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Of Mice and Men: Compare ‘The American Dream’ with the real lives of the migrant workers Essay

He takes orders from George like a child but he also obeys Slim as well.Slim is the closest person they have to a family member.The word “prince” automatically symbolises someone who has a lot of authority and is respected, like Slim.Although hope is not truly apparent in the novel, Slim is the closest character who shows that way inclined.Slim is also different from all the other men; not only because he believes in a different dream but also because of the way he is.

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The Character of Slim Essay

This is in contrast to when Slim had to cheer candy up for when they killed his dog, it is like Lennie is George’s pup and so Slim has to now cheer up George.I swear you hadda.” He is exonerating George so that he feels better which is further enforced when Slim “twitched George’s elbow.” So Slim uses positive encouragement to cheer up George.Slim has a very commanding nature which is why Slim is the moral arbiter during the novel and which is why he knows that Candy’s dog has to die.This is shown when Slim tells Curley “stay here with your wife.” Slim uses an imperative to show how he knows that Curley needs to stay there for his own benefit but for Lennie’s as well.This is shown when it said, “Slim neither encouraged nor discouraged hi...

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Of Mice and Men – Character study of Slim Essay

Slim comes across as being civilized and educated but as I have said earlier Slim is only a jerk line skinner and nothing more.Instantly the table was bright with light, and the cone of the shade threw its brightness straight downward, leaving the corners of the bunkhouse still in dusk.” I think not only the description implies to the light and hope of Slim’s character, but also the importance of Slim’s presence, as the light is the brightest at where Slim is, and darker as it gets further away from Slim.When Lennie breaks Curley’s hand George says to Slim, “Slim, will we get canned now?’…Slim smiled”.Whit said, “Nobody knows what Slim can do.” This shows that Slim has never lost his temper to the extent that it would end up in a brawl.T...

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What contribution does Slim make to ‘Of mice an men’ Essay

Slim is the only ranch hand that understands the relationship between Lennie and George and so when George kills Lennie Slim is the only one who understands and that is why he tells him ‘a guy got to sometimes’ and ‘you hadda, George.Also without a character like Slim, Curley would bully the ranch hands and he is so violent you are not sure what the story would be like without him.Throughout the whole of the story most ranch hands seem lonely but Slim never seems too I feel he has come to terms with the depression and accepts what seems to be the inevitable life of a migrant worker and that is too be alone but sees hope in George and Lennie.I feel Slim shows the ranch hands that they should stand up to people when he is arguing with Curl...

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Essay about the song Stan by Eminem Essay

He’s now so focused on getting away from everything and maybe also wants to take revenge of Slim in some way, when he says: “I loved you Slim, we coulda been together, think about.It seems like since Slim isn’t answering him, Stan doesn’t have anything else to live for, and if he commits suicide, then will Slim for sure find out about him.Slim comments on this by saying: “But what’s this shit you said about you like to cut your wrists too?I believe Stan’s goal is to make Slim feel bad and guilty of death of Slim, his girlfriend and the unborn child.Through the song Stan writes several letters to Slim to get in contact with him, but Stan never receives an answering letter back from Slim.

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Of Mice And Men Slim Questions Essay

Slim is used throughout the novel to show the need for hope during the Great Depression, as shown when he comforts George.Despite all of the adoration and respect surrounding Slim, it is clear to the reader that his future is that of the other men, as shown in the statement: ‘Like the others he wore blue jeans and a short denim jacket.’ Slim is like every other worker on the ranch; he is exactly as lonely and incomplete as they are, symbolised by his clothing, and he has to cope with the same problems.Slim is displayed as the embodiment of strength and skill in the novel: “…capable of driving ten, sixteen, even twenty mules with a single line to the leaders.” This shows that he has value to the ranch and that he is still capable of worki...

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Of Mice and Men Essay

Slim also inspires confidences because he is not judgmental.It is Slim, in the end, who suggests that George did the right thing in killing Lennie mercifully.” Slim is present at every crucial juncture in the story: the death of Candy’s dog, the smashing of Curley’s hand, finding the body of Curley’s wife, at the pool after George has shot Lennie.When Lennie smashes Curley’s hand, Slim is the one who intercedes and tells Curley he will not have George and Lennie fired.George senses in Slim a person of intelligence and empathy who will not be mean to Lennie, make fun of him, or take advantage of him.

