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The Nursing Shortage: an Annotated Bibliography Essay

The article then shares the research that was performed to discuss the nursing shortage.There are fewer students enrolling in nursing programs and a decline in graduates are contributing to the nursing shortage.Evaluation: Harriet R. Feldman’s book includes a chapter on the role of nursing schools to discuss the nursing shortage.The research provided was thorough enough to conclude that this nursing shortage is different from the past, and will require unique solutions.To further the completion for the paper on the nursing shortage, this article will be kept.

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Nursing Shortage Internationally And In United Arab Emirates Nursing Essay

In conclusion, nursing shortage is a wide world crisis.there are many factor that lead to nursing shortage like: low wages, nursing image, and job satisfaction.UAE suffer from nursing shortage because of the cultural nursing image that caused locals to never thing of nursing as a career.Finally, the strategies should contain a solution for the nursing education seats ,taking in consideration it is one of the nursing shortage causes in UAE .Furthermore, nursing shortage could deeply affect nurses” Increase the nurses’ chance of getting psychiatric help because of massive amounts of stress””(Nursing Shortage, 2010).UAE followed strategies to alleviate nursing shortage.

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Scarce Resources: The Nursing Shortage Essay

The nursing shortage continues as faculty shortage grows.This paper will discuss the article “The Nursing Shortage Continues as Faculty Shortage Grows,” how the faculty shortage will effect patient care, and propose possible solutions to the shortage.It is common sense, if the nurse to patient ratio gets too high patient care declines, the general public must be made aware that at some point a drastic nursing shortage could someday mean the difference between life and death for them or their family members.While the recruiting efforts have increased the enrollment of student nurses by over 53% between the years between 2000 and 2005 (Fang, Wilsey-Wisniewski, & Bednash, 2006), the enrollment numbers must increase dramatically more if ...

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Running Out of Nurses: Nursing Shortages in the Middle East

.. As a remedy for nursing shortage health care societies have started to hire foreign nurses.This assignment has been done as a requirement for contemporary nursing course; it will discuss the history, reasons and impact of nursing shortage.Can we say nursing shortage result from nursing image or nursing image result from nursing shortage?The practice of hiring foreign nurses doesn’t help in solving nursing shortage.All the reasons and impacts of nursing shortage are now internationally known and it can’t be ignored any more.

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Nursing Shortage: Impacts and Strategies

The nursing shortage requires more nursing students, but a nursing faculty shortage creates limitations on how many students can be prepared for employment, and limits the ability to prepare future nursing educators.Combating the nursing shortage.(2009) A critical examination of the U.S. nursing shortage: Contributing factors, public policy implications.Has the nursing shortage come to an end?Healing the nursing shortage with staff-friendly design.

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Scarce Resources

This will worsen the already problematic nursing shortage.The nurse faculty shortage is significant and must be addressed in order to keep the science of nursing thriving.In order for the nursing shortage issue to be alleviated, the nursing faculty shortage must first be addressed.In the article “The Global Nursing faculty Shortage: Status and Solutions for Change” (Nardi & Gyurko, 2013), the authors suggest that more funding be dedicated to higher nursing education programs.It is for the benefit of the public that this nursing issue be resolved as soon as possible in order for them to be able to obtain quality, skilled nursing care when it is necessary.

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Global Nursing Shortage Causes Consequences And Solutions

Research in this area is paramount to help in handling nursing shortage and establishing long-term solutions.Inadequate resources have also been a monumental challenge in establishing solutions for nursing shortage... Overcoming the barriers and challenges, which engulf the solutions for nursing shortage is itself a challenge.Global nursing shortage has been identified as a huge problem in the nursing field.This field of research has identified the problem of the nursing shortage and noted some of the causes, consequences and solutions to the same.

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Nursing Shortage

As stated, the second economic tool to discuss is marginal analysis as it relates to the nursing shortage and health care facilities.Other resources site the nursing shortage on the aging nurse population or the “baby boomers” leaving the workforce.With the increase in the instructors to teach nursing more nurses can return to obtain a higher level of education and an increase in graduate nurses may emerge helping decrease the nursing shortage?Nursing schools need to find a means to provide competitive salaries in order to reduce the nursing shortage.How the nursing shortage can affect the economy will also be discussed.

