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Measuring And Reducing Waiting Times Health And Social Care Essay

South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Torbay) participated in another case study in the NHS Diagnostics Improvement called ‘Eliminating Consultant Specific Scanning Lists’, in which all consultant radiologists agreed to relinquish their personally owned MRI lists.Although outsourcing in the NHS is here to stay and the market seems set to grow (PublicService.co.uk, 2012), one public service union reports that outsourcing clinical services “shows negative effects on patient care, poor value for money as well as evidence of inadequate monitoring and evaluation of the services” (Unison, 2012).A number of case studies in NHS hospitals have been recorded and documented by NHS Improvement Diagnostics with a view to improving various area...

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Private Sector in Public Health Care

the first to accept a consortium of formerly NHS nurses to take on .The NHS spent £1.25bn in 1998-99 treating .and NHS employees.NHS patients; second, using private hospital providers to build and .patients in private hospitals, around 4.6% of the NHS budget.

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Annotated Bibliography Essay

The use of WAN optimization appliances would be an excellent fit for NHS and would be easily accepted by NHS management due to the ability to provide an optimal, technical and cost-effective resolution to the issue they are facing at the remote locations.In order for NHS to satisfy its requirement to transmit large medical imaging files in a timely and secure manner, they must be able to subscribe to circuits of the appropriate bandwidth at each remote office to address the local needs.New York, NY: Free .Moore, Geoffrey (1999).Crossing the Chasm.

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Manage Continous Organisational Improvement Essay

Nigel, Crisp; (2011); 24 Hours to Save the NHS: The Chief Executive’s Account of Reform 2000 to 2006; Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0199639957, 9780199639953; pp 200-201. .The day when NHS was born, it comprised of more or less 14 regional hospital boards.To help out the employees of NHS, he must offer practice and training programs so that they may learn about the new procedures.If in future NHS further aims to make itself better by bringing in new concepts, they must know how to manage and operate it effectively (Nigel; 2011).Despite this change process being beneficial to the organisation like NHS, but there are certain things that may turn against if the management isn’t prepared.

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Why Was The NHS Created?

‘Only the most senior doctors in hospitals (consultants) were allowed to continue private treatment.’ Churches and Charities also feared that they would be forced to become nationalised and would become inclusive of the NHS plans.‘The Minister of Health said that, until the autumn of 1947,there had been some prospect that the medical profession as a whole would willingly accept the scheme for a National Health Service, and many leading members of the profession were still favourably disposed to it.’ There was conflict between the medical professions and government up until the NHS act was passed in 1948, in April of the same year it looked unpromising that the doctors would even join.‘The NHS budgeted for one million pounds for opticia...

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The Different Aspects Of Health And Social Care

The CQC chairperson Jo Williams said that most reports on NHS are positive.By contrast with the private sector, where people always pretend that things are better than they are, the system of finance in the NHS “endows everyone providing as well as using it with a vested interest in denigrating it.” .. NHS Borders have been heavily criticized after an elderly woman broke her hip when she fell out of bed in Kelso Cottage Hospital.The CQC, responsible for regulating health and social care in England, is carrying out unannounced inspections of two wards in 100 NHS hospitals to see if they are meeting legal requirements on dignity and nutrition.Meanwhile, Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, admitted that sticking with the status quo on the NHS ...

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Public Health

The (DO) Department of Health and the NHS executive were in charge for improving rules and procedures whereas Regional Health Authorities/ Boards were in charge for oversees provision of tertiary services includes health education ambulance services, and training.Regarding the implementation of the literature on the above lines, the new management to the NHS has been adopted by both the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives were merged together in 2010 after the election.In light of the foregoing, the 2010 NHS White Paper is one of the government’s documents, containing a new conception and is yet another modification to the structure of the NHS.The local Health Watch will be reporting investigating the efficiency and provision for Nationa...

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National Honors Society Essay

If I am inducted into NHS I will be happy to get the opportunity to participate in other events and activities that help people in need.Character is what makes people believe in you and it also helps you succeed in your personal life.Instead, it would motivate me to do better in my classes in order to keep my GPA in the right place so I would be able to continue participating in NHS without forgetting the importance of being a scholar.If someone is capable of having all those good traits while having good grades and being a scholar, they are perfect for joining NHS.I strongly believe that all four pillars: leadership, scholarship, service, and character, are crucial not only for National Honors Society but also crucial for life.

