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Abortion – an Ultra-Conservative View

I do not know of many people that would agree to this, even Mary Ann Warren herself.The third view is the “Ultra-Liberal position”, which is the view that Mary Ann Warren wishes to provide support for in her article, “Abortion is Morally Permissible.None of the texts I researched state that human life begins at birth or after first trimester, as Warren eventually states in her argument for abortion.Although many people have different views, Mary Ann Warren does hold the view of Ultra-Liberal.Before I begin to discuss Marry Ann Warrens’ article, “Abortion is Morally Permissible”, I wish to define the different views of abortion.

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Essay Abortion

Warren uses one of Thomson's analogies to help state further rationalize her hypothesis.Mary Anne Warren describes how abortion should be kept legal without any restrictions on it.The question becomes, if you are an anti-abortionist will you stay consistent and feel obligated to save his life?In this paper, I will examine and critique Mary Anne Warren's On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion, where she examines the moral humanity of the fetus and its right to life.Mary Anne Warren has written a very detailed and understandable article, however, her claims are not consistent or convincing and may seem a bit heartless, but nonetheless she presents them concisely with charisma, keeping the reader on a philosophical seesaw, anxiously agre...

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Mary Anne Warren's The Abortion Issue Essay

In essence, personhood as defined by Warren can only come after the first trimester.Before that time, the fetus does not have the sentience that would make it a person.Warren does not raise the answers to already obvious arguments when considering these ...Mary Anne Warren’s “The Abortion Issue” In Mary Anne Warren’s “The Abortion Issue,” children are not persons in the empirical sense.As she states in her paper, there are five main categories that empirically place something as a person.

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A Critique of On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion, by Mary Anne Warren

Biomedical Ethics 4th (1996): 434-440."On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion."However much she was inconsistent on the topic of infanticide, her overall writing was well done and consistent.Warren believes that emotion and morality should be entirely separate, and that abortion should be legal for all women, as denial would be stripping women of basic human rights, the rights that a woman holds over an unborn fetus.Warren’s arguments are valid, mostly sound, and cover just about all aspects of the overall topic.

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Abortion : The Moral And Legal Status Of Abortion Essay

I have not met any person who has had an abortion, but I do know it happens everywhere in the world.All babies should be given a chance to live, whether it is with his or her biological parents or with adoptive parents.And bringing in statistics with this quote, it says, “in the United States, about 52 percent of the women obtaining abortions each year are younger than the age of 25, and about 20 percent of them are teenagers.” (81) First of all, if for example, you are a teenager or an under-age female and you know for a fact that you cannot “keep another human being alive at great personal cost” (Warren 114), then you should not be having sexual relationships at all.Mary Anne Warren states that abortion, “may be defined as the act a wo...

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The Weak Animal Rights Position

Warren argues that the morally relevant feature that separates humans from nonhuman is that humans are capable of listening to reason.Warren argues for an animal rights position that only sentient animals have rights and that nonhuman animal rights are not as strong a human rights.In the paper “Difficulties with the Strong Animal Rights Position,” Mary Anne Warren argues for an animal rights position called the weak animal rights position.Ecosystems should have value even if they do not include sentient animals as defined by Warren.The example that is used by Warren is killing rodent to protect our food or to prevent the spread of disease.

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The 's Argument On The Personhood Of A Fetus Essay

In conclusion, abortion is morally wrong, but sometimes it is morally permissible to have them when the mother is raped or not capable of caring for the child.For example, a 15 year old that has just being raped cannot be expected to take care of a child because she is incapable of doing so; hence, the best option available might be the termination of the pregnancy.The morality of abortion cannot be proved, but sometimes it is necessary to have them for different reasons.Warren argues that unless a mother had a special commitment towards the fetus she is in no position to make personal sacrifices toward its survival.Meanwhile, a full grown adult should not abort a fetus simply to restore ease in their lives.

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Mary Anne Warren's On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion Essay

Warren justifies that the five qualities are sufficient criteria of determining the apparent “personhood” of a being by stating that such principles of humanity would be used when attempting to study alien life forms on distant planets.Works Cited Mill, John S. The Basic Writings of John Stuart Mill.By forming a distinction between being genetically human and being a fully developed “person” and member of the “moral community” that encompasses humanity, Warren argues that it must be proven that fetuses are human beings in the morally relevant sense in order for their termination to be considered morally wrong.Disputed Moral Issues.Warren believes that this community consists of all and only people that possess the ability to express the ...

