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Comparison of UK and Australia Healthcare Systems

For staffing shortage, it is found in both health care system, even in the world, and there are many factors causing it in Australia, including aging nursing workforce, increased part-time work, burden of multiple chronic disease of older population, competition against health care workforce from overseas.Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia 2014, National Competency Standards for Registered Nurse, Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia, Melbourne.Curry (2005, cited in Hayter) suggested that higher nursing skill mix and sufficient nursing staffing can be associated with high standard of nursing care.According to Duffield & O’Brien 2003, nursing shortage is associated with poor nursing care, as it may cause more compli...

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Strategies for Workforce Shortage in Australian Healthcare

Also, students from different universities in Australia will be encouraged to be ambassadors of the social media campaign towards reducing the gap in the staff shortage in the Australian healthcare sector.This is especially based on the fact that this shortage is in line with the future demand for healthcare service (Parrella, 2013).Ultimately, the increase in the number of healthcare workforce aged 55 years and above within the country has contributed towards shortage of adequate staff to tend to the future demand.This is an illustration of the extent to which the elderly age continues to dominate the nursing and general healthcare workforce within the Australian context.Since the model will be implemented in all the states across Austr...

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Case Study of Palliative Care for Bowel Cancer

Ironically, due to the presence of manpower shortage, nurses advocating in the interest of Mrs Cheng may experience an ethical dilemma as they may find difficulty distributing equal amount of attention and nursing care to the rest of the patients.Documentation is essentially an integral element in nursing care, as it serves as an important tool for communication between members of the healthcare team.The manager should enquire with the palliative unit of the hospital regarding the possibility of transferring Mrs Cheng to a palliative ward, where she may receive more individualized nursing care from trained palliative nurses.Clause 2.1 of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) national competency standards for the registered ...

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Immigrant in Australia

It was also states that younger workers are badly affected because 76 per cent of migrants aged under 30 years were paid lesser compared to the new graduates of Australia.Clearly, it is better to have just enough number of immigrants coming to Australia in terms of economic and political perspectives.Prospects for new graduates of computer science in Australia is less good because of the presence of thousands of cheap labour from abroad, other effects are declining wages and rising unemployment rate among workers of information and communication technology (ICT) under the age of 30 years.The government might add the number of immigrants but should apply some restrict procedures such as matching skilled immigrants with jobs available in A...

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Aged Care Service Delivery Health And Social Care Essay

However, there are also various issues facing the aged care system in Australia, which mainly refer to the increasing health care needs and care difficulty and complexity, the shortage of care providers or nursing staff, and the insufficient aged care education and training.This disparity of attitudes toward nursing responsibility will then cause problems during the aged care service delivery process.From this perspective, the working condition for the care providers especially the nursing staff should be improved, so as to attract the nurses to work in this field; in addition, more effective education and training concerning the knowledge and skills of aged care should be developed for the nursing staff and other care providers.For exam...

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New Graduate Nuses Experiences in working in rural and remote areas

Hence, the outcome either positive or negative or both experiences of new graduates in transitional nursing within rural and remote areas have a great impact on identifying how to recruit and retain rural nursing workforce.Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation.The status of rural nursing in Australia: 12 years on.Journal of Nursing Management, 20(4), 485-490. .Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF) (2013) majority of nurses are found to be in the metropolis while minute percentage can be seen in remote and rural communities across Australia.

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The clinical career path for nurse Essay

NPs must complete a , Master’s degree in education, as approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (Australian Nursing Federation 2011).These nurses have advanced and extended roles compared to other registered nurses, particularly within the endorsed areas of their scope of practice (Australian Nursing Federation 2011; Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia 2011).In order to qualify as a NP, the applicant needs to meet the requirements issued by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (2011), as specified in the ‘Guidelines on endorsements as a nurse practitioner’ (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia 2011).However, there are also some similarities among the two health professionals;both are eligible to initiate ...

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Aims and objectives Essay

It highlights the scale of the challenge of nursing shortages, but also makes the point that there is a policy agenda that provides workable solutions.This paper provides a broader perspective, highlighting the scale of the challenge of nursing shortages, but also making the point that there are many common challenges and a policy agenda that points to workable solutions.The paper argues that the ‘shortage’ of nurses is not necessarily a shortage of individuals with nursing qualifications, it is a shortage of nurses willing to work in the present conditions.The main causes of nursing shortages are highlighted: inadequate workforce planning and allocation mechanisms, resource constrained undersupply of new staff, poor recruitment, retenti...

