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Appeal Letter

I have attached my previous academic information for further.4.With all due respect, I really hope my application would be considered.For your information, I applied for five different art programs under CFS IIUM and unfortunately, all of my application was unaccepted.Therefore, it would be an honor for me if I was given the opportunity to be part of your university taking one of the foundation programs below: .Regarding to the matter stated above, I, Nor Haswani binti Ishak , I/C Number: , was an SPM leaver and had applied to enter into Center for Foundation Studies (CFS) IIUM through UPU application for June 2014/2015 intake.

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Books And Reading Essay

Best favourite ideal most popular 10.What is your favourite children’s book?3. Who is your favourite novelist?4. Who is your favourite character?Where is your favourite place to read?

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This Is My Daily Routine

I try to pay attention to what the teacher explains but it’s a little difficult because my colleagues are noisy…I have more classes until a quarter past two.It’s always the same: study and play, during the breaks.I have dinner at eight o’clock.Later I watch TV and at half past ten I go to my bedroom and sleep well all night.At home, I have tea, study a little and watch my favourite programmes on TV.

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About My Self

Finally I wish that one day, all my dreams will come true and I will be very happy if I succeed in my study and my life.I hope that my life will be better and better after I work at my father’s business.I’ll pray a lot to Allah S.W.T to haaving a successful,cheerful, and meaningfull life in the future.So I need to study hard and be mature.I really want to make my parents proud of me.

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Sun Zi Art of War

Moreover, children at their ages are more interested in cartoons and some education content programs other than watching the football, soap opera TV shows.For example, when popularity of Media Prima increase, many of the others company will invest in Media Prima for advertising their products through TV or radio station.Media Prima: Sustainability and us.We can notice that local TV channels nowadays are less broadcasting cartoons and some animal documentary programs.Media Prima Berhad can broadcast more live shows such as EPL, NBA to attract more audience to watch the company’s TV channel.

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What is the Social Relevance of Television Today example

TV as a Pseudo-companion In spite of such changing viewing habits, the TV continues to play an important role in society.The TV has evolved remarkably with changing technology and forms a significant aspect of people’s lives even in the age of hybrid smartphones and hand-held multi-purpose entertainment devices.There are no family gatherings around the TV anymore.Evolution of the Role of TV The role of the TV has evolved dramatically with changing technology.For example, individuals who are socially isolated can seek company in characters from their favourite TV programmes, allowing them to deflect thoughts of loneliness and social alienation.

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How has technology affected your life Essay

This is so we can do more things in a shorter amount of time , expending the least amount of physical and mental energy possible .Technology has changed my life so much and I love it .Not many would pick up a book or do any of the things they would have done when none of these things were round .At last , technology has certainly revolutionised communication between people , but not all of the outcomes of this revolution have been positive .As a conclusion , technology changed our life into a simple and easy situation without questions .

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Learning and Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English Essay

That’s a noble goal that should not be disputed, but what is the approach through the PPSMI.Many Italian brand into the world game.But it developed.Even assuming the use of English to develop the country there are also arguments reaction.View Thailand itself as the progress of science and technology is also great actually.

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Unreasonable number of hours spent on TV

The health of people is being deteriorated; misuse of TV is one of the major reasons.The main problem here is about bad management of time and its link with TV.According to Pediatrics journal, a study was carried out on children who spent an average of 2. hours per day on TV at an age of one and 3.According to a research, those teenagers, who are not permitted to watch television at home, are likely to watch their favourite TV programme at a friend’s home (Hooper, 2004).Another problem caused by TV viewing is improper time management.

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Violence in the media and Its Effect on Society

that her favourite movie was American the media there will be less violence in society also.The article "TV violence on the increase" contains many .facts to prove that violence shown on the TV has increased rapidly .promote violence within society or merely reflect it?"

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The Indian Television Reality Programmes Kaun Banega Crorepati Media Essay

4.Come on my favourite channel .. .190 .Calculating ‘Q’ ratings:- ‘Q’ rating is calculated by taking the number of respondents who indicate in questionnaire that a celebrity is “FAVOURITE” and that number being divided by the number of respondents who indicate that they know (heard/ seen) of that Celebrity.Chart II: Frequency chart of favourite host .B= How many respondents rate Favourite/ total number of respondents .Researchers have found out that out of 300 respondents 254 repondents have chosen Amitabh Bachchan as a favourite host & only 46 respondents have chosen Shahrukh Khan as their favourite host.

