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Case Study of Classroom Environment of Foreign and Local Students at Fiji Essay

Classroom space includes the arrangement of furniture, classroom decoration and even student placement/ seating arrangement.With respect to my research, classrooms of foreign students are enclosed hence there is very little chance of noise disturbance while classrooms of local students are fairy open hence a lot of noise gets generated within and outside of the classroom.Noise Last but not the least; noise is one of those major elements that affect classroom environment.Hence classroom size should be large enough to cater for everyone’s needs.Arranging the classroom space: To begin with, the arrangement of the classroom furniture is one of the differentiating factors in classroom environments.

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Becoming A Teacher Essay

Watching these videos, I learned that teachers don’t always have it easy and it’s not always what it looks like, I know that it take a long time for the students to get comfortable with a new teacher and the teacher has to adjust to the new setting of the classroom.In the first video “classroom Management Strategy to Settle Noisy, Rowdy Students at the Door” I learned that the teacher should not yell or shout at the students to get their attention because the student will not respect the teacher or have respect for the class and the other teachers around will see that the teacher does not have control over the classroom and that would make the teacher look bad.A routine is very affective and training the students to learn.A visual remind...

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The Learning Development Program Should be Retained

classes rests on two issues: a lack of student interest and a lack of classroom space.Shame on our educational institutions for ignoring this issue.Such individuals are functionally illiterate.A multi-use classroom was designated as the Academic Support Center in 1995-1997.Often during the day no activity is taking place in this classroom; yet the space cannot be utilized for any other program.

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Sound Pollution Essay

Studies show that children in classrooms who are exposed to noise pollution experience reading delays.vii Children exposed to noise pollution learn to tune out not only noise but also the teacher’s voice, which can harm their reading and language skills.viii Children have more difficulty understanding spoken language and distinguishing the sounds of speech when learning in a noisy environment.viii Children from noisier areas have higher resting blood pressure and higher stress levels.iv Children develop better concentration skills in a quiet environment.ix .Accessed 2 March 2007. ix Family Education: Noise Pollution in the Classroom web site.Accessed 2 March 2007. .United States Environmental Protection Agency.Accessed 2 March 2007. ...

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Managing The Learning Environment Education Essay

The learning environment can also be the culture of behaviour within the classroom.Whilst one needs to manage behaviours in the classroom it is important to consider that issues are addressed to all learners which display the behaviour in the same manner.One rule for one, one rule for another will only re-enforce insecurity of a learner in your classroom.Wallace states that there are four ‘big demotivators’ which can lead to disruption within the classroom, (Wallace, p11-16, 2007).Learners will value their security so that they might “survive” in the classroom situation, (Petty, 2004).

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Problems Encountered by the Students Introduction Essay

The importance of the study emerged from the fact that the above literature indicated that classroom problems face the teachers, and try to investigate those problems in order to come up with solutions.This lead to feeling of anger, and worry, and create student behavioral problems inside the classroom.Also, the level of behavior that is acceptable and allowed in the family, the way the family acts with one another, leads the student to unacceptable performance in the school.Such students are characterized by a number of characteristics, including problems of language, oral expression, and unable to pay attention, memory problems, and the dispersal of attention.Parents indirectly share in creating problems when they insist on their kid’s...

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Imagery Mastery in Learning Poetry

The researcher found some problems dealing with the students’ competency of imagery mastery in English poetry and classroom situation.During teaching and learning process using CBLT, the students showed the development such as the students paid more attention to the lesson, they tended to be active learners, they were not noisy during teaching and learning process, and they did all of the tests enthusiastically without cheating each other.The class was not noisy, but surrounding was very noisy.After doing a classroom action research and seeing the research findings, the researchers propose some suggestions for the teacher, students, school, and other researchers.The students were not so noisy during the teaching and learning process.| 3....

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Observation Before Computer Assisted Instruction Essays

The classroom was well lighted and colorful.In the front of the classroom, Joe is complaining about how a staff member took things from his room and he is ... .The classroom was noisy with most of the students walking around the room.Joe had to be escorted outside the classroom to so that he could deescalate (observation, 10/5/2015).There were posters and words on the walls of the classroom.

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Essay on The Concept of Flipped Learning

They are then required to bring to the problem the knowledge and understanding that they possess.The aim of flipped learning is to develop an active learning environment within the classroom without sacrificing the coverage of content (Strayer, 2007).The learners are then presented with the resource that they will need to explore in their own time and how it might assist them in bridging the identified gaps.The learning environment may become more ‘chaotic and noisy’ (Hamdan, McKnight, McKnight and Arfstrom, 2013, p. 5).Assessment instruments may need to be ... ... middle of paper ... approach, the flip classroom is combined with Freire’s problem solving approach for second language learners (Marshall and DeCapua, 2013).