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Position Statements: International Health

The international Council of nurses reflects that potential for negative outcomes to patients could be associated to a shortage of nurses that is currently taking place in Australia, and that the working environment plays a role in this satisfaction (Huntington et al., 2009).Nursing Role in International Health The nursing role in international health as indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that nurses are fundamental to healthcare, and are the largest workforce within healthcare providers worldwide (Huntington et al., 2009).The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is a global institution advancing nursing care and sets standards for the nursing profession with strong focus on nursing leader ship and quality (Internationa...

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Global Nursing Shortage Strategies for Recruitment and Retention

Nursing directors and their staff need continuing support to become active participants in health and nursing policy-making and planning, including proper level of authority and sufficient resources, both financial and human to strengthen the roles of nurses and nursing services (WHO, 2008).Hessler and Ritchie (2005) developed a list of suggestions that may benefit nursing schools that are hiring new generations nursing faculty members.Lack of understanding of the complexities involved in comprehensive nursing care and fulfilling this role is vital for nurse’s job satisfaction constitutes a critical mismatch of interests that needs to be urgently addressed if the current worldwide shortage of nurses is to be tackled.On the supply side so...

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Australia’s Health Care System | Analysis

For instance in rural Australia there is an average of one medical doctor in a population of one thousand people.Australia government and private sector has invested heavily in construction of health facilities in all regions so that citizens can access them easily and equitably.The effectiveness of the access of health care by rural and remote communities in Australia has been enabled by the outreach models initiated; these are periodic supplies of the services from one location especially in towns to other location in this case remote areas.In addition to accessibility the efficiency of the health workers has been tried to be achieved through encouraging the general practitioners to work in the remote areas where there is shortage of p...

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Nursing Shortage Essay

Nursing shortage is defined as the inadequate number of qualified nurses to meet the projected demand for nursing care within a healthcare setting, where the demand for nurses is greater than the supply.In light of this nursing shortage, it should be relatively easy to find gainful employment after graduation should you choose to study nursing.In 2002 the Nursing Reinvestment Act was signed by President Bush to address the problem of our nation’s nursing shortage.The Southern Regional Board of Education conducted a study which found that the nursing faculty shortage in 16 states was caused by vacant faculty positions, retirements, resignations and a shortage of new candidates applying for faculty positions.The AACN’s 2008-2009 Enrollment...

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Anxiety, stress and burnout in nursing Essay

Key words searched included burnout, nursing, anxiety, stress, shortage, graduate, and strategies.The nursing shortage has seen many ‘unskilled’ workers entering the aged care sector as a ‘substitution’ of registered nurses; currently the aged care system is overwhelmed with demand and ‘patient complexity’ (Wickett, McCutcheon & Long, 2003).Duffield & O’Brien-Pallas (2002, as cited in Wickett, McCutcheon & Long, 2003) suggest three main reasons for the growing nursing shortage, these include, personal issues that pertain to stress, burnout and an inadequacy of balance in their personal lives.The author will discuss the critical nursing shortage and describe the symptoms of stress and burnout.The nursing profession involves de...

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Reasons For Entering And Leaving Nursing Nursing Essay

They have also presented that the average age that a registered nurse (RN) graduates is about 31, which would result to a decrease in the number of years of service (“Nursing Shortage”, n.d.).Furthermore, an improved sampling population for the nursing students is expected to provide better information regarding the issues being confronted by the nursing students.Now that the truth has been properly justified by facts and statistically analyzed, the government and the private health sector are faced with the challenge of coming up with better solutions to reduce the number of nurses and nursing students that leave the profession; and at the same time, put even greater effort to encourage nurses and nursing students to continue their nobl...

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History of District Nursing in Australia Essay

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (1986), home nursing in Australia started in 1885 when a group of concerned nationals came together in Victoria and founded the Melbourne District Nursing Service.One notable nursing service was the Blue Nursing Service.They were both very instrumental when it came to setting up the first home nursing in Australia which was known as the Melbourne District Nursing Society (204).Patients who were admitted in these hospitals lived under appalling conditions in overcrowded wards Funnel et al add that the early 18th and mid 19th century came to be termed as nursing “Dark Ages” of nursing.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the first State to introduce a district nursing service in...

