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Of Mice and Men: Compare ‘The American Dream’ with the real lives of the migrant workers Essay

Also, Slim is the only person that Curley’s wife addresses by name.Of Mice and Men (OMaM) was first published in 1937 and is written by John Steinbeck.The word “prince” automatically symbolises someone who has a lot of authority and is respected, like Slim.He takes orders from George like a child but he also obeys Slim as well.Slim calls him “cukoo” and “crazy” as well as Curley’s wife calling him a “dum-dum”.

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Slimfast Unilever

5.Accessible (in all the shops with any size, buy through the internet) 6.Price is below average (The average price of all Chocolate bars, shakes …etc is $1 to $2per item, Slim fast products will be kept at $1 or below with some promotions and in some geographical areas) 7.It is more than a product, it is a plan for weight loss .i.The brand should highlight special groups who are our main target groups among them: (Sports oriented people, Women from medium to high level socially, university students) ii.Brand should carry the message of: “Join the family of Slim-Fast” iii.The brand should highlight its Corporate Social Responsibility in the market for poor people as it is discussed in the PESTLE analysis.I will demonstrate through many i...

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Of Mice and Men – Slim Character Analysis

Because of his confidence, unlike Curly, Slim can remain caring and that is why people prefer him over Curly even though he is the boss’s son.His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love…” On the ranch what Slim says is the final word.Steinbeck portrays him as a thinker, “His ear heard more than was said to him, and his slow speech had overtones not of thought, but of understanding beyond thought.” Throughout the novel, we see Slim as a great authority.When George and Lennie first see Slim he is described as, “…There was a gravity in his manner and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke.Slim is not only caring but understanding as well.

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Character analysis of Curley's wife and Slim

Not only is Slim kind and friendly to his fellow labourers, we also see him exchange friendly words with Curley's wife.What Steinbeck managers to clearly say about Slim is that all the ranch workers look up to him and like him.Slim smiles and is very friendly when he sees George and Lennie.Lennie has also taking a liking to Slim because he has told Lennie that he can have one of his puppies.The way has the ability to talk to people and make George open up makes me think of Slim of being a kind of councillor, 'George fell silent.

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The Main Characters in Of Mice and Men

The reader 's reaction is to bring their thoughts and experiences to the reader to understand and explain literature.However, they may have different characteristics.Lizzie Ritchie Mr. Schneider October 13, 2015 Literary analysis of men and men Five articles Collie's wife is a complex hero of John Steinbeck's novel "Mouse and Man".These lenses allow the reader to consider the theoretical school literature.- Literary theory is a way for readers to see literary works through lenses.Literary theory includes formal shots and readers use text only to express the meaning of the work.

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The Character of Slim Essay

While confronting George about killing Lennie Slim says to him to sit down and so “sat down beside him, sat very close to him.” The repetition of the word “sat” shows how he Is again using the idea of repetition to calm him as they are friends and Slim is the father figure for George, the way George was for Lennie.This creates a key role for Slim because without Slim the reader would not have been encouraged to become as sympathetic to Lennie.This is in contrast to when Slim had to cheer candy up for when they killed his dog, it is like Lennie is George’s pup and so Slim has to now cheer up George.Slim has a very commanding nature which is why Slim is the moral arbiter during the novel and which is why he knows that Candy’s dog has to di...

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Of Mice and Men – Character study of Slim Essay

This is an example of the wonderful power Slim possess in the ranch.Slim is quite unlike any other character in the novel.Through out the book it is made to sound that Slim is the hero where infact it is more so the case that he is not the hero everyone else is just a failure.Slim says, “you lay offa me.” And Curley reply is, “I didn’t mean nothing…I jus’ thought you might of saw her.” Curley is threatened by Slim because he does not know what Slim is capable of.Slim comes across as being civilized and educated but as I have said earlier Slim is only a jerk line skinner and nothing more.

