still though scared to think that this is the only way to change our society.Liberal versus Marxist Feminism and Women in Corporate America Liberal feminists believe that oppression and inequality must be justified.Particularly, Marxist feminists state that the capitalism is primarily responsible for the class structure in our society.If this is the only way to move us, people, to the better or worst, then my fears have very good foundations.

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Analysing Changes In Family Structure Sociology Essay

Marxist feminism tends to ignore the diversity of modern family life assuming that everyone lives in heterosexual nuclear families.Greer, 2000 a radical feminist states that families in Britain are not as stable as they were, with the divorce rate becoming high.Feminist theory has made sociologists to view the family as an institution involving power relationships.Humanist feminist believe that society allows only men to self-develop not women.The Marxist view ignores family diversity and sees the nuclear family as being simply determined by the economy.

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Understanding of Families and Households

However despite this entire Marxist is useful for the importance of economically influences within the family, as it raises the possibility that the family as an institution benefit some other social groups.Marxist has different views as he believe the family are serving the economic and ideological needs for capitalism, the feminist view sees family serving not the ideological needs of capitalism but the needs of a man and the patriarchal control of woman.All of the following, Marxist, liberal and radical feminist believe in different causes of woman’s oppression and how it could be overcome.This view then is easily criticised as feminist criticise the Marxist view due to them ignoring the idea of exploitation of woman, as well as postm...

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Functionalist Concepts Of The Nuclear Family

Feminist argues that Men oppress women through domestic violence, the economic involvement to society made by women’s domestic labour within the family.Feminist theory discards functionalist view that society as a whole is benefited by socialisation in the family but rather men benefits more.Greer (2000) is a radical feminist who believes that family life continues to disadvantage and oppress women.Marxist feminist like functionalist they tend to ignore the diversity of modern family life assuming everyone lives in heterosexual nuclear family.Marxist view ignores family diversity it sees the nuclear family as being simply determined by the economy.

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Gender inequality from a socological point of view

Marxist feminist strongly believes gender inequality is down to capitalism, rich and powerful people who force social order on the poor and the weak.Unlike functionalist, the Marxist feminist approach does not focus on the positive aspects of society that contribute to its stability, but takes on a conflict perspective, which is inspired by Karl Marx’s writings on class struggles.‘Nevertheless in contrast to liberal feminist frameworks, radical feminist is inclined to be suspicious of government intervention, perceiving the state itself as being intrinsically patriarchal, and also tends to focus on the politics of the private sphere, in particular sexuality, motherhood and bodies.’ (Beasley,1999:55).However Radical feminist have more in ...

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Post-Marxist Feminist Reading on the Progress Essay

Studying his works in a Marxist approach is very relevant, since he himself also aims for equality in the hands of the economists, the government, and/or in the different social classes in the Philippines; he writes only aiming for social justice and change to better the lives of average Filipino families.“Introduction: From Marxist to Post-Marxism,” Post-Marxist Theory: An Introduction.Marxist-Feminist analysis evolved as a feminist-inspired critique of the shortcomings of traditional Marxist approaches to the ‘women’s question’ according to Cecilia Sardenberg (Sardemnerg, 1994).Contemporary Marxist Feminists simply focus more on things like the concerns of working women.It is analyzed in a Post-Marxist Feminist approach, focusing on He...

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The view that the family in modern Britain is an institution that functions for the benefit of its members, and for society as a whole

The Marxist view of the family disagrees with the statement at issue.The third attitude comes from the Marxist and the Marxist-feminists and they argue that the family is relatively strong and this is bad.Many criticisms that have been made of Marxism are also applied to the Marxist feminists and the radical feminists.In previous years husbands could exercise control and legally beat theirs wives, many of whom were trapped in unhappy and violent marriages.They may have exaggerated the harm done to women in the family.

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A Basic Unit Of Socialisation Sociology Essay

Marxist feminist Bentson (1972) argues that family responsibilities make male workers less likely to withdraw from labour, with wife and children to support.A radical feminist like Millett (1970) argues that the organisation of society enables men to dominate women.Functionalists believe that norms and values benefits society while for feminist they benefit men more.Marxists feminist believe that the destruction of the capitalist society brings equality to everything.Marxist feminist, like functionalist tend to ignore the diversity of modern family life, assuming everyone lives in heterosexual nuclear family.