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Why do you think that Slim is held in such high esteem by the other characters? Essay

Curley’s trip to the doctor is organised by Slim when Lennie crushes his hand.Slim supports Carlson during the controversy concerning Candy’s old dog.He mentions that Lennie has to be killed twice, ‘I guess we gotta get ‘im.’ He also consoles George, as Slim knows that he is the one who shot Lennie, ‘Come on, George.On a hierarchy Slim would be shown above all the characters, and therefore has the ability to act as a leader.But through Slim, Steinbeck conveys that the key to success is by sticking to reality.

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Of Mice and Men – What happens after the close of the novel? Essay

” I’m not going alone Slim.George and Slim were on their journey once more.” SLIM SLIM!” .Slim and George left the inn after three weeks and went on there way.George got Slim onto the spare seat and the innkeeper took them back to the inn and accommodated them with rooms, and told them when Slim was rested there were a few jobs that needed doing around the inn.

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Printed slimming advertisements in Hong Kong

It has been shown that public perception of women is affected by printed slimming advertisements negatively in Hong Kong.Thus, printed slimming advertisements may portray women as sex objects and women are portrayed as a subordination of men.The passive and submissive poses suggest that women are for male sexual desire and satisfy male gaze.Those advertisements cherish the notion of thinness and appearance, dehumanize women as objects and even further devalue women as sex objects which subordinated by men.The status of women is lowered by those advertisements as women are portrayed as sex objects.

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Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Analysis Essay

Even though Slim seems to be a gentle and kind person, George has just met him and should not be so trusting.George is already trusting Slim too much, he has only just met him, he shouldn’t be so trusting of Slim.The purpose of my essay is to look at how Slim is presented as a threat to George and Lennie later on in the novel Of Mice and Men.The first time that we meet Slim in the novel is on page 34.Steinbeck goes into a very detailed description of him, describing him in a beautiful manner, and then the first thing that we hear from Slim is “Brighter’n a bitch outside”.

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Character analysis of Curley's wife and Slim

Not only is Slim kind and friendly to his fellow labourers, we also see him exchange friendly words with Curley's wife.This can be seen because Candy considers Slim to be a match for Curley in a fight, although Curley was once a fighter and Slim has never been in a fight before.What Steinbeck managers to clearly say about Slim is that all the ranch workers look up to him and like him.The way has the ability to talk to people and make George open up makes me think of Slim of being a kind of councillor, 'George fell silent.Lennie has also taking a liking to Slim because he has told Lennie that he can have one of his puppies.

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Extract Influences the Reader’s View of the Significance of Slim

This is highlighted by the referral to Slim as ‘he’ and ‘his’ for most of the first paragraph, building up the reader’s view of his qualities, making his importance known.Amidst the hostile nature of 1930’s America in the depression and its effect on people to victimise others, shown by Curley and the open racism in the text, Slim is still a pleasant and thoughtful character.This suggests that Slim carries a positive and proud attitude even in the harshness of the ranch hands lives.(16) Slim is introduced as a respected man with great influence over the other ranch hands, without the need to wear his authority, as shown by the boss and Curley.Moreover, he is described to wear ‘blue jeans and a short denim jacket,’ the same as the other r...

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Of Mice and Men – Slim Character Analysis

His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love…” On the ranch what Slim says is the final word.When Lennie and George first come to the ranch, Slim is one of the first to give them a warm welcome.Although Slim has a lot of influence on what everyone thinks, he doesn’t let it get to his head and is always kind to everyone.In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, we see Slim, although not a central character, of great importance to the story.Steinbeck portrays him as a thinker, “His ear heard more than was said to him, and his slow speech had overtones not of thought, but of understanding beyond thought.” Throughout the novel, we see Slim as a great authority.

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Essay about Slim-Fast® and Weight Loss

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration.International Journal of Obesity, 572-577.Rippe, James M., Hess, Stacey.Zachwieja, Jeffrey J.The role of physical activity in the prevention and management of obesity.

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Strong influence Essay

I think the reason why Steinbeck has introduced the two in the novel is because they juxtapose each other as “Good” and “Bad”.The best thing he like to do is pick on bigger people; this is proved by “He’s insistence to pick scraps with big guys” plus he likes games of any sort especially games which take the micky “Ever’ body says what a game guy Curley is” This shows that he is frustrated because of his height and always tries to pick on people who are bigger than him and has always a recidivist attitude towards them.Slim is a skinner on the ranch, a simple man who does his job conscientiously and gains respect from his peers by giving respect in return.“”No big son of a bitch is gonna laugh at me” It is evident that he’s punctilious, h...