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Provide Support For Previous Research Findings

Furthermore it could be said to be low in ecological validity as the nature of the task is unlike performance under noisy conditions in real life and music may not be typical of the type of noise experienced in many environments e.g.The current study has implications for the safety of people working in noisy a school dining hall, or performance with intermittent noise could be studied.For example people operating complex machinery in noisy factories may not perform adequately and mistakes made could endanger themselves and others.All showed slower performance under noisy conditions.

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Classroom Observation Report Essay

After graduation, I also plan to take some extra classes at night towards a Master’s degree in Elementary Education.They may feel that they are in a controlled environment when they are in the classroom, but feel that they have more freedom to talk with their peers when the teacher doesn’t have all of her attention on one class but on other children from other classes as well.I plan on joining the professional group the American Federation of Teachers because it might help me learn more ways to becoming an effective teacher.For example, a child who is quiet in class may be rather noisy in the lunchroom or on the playground.For example, I mainly agree with the knowledge of nature absolutism but I can also see the side of relativism as wel...

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Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools Essay

In fact, many school districts have decided to lift the ban on the use of cell phones in school because of “the role cell phones have played in some emergency situations” ("Cell Phones in the Classroom” ).The Futurist Jan.-Feb. 2009: 10+.Moreover, parents could be easily in touch with their children, know their whereabouts through mobile communication, and therefore it would allay parents’ concerns (Cohen).Fortunately, timely communication from a student using a cell phone saved a man who desperately needed medical attention ("Cell Phones in the Classroom”).For instance, lots of parents have claimed that they have to stay in touch with their children ... .

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The Classroom Should Be A Creation Of A Rich Ecosystem Essay

Litchtman (2014) continues to expand this idea by stating the 21st classroom looks messy, noisy, crossing the lines of subject matters and engaging students in authentic ways.Teachers are urged to become the cultivators of their student’s curiosity and inquiry by creating designed, enthusiastic and informed methods of blended instructions by integrating programs that draw the students to their teachers like magnets that attract questions and curiosity (Musallam, 2013).The models are designed to be adjusted to support students to build their own sense of identity and wellbeing by encouraging them to ignite their curiosity in a safe environment.Lichtman (2014) strongly believes that the 21st classroom should be a creation of a rich Ecosyst...

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College Students with Disabilities Essay

School Psychology Review 23 (1994): 392-406. .Stein, Marcy and Robert C. Dixon.In Coming of Age: The Best of ACLD - 1982.Vogel, S. A. and M. Moran."Effective writing instruction for diverse learners."

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The Best Effective Classroom Management English Language Essay

Research talked about classroom management and some techniques for better classroom management were mentioned and adapted from an article called “A Primer on Classroom Discipline” principles old and new, by Thomas R.Mc Daniel Phi Delta Kappan September 1986.A good teacher is the one who knows his/her students, how would they be motivated to learn, how would they react with him/her inside the classroom.Teacher must use classroom rules that describe the behaviors he/she wants instead of listing things the student can’t do.But a good teacher is the one who knows which one to use at the exact time and how he/she should balance between them, so that he/she will have a model classroom environment.All these conditions are effective for managing...

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Classroom Management Essay

Since most assemblies include the whole school, they tend to include large numbers of people and are often quite noisy.Learning centers should be areas in which students can complete simple tasks that support and reinforce material that is being taught in the classroom.Rules are necessary within the classroom and society in general.Classroom rules and procedures shape the learning experience, allowing students to understand what is expected of them and foster a positive learning environment within the classroom.Rules and procedures are a vitally important lesson taught in classrooms.

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Teaching Status Report

However, I am looking forward to the day when I will be alone in the classroom and it will just be the students and me.It feels great to have students, to have a classroom, and to have a responsibility to these students.I can see in their face when I correct them that the students know using this language in the classroom is inappropriate but because it is constantly used outside the classroom they cannot make the transition.Halloween definitely revealed this weakness, the Friday before this holiday was especially stressful because the students were so excited about their plans and had already began eating candy so they were very noisy and they did not want to learn.I have changed so much since I first entered the classroom.

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Adapting Communication for Age of Pupils Essay

When in a classroom and a pupil might talk whilst the teacher is talking either to myself or another pupil usually saying their name in a stern tone and unsmiling face is enough to get them to correct their behaviour.Some things which are different which may be appropriate for a child but not for a adult such as using a stern tone of voice to discipline a child, wouldn’t be suitable for use on a adult as they are adults and this would cause conflict as it isn’t my place to get them to correct their behaviour, Adults don’t need me to speak to them on their level although in some situations this may be useful for example in a noisy pace to bend down to talk to another adult who is seated.How I communicate with the CYPs in the settiing will...

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A child & mom Essay

Winning Ways to Talk with Young Children.When he calms down and after I have gained his trust, I will invite him inside the classroom and offer him a seat.I can come out of the classroom and accompany him to his mother outside so that the three of us can have a conversation and to let the child see that I am interested to accommodate him by having a scripted talk with his parent.Main Cooperative Extension.One very good approach is to tell the child in front of his mother that all the kids inside the classroom are actually waiting for him to become their new friend.