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Nursing Shortage Essay

There are several different opinions as to why there is such a big shortage.U.S. Faces Critical Shortage f Nures.The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is very concerned about the nursing shortage (Rosseter, 2011).American Association of Colleges of Nursing.There are several countries that fear that the nursing shortage is growing rapidly.

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Nursing Shortage Essay

Currently, the United States is facing a severe nursing shortage.Other causes of the nursing shortage episode include: the aging baby boomer population and lack of employee incentives.A 2010 study published in Health Services Research found that over 75% of RNs feel that the nursing shortage is a huge problem that affects their quality of work as well as patient care and the amount of time that nurses can spend with individual patients.Economic factors have also contributed to the nursing shortage in the United States.In 2002 the Nursing Reinvestment Act was signed by President Bush to address the problem of our nation’s nursing shortage.

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Patient Safety in Rural Nursing Because of Nursing Shortage Essay

Due to this critical imbalance between the supply and demand of nurses, the United States is today facing a nursing shortage crisis.These areas suffer more from nursing shortage than urban areas due to lack of economic resources to compete with urban based employers, inadequate training for nurses to practice in rural settings and dependence on non-hospital care settings in the rural areas.The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published a report titled “The American Nursing Shortage” with the help of its researchers Bobbi Kimball and Edward O’Neil.The United States is in the midst of a nursing shortage that is being increasingly discussed in the context of declining healthcare facilities in the nation.Available data and literature suggest t...

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Global Nursing Shortage Strategies for Recruitment and Retention

Nursing shortage is generally considered to be an imbalance between demand for employment and the available supply.The main causes of nursing shortages are inadequate workforce planning, and allocation mechanisms, under supply of new staff, poor recruitment, retention and return policies and ineffective use of available nursing resources through inappropriate skill mix and utilization, poor incentive structures and inadequate career support (Buchan & Aiken, 2008).Creating those conditions need not be costly and will go a long way to resolving the nursing shortage (Oulton, 2006).Failure to deal with a nursing shortage is it national or global will lead to failure of health care.Recommendations for nursing shortage .

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The Global Nursing Shortage and Recruitment and Retention

The nursing shortage in the United States of America: an integrative review of the literature.According to this study showed that nursing shortage has the following effects.2007) of the nursing shortage shows that views on the shortage’s effects on hospital patient care vary widely.The nursing shortage: From warning to watershed.Andris, Nicholas, and Wolf, (2006) defined nursing shortage as “a situation where the demand for nurses is greater than the supply, as is currently the case in the United States and several other developed nations.” (p.147).The nation’s nursing shortage is projected to worsen significantly over the next two decades if current trends continue (Department of Health and Human Services, 2000).The report, titled Proje...

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Essay on Nursing Shortage Affecting Both Nurse And Patient

Nursing Shortage Affecting Both Nurse and Patient Ansu Sam York College CUNY Introduction One of the main reasons that makes patient safety goals impossible is nurse staff shortage.The Nursing Shortage and Holistic Nursing.“ In a recent study conducted on behalf of the American Hospital Association, respondents reported that the nursing shortage has caused emergency department overcrowding in their hospitals (38%); diversion of emergency patients (25%); reduced number of staffed beds (23%); discontinuation of programs and services (17%); and cancellation of elective surgeries (10%).Nurses taking care of too many patients are more likely to make medication errors, fail in preventing infection, pressure ulcers, falls and identify patients ...

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Nursing Shortage

It is unlikely the nursing shortage will end anytime in the near future.Nurse managers and leaders are utilizing many of the same tactics to combat the nursing shortage.Leadership often encompasses management, and while the two will face the nursing shortage in many of the same ways differences must be noted.In light of the nursing shortage much attention is being given to nurse recruitment and retention (Ramey, 2002).While managers approach the nursing shortage and turnover rates from the organizations point of view, leaders approach it from the clinical nurse’s perspective.