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Salem Witch Trials

Hathorne and Corwin also examine Nehemiah Abbott, William and Deliverance Hobbs, Edward and Sarah Bishop, Mary Black, Sarah Wildes, and Mary English.Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott, and Mary Warren later allege affliction as well.May 18, 1692: Mary Easty is released from prison.September 22, 1692: Martha Cory, Margaret Scott, Mary Easty, Alice Parker, Ann Pudeator, Willmott Redd, Samuel Wardwell, and Mary Parker are hanged.September 17, 1692: Margaret Scott, Wilmott Redd, Samuel Wardwell, Mary Parker, Abigail Faulkner, Rebecca Earnes, Mary Lacy, Ann Foster and Abigail Hobbs are tried and sentenced to hang.

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How are women portrayed in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”? Essay

Ann Putnam isn’t weak, but she is described as weak-minded, introduced as a twisted soul of forty-five, a death-ridden woman, haunted by dreams.3 Multiple stillbirths have most likely caused this mental instability.4 While other people are trying to ascertain the identities of those involved in witchcraft, she frequently suggests names so that others can blame them, and constantly analyzes other people’s actions.5 She also causes panic through a show of fear and anxiety, as well as using false information to influence others.Mary always sides with the stronger power, too timid to oppose it, thereby both representing the weak-willed people of Salem and symbolizing the McCarthy era.Abigail Williams uses it to eliminate enemies, only to att...

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Political Philosophy and Medium-paragraph Length Answer Essay

What are the elements of her example that make it analogous to the situation of pregnancy due to rape?What are the three types of policies and laws that Michael Sandel identifies as being commonly rejected by libertarians?According to Mary Anne Warren (in “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion”), what are the five central criteria for moral personhood, and what are the implications of this criteria on the issue of whether or not the fetus has the right to life?According to Don Marquis (in “Why Abortion Is Immoral”), what is the property that the fetus possesses which makes abortion an immoral act?Why does Marquis say that abortion is just as wrong as killing an innocent adult person?

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A Rational Look at the Abortion Controversy Essay

21 Wilcox, "Nature as Demonic," 468f.Peter Kreeft, Making Choices: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions (Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Publications, 1990), 119-21.The sexual act by nature tends towards pregnancy, i.e., that is the natural purpose of the sexual act, and any woman who engages in this act voluntarily, with or without contraception, thereby willingly opens herself to pregnancy.The fact that some people differ even about this very point tends to render the pro-abortion and the anti-abortion paradigms somewhat "incommensurable," and this is probably one major reason why people are tempted to arrive at different conclusions about this ... ... middle of paper ... ...ilure is equal to an unwanted pregnancy due to rape is nothin...

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Abortion: Theories and Moral Issues Argumentative Essay

Warren explained that a person has the characteristics of: sentience, emotionality, reason, communication, self-awareness, and moral agency.(Warren – “Moral Status” 75) Warren argues that a fetus has not yet reached a point where it can be called a person and therefore aborting it is not deeply tragic.(Marquis 11) There were two issues raised by Don Marquis which Ann Cudd did not agree: the issue whether a fetus has rights of which society has obligations to adhere to and the issue whether these rights are “prima facie” or absolute.Mary Anne Warren critiqued the violinist analogy saying that the woman only has the right to choose abortion when her pregnancy is caused by rape or when she is not morally responsible for it.The following are...

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The moral and religious issues raised by the practice of abortion Essay

However, the religious view of abortion is much more strict than that from a moral perspective as the moral view tend to sympathise with the mother a lot more, whereas the religious outlook is that abortion is still murder, which is going against God, so must be not be taken lightly.Therefore, Methodists also do not agree wholly with abortion, however, they do agree with it in certain circumstances (such as, if the pregnancy will affect the life of the mother, if the child will be born handicapped or under social conditions, such as if the birth would severely reduce the living conditions of existing children), most of which are similar to those considered acceptable by the Church of England.Other philosophers, like Ann Davies, apply sim...