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Tv Boon or Bane Essay

If one balances the TV viewing time and time for work, then TV is a boon all the way, else it may become a curse.It is a source of great temptation for children to watch a cartoon show or a movie on TV rather than study.How TV does affect our lives today?One hardly comes across a house today that does not have a TV set.Now there are cable connections in most of the houses and with the advent of international channels on our television, the popularity of TV has grown many folds.

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Essay Loan Mara Essay

Therefore, if I was chosen by MARA for doing university preparation under, I would be a lot happier if it is Advance Level General Certificate of Education (GCE A-Level) at Taylor’s College, one of the best A-Level institutions in Malaysia.I am confidence that with the right intention, enough hard-work and aspiration along with tawakkal to My Lord, I will become a successful mechatronics engineer.Competing with bright students at Taylor’s College and learning from them as well, I will surely get enough motivation to hard-push on my study until I succeed in my A-Level and the standardized Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) examination with distinction, hence opening wide my chance to successfully enrol in MIT.Among other universities in the U...

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The impact of ICT on the way i do things at home

But still overall the weather reports that the Satellite/Cable TV give you are reliable and can be trusted.I normally use it at six o’ clock in the evening as I watch my T.V.Satellite/Cable TV .This is very annoying when it happens because it just happens when you are watching your favourite programmes.Another one of my reasons is to search for pictures of my favourite T.V.

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Fundamentls of Entrepreneurship Essay

0 Conclusion As a conclusion when I finish this whole assignment I can understand what is business strength and weaknesses.So when jerry follows all the ways or steps of business, sure the business will successes and can make more profit.Because jerry know ready what is steps and ways to improve the company performance.But now Jerry Companyimproves ready, so for no problem for Jerry Company.I think Jerry Company does better sales and better business management.

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The Impact of ICT on an Adult in Employment Essay

For example, he can use the phone while he is on the go, very handy and useful to contact engineering suppliers while he is out on contract.He has brought this so he can make and receive call while he is driving.He has also brought a Hewlett Packard Bluetooth Dongle, which enables him to download additional software upgrades, MP3 files, videos, pictures, games and ringtones from his laptop.As this service is interactive, he can order many items off the digital shopping channels, like QVC, Ideal World, Bid TV and Price Drop TV.He also books holidays off the Sky TV Travel Shop and FTN, formally Thomas Cook TV.

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Building Positive Relationships in Children Essay

Giving them boundaries will also help and treating them with respect will encourage them to do the same to you.Also the tv programmes that they watch will make an impact on them and can also motivate them to try new things that they wouldn’t of thought of themselves.Tou tourself have a major impact on your child.they learn from how you react to situations and other peaople and will use this as a guide for themselves.To help your child with communication you need to be a good example to to them as much as you can about your day and ask how theirs was.even talking about their favourite tv programme would be good as they will be more likely to talk about something that they’re interested in.Factors that impact/Motivate children ...

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All About Me | Oral Presentation

It will not only give them another opportunity to speak in front of others, but it will allow them to be extended and to use their creative thinking skills.Learner was able to give their favourite subject at school and could give a variety of reasons as to why.This assignment covered many aspects of assessment and it shows that learning does not stop after an assessment is given, but it is a continual process.From reading this assignment, you would have seen why I chose to do an Oral presentation as my assessment and use the formative assessment strategy.Programmes must be incorporated to assist learners who fared poorly as well as the learners who fared excellently.

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Personal statement

In my point of view, the world has enough people with skills.My dream is to better the world from an education perspective.With a sufficient capital, I dream to build a school, an educational institute to instigate and profile future leaders of the world.I aim to bring about more people like me, so we can better the world.With so, I put an assumption that both social and factual mind-sets do not negate each other, au contraire with popular beliefs.

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Term Paper Star Tv

As a global player star tv suffered an initial setback whn it failed to lead Indian ieer as hungry for copies of programmes based on american and western culture.STAR TV A VICTIM OF ITS OWN SUCCESS IN INDIA:- .Star TV does not focus on a particular niche of programming but bundles a number of different types.So that year, Star launched in India to bring every family TV that is true to their lives, celebrates their values, and raises the quality of entertainment.CONCLUSION Back in 1991, our government was the only national broadcaster and people across India only had one or two local TV channels to choose from.

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A Comparison Of British And Chinese TV Industries Media Essay

(ibid) Statistics provided an excellent explanation of why TV is considered the most effective profit-making vehicle for advertising and those numbers “indicate that a client’s ad spending rests primarily on the appeal of a station’ drama menu”.Since television is a national way of killing time, the programmes on TV such as TV dramas are naturally the best vehicles of advertising.Since CCTV is the national TV station of China, it has a lot of priorities than the other provincial TV stations.This essay will mainly compare the two TV broadcasting companies: BBC and CCTV and discuss their relationships with the governments, and compare TV advertising in two countries.On the contrast, even though CCTV is funded by its own profit, as itself c...