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Nursing and The Organizational Culture of Human Resource Management Essay

Yafang, T. (2011).BMC Health Services Research, 11(1), 98-106. doi:10.1186/1472-6963-1198Nursing Economic$, 21(6), 275-279.Contemporary Nurse: A Journal For The Australian Nursing Profession, 24(2), 189-199.Relationship between Organizational Culture, Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfaction.

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Australia Becoming Involved In World War 1 History Essay

In October 1914, Australia became involved in World War 1 which changed Australia.After the war, there were less competition though, and more than 400 new products were introduced to Australia.“For the first time in history the voice of woman is to speak directly on the greatest question that can confront any community.” Hughes’s reasons for conscription was because it would affect the future of Australia and also, Britain, New Zealand and Canada, who are the allies, are sending more troops so Australia should do so as well.The Australian Army Nursing Service allowed women to help during World War 1 overseas.Conscription was introduced by Billy Hughes, the prime minister of Australia.

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The eight vital signs of patient monitoring Essay

When measuring body temperature, a number of factors must be considered.Importantly, these three are not always the same and may differ according to the underlying disease process.No single thermometer or measurement site is recommended as best practice, but in order to ensure accuracy Malcolm Elliott is Lecturer, Faculty of Health Science and Community Studies, Holmesglen Institute, Victoria, Australia and Alysia Coventry is Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine, Australian Catholic University, Victoria, Australia Accepted for publication: March 2012 .British Journal of Nursing, 2012, Vol 21, No 10 Abstract Nurses have traditionally relied on five vital signs to assess their patients: temperature, pulse, blood pres...

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Nursing Shortage in the United States

Nursing shortage is a global issue and some source countries have nursing shortage themselves.Recruitment, retention and matriculation of ethnic minority nursing students: A University of Mississippi School of Nursing approach.This strategy appears to be a short-term approach to resolving the nursing shortage as the migration of foreign nurses to the U.S. in the past fluctuated according to the nursing demand at that time.Retention strategies for ESL nursing students: review of literature 1990-99 and strategies and outcomes in a small private school of nursing with limited funding.According to Irwin (2001), nursing and healthcare professional markets reached a surplus in 1990s from shortage in late 1980s, and reverted back to shortage in...

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Association Between Nurse To Patient Ratios Nursing Essay

An article by Lyneham, Cloughessy, & Martin (2008) found the increased workload related to inadequate staffing in an emergency department of Australia impacted patient safety.Unfortunately, this increase in nurse staffing will undoubtedly increase labor cost for hospitals and may in turn lead to a greater shortage of nurses due to a lack of resources.Closing the gap between nursing shortages, rising costs, and improving quality care have yet to be addressed in context with nursing environments and time management skills.It will also provide other states with the knowledge to make the most effective and beneficial decision regarding nurse-to-patient mandated laws.Since then, healthcare has experienced several changes such as like incr...

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Patient Safety And Quality Of Care

This information may be used by the State of California to determine if the current law should be sustained or divested.An article by Lyneham, Cloughessy, & Martin (2008) found the increased workload related to inadequate staffing in an emergency department of Australia impacted patient safety.Therefore a study of California should be conducted determine whether the mandate has had a positive or negative impact on healthcare within the last eight years.Unfortunately, this increase in nurse staffing will undoubtedly increase labor cost for hospitals and may in turn lead to a greater shortage of nurses due to a lack of resources.The purpose of the study is to examine the association between nurse to patient ratios in the state of Calif...

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Annotated Bibliography for Scope of Nursing Practice

The article has given useful and helpful information by highlighting on considerable changes in the scope of nursing practices for nurses who have been enrolled in Australia during the period of last decade.Practice issues and evolution in the field of nursing practices have been discussed in the article which has ensured that the information within the article is reliable and helpful.This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as it has focused on the scope of nursing practices in Australia.The research on the topic of nursing practices has helped in identifying that use of nursing practices can make the health care services cost effective, high quality and safe....

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Staff Retention in Nursing

Some of these factors include engaging the nursing management in providing guidance, collaboration with physicians, and shift work.Apart from the interventions identified in the articles, nursing managers can also address problems of retention among nurses by addressing shortages of nurses, adopting top-notch recruitment and retention policies, effective planning and use of the available nursing resources, and providing incentives that motivate nurses.Some of these factors include nursing management, collaboration with physicians, shift work and resources (Sawatzky, & Enns, 2012).Keeping Nurses on the Job: Retention Is Part Of The Answer To The Nursing Shortage.Nursing retention is an effective measure in curbing the problem of nurse...