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Impact of the National Health Services Direc

The service provides access to confidential health advice and information, 24 hours a day, in a range of easy and convenient ways – the NHS Direct telephone service, NHS Direct Online website and the NHS Direct Interactive service on digital satellite TV service.NHS Direct was launched in 1998, initially at three pilot sites, to provide “easier and faster advice and information for people about health, illness and the NHS so they are better able to care for themselves and their families”... .. NHS Direct was set up to as part of the NHS Modernization Plan – launched in 1998; the objective of NHS Direct was to offer 24-hour medical information to the general public.The facts are denied by the manager of NHS Direct, he believes the increa...

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Denying Treatment To Smokers

Furthermore NHS smoking cessation services was recently set up in the early twenty first century.To summarise both principles, it states that NHS should provide equal treatment to any patient based on their clinical needs and also respect their health care rights regardless of their background to seek medical treatment.Doctors working under NHS must abide with the oath and carry out their duty to treat their sick patient.This is based on several reasons; firstly, NHS should not discriminate against patients who smoke owing that they knew the health implications of their hazardous habit.Hence, the question is ‘Should patients who refuse to stop smoking be prevented from getting treatment from National Health Service(NHS) for smoking relat...

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Changing Role of HRM: The NHS

Overall it is clear that the NHS is very complex for a range of reasons not least because of its complexity and variety of its duties, the range of skills it needs to draw on, the difficulty of reconciling competing priorities, the cost of healthcare, and the way the NHS has been stitched into the political fabric of England.Since its conception, it is clear that the NHS has undergone many changes, both structurally and ideologically, but it is since the reforms of the early 1980s that the focus of NHS management has attempted to move away from obvious ‘command and control’ techniques and towards local management with local responsibility and accountability not only to the government but to the public that ‘experience’ the service.NHS Fo...

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Different stakeholders Essay

This would change the public opinion on NHS and then they would expect more from the government if their needs weren’t satisfied and therefore, the government would have to invest more money in the NHS.If no one used the NHS services, the government would just pointlessly spend money on something that isn’t needed.The government needs to make sure that people working for the NHS are not over-working because they have a hard job as it is and they’re taking care of patients, so if they don’t have enough rest, they won’t be able to give a high standard service .However, when the patients decide to use the NHS, they have certain expectations that need to be met.The patients are also the ones who influence the products and services that the...

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Strategic Management of the NHS Case Study

The main objective of the NHS is to ensure that all residents of the UK are able to access medical services irrespective of their demographic, social, cultural or economic background (NHS 2014).Table 4: The Soft and Hard Elements of the NHS The organizational values that have been adopted by the NHS include compassion, improving lives, commitment to quality, and working together for patients.The stakeholders include the Care Quality Commission (CQC), National Health Service (NHS) England, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), Health and Wellbeing Board, the government, the National Treasury, and Monitor (NHS 2014).Wilstow, G 2011, ‘Integration and the NHS reforms’, Journal of Integrated Care, vol.Hall, K, Miller, R & Millar, R 2012, ‘Jump...

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The Value of Hrm to Business Organisations Essay

And the second case of NHS has been chosen for two reasons: Firstly, though NHS is not exactly a business organization, the PRP of NHS was set by commercial-oriented objectives (Bach, 1994, cited in Dowling and Richardson).From this point, in my opinion, the PRP in NHS is working, but with limited effectiveness.This paper assesses the use of PRP (performance-related pay) for NHS (National Health Service) managers and explains the limited success drawbacks in the scheme’s design and administration.The PRP scheme in NHS has three elements: setting objectives, judging performance and the according rewards.For judging performance, to a certain extent, it reduces the effectiveness of PRP in NHS.

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Recent developments in policies in care

Another criticism of the NHS and Community Care Act 1990 are that even though the reforms have stressed the significance of carers (primarily other family members), however, some of the individuals that need care do not have families and of the individuals who do have families do not have carers.The NHS and Community Care Act 1990 was introduced for a number of reasons, it introduced new procedures for arranging and paying for state funded social care.Sir Roy Griffiths, Mrs Thatcher’s trusted advisor on the NHS, had already reported to her on the management of the NHS.Another criticism of the Act is that Lewis and Glennerster (1996) have suggested that NHS officers regarded the 1990 Act as ‘good grounds for getting rid of their long-term...