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What contribution does Slim make to ‘Of mice an men’ Essay

After being able to confess to Slim about his crime against Lennie George believes that Slim is a good man and trustworthy so he tells him about the situation in Weed and this shows how much integrity Slim has and how he now acquired Georges respect.Slim is the only ranch hand that understands the relationship between Lennie and George and so when George kills Lennie Slim is the only one who understands and that is why he tells him ‘a guy got to sometimes’ and ‘you hadda, George.Throughout the whole of the story most ranch hands seem lonely but Slim never seems too I feel he has come to terms with the depression and accepts what seems to be the inevitable life of a migrant worker and that is too be alone but sees hope in George and Lenni...

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Essay about the song Stan by Eminem Essay

Through the song Stan writes several letters to Slim to get in contact with him, but Stan never receives an answering letter back from Slim.It seems like since Slim isn’t answering him, Stan doesn’t have anything else to live for, and if he commits suicide, then will Slim for sure find out about him.In one of the previous letters from Stan to Slim, Stan says that he likes to cut his wrist.Slim also writes: I hope you get to read this letter, I just hope it reaches you in time.The song is about a guy called Stan, who’s insanely obsessed with his big idol Slim, also known as, Slim Shady who’s Eminem’s alter ego.

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Of Mice And Men Slim Questions Essay

And Slim gave him none.” The cruel reality of a world where worth is decided by a single party and skills have no sway over events appears as a strange concept to the reader and Slim is used to demonstrate that it is necessary for him to pass judgement over the other men on the ranch and the events of the novel.Furthermore, Slim’s character is used to display the harsh reality of the world and displays the efficient and unsentimental view of a ranch: “Candy looked a very long time at Slim to try to find some reversal.Slim is displayed with an aura around him of intelligence and importance that is felt by everyone at the ranch: “There was a gravity in his manner and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke.” Slim is constan...

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Of Mice and Men Essay

When Lennie smashes Curley’s hand, Slim is the one who intercedes and tells Curley he will not have George and Lennie fired.Slim is so respected and admired on the ranch that even Curley listens to him.George senses in Slim a person of intelligence and empathy who will not be mean to Lennie, make fun of him, or take advantage of him.Slim also inspires confidences because he is not judgmental.It is Slim, in the end, who suggests that George did the right thing in killing Lennie mercifully.

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Why do you think that Slim is held in such high esteem by the other characters? Essay

But through Slim, Steinbeck conveys that the key to success is by sticking to reality.Slim has the quality of leadership.This is when Slim drowns four of his own puppies.He mentions that Lennie has to be killed twice, ‘I guess we gotta get ‘im.’ He also consoles George, as Slim knows that he is the one who shot Lennie, ‘Come on, George.On a hierarchy Slim would be shown above all the characters, and therefore has the ability to act as a leader.

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Of Mice and Men – What happens after the close of the novel? Essay

As they were walking Slim said .George got Slim onto the spare seat and the innkeeper took them back to the inn and accommodated them with rooms, and told them when Slim was rested there were a few jobs that needed doing around the inn.” I’m not going alone Slim.We have to find water… Slim?” .George ad Slim set about doing them as soon as they could.

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Printed slimming advertisements in Hong Kong

The passive and submissive poses suggest that women are for male sexual desire and satisfy male gaze.Nowadays, printed slimming advertisements in magazines and on the billboards often suggest that one particular female image which conveys that an ideal body simply equals slim and not too small-breasted and taut, is socially valued.According to Berger (2008), men are always spectators and women are always seen.Those advertisements do not only tend to praise women with a slim body as fashionable and attractive, but also suggest that a thin body shows positive connotations of women.It has been shown that public perception of women is affected by printed slimming advertisements negatively in Hong Kong.

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Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Analysis Essay

Yet when George first meets Slim, there very first conversation is a philosophical one.George is beginning to contradict himself and what he told Lennie, not only by being so trusting of Slim, but he told Slim that he was his friend.The purpose of my essay is to look at how Slim is presented as a threat to George and Lennie later on in the novel Of Mice and Men.Yet he told the boss that Lennie was his friend.George is already trusting Slim too much, he has only just met him, he shouldn’t be so trusting of Slim.