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“Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens

He heard his Mum apologising to his friends saying that Oliver wouldn’t be coming out of his room that night and sending them home.She led him gently by the hand out of the room away from all the noise and knelt down taking Oliver’s hands in hers.He cried all the way through that birthday night.Perhaps that was why Oliver tended to be Grandpa’s favourite.“I’ve just got off the phone from the hospital” she says in a shaky voice, “Grandpa was on his way here but I’m sorry Oliver, he has had a heart attack and he is d-d-d-dead”.

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The Ravens Educational Standard Progressive Matrices

Research studies which evaluate appropriateness of Raven’s Matrices in assessing mental abilities of individuals with intellectual disabilities usually provide applauding statements on the appropriateness of Raven Matrices for identifying or assessing level of intellectual difficulties.Although some researchers only utilized them as control or measure of non-verbal mentation, it is also highly recommended by scholars to be used as an assessment for individuals with disadvantages in linguistic and mental abilities, such as in case of ID.Their findings suggest that Raven’s CPM is a good alternative in assessment of individuals with severe ID.Pueyo, Junque,Vendrell, Narberhaus, and Segarra (2008) administered Raven’s CPM to 30 individuals w...

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Man has become slaves to the modern day gadgets

These have been the causes for many severe accidents.Gadgets and technology are boon to us, but it should be used moderately by our younger generation or else the day is not far when we .•Studies are affected.Gadgets and technology are boon to us, but it should be used moderately by our younger generation or else the day is not far when we will only interact with each other using technology and gadgets.Addiction to modern day gadgets is seriously a big issue that needs to be addressed.

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Marital status Essay

A: Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) is a higher school certificate is set by Malaysian Examinations Council which is taken at the end of Form 6 and one of the most difficult pre-university examination.In the year 1977 obtained certificate of STPM.The subjects included were mathematics, general paper, art, biology, physics and chemistry.There were no extra tuitions for preparation of SPM and it was entirely self-made learning apart from school education.And what about your STPM examinations?

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Essay About Me, Planning and Career Essay

This is all about me, my education and career planning if I took human resource management as my primary choice to further my study.As this field is less monopolized by the Malay bumiputras, I think I’ve had the responsibility to help my own people.I will surely do anything to achieve my goals.Despite of deep interest in this field, human resource management also serve a lot of golden opportunity in Malaysia, especially in the future.Based on my recommendation, I must study more diligently in this area so that I can achieve my ambitions as an officer of the ministry of human resources.

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Why did groups like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones have such great Impact during the 1960’s

Radio One hired many of the presenters from the pirate radio stations.Top of the pops and Radio one are still going strong today while Ready, Steady, Go has died.Radio was the same although a few pirate radio stations exsisted like “Radio Caroline” and “Radio Luxembourg” but these were on long wave so you couldn’t get a very good signal these stations were filled with fizzing and pops.Coffee bars was the place to socialise with friends, have a drink and listen to the latest singles from your favourite artists.The first Tv music programme was Six, Five Special but this didn’t cater for teenage taste.

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LV & UV GCSE French Oral Examination Essay

(State how often and with whom you go to the cinema, what are your favourite types of film and why, describe a film which you went to see recently, what happened, who the actors were, why you liked or disliked it, to whom you would recommend this film.)Quels sont les avantages et les inconvénients des différents metiers?(Describe what type of house you live in and where in the town/village it is situated, how long you have lived there, list some of the rooms upstairs & downstairs, say if you have a favourite room and why, describe the furniture in your bedroom and whether you like it, describe the garden and what you like to do there.(State what you would like to do career-wise, type of job, how much money you would like to earn, wou...

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TV Commercial

Who has never ever been interrupted from watching your favourite movie by sometimes absolutely ridiculous commercials?Ironically, the TV would probably advertise that mouth-watering junk food.I can understand free network channel TV but cable?Sometimes even allow your favourite TV shows to be created and exist.People say “If you love it, you can wait.” So, if you’re truly in love with the movie or series you’re watching, no matter how much time passes by, no matter how many nasty, nonsensical images you see on your TV screen, you will hold on to your program.

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The Best Advice Essay

However, when I this advice popped out in my mind, it motivates me to precede my plans.It applies to me whenever I questioning my actions, my dream, my speech and my future plans.It gives me sense of brave in my inner soul that no matter what happen I should fulfil my dream.If want to do something that I doubt to do it, I will question myself with this advice and it gives me mental strength to proceed things I want to do badly.It motivates me to do something that I really want to do.

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