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A Case Study of England’s NHS Direct

NHS Direct complaints rise by 50%.NHS Call Centre ‘Incredibly Busy’ With Swine Flu .CCA Accreditation for NHS Direct .The very reason why NHS and NHS Direct was created by the government is to provide competent and reliable health information and advice to the public.NHS Direct .

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Relationship Between Hrm And Organisational Performance Management Essay

This increase in the role of HRM within the NHS was re-enforced by the HR in the NHS Plan (DH, 2002).As stated in Liberating the NHS: Improving outcomes for patients: “The primary purpose of the NHS is to improve the outcomes of healthcare for all: to deliver care that is safer, more effective, and that provides a better experience for patients” (DH2010).Making the NHS a model employer by embracing best policies, practices and facilities .It is not because one policy has a strong effect in one institution that it will be as effective across the rest of the NHS.As decision makers look to diminish the financial and mechanical resources invested in the NHS as a result of financial constraints, the human resource will be seen as the key to m...

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Healthcare Reforms in England Issues of Efficiency

Since 1948, the NHS budget on average has risen over 4% in real terms each year; this is something they hope to resolve as the NHS will face a sustained and substantial financial constraint if it continues.Overall the reforms in the NHS Paper 2010 will provide the NHS with greater incentives to increase efficiency, equity and quality.For example, the significant investment in NHS staff, along with more flexible working, is facilitating healthcare professionals to take advantage of the freedom thus improving their commitment to the NHS.In 2008 investment in the NHS as a whole rose from £43.9bn per year in 2000, when the NHS Plan was launched, to £92.6bn.NHS Implications: Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS .

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To Exoplore the Uk Health and Social Care System Essay

Talbot-smith and Pollock (2006, p.68) states that although the DH argued that the use of IS helps in overcoming NHS staff shortage, nurses and medical staffs takes most of the work in IS.Although there is a strong link between the private sector and NHS, the NHS principles remains unchanged, meaning HealthCare shall not be based according to the ability to pay but according to the needs.On July 1948 just when NHS started, the Minister of Health raised three principals for the NHS which includes; NHS has to endure the needs of everyone, should be free at all point and should not be based according to the ability to pay but be based on clinical needs.The UK health and social care system provides free medical and surgical treatment to all c...

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The Successes of Labour from 1945 Essay

The medical profession who had opposed the NHS from 1946 soon came to be its staunchest defenders.Yet, in many ways, the NHS proved a great success.The NHS, which finally began on 5 July 1948, made available all necessary medical services to the people without any financial obstacle; but, although there was noticeable improvement in general health in the first few years after the NHS was launched, it is difficult to assess how much of this improvement was specifically down to the NHS.95 per cent of the population enrolled with NHS doctors and dentists.There were, in fact, several limitations on the success of the new NHS from 1948.

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Cultural Development Within The NHS

• The operating framework makes clear to the NHS that it has a duty to innovate, continuing to manage services in the same way that they have always managed will not deliver the sought improvements.Lastly, the author reviewed the area of operational development and the measures that have been enforced to ensure that NHS achieves the operational objectives that have been outlined by the Department of Health.There has been stories regarding the negative influences politicians have had on the establishment in terms of trying to change the system and the heroic acts of those who have fought to defend the system in NHS.The acute sectors within NHS are the centerpiece of its services, and overall the NHS is viewed to belong to those who requ...

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Education Complementary Medicine The NHS Health And Social Care Essay

Evidence concludes that there are multiple problems faced with integrating CAM therapies into the NHS structure, although it does currently exist in some primary care units, there is currently an imbalance, regarding the prevalence of CAM in a primary care setting, however it is at the basic level of education where the issues arise.For CAM to be successfully integrated into the NHS, more high quality RCT studies, need to be produced to provide clinical based evidence of efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness of CAM.In contrast to this, there is evidence to suggest that despite the majority of funding being allocated to medical students whose research proposals are of high quality, there is no guarantee their research will demonstrate c...

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Health and Social Care within the British Welfare State

Aneurin Bevan had a lot of opposition his main adversary was DR Charles Hill of the British Medical Association and organised a vote amongst all doctors to vote for or against the NHS, 85% were against and all those who were for were bullied for it and they created propaganda for the media to turn the public against the NHS.Under conservative leadership “eight English Regional Health Authorities abolished from April 1996 and replaced by eight regional offices of a new NHS Executive, based in Leeds.David Cameron quoted Thatcher by saying NHS spending was ‘safe in his hands’ but reports say the NHS has never been in such a worse state.There are differences in some of the services of the NHS in other regions compared to England.In Wales and...

