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Essay about Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe

Due to Okonkwo’s fear of failure, he dangerously strives for personal achievement and success, which causes him to irrationally react to drastic changes in his Ibo culture and ultimately leads to his downfall.Okonkwo ignores his emotions various times throughout the novel just so that others would not see him as weak or lesser than what Okonkwo wants to be seen as, powerful, perseverant, elite, and ultimately successful.If Okonkwo’s Ibo culture prospers then the title hierarchy will remain and Okonkwo can eventually earn his respected place in his community.Okonkwo’s inability to subdue his lifelong fear of failure limits him to react irrationally to situations without processing what is happening with reason, and ultimately the mistakes...

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Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe | Analysis

Down in his heart, Okonkwo is not a cruel man, but his life is dominated by his internal conflict, the fear of failure and of weakness.The death of Okonkwo at the end was unpredictable because throughout the novel, Chinua Achebe described him as a strong warrior who feared of nothing besides failure and weakness.Because of his fear to be seen as weak, Okonkwo even strikes down Ikemefuna who lives with him for three years calls him father: “as the machete came down.At the end, when Okonkwo committed suicide, he also committed the only thing he feared, and that was weakness.In conclusion, Okonkwo’s most prominent internal conflict, the fear of failure and weakness, destroyed his life and has made him a cruel man.

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Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart Essay

Okonkwo needs his home, Umuofia to be untouched since its structure and system were measures that gave him worth and meaning in his life.Okonkwo does not want to become “weak”; he wants to fight against the Christian Catholic Church.His fear of becoming a failure caused Okonkwo to become an ambitious man who spoke through his fists and rose from nothing into a man who has great importance in his tribe.Although it was against tradition, Okonkwo did one last thing his father would have never thought of doing.As unknown white men came to spread Christianity, Umuofia’s structure changes, Okonkwo was unable to have the life that he was determined to live and could not survive in the new environment which he believed collapsed.

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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Essay

Okonkwo lacked a sense of affection towards his family, which can be linked to his fear of weakness.Although fear of failure made him an achiever, it was also what led to his downfall.Okonkwo’s success was founded on the fear of failure, which forced him to resent his father in everyway.Okonkwo displays another fit of anger during the feast of the new yam, when he almost killed his second wife with a gun because she cut a few leaves off the banana tree to wrap some food.Okonkwo also possesses an unwavering pride and an irrepressible anger.

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Things fall apart

But his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness.This causes a cultural collision between Okonkwo and Nwoye because Nwoye wants to become a Christian, but Okonkwo doesn’t like the white men or Christianity.This collision leads to Okonkwo self-destructing and killing himself and it also shapes the meaning of the novel as a whole by symbolizing many things and relating back to important quotes in the novel, that develop a story.This cultural collision also shapes the novel as a whole by showing that because Okonkwo let his anger destroy him, it caused him to lose both of his sons and left him with nothing.So when the white men showed up and tried to convert people Okonkwo feared for the failure of his clan to s...

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Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

Okonkwo’s fear of looking weak, being a failure, and letting down his clan members clearly has a drastic affect on his entire life and are the driving factors towards his sad and sudden death at the end of the novel.Okonkwo has “no patience with his father” or men like him, and works with an incredible ferocity towards being successful and making a name for himself (Achebe 25).Fear creates aggressiveness.” This statement has never be more true than it is when applied to Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart.Even from a young age Okonkwo can be seen borrowing seeds for yams and working as hard as he possibly can to obtain a higher title.Okonkwo’s entire life is controlled by his fear, he is afraid of being a failure, afraid of looking weak, and af...

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Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

As wrong as it was, Okonkwo was expressly being himself.Okonkwo was not able to realize that, so his life was lost.Although I feel sympathy for Okonkwo, I most definitely do not admire him as a person.Even though the author, Chinua Achebe , portrayed Okonkwo as a negative character, he was mainly a symbol for the entire community.Okonkwo became haunted with the obsession of manliness in order to make up for his father’s “femininity” or “gentleness.” Therefore, Okonkwo only allowed himself to display the emotion of anger.