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Chains of Cocaine Essay

The only sad story about taking cocaine to slim is that one may die before they slim.This with time breeds sexual malfunction (Johnson 1992) Having deeply explored the effects otherwise considered as the chains of cocaine, a door opens to the next level whereby the submission will try to give deep analysis of how to efficiently break lose from the chains of cocaine.The cocaine drug medical treatment does not erase the earlier effects already suffered.It is worth appreciating the fact that use of cocaine puts one in many chains and hence to break away from these chains requires commitment by the addict and also support from the family and friends.It is wise enough to seek preventive measures since the medical treatment is not a sure proof...

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Extract Influences the Reader’s View of the Significance of Slim

Slim is compared to ‘royalty’ in the extract; he is described as ‘majestic’ and as a ‘prince,’ highlighting the respect he gained from the other ranch hands and suggesting that his presence is noticed.Amidst the hostile nature of 1930’s America in the depression and its effect on people to victimise others, shown by Curley and the open racism in the text, Slim is still a pleasant and thoughtful character.Overall Slim is shown to be respected and trusted by the other hands as he does not need to assert his authority in the way the boss and Curley often do.His hands are described as ‘large and lean’ but contrastingly compared to a ‘temple dancer,’ portraying Slim to be more skilled and experienced that the other ranch hands.Similarly, the ...

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Essay about Slim-Fast® and Weight Loss

Rippe, James M., Hess, Stacey.The role of physical activity in the prevention and management of obesity.Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office.Losing Weight Safely.International Journal of Obesity, 572-577.

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Strong influence Essay

I give him one of them pups” This shows his attitude towards the people on the ranch is balanced, he even goes and visit crooks every now and then.Instead Slim is able to respect and be respected not only for his authority, but even for his kindness, generosity and fairness, this is shown by these 2 quotes “Nobody don’t know what slim can do, better leave Slim alone””he ain’t doin’ no harm.This is shown by “What the hell you laughin’ at?The best thing he like to do is pick on bigger people; this is proved by “He’s insistence to pick scraps with big guys” plus he likes games of any sort especially games which take the micky “Ever’ body says what a game guy Curley is” This shows that he is frustrated because of his height and always tries ...

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Candys dog Essay

He asks Slim, “I bet Slim would give you one of his pups to raise up, wouldn’t you, Slim?It is clear that the men on the ranch constantly have respect for Slim and they do as Slim says.Nearing the death of Candy’s dog, Steinbeck once again shows us the importance of Slim’s character at the ranch when Carlson asks for Slim’s opinion on the matter.” From previous descriptions in the book, the audience is aware that Slim is an influential character in the novel.” Steinbeck yet again directly informs the reader that Slim’s opinions are not taken lightly but seriously by the men on the ranch.

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Obesity and Consumerism in American Culture Essay

Seiders, K. & R.D.Pollan, Michael.The Way We Live Now: You are What You Grow., 23(2): 153-169. .The McDonaldization of Society .

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Сontract enforceable Essay

On the other hand, there might be a zone of discussion on performance as Mr Slim Jim has not yet paid the price, so the delivery of the goods might not be enforceable.Application 1) Mr Potbelly’s pottery sales’ contract is valid under mutual consent, offer and acceptance (both Potbelly and Slim Jim agreed on the object and the price), mutual consideration, and non violation of public policy.The art pottery is worth ten times ($2’500) what Mr Potbelly wants ($250), and Mr Slim Jim even offers less than that ($200).Therefore, Mr Potbelly will escape having to sell his house to Mr.There might also be a zone for discussion on good faith, as Mr Potbelly though he was selling a normal pottery and Mr Slim Jim knew he was buying a piece of art (...

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How does John Steinbeck use language in different ways in “Of mice and men?” Essay

The story was set in the 1930’s black people where very disrespected and used for slaves in these days.When crooks addresses Slim he calls him “Mr slim” none of the other characters address him in this way, this shows us that he has respect for Slim and that he believes Slim is a man of importance rather like the boss.The way he describes places and characters is very different to the dialogue, he uses imagery in both but in different ways in dialogue he uses the shortening of words and there simple ways to help us imagine, whereas in his exposition he describes things in much detail and uses colours effectively.Also they wouldn’t be referred to as ‘black people’ it would be much more racial as we can see from what they call Crooks “nigg...