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Native-American Literature

Prose: Sarah Orne Jewett, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Zitkala-Sa, Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” George Washington Cable, Kate Chopin.Prose: Eudora Welty, Raymond Carver, John Cheever, Alice Walker.Narratives: Mary Rowlandson’s A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson.Prose: Judith Sargent Murray, Mercy Otis Warren, Washington Irving, Lydia Maria Child Narratives: Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative of the Lfe of Olaudah Equiano.Drama: Edward Albee, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson, David Mamet.

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The Character of Mary Warren

When Danforth accuses Mary Warren of witchcraft, soon things start to go downhill.Throughout the play, Mary Warren is seen as a weak girl that gets in the way, but she really is a young woman looking for the attention of her friends and the community.“[As though to compensate, MARY WARREN goes to ELIZABETH with small rag doll]” and says, “I made you a gift for you today, Goody Proctor.And when Mary told Proctor of when she was in court, she tells him that “In open court she near choked us all to death” and when he asked how she responded, “She sent her spirit out,” (Miller 1057) Mary is so easily deceived that she believes this even though she barely knows the woman.]” (Miller 1058) Mary Warren gets terribly frightened at this moment, wi...

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American Literature Essay

Prose: Judith Sargent Murray, Mercy Otis Warren, Washington Irving, Lydia Maria Child.Postmodern works are often highly experimental and anti-conventional.Prose: Eudora Welty, Raymond Carver, John Cheever, Alice Walker.Prose: Sarah Orne Jewett, Mary E. .•Postmodern or Contemporary, 1940-present Characteristics In British and American literature, the postmodern period refers to literature written after WWII.

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American Literature Essay

Narratives: Mary Rowlandson’s A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson.Novels: Saul Bellow, Ralph Ellison, John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. , Richard Wright, Thomas Pynchon, E. L Doctorow, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison.The postmodern period reflects anxieties concerning, and reactions to life in the 20th century.Prose: Judith Sargent Murray, Mercy Otis Warren, Washington Irving, Lydia Maria Child Narratives: Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative of the Lfe of Olaudah Equiano.Postmodern works are often highly experimental and anti-conventional.

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The dramatic effects used by Miller in “The Crucible” Essay

The girls mimicking Mary Warren angers her so much that she begins to cry!The panic finally hits the girls hard and they turn to placing the blame on Mary Warren as she turns against them.This is the first time we see Mary Warrens character properly and her first impressions are of being sensible and honest and this is basically how her character is shown throughout the play.The other characters know she has a different culture that sees witchcraft as a more tolerable act and they use it against her as a reason for her being guilty of dealing with the Devil.This shocks the audience as Abigail has now turned to blaming Mary Warren, who once was a good friend of Abigail, of witchcraft and contacting the Devil.

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The Ethics Of Animal Rights Essay

I honestly do believe that animals have rights, but they are not our moral equals.Animals lack rationality and our degree of mental sophistication.The question of animal rights also varies from culture to culture, better known as culture relativism.I also defend the “weak animals’ rights position.New York: Oxford University Press, 2014, 2011, 2009. .

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The Courtroom Scene Essay

This creates tension because Proctor was left by Mary when she said sorry to Abigail for summoning her spirit, and now Mary has made allegation against Proctor.This friction is huge because just before Mary Warren states this the court, Mary and Proctor where helping each other.The even is that after all of the commotion and lying from Abigail and the girls of Mary Warren summoning a spirit.Firstly, Mary Warren explains to the court of how Proctor wakes her up at night and says how they should over throw the court to save this wife.We feel sorry for Mary Warren, as now she is being portrayed as an evil person.

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The Crucible – Mary Warren Essay

Also, since the conspiracy, Mary, merely a maidservant, has acquired extreme respect and authority.Mary Warren is a young servant girl whose ethics are challenged when she becomes afflicted with terror and intimidation.Mary acknowledges the corruption, and with outside influence, she is able to follow her truthful instincts.Mary knows that Abigail accused Elizabeth because of hatred and retaliation.Mary Warren is a very weak person in the play, who gives in to pressure a number of times.

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Arthur Miller Essay

However, When Mary Warren is persuaded to go to court she seems scared of Abigail as she says; “She’ll kill me for sayin’ that!The way they chose to accuse her was by imitating Mary Warren.When Abigail her fit on page ninety two, Miller leaves the audience confused because of the other girls’ reaction to what Abigail does and also to Mary Warren’s accusations.Also in the same conversation Abigail tells Mary Warren to carry on lying, “Let either of you breathe a word about the other things and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring pointy reckoning that will shudder you.” When the girls copy Abigail they never catch on straight away they always take a while to join in, such as in the court room on page nin...