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Tragic Character and Plot in Things Fall Apart Essay

Okonkwo stood looking at the dead man.To begin, anagnorisis, a change from ignorance to knowledge, occurs as Okonkwo realizes his clan will not fight as he desires.When Okonkwo and his family are exiled to his motherland for seven years, Okonkwo’s uncle, Uchendu, observes the manner in which Okonkwo treats his family.(205) Okonkwo had persistently tried to encourage his clansmen to go to war and drive the white men out by force, but he finally comes to the conclusion that they will not listen.[…] his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness.

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Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart Essay

Okonkwo expected as much from those around him – Nwoye and his fellow clansmen – as he expected from himself, and held on to the possibility that his example would be followed, should be followed, as they rose up against the white man and prevailed!Okonkwo was ashamed of Unoka, and was obsessed with becoming the antithesis of him; this obsession would ultimately prove to be a tragic character flaw for Okonkwo and serve as the foundation not only for his success, but also... ... middle of paper ... ...and was not willing to sacrifice his inherent beliefs for strangers, intruders in his village.The greatest force that compelled Okonkwo to succeed was his fierce desire to be nothing like his father, resulting in his deep seated fear of fail...

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Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

But his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and weakness….It was not external but lay deep within himself.Okonkwo knows that he must now face his disgrace alone.Okonkwo recognizes (“anagnorisis”) “that Umuofia would not go to war”, because the clan “had broken into tumult instead of action”.Aristotle’s statement, “Man, when perfect, is the best of animals, but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all”, embodies the rise and fall of Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe ’s novel.Okonkwo had always used his strength and courage to protect the community from destabilizing forces, and because Okonkwo was a traditional man the introduction of Christianity posed a threat to all the values, morals and beliefs he sought ...

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Compare and contrast Okonkwo and Unoka

Nonetheless, it is this fear that makes Okonkwo a bad father.Okonkwo is successful, hardworking and violent, while Unoka is a failure, lazy and gentle.Although Unoka is being lazy, he still has something that Okonkwo does not have, gentleness, a feminine trait that Okonkwo hates.Because of his failure, Unoka is not respected by anyone, even his sons friend called him agbalaMeanwhile, though Okonkwo starts with his bare hand Okonkwo does not have the start in life which many young men usually have, he inherits neither a barn nor a title, nor even a young wife, he has achieved great success.He neither inherited a barn nor a title, nor even a young wife indicates Unokas failure to provide for his family and give Okonkwo some inheritance whi...

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Essay about The Values and Beliefs of Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart

and more intimate than the fear of evil and capricious gods and of .is a proud strict and tough man with the name of Okonkwo.Okonkwo was so proud to an extent that he takes his own sorrow to die .Okonkwos fear was greater than these.magic, the fear of the forest, and the forces of nature, malevolent, .

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Okonkwo As A Tragic Hero

Although there is no war between white men and Igbo people, the conflicts between these two groups still often occur, including the unmasking of Egwugwu, the burning of the church and the deceptive meeting held by the white men which results in the capture and humiliation of the five clan members, including Okonkwo.However, despite these failings, it is not until when Okonkwo kills one of the five British court members, who are sent to stop the clan meeting that he discovers his tragic fate.Realizing that he is defeated and cannot save his village from the white men influences, Okonkwo decides to hang himself, which is consider as an abomination in Igbo culture.When Okonkwo beheads the messenger during the clan meeting and sees that none...

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An Analytical Essay on the Flaws of Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

This is evident by this quote, "Okonkwo was well known throughout the nine villages and even beyond... [He] brought honor to his tribe by throwing Amalinze the Cat..."(3) This suggests that in Okonkwo's society, power is attained by making a name for yourself in any way possible, even if that means fighting and wrestling to get your fame.(57) Okonkwo tries to instill his personal views on how to live as a man to his son, and to Okonkwo, crying is very womanly, and so Nwoye is punished for it.It makes Nwoye want to join what Okonkwo wants to destroy.(14) Okonkwo has also worked and tended to his crops in a very zealous fashion, and drives everyone around him to work as hard as he does.Okonkwo is very rough on his son; for exampl...