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Critical lens Of Mice and Men Essay

Slim also was sympathetic, caring, and understanding towards Lennie and his mental disability.These two characters are completely different men that have unlike characteristics.Unlike Curley slim is the type of person that people can easily confide with.It invited confidence without demanding it.” Slim actions are hardly question and the characters look up to him because he knows when things are right or wrong.The way they perceive and view the world is also different because of factors like behavior, beliefs, and feelings, slim is looked at as a leader while Curley is looked as a “punk” this is a result of their actions.

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‘Of Mice & Men’ – Character Analysis Essay

George is able to trust Slim and knows that he will understand and not tell anyone.Slim can even hear things before people say something.“His voice was very gentle.” Slim doesn’t need to shout to get attention and respect, unlike Curley, who needs to fight and threaten.Slim is very serious and intelligent and “the prince of the ranch.” This shows that everyone looks to him for guidance.Slim is used as a moral yardstick to measure everyone else.

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Of mice and men Essay

Slim sat with George until the sound of grunting engines acted as alarm clocks.The door opened and slim walked in spotting Candy he runs towards him “What the hell happened to him?“C’mon George you gotta eat something,” encouraged Slim.In stepped the boss wearing his usual smart attire, his face wore a troubled expression and he scanned the room his eyes resting briefly on George and finally fixing on Slim, “Slim,when your’e done, a word.“I’m not hungry slim” replied George his voice barely audible.

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Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Essay

“I can do it if you want Mr Slim” when Crooks is speaking to Slim, he is deferential towards Slim and treats him like a superior by calling him Mr Slim.You no what I can do to you if you open your trap” Crooks is treat badly by the majority of workers on the ranch due to racial discrimination Crooks has to treat them well “Yes ma’am” Although Crooks knows his rights, he has very few of them and he always has to show respect towards the other worker .The other characters show no respect towards Crooks as they are racist, unfair and cruel towards him, the majority of the workers do not even call Crooks by his name and call him racial words such as ‘nigger’ “where the hell is that God damn nigger?” .I give him one of my pups.” This show...

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Virginia Slims Cigarette Ad Campaign of 1968 Essay

Women who work hard are able to obtain leadership positions, political positions, and can be seen as powerhouses in their fields.Today they are equals to men, by law, in almost all facets of American society thanks to the effort in the sixties.Supplementing these messages with their brand of cigarette, the campaign manipulated women to favorably see their product by instilling in them lasting impressions of support.The Virginia Slims ad campaign used the insecurities and fears of the second-wave of the women’s liberation movement to sell women their cigarettes.Being told that they were biologically superior to men, women would have felt confident and reaffirmed to their commitment to the liberation movement.

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Slim Gym’s General Manager

Additionally, her primary idea for increasing the profits of Slim Gym is to spend large amounts of money on advertisement.The role of General Manager for Slim Gym is not to be taken lightly, because it represents both a short- and long-term investment for the company.Finally, her focus seems to be on clients with more money, as her chief idea during the interview was for Slim Gym to raise money by offering shares to wealthy individuals.Slim Gym needs someone who is able to recruit many new clients in the short-term, and then offer outstanding customer service and increasing gym amenities and events in order to keep them for the long-term.His work experience is also very solid for the needs of Slim Gym: he has been the Sports Administrato...

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Bad Guys Always Die

Slim was quiet a while then started gloating, ‘spy what I’ve pilfered,’ he whispered, R. B scoffed internally at his poor attempt at using big word, and half heatedly rolled over.Slim and R. B were cursing to their hearts content as they were dragged before Dr BumRush.Slim looked on with concern ‘ hey sometimes I worry… ‘ they’ve been best friends for two days, but that’s more than most.B and called him by his full name, Slim fell to his side in convulsive laughter, almost to the point of death, R. B was staring dagger quite happy to finish the job, nothing infuriated him as much as anyone with the impudence to call him that.Slim was just taken aback.

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