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Sociology Of The Familys Sociology Essay

A radical feminist like Millett (1970) argues that the organisation of society enables men to dominate women.Greer (2000) is a radical feminist who believes that family life continues to disadvantage and oppress women.The Marxist perspective is a conflict theory, which sees socialisation process of the family, results in the spread of a ruling class philosophy.Functionalists see male and female roles being different but equal, Marxist feminists believe that men dominate family relationships.Functionalists believe that norms and values benefits society while for feminist they benefit men more.

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Evaluate the claim that in modern industrial societies state education systems act as a means of social control

They argue that the curriculum is more based around traditionally male-dominated subjects.Thus it sets up men more than women for further education or more prosperous work opportunities.They believe that schools would have text books with families where children are taught from an early age that males are dominant within the family; various subjects are aimed at a certain gender group, for example Food Technology would be aimed at females, leading on to the typical role of females doing housework and cooing; sports in schools are very much male dominated in the education system.Feminists argue that this contributes to the suppression put on women by the male-run society.Many feminists believe that women are being suppressed by a male-dom...

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Health and Social Care Essay

Criticisms of the Marxist approach Marxist believe that individual behaviour is directly resulted from socialisation, which gives them very little choice, also there is a lot of emphasis on class interests and the areas in which there could be conflict.There are three main Feminist perspectives: .Marxist feminist also support their husbands and partners, cook and clean for the house, and they do this without receiving any money, additionally, they are dominated by their husbands.Marxist feminist Marxist feminists see women as being oppressed, especially working class women, from the patriarchal society (men) and capitalism.Pamela Abbott and Claire Wallace (1997) summarised feminist concerns and criticisms of the “Malestream” society.

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Feminism Essay

For Marxist feminists, the concept of social class is considered to be more important than the concept of patriarchy since the latter is seen as a form of ideology that stems from class exploitation.In this sense, Marxist feminism emphasizes the social institutions of private property and capitalism to explain and criticize gender inequality and oppression.Marxist feminists view the capitalist drive for profits as responsible for women’s second-class status and other forms of oppression such as racism or discrimination.Marxist feminists are primarily concerned with the division of labor that keeps women in the domestic sphere and men in the workplace.In this sense, Marxist feminist theory attempts to explain the structure of modern indus...

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Feminism as a Theory of Law Essay

The essence of patriarchy is emphasised by the Marxist legal theory, developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the 19th Century, which places no emphasis upon gender, and consequently belittles the feminists fight for gender equality.This in a society strongly founded upon a male-orientated legal system, which historically fails to recognise the social and legal rights of women, and instead focuses upon “male-orientated theories and ideologies.”[1] It is this patriarchy that feminists thrive to eliminate.Liberal feminists support equal rights and oppose prejudice and discrimination that block the aspirations of women.”[3] 2) Socialist feminism is an evolution from Marxist conflict theory, essentially made in reaction to the little a...

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What do sociologists mean by society

Marxists also see society as if it’s resting upon an economic infrastructure, with a superstructure above it that is controlled by and for the rich and wealthy.They believe that power is a key part that can be changed in the two main theories of gender oppression.Feminist sociologist try to get women more involved in the community and try to enforce gender equality or even make the females more superior to men.These include things like: politics, religion, law and culture.Marxists strongly believe that there is a societal split and many people struggle to fit into one complete society, therefore many separate ones which determine the way people treat eachother too, Functionalism understands each part of society in ways of how something c...

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Feminist Contributions Essay

As they are viewed as financially dependent on their male partners, they can be paid less by employers.Thirdly, women absorb anger that would otherwise be directed at capitalism.There are different types of feminism, which I will be evaluating in this essay; Liberal, Radical, Marxist, Black and Postmodernist feminist.Feminist Greer argues for the creation of all-female or ‘matrilocal’ households as an alternative to the heterosexual family.Women produce the labour force through their unpaid domestic labour, by nurturing and socialising children to become the next generation of workers by maintaining and servicing the current generation of workers.

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Marxists Approach on the Family

Feminists also believe in a similar concept to the safety valve, except they believe that instead of men using the family as an emotional punching bag, they would take their authority and show their superiority to their wives or the women in their lives.They believe that the nuclear family ensures that generation after generation remains lodged into a routine of capitalism.Feminists have a similar view to Marxists except they feel that males exploit females rather than the rich exploiting the poor.Meaning that children are trained to copy the values, norms and behaviors of their parents and so unsurprisingly often follow them into the same sorts of work due to being almost trained to copy their parent’s choices.Basically the Marxism sugg...