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Nursing Shortages: Effect On Patient Care

It is evident that management and physician do not appear to be part of the shortage.On the same, due to the shortage the nursing field has been observed to be stressful by most people.Teamwork would solve a multitude of problems as far as the shortage is concerned.Some reasons have been mentioned like the lack adequate facilities to train enough nursing staff to meet the current demands.Nurses being given out to the market from the schools of nursing are not adequate to feed the market demands.

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Effective Approaches to Leadership Essay

The current Registered Nurse turnover rate is 14% (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2012).The median age of the nursing workforce is 46 years of age and almost 50 percent of all nurses are close to retirement, which will substantially impact the nursing shortage (American Nurses Association, 2013).The American Nurses Association in 1990 developed the Magnet status in an effort to reward hospitals that attract and retain nurses who demonstrate excellence in nursing practice (American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2013).This places an additional demand for nurses, and further increases the shortage.Nursing colleges and universities across the county are struggling to expand their enrollment levels in order to meet the rising dem...

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Nursing Shortage Problem Problem Solution Essay

Selecting the proposed solution was because it is the only way to provide a lasting solution to nursing shortage, improve the deteriorating healthcare in this institution, and hence restore the lost trust of clients with the organization.To win approval of organization’s leadership in addressing the issue require presentation of health facts related to nursing shortage in the institution.Currently the State is facing a problem of nursing shortage.The statistics of health status and provision and its relationship of nursing shortage in the organization can provide a valid basis for the management to raise concern and approve the proposal.Nursing shortage is a problem that is encountered by most of the healthcare providing institutions in ...

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Scarce Resources Article

Another competitive program that can help reduce nursing shortage is by expanding nurses capacity using resources available in the communities.Nursing Shortage.These could be an effort that can help decrease the nursing shortage in the United States.Resolving United states nursing shortage will require efforts at a national, state, and local level.From an economic standpoint, according to the American Association of College of Nursing (2012) the Nurse Faculty Lines Program which provides funds annually to non-profit, tax exempt schools of nursing to underwrite nursing faculty positions, therefore there is existing economic investment by agencies, but is not enough to support the crisis that America will suffer in the next oncoming years....

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Is Nursing Shortage Really Faculty Shortage? Essay

The data speaks for itself, there are people that long to become nurses and nurse educators, but there is a lack of faculty that helps propagate the existing nursing shortage, if resources are granted they will be taken advantage of (Gerolamo et al., 2014; Gerolamo et al., 2011).Lack of Faculty Equals Lack of Nurses When trying to combat somethi... ... middle of paper ... ...ole in what has evolved into a nursing shortage (AACN, 2014; Gerolamo et al., 2011).As the number of people who need care is sure to increase, so too is the deficit of nursing faculty, which in turn will a greater effect on nursing shortage, if this trend doesn’t break, the results could be dire; luckily, it appears some changes are being made.If the proper intervent...

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Importing nurses from overseas for the nursing shortage Essay

Importing nurses from overseas for the nursing shortage p. 4 Components in the nurses’ shortage: .Concentration to provisions that support career enhancement, Importing nurses from overseas for the nursing shortage p. 5 and expansion of knowledge and skills such as the Nurse Reinvestment Act and Career Ladder Grant Program which facilitates and funds further study of nursing specializations and enough appropriations for nurses to become faculty members.Importing nurses from overseas for the nursing shortage p. 3 .As 42, 000 qualified applicants in 2006- 2007 were turned away by US nursing schools (Kuehn, 2007), the problem undermines an institutional problem due to lack of funds to train fresh graduates in relation to lesser clinical...

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Trends In Health Care

According to an article in Facts about Nursing Shortages, (2006), society’s role on the issue is as follows: “growing demand, new graduate problems, lower baccalaureate enrollment, higher hospital census and great acuity, salary wars, and baby boom bubble” (p.2).A statement which speaks on the dangers an organization may face when trying to hire and keep nurses is in an article by the Department of Health and Human Services 2009, ” the adequacy of nurse supply varies geographically throughout the Nation, … a moderate shortage of registered nurses (RN) exists and the findings of our analysis suggest that the current RN shortage will continue to grow in severity during the next 20 years if current trends prevail and that some States face...