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Things Fall Apart Essay: Okonkwo the tragic hero Essay

Okonkwo’s first prominent flaw is his fear of failure, which is greatly influenced by his father, Unoka, a very lazy and carefree man.His fear of failure and sudden anger lead him to such actions that cannot be ameliorated and reversed.Despite his honorable and respectable social status, Okonkwo’s tragic flaws, fear of failure and anger, bring about his own destruction.In the novel, Things Fall Apart, Achebe portrays his own characterization of a tragic hero through Okonkwo, the main character.Okonkwo is one of the most powerful men in the Igbo tribe: “Okonkwo was well known throughout the nine villages and even beyond…he had brought honour to his village by throwing the Cat” (3).

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Essay on Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

Okonkwo treated everything his father was, kindness and idleness as a weakness that lead to failure.Nwoye and Okonkwo relation is complex having many different stages but just like Okonkwo and his father it become pieces.Okonkwo believed his father to be a failure as he was always in debt and didn’t have any title when he died .”When Unoka died he had taken no title at all and he was heavily in debt.”(Achebe,8).This is relevant to today since Okonkwo wanted to be nothing but everything beside his father and in the end that what broke his son.Okonkwo refused to grow up to be a failure like his father, wanting to be a man with title and wives.

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Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart Essay

Okonkwo was ashamed of his father for never having taken any titles or having wealth during his lifetime.His whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness.Okonkwo struggles to do everything differently than his father which results in Okonkwo bringing pain to his family, becoming an arrogant person, and ending his life in a way that is considered an abomination to the tribe.However, Okonkwo is emotionally unavailable and afraid that he will be seen as weak and that others will compare him to his father.Both father and son died in ways that were considered appalling with Unoka dying from swelling and Okonkwo taking his own life.

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English Written Task Essay

From then on, Okonkwo wanted to show Umuofia that he was not similar to his father in any way; he wanted to be better than his father because he did not want to be known as a son of a borrower who did not give money back to the lender.Okonkwo was afraid of being weak because it would directly contradict his idea of how he should act as a man.Okonkwo viewed masculinity as strength, bravery, successful, and feelings of anger.While masculinity meant having qualities of a man, Okonkwo was represented to show how he perceived a man truly defined through the factor of fear and why he displayed manliness in this approach.Dazed with fear, Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down.

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Society in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achedes Essay

Because of this "Okonkwo was ruled by one passion- to hate anything his father had loved.Okonkwo's "whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and weakness" (13).Chielo can transform from the ordinary and can talk back to Okonkwo, and even scream curses at him: "Beware of exchanging words with Agbala.Okonkwo is powerless before the goddess's priestess.Unoka, Okonkwo's father, was the exact epitome of failure and weakness to Okonkwo.

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Characters in Chinua Achebe’s Books Essay

Okonkwo, you have become a woman indeed.Okonkwos abhorrence of his father strengthens his intractable pride because this reflects that Okonkwo sees himself as a successful man but his father as a failure.Unlike Okonkwo, his father, Unoka, is a peaceful, friendly but lazy man who was considered to be a failure by the Ibo society.After the death of Ikemefuna, Okonkwo is still bothered by it that he says When did you become a shivering old woman, Okonkwo asked himself, you, who are known in all the nine villages for your valor in war?The narrator shows that even though Okonkwo had hard time to adapt himself in Mbanta, he still wanted to show people that he is a successful man.

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Essay on The Power of Fear in Things Fall Apart

Okonkwo had the right mindset at the beginning of the book but it slowly went downhill.This is the fear Okonkwo had about turning out like his father.Okonkwo strives all of his life to become a stronger, more powerful, and a successful individual.The people in his culture were judged by how successful you were and Okonkwo made sure he did just that.Okonkwo's mistaken concept of masculinity leads him to commit foolish acts and ironically causes his oldest son to absorb the characteristics Okonkwo despises as well as lead h... .

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Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Essay

His life would not be recognized for his achievements and success but instead, a man with no understanding of the Nigerian culture would use this experience in an unprofessional manner.Achebe tells of an Igbo tribesman, Okonkwo, and his prosperous life in the village of Umuofia.Because of this and his absence, the original way of Nigerian life transformed whether Okonkwo liked it or not and he was too late to stop it.Throughout the novel, Okonkwo displays various actions in response to the European invasion of his culture and other villages.Being prized of personal achievements such as defeating Amalinze the Cat, Okonkwo is expected to accomplish much more in his lifetime, but will his actions turn out to ruin his reputation and furtherm...