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The Crucible: Characterization of Mary Warren

Mary Warren is a follower and duplicitous person as shown through her words and actions.Mary switches back on the girls side, because they are saying that Mary is a witch.Having your friends back and them turning your back on them; Mary shows her duplicitous ways.Being a duplicitous follower is never good way but in this play that’s the way Mary Warren saves her own skin.In conclusion, Mary Warren is a follower and duplicitous person as shown through her words and actions.

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Judith Jarvis Thomson’s Defence on Abortion Essay

Speculatively, if Thomson were to reply directly to Warren she might claim, well if (x) consented to sex and took the relevant precautions, the precaution illustrates that she does not commit to the consequences of an action (y), if (y) appears out of a contraceptive mishap, (x) still has a moral right to her own autonomy.5.Cottingham in ‘Philosopher’s on abortion’, Audio 3 Track 5, The Open University, Milton Keynes.As Warren pointed out Thomson’s analogy did not show an analogy to consensual sex but did the analogy really fail?Jennifer in ‘Philosopher’s on abortion’, Audio 3 Track 5, The Open University, Milton Keynes.For Warren a person (with full human rights) indicates personhood so killing another person is immoral.

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The Young and the Innocent Essay

At the time of the trials Mary was only eighteen and even though technically an adult, she was a child at heart.Mary was able to walk away from the trials with her life and a clear name.Proctor said to Mary, “You’re coming to court with me, Mary.Mary Warren is a young girl that is intimidated easily.Mary may have condemned John Proctor, but it is important to remember that one mistake does not define you or the outcome of your life.

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The Individual and the Community in the Crucible

She says certain things so many times, she starts to believe them herself.When Mary Warren threatens Abigail’s acceptance in the community Abigial turns her vengeance on Mary Warren.Abigail claims that she sees Mary Warren’s spirit in the rafters.One can spend his/her whole life covering up lies that he/she told to make others believe what he/she says.She took fright, is all.”(22) Mary Warren suggests that they confess everything so that they will just get whipped rather than hung.

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Analyzing The Death Of The Hired Man English Literature Essay

The basic summary of the poem is that the main characters, Warren and Mary, who are the owners of the farm, have a hired man who decides to leave them to find better paying work when the busy times approach; but when work is slow, then he will return looking for odd jobs to earn money.In lines one-hundred-four to one-hundred-six, there are examples of parallel structure in the first two lines and a tricolon crescens that involve all three lines when Frost says, “And nothing to look backward to with pride, / And nothing to look forward to with hope, / So now and never any different.” Frost shows in these lines that unless something changes in Silas’s life he has accomplished nothing, he has nothing really positive in his life to look towa...

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The Character of Elizabeth Gruber in The River Warren

When girls discover this, they become increasingly afraid of being condemned by magic.There was a rumor that Abigail Williams and girls were discovering dancing in the forest by pastor Paste, when Bettari and Ruth Putnam discovered "magic" there was magic between them."I saw the devil and Sara Good, saw the devil and Goody Ozburn, I saw Bridget Bishop and the Devil"Proctor is Elizabeth Proctor's husband, a former (adult) lover of Abigail Williams, an employer of Mary Warren, Gilsko.After waking up from her sorrow, Elizabeth says that her relationship with her strength and her husband, Leo, is the only one that allows him to recover from a deep, dark, regret prison I noticed.First, I will explain The Crucible's seven characters, John Proc...

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“The ‘Yellow Bird’ Spirit” – analysis of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” play

Mary quickly becomes frantic and her panic-stricken state affects everyone.Furthermore, the extent of the effect on Mary is great because it is not just one girl – it is Abigail, Mercy Lewis, Betty Paris, Susanna Walcott, among others – a large group chanting along with Abigail.At first, when Abby first speaks of the yellow bird, Mary is merely “on her feet with a spring, and horrified, pleading” (224); she senses the danger and thus has risen, but has not yet panicked.Furthermore, one very distinct set of stage directions are those for Mary Warren.A few moments later, Mary completely breaks down: “Mary Warren, utterly confounded, and becoming overwhelmed by Abigail’s – and the girl’s – utter conviction, starts to whimper, hand half rais...

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