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Aims and objectives Essay

Keywords: nurses, nursing, workforce issues, workforce planning Go to: .It highlights the scale of the challenge of nursing shortages, but also makes the point that there is a policy agenda that provides workable solutions.This paper provides a broader perspective, highlighting the scale of the challenge of nursing shortages, but also making the point that there are many common challenges and a policy agenda that points to workable solutions.To give one indication of the size of the nursing workforce world wide, the International Council of Nurses reports 129 national nurses’ associations representing 13 million nurses worldwide (ICN 2007).They emphasise the need to develop a better understanding of the specific dynamics in organisati...

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Nursing Workforce Shortage Essay

As the nursing workforce shortage continues to grow patient outcome and quality of care in the older population are greatly affected and action from the nursing profession is greatly needed to combat the nursing shortage.A strategy to address the nursing faculty shortage.Journal of Nursing Education, 48(7), 401-405. doi: 10.3928/01482834 Oulton, J.A.Thesis With a growing population of older adults who will need more complex healthcare because of poorer health, factors that are contributing to the nursing shortage especially in geriatric care need to be explored, so action can be taken to combat these issues and better quality of care is provided to the aging population.Analysis One of the main and most important factor contributing to th...

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Health care challenges Essay

AACN is allocating its resources to protect federal funding for academic development programs, identify strategies to prevent nursing educator shortage.According to this study, there are multiple factors that influence the nursing faculty shortage such as lack of interest from the nurses to try academic careers, time spends to clinical practice defers pursuance into academic positions, low salaries, high educational costs, nursing education dissatisfaction and most importantly low institutional funding for additional nurse educator positions.This strategy was confirmed by various literature and studies to promote nursing faculty recruitment and retention.A recent study published on 2011 aimed to explore the relation of nursing faculty sh...

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Nursing Shortage Essay

Budget fails to address nursing shortage: Nurses say.Nursing Leadership, 21(1), 58-71.Nursing scope of practice: descriptions and challenges .In order to understand nursing shortage and improve the future of the workforce, it is important to determine and treat the root cause of the problem.Nursing Leadership, 24(1), 44-57.

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Essay

Unfortunately nurse managers have little control over the nursing shortage.Mary Force concludes one of the most serious issues facing healthcare delivery is the nursing shortage.Nursing shortages and turnover are ongoing issues.Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 35(3), 128-132.The Relationship Between Effective Nurse managers and Nursing retention.

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Impact of Nursing Shortages on Patient Care

The Royal College of Nursing has undertaken a program of consistent research as well as statistical analysis of the state of the nursing workforce in the United Kingdom to evaluate how policies are affecting the known shortages as well as the delivery of services across the broad spectrum of care being provided.[3] This perspective dictates that an understanding of the historical contexts leading to the present state of the nursing shortages in the acute care setting need to be examined to provide a perspective on the problem as well as potential solutions.One common denominator that is at the root of the global nursing shortage is the growth in the percentage of people entering or at the age 60 years.The implications of the nursing sho...

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Nursing shortages: Effect of patient care

The implications of the nursing shortage become clearer when the age of nurses is factored in.The shortage of acute care nurses, which is a specialized discipline, increases the potential for mistakes in observation and monitoring techniques brought about from having too many patients being assigned to the nursing staff in this department.The Royal College of Nursing has undertaken a program of consistent research as well as statistical analysis of the state of the nursing workforce in the United Kingdom to evaluate how policies are affecting the known shortages as well as the delivery of services across the broad spectrum of care being provided.This perspective dictates that an understanding of the historical contexts leading to the pre...

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Nurse shoratges Essay

Funded by the National Institute for Nursing Research, the study found that every additional patient in an average hospital nurse’s workload increased the risk of death in surgical patients by 7%.In the March-April 2005 issue of Nursing Economics, Dr. Peter Buerhaus and colleagues found that more than 75% of RNs believe the nursing shortage presents a major problem for the quality of their work ife, the quality of patient care, and the amount of time nurses can spend with patients.Impact of Hospital Nursing Care on 30-day Mortality for Acute Medical Patients In the January 2007 issue of the Journal of Advanced Nursing, a new study validates the findings of Dr. Linda Aiken and others that baccalaureate- prepared nurses have a positive imp...

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