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Marxism and Radical and Liberal Feminism Essay examples

In support of the feminists there is a saying that goes, 'Behind every great man, there stands a great woman'.Worsley, P. (1970) Introducing Sociology, 1st Edition, Great Britain, Hazell Watson &Viney; Ltd.Marxist do not like the family because it adds to the capitalist society, Marxist feminists also believe the same, with the added component of consciousness of oppression, and feminists do not like the family because of the oppression of the women within the family.These social institutions tell the workers that the way they live and the norms and values they out across are normal and natural.Although both Marxist and Feminist views differ on several things, there are some similarities.

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The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood overview

Feminists would also be against Moria’s role in society, since she accepted it over being in a work camp, but even more approving of Offred’s role since it was not her choice.From a feminist standpoint, the social caste of women would be seen as suppressed, while a Marxist standpoint would see the handmaids as unpaid sex workers.“If anyone asks you, say you’re an evening rental.Serena Joy acquired the position of authority and would be considered a strong feminist role model, until the reader establishes that she uses her power for self-serving purposes.” (237) On the other hand, feminists would be against women selling their bodies for an occupation.

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Can feminism be thought of as a theory of law Essay

Resistance is however, met by a Marxist legal theory, which displays very little appreciation of gender issues.14 ‘Feminist Legal Methods’ (1970) 103 Harv L Rev , p.829 at p.837.Juxtaposed with the rigid Marxist approach to legal rule is the postmodernist dialect that offers a “positive method of forcing individuals to confront and change the rigid contexts and structures (including laws) within which they have arbitrarily confined themselves.”2 .For feminists to advance their legal theory through a Marxist approach, the attitude of socialist feminists, as discussed above, would have to be adopted.21 H. Barnett, Introduction to Feminist Theory (London: Cavendish Publishers, 1998, p. 180. .

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Laws and policies affect family life Essay

When men get benefits they feel this weakens the women’s position because the man is in control of his wages and the benefit.So even though the government provides services such as counselling and social services its unlikely we will ever know the true extent of domestic abuse because we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.It is hard to depict how successful theses measures are as many domestic abuse cases go unreported due to fear, embarrassment and love.However feminists also feel the benefits women do get “more maternity leave” and “control of child benefits” are trying to cement the view that women should be staying at home and looking after the children.Liberal Feminists would believe that the safeguards put in place are a s...

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Which Marxist and Feminist theories help our understanding of religion in society today

Marxist theories of religion mainly relate to how religion helps the domination of society by the Bourgeoisie.However, this Marxist view of religion in society doesn’t help our understanding to a great extent.One Marxist view on religion is that religion is an ideological apparatus.However, this Feminist theory of religion can be diluted in terms of it helping our understanding of religion in society, as it fails to explain why some Religions, such as the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, has ordained female ministers since 1969.A Feminist view from Knott (1994) helps develop the previous point from Marxism about religion legitimising social inequality.

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Different Sociological Perspectives Essay

The key problem with the Marxist feminists is that they do not take into account the diversity of modern families.Browne (n.d) states that the Marxist Feminist has an extended view on the Marxist perspective as the feminists focuses mainly on the female contribution to the family.Aiken Dave; Chapman Steve: Moore Stephen, (n.d), Sociology AS For AQA Browne Ken, (n.d), Sociology for AS AQA 3rd Edition .This type of family setting would not go in the favour of what the Marxist stand for as the Marxist believes in the monogamy setting where one husband and one wife is all that is required.Radical Feminist highlights that patriarchy is the cause of restriction on women.

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Essay on The Contribution of Feminists to the Sociology of the Family

Radical feminism has been criticised as it over emphasises the extent to which women share common experiences of exploitation.Following from this, it down grades class and race relations.Liberal feminists also believe that patriarchy is the main cause of gender inequality.There are many different types of feminists; the main ones are Radical feminists, Marxist feminist and liberal feminists.Marxist feminists stress that the exploitation of women in the home serves the needs of Capitalism, whereas Radical feminists stress that this exploitation is based on patriarchy.

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Psychology and Sociology in Health Care Essay

The feminist theory consists of three branches which are Radical feminists, Liberal feminists and Marxist feminist.Radical feminist theory which believes that gender inequalities is the result of male domination in all aspects of life through social and economical.Marxist believes that social class is much more important than patriarchy as it has developed from class exploitation (History Learning Site, 2012).Marxist feminists is the final form of feminism which believes that women are treated as second class citizens in patriarchal capitalist societies and that both the rights and ownership of the means of production and women’s social experience need to be changed because the source of women’s oppression lie in the economic structure o...

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