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Okonkwo as Classic Greek Hero in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart Essay

His use of Okonkwo and the tragic form heightens the impact of the tale, as we are moved through the essential elements of dramatic form.(p. 13) For Okonkwo, all things are measured against the traits of his father.Achebe employs the form of classical Greek tragedy to tell his African tale of the rise and fall of Okonkwo.With Okonkwo, Achebe has created the classic hero, a man exalted far above others, seemingly destined for greatness.The rise and fall of Okonkwo engenders the pity and fear we are meant to feel, and catharsis as his unbearable torment ends.

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The Power Struggle in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart Essay examples

Okonkwo is still enraged about Nwoye's conversion.Perhaps down in his heart Okonkwo was not a cruel man.Unfortunately, the clash of the cultures that occurs when the white man's missionaries come to Africa in an attempt to convert the tribal members, causes Okonkwo to lash out at the white man and results in his banishment from the tribe.But his whole life was dominated by fear of failure and of weakness.Okonkwo had a bad temper which he often displayed: Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand.

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Essay on Things Fall Apart And The Plays All My Sons And Fences

Okonkwo was adamant to teach his boys what it meant to live an honorable life that was free of laziness, free of weakness, and ultimately free o... .In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo is the father of one daughter, one biological son, Nwoye, and one adopted son, Ikemefuna.Growing up, Okonkwo’s father lived a “contemptible life” and died a “shameful death” (Achebe 18), therefore causing Okonkwo to commit his life to living the complete opposite of his father’s, and to stand for everything his father did not.Okonkwo’s dream was to pass a strong, successful, and the hard working legacy on to his sons, while instilling a solid character that people would respect – no longer remembering the failure that was their grandfa...

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Okonkwo Character Essay

This compels Okonkwo to be a better man than his father, but in some senses he takes it too far, and becomes a tyrant in his own home.‘In those other clans you speak of, ozo is so low that every beggar takes it.’” (Page 69-70) Since he is very proud of his reputation, Okonkwo is pleased to know that positions of respect are publicly known and difficult to achieve.His harsh childhood is arguably the main reason Okonkwo is the way he is.Okonkwo hated his own father, and though he is trying to do right by his children, is only driving them down the same path he has been.“Okonkwo was well known throughout the nine villages and even beyond.

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The Development of Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart Essay examples

This fear of shortcoming made him hate everything his father loved and represented: weakness, gentleness, and idleness.Okonkwo wanted to become one of the greatest men in the Ibo tribe, but three unfortunate events occur bringing him closer to his end.His other dream was for his son Nwoye to be just like him which didn’t happen since Nwoye was not happy with the way he was being treated and he went and joined the white men church in spite of his father.The one major character flaw was that he was a man driven by his fear to extreme reactions.Who was Okonkwo, well Okonkwo was a hero and also he... .

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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Essay

Due to his relationship with his father, Okonkwo has a hardened heart and thus, his actions throughout the novel are governed by anger and fear.When Ojiugo returns, Okonkwo beats her severely.Okonkwo’s hard-earned success is evident because the clan chooses Okonkwo to carry the war ultimatum to their enemy, the enemy treats him with great respect in the negotiations, and the elders select Okonkwo to care for Ikemefuna until they decide what to do with him.Ikemefuna calls Okonkwo “father.” .Secretly, Okonkwo grew fond of Ikemefuna, “Even Okonkwo himself became very fond of the boy-inwardly of course.

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Life Goes On in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

The life of Okonkwo symbolizes the life and richness of the tribe and village.Okonkwo is not only afraid for himself but for his entire village.The fear of the main character, Okonkwo, is generated first by fear of failure and then by a fear of the unknown.Overall, the African village Okonkwo knew and grew up in slowly begins to disappear.Life goes on with the invasion of the English, but never will it be the same.

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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe- 5 Meaningful Quotes Revolving Around Okonkwo

Okonkwo showed no mercy as he was blinded by his fear of his fathers submissive attitude.Okonkwo would never show weakness or his flaws in fear of being seen as his father.His determination never faltered once, which is seen especially when Okonkwo kills Ikemefuna.Disappointed with himself, Okonkwo ponders, “‘When did you become a shivering old woman,’ Okonkwo asked himself, ‘you, who are known in all the nine villages for your valor in war?Dazed with fear, Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down.

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