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Education Reflection papers Essay

Just like what the article suggested, I pause for a while whenever most of the students are noisy and I make a strong direct gaze at the offenders until they get the message to stop their noise.There are times that I go near the students who are being noisy instead of calling out their names.After reading this article, I started to draw my plans in implementing classroom management strategies.In the traditional classroom setting, teachers can literally spank those students who are misbehaving.I give credits to them so they will continue their good behavior and not be discouraged if all the attention goes to the noisy ones.

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Given New Alternative Methods, is Medication for ADHD Completely Necessary?

Nathan Belcher .Ritalin oral : Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & Dosing - WebMD.According to the APA (2014), ADHD is a behavioral ... .Hyperactive children: 12 ways to help them in the classroom.Pfiffner, L., DuPaul, G., & Barkley, R. (n.d.).

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Essay on The Importance of Music Education

"Why Cut Music Education in Schools?."(2007): n. page.LoveToKnow, n.d.17 October 2011.Some say that music education is a waste of valuable resources, takes time away from academic subjects, is noisy and distracting, when in reality this is false.

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Instructional Supervisory Plan: Analysis of Supervisory Problems

The teacher is making mistakes in presentation of factual information; or he is floundering and not able to get his presentation across; or pupils are noisy and inattentive, or merely listless.Discipline and dedication among his subordinates.There are some instances that teachers tend to neglect their duties due to certain inevitable circumstances and to the extent that it affects their job.When the lesson is over, the principal again nods to the teacher, perhaps makes a single pleasant remark to the class, and leaves the room unobtrusively.In classroom observation, everything the principal does should be motivated by interest, sincerity, kindliness, and professional purpose.

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Study on Sensory Integration and Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Textures foods, noisy foods, square foods, circle foods to give them a variety of texture and taste.Warner and Lynch.Texture foods, noisy foods, square foods, circle foods to encourage exploration.More informations: .Penguin Group, Inc.: New York.

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Incivility in Nursing: Causes and Intervention Strategies

When student nurses are bullied by staff nurses, they are more suitable to imitate the attitudes and behaviors and result in bullying behavior themselves.Incivility is often seen in different environment and venue such as inside the classroom, clinical setting, community, and workplace.If these actions are not mentioned during the academic process, they can simply go beyond to health care environments.An incorporated assessment of the literature from five years ago, which included nursing students and faculty from programs conferring associate to doctoral degrees, recognized general unethical or uncivil behaviors from students: late in class, being noisy and inattentive in class, dominating class, shouting at professors, threatening and ...

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Reviewing Classroom Management Plan Essay

Another thing that is missing is a behavior system that includes some certain of reward system for the students as well as the classroom for positive behavior and consequences for negative behavior.Overall I like this class management plan; I believe Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting.As well the teacher also uses cues by raising her hand in the air to let children know that the classroom is getting too noisy.Classroom management: Creating a successful learning Community (2nd).The way the desks, tables, and other classroom materials are arranged affects instruction and has an influence on order in the classroom.

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Essay on My Observation On The St. Queens

Only thing that can help is an extra hand and proper support from the right people to help make learning easier for student who have trouble.He used his strength to overcome his weakness.After the students went to their classroom the hallway cleared up and I began to take a tour of the school.Nathan from the YouTube video proved us that learning is possible with right help.Some kids likes being a student.

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University Art Museum Essay

Both of the directions had different intentions for the museum so they ran it differently.She expended the art collection, added classrooms, held seminars and increased the amount of people that came to and used the museum.The new director needs to know what the members and management expect of him or her in order to effectively run the museum.Though his intentions were good, he failed to keep the audience of the university who said that the museum has become, “too noisy and too ‘sensational’ for students to enjoy the classes and to have a chance to learn.” .As for who should be the next director, I agree with what was said at the end of the article that in order to find a perfect fit for the next director, management needs to come up ...

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Music Is The Medicine For His Soul Essay

“You always wanna do better because there is always room for improvement.” .When I asked Mathew what he had learned from these musicians and how he applied it to his music, he told me that he realized “music is individualistic and every artist plays with a different style and originality.” He further explained that t... .It is important to never judge a book by its cover, because you will always be surprised.Before our conversation I saw heavy metal music as a wild and noisy disorder, when in fact the words are very meaningful.Leaving the Gorgas Library, I began to reflect on our conversation and realized how ignorant I was about music, especially rock music.

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How to Redesign a Classroom to Optimize Learning Experience Essay

Difficult Access to the Classroom: More often, only one door is open to the classroom, thus restricting students’ access to the classroom to only one way.Inconvenient Seating Arrangement: the space between rows is narrow, so it’s not convenient for students to walk through and it’s always noisy to move the small pads connected to the seats.Furthermore, It’s best to check the safety facilities in the classroom such as the fire alarm on a regular basis, say, twice a month.External Diminished Noise and Distraction: Since the walls in the classroom are already sound proof, we don’t need to worry about the noise from outside.Clean Environment and Safety Facilities: Basically, a clean environment in the classroom is a must for students to gain...

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