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Work Effectively in the Community Sector Essay

Provide the name of the training organisation as well as the title of the course.* Another issue for residents is the shortage of doctors.Dementia and Memory: Community Centre Alzheimer’s Australia NSW.At the moment I am multi-skilled to do laundry, Kitchen and cleaning also nursing because of the shortage of ancillary workers I have been doing more of the ancillary then nursing so I would like to reflect on nursing and specialize so my skills and knowledge improve.* The community service organisation that I have researched is Lourdes Nursing Home Port Macquarie which had opened in 1975 and has 65 beds.

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Leading in Healthcare Evaluation Essay

Because of the nursing shortage that exists in the North Batinah Region as well as the lack of doctors and physicians to offer leadership guidance on how to treat patients, the leadership capability program will be an important instrument in addressing these gaps in many of the hospitals and clinics that exist in the area.It also requires accountability and the application of the nursing code of ethics during the performance of work activities and duties (Canadian Nursing Association, 201).A nursing theory for nursing leadership.Canadian Nursing Association (2010) Nursing leadership in a changing world.Modern nursing and modern physics: does quantum theory contain useful insights for nursing practice and health care management?.

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Depression in older people

Additionally, lack of knowledge about a palliative care approach becomes a barrier as well as lack of funding, shortage of staff.The U.S. Preventive Task Force advises that all elderly aged 65 and over should be assessed periodically for depression and “evidence-based nursing practice guidelines” require “nurse depression screening”.In addition, nursing education program on depression should be prioritized.Care of advanced dementia, there are still a lot of limitations such as communication difficulty between practitioners and clients, deficit of knowledge about a palliative care about dementia, and lack of financial investment and staff.Unfortunately, despite the high occurrence of depression among nursing home residents, focused and ef...

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The Nursing Shortage: an Annotated Bibliography Essay

Evaluation: Harriet R. Feldman’s book includes a chapter on the role of nursing schools to discuss the nursing shortage.The article then shares the research that was performed to discuss the nursing shortage.All three sources mention the common reasons of the nursing shortage.Evaluation: The journal article contains well researched information on the nursing shortage and the research of integrating medical simulation into nursing programs.To further the completion for the paper on the nursing shortage, this article will be kept.

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Nursing Shortage Internationally And In United Arab Emirates Nursing Essay

Nurses make up the backbone of health sector, existence of vacuum and shortage among them will lead to a collapse of public health sector.” Nursing shortage refers to a situation where the demand for nurses is greater than the supply”(Nursing Shortage, 2010).Furthermore, nursing shortage could deeply affect nurses” Increase the nurses’ chance of getting psychiatric help because of massive amounts of stress””(Nursing Shortage, 2010).nursing shortage has dramatic impact on patient safety, nurses and hospitals .UAE followed strategies to alleviate nursing shortage.Finally, the strategies should contain a solution for the nursing education seats ,taking in consideration it is one of the nursing shortage causes in UAE .

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Scarce Resources: The Nursing Shortage Essay

The problem is not a result of too few qualified nursing school applicants, nursing schools simply are not equipped to meet the increased demand.While the recruiting efforts have increased the enrollment of student nurses by over 53% between the years between 2000 and 2005 (Fang, Wilsey-Wisniewski, & Bednash, 2006), the enrollment numbers must increase dramatically more if the nursing shortage is going to be eliminated.The government must provide more funds to nursing schools in order to increase the salary of their nursing faculty and devise ways to further incentivize working as a nurse educator.The general public has known for years that there is a shortage of nurses, and nursing school applications have risen accordingly.The nurs...

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Health Policies in Relation to Nurse to Patient Ratio Essay

Nursing Colleges and Universities Ending a Six-Year Period of Decline, Press Release, Retrieved 10 June, 2007, from Bill 394.Stepping out into the high schools and broadcasting information about nurses can translate into only one thing, more students who pursue a nursing career.Federally certified nursing homes are required to have a RN director of nursing and a RN on duty 8 hours a day, seven days a week (California state).The more educating and qualified young people health care workers can get to chose a nursing career, the better off the nurse-to-patient ratio becomes, allowing for a safer environment for future patients, by permitting more effective health care.“Nursing Facilit...

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