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Security and Risk Management helps organisations stay safe NHS

In NHS Hospital such as Leicester Royal Infirmary, customers include patients, staff, patients’ relatives, visitors, suppliers and everyone on the premises for any reason whatsoever.However, it is very important for the NHS trust be actively involved in the management of the business in order to protect the organisation’s integrity, have some level of control, and avert the risk of economical and healthiher service delivery.In order to deliver an effective customer service by the NHS and its outsourcing agents, policies on the expected standards have to be made available to both staff and public.In order to manage risk in NHS hospital, risk control can be broadly classified in three; risk can be reduced, retained or transferred to either...

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Public Perceptions About the Concept of Medication Reuse

(2010), a research undertaken by the York Health Economics Consortium and London School of Pharmacy in 2009, estimated that the annual cost of the primary and community care medicines wastage in UK NHS was around £300 million per year (£ 250-300 million per year), with estimated £90 million of unused medicines stored in individual’s homes, £110 million returned to community pharmacies over the course of a year, and up to £50 million of NHS supplied medicines that are disposed of annually by care homes.Data from this recent survey reported that around half of the British people (52%) agreed to accept reissued medicines returned (that are unused and the safety was checked) by other patients while 32% said that they would not... *Adapted f...

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Development of Health Care Strategies and Policy in the UK

Wilson T, Buck D, Ham C. Rising to the challenge: will the NHS support people with long term conditions?For reducing other problems such as smoking, several measures have been taken up by the DH and NHS and these policies and initiatives range from community interventions using co-ordinated, widespread, multi-component programmes to try and influence behavior that would help in preventing smoking in young adults (Sowden et al., 2003) to effectively addressing tobacco control within health promoting NHS trusts as part of its network of health promoting hospitals (HPH) (Quinn et al, 2001).Effecting change in the NHS.Stevens S. Reform strategies for the English NHS.An evaluation of occupational health services within the NHS in London.

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Economics Essays – UK Health Care

Successive UK governments have always acknowledged the excessive waiting times and waiting lists as a major problem of the NHS and introduced several measures to tackle disproportionate waiting.Since 1991 buyers of care can contract providers of care in the NHS (purchaser-provider split).The UK’s NHS is probably the best known example a public health care system with very much government involvement.It is not surprising that the NHS (having in mind its characteristics) is probably best known, or to put it more directly, most notorious for its relatively high waiting times and waiting lists (see table 3.5).The National Institute for Clinical Excellence issues guidance to local decision makers about services of proven effectiveness and rec...

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Partnerships in Healthcare

The trust among partners and service users should be one of key priorities of the down south NHS trust.So, the down south NHS trusts management should always be very careful at handling of confidential information of partner organisations service users.The leadership of down south NHS should always think seriously about handling the personal information of service users and maintaining anything related to service users confidential.One of the biggest drawbacks in the bigger partnership organisation is the autonomy of different functional bodies in some decision making as the NHS trust has some partner organisations in every project; the staffs are too much dependable in small decision making problems, so these should be some sort of flex...

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Equity and PFI Strategies in the NHS

Although “there should be equal access to health care within the NHS based on equal need” (Davey, 1993) the advent of prescription charges and the extent of the exclusions of dental treatment and of optician services from the NHS (New, 1996) and particularly the exclusion of the bulk of infertility treatment negates this principle.Sassi (2001) explains the lack of equity principles in the way such decisions are made in the NHS.Doyal (1979) favours explicit rationing and promotes “evaluat[ion of] the justice or the efficiency of the rationing process,” and considers the inability to face this is in contrast with the moral foundation of the NHS.Doyal L 1997 Rationing within the NHS should be explicit: the case for BMJ 1114-1118 .There is h...

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The role of stoma nurse specialist

This does not include surgery, medication or hospital stays.In the NHS today there are approximately 600 Stoma Care Nurses; included in this are 26 stoma nurse specialists in Scotland (I SD 2004).Stoma patients experience a multitude of difficult and debilitating symptoms and problems that affect quality of life.Stoma care has a massive impact on the National Health Service (NHS) budget as it is estimated that the cost to the NHS is well over £200,000,000.Cottam and Richards (2006) states that there are many reasons a patient will require a stoma, examples are, diverticular disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, colorectal cancer, Ischemic bowel, fistulae, pelvic abscess, perforated colon, faecal incontinence, anastomotic leak, an...

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