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Zambia a Peaceful Country?

Zambian Watchdog (December 11, 2012) reports that, arrogance, Constitutional breaches, corruption, decrees, impunity, greed, hooliganism, threats and higgledy-piggledy kind of governance are the characteristics that explicitly define President Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front (PF) hegemonic regime.It is therefore surprising that the opposition p...

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Office of the Investigator General

The Commission for Investigations Act, Cap 39 of the Laws of Zambia . Although it is a government wing which passionately wants to fight corruption in the country it has been neglected.

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Effect of Economic Theory on Policies

Zambia was ranked 11 most corrupt country in the world ( , 9 June 2002). Conclusion on Zambia: Zambia remain one of the poorest in the world as a result of inappropriate economic policies or ill-considered application of such policies.

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The Arguments Against Foreign Aid Essay

Secondly, Aid money is often misspent, even there is no corrupt there. Firstly, most of the time, foreign aid is not successful because of corrupt that affect this project.

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Budget Formulation and Implementation in Zambia Essay

Zambia is not a federal state, so, we also have the challenge of incorporating projections from other regional players as well as local governments. The Zambian national budget formulation and implementation process passes through four stages namely drafting,enactment or authorization,implementation and auditing.I have endovoured to labour on the pr...

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Rural poverty Essay

Overall, poverty reduction programs that are designed and implemented in Zambia must have a Zambian test and avoid as much as possible adopting foreign policies and strategies in trying to fight the Zambian poverty in rural areas. It is even a non-starter for villagers who have never been to school to access those funds so that they can fight povert...

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”How Boys Become Men” by Jon Katz

America: AJWS ICRW (International Center for Research on Women) and Girls not Brides, (2015). In Zambia, there is no one single definition of marriage.

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Thabo Mbeki Essay

At the same time, Thabo Mbeki resumed the judicial offensive against Jacob Zuma by joining the appeal of the Attorney General to the Constitutional Court against the judgment which ended the corruption trial against his rival. Thus, while for similar facts he had dismissed his vice-president, he covers his police chief, Jackie Selebi, close to drug ...

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Zambia Essay

The Zambia men's rugby team is currently ranked 80th by the IRB. Zambia, in long form the Republic of Zambia, in English Zambia and Republic of Zambia, is a country in southern Africa, without access to the sea.

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Education For Girls In Zambia Education Essay

At the family level in Zambia, girls are expected to do domestic chores and to take care of younger children. In my opinion I think gender inequality in Zambia is a really big issue that needs to be addressed before the country can move forward.

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The Zambian Economy’s Benefits from Foreign Direct Investment Essay

The extent to which multinational enterprises transfer modern technology and know-how to their foreign affiliates may depend on the host countries institutional development, which captures factors such as the rule law, the degree of corruption, the quality of public management, and the protection against properly rights infringements and discretiona...

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Which of the case study countries the most democratic? Essay

Zambia post independence political history is divided into three republics. The Zambian democracy is wedging a zero tolerant war against corruption, since especially in the 2002 democratic regime, which is held as most accountable of the Zambian democratic rule (US AID, 2006).

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Orphaned And Vulnerable Children In Africa Education Essay

2004 Evaluation of the SPARK curriculum in community schools in Zambia 2002-2004, Lusaka: University of Zambia . Orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia: the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on basic education for children at risk.

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High school Essay

”When the women’s movement in Zambia grew in strength, one of the issues they decided to fight for was injustice for girls who were thrown out of school after getting pregnant. In Zambia, the policy guidelines states that once the girl has been given maternity leave, the father should also be suspended from school until the girl returns to school.

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Meaning of a word Essay

Words hold power over us all. While the spoken form does hold sway over every living being, words used in speech are like the beginnings of a thought and it is the written form that ultimately completes the idea.

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India Against Corruption – Are We on the Right Track?

Comments like these might prove to be fatal in this fight to do or die, especially when people have been counting the number of times the word corruption figured in PM’s Independence Day speech (16 times). But all of a sudden, the government officials are on the better side of the spectrum and the fight has just reduced to a fight with politicians.

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Mining As A Source Of Underdevelopment In Zambia

In order to reverse underdevelopment in Zambia, it is necessary to diversify the economy, pay closer attention to environmental regulations and rights of employees in the mines. From the evidence above, it is apparent that the mining industry in Zambia has several social impacts as it critically violates workers’ rights .. One theory that is essent...

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Marketing Strategies of Newspapers Essay

The Times of Zambia is a national daily newspaper published in Zambia. Lonhro had just bought out Heinrich Brewery which had briefly operated a daily, The Zambia Times and weekly Zambia News.

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Elections and democracy Essay

10, no, 3, July 1999. . Banda, F. (2003) Community Radio Broadcasting in Zambia: A Policy Perspective, Doctoral Dissertation, and University of South Africa (UNISA) .

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The HIV/AIDS Pandemic in the Developing World

AIDS is a syndrome (a collection of signs and symptoms) which develops from an impaired ability to fight disease i.e. The power shortage in Zambia recently reflects the illness of HIV/AIDS amongst the electrical engineers.

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Sudan football team Essay

Sudan achieved one of its best African Cup of Nations during the 2012 edition where it crossed the first round finishing 2nd in group B just behind Côte d'Ivoire, before lose in the quarterfinals against Zambia (0-3), future winner of the competition. The Sudan football team won it in 1980 against Tanzania, 2006 against Zambia, 2007 against Rwanda, ...

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Emergent Literacy Support in Early Childhood Education Essay

Such a study has not been explored before in Zambia. This has been compounded by the fact that preschool education in Zambia is privately run and as such the Government has had no stake in it.

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The African Continent

My point is that no one has found a system of government with perfect balance of powers that does not leave a slightest gap for corrupt intentions. The issue of chieftaincy is lively discussed in Zambia, also in the wider regional level, since the situation in surrounding countries is similar.

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Feasibility of Nationalising the South African Mining Sector Essay

Mining: Nationalization in Zambia. Development Policy and Economic Change in Zambia [Online].

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Nationalization Case

Nationalisation of the mining sector in Zambia precipitating a decline in foreign investment and thus foreign exchange reserves. The smooth running of the mines is essential for South Africa’s economy’s survival.

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HIV Prevention in Africa

Although these rates are still unacceptably high, this drop has prompted a hope that, if Zambia continues this response, it could become the second African country to reverse a devastating epidemic. campaign is to give youth the skills they need to fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Political Corruption Essay

It’s time that the citizens of India wake up and join hands with anti-corruption crusaders like the 72 year old Gandhian, Anna Hazare, an Indian social activist who led movements to promote rural development, increase government transparency, and investigate and punish official corruption and he pressed to pass the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’. We children who...

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Development Studies Essay

I This essay is aimed at comparing and contrasting structural functionalism with the Marxist and the noe-marxist theories to social change, how they best describe social change in less developed countries; in this case Zambia. In conclusion, structural functionalism better explains achievement of social change in less developed countries like Zambia...

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Child marriage

She finds it very disturbing that Zambia still continues losing energetic youths and children who are suppose to be drivers of development. Later the republican vice president reinforced Dr Kasebas’ remarks by declaring “child marriage a national crisis and also calling it criminalization in Zambia” (Wina .

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Mozambique Essay

It is surrounded by South Africa, Eswatini, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. From 2017, take place in the north of the country several attacks by small Islamist groups that the government is trying to fight.

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