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Candys dog Essay

Steinbeck describes him as “Majestic” and “Prince of the ranch”.He asks Slim, “I bet Slim would give you one of his pups to raise up, wouldn’t you, Slim?” Steinbeck yet again directly informs the reader that Slim’s opinions are not taken lightly but seriously by the men on the ranch.Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.While Slim, George, Candy and his dog are in the bunk house, Carlson comes in and talks to Slim.

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Сontract enforceable Essay

Slim Jim returns with the money, Mr Potbelly has discovered that he could have earned much more money with his two sales and decides not to honour both sales contracts.Application 1) Mr Potbelly’s pottery sales’ contract is valid under mutual consent, offer and acceptance (both Potbelly and Slim Jim agreed on the object and the price), mutual consideration, and non violation of public policy.On the other hand, there might be a zone of discussion on performance as Mr Slim Jim has not yet paid the price, so the delivery of the goods might not be enforceable.The house is worth twice ($140’000) what Mr Potbelly wants from it ($75’000), and Mr Slim Jim even offers less than that ($70’000).Mr Slim Jim offers to purchase two items: an art potte...

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How does John Steinbeck use language in different ways in “Of mice and men?” Essay

Steinbeck makes the characters dialogue very brief and it lacks detail they say what is necessary without detail, whereas when Steinbeck is describing a character or a place he uses descriptive language and Standard English, also he uses American dialect for certain words.The way he describes places and characters is very different to the dialogue, he uses imagery in both but in different ways in dialogue he uses the shortening of words and there simple ways to help us imagine, whereas in his exposition he describes things in much detail and uses colours effectively.George asks him “Slim will we get canned now?” This shows he has power and the men believe he can take authority in situations like this.As when Curley and Lennie fight it is...

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Critical lens Of Mice and Men Essay

These two characters are completely different men that have unlike characteristics.Unlike Curley slim is the type of person that people can easily confide with.Unlike curly Slim has confidence in himself and doesn’t have visible insecurities about him, which makes Slim a great leader and a role model to the other people in the ranch.It invited confidence without demanding it.” Slim actions are hardly question and the characters look up to him because he knows when things are right or wrong.No two persons can regard in the same way because everyone has a different perspective of life and have a different way of thinking.

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‘Of Mice & Men’ – Character Analysis Essay

Slim is very serious and intelligent and “the prince of the ranch.” This shows that everyone looks to him for guidance.George is able to trust Slim and knows that he will understand and not tell anyone.“Carlson stepped back to let Slim precede him”.“I’m trying to find Curley, Slim”, shows us that she is not coming on to Slim, but her physical appearance says that she is.“His voice was very gentle.” Slim doesn’t need to shout to get attention and respect, unlike Curley, who needs to fight and threaten.

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Of mice and men Essay

In stepped the boss wearing his usual smart attire, his face wore a troubled expression and he scanned the room his eyes resting briefly on George and finally fixing on Slim, “Slim,when your’e done, a word.“Knock, knock,” “C’mon in Slim.” “No sir his effort’s jus’ fine,” “Listen slim, keep it like that, I can’t afford to be payin’ people for nothing’ and I’ve had a little talk with my good friend the sheriff I ast him to keep bad publicity bout the farm as small as he could an’ he tol’ me his evidence has matched our story and has stopped his sniffin’ around.“I’m not hungry slim” replied George his voice barely audible.” Slim eyed Curley angrily as he helped George with the burden of his heavy load.

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Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Essay

The other characters show no respect towards Crooks as they are racist, unfair and cruel towards him, the majority of the workers do not even call Crooks by his name and call him racial words such as ‘nigger’ “where the hell is that God damn nigger?” .What’s ‘a matter?” Although in the time this novel was set there was racial discrimination Slim was not racist towards Crooks because he was a fair and respectable man.What’s ‘a matter?” First of all, this tells us that Slims treats Crooks with respect by calling him by his proper name, we also get the impression that Slims shows consideration to Crooks by asking him “What’s ‘a matter?” Slim is the only worker that respects Crooks for who he actually is.I give him one of my pups.” This sh...

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Slimfast Unilever

In: Marketing Management.8.The 24/7 support for weight loss plans (No company has anything like that in Egypt) Making all these criteria the basis fro differentiation will position Slim-Fast brand as the favorable for many Egyptians and will lead us to a huge increase in sales, which can reach the preset big goal of having 10% of all Egyptians using at least one product of Slim fast daily in 4 years.5.Accessible (in all the shops with any size, buy through the internet) 6.Price is below average (The average price of all Chocolate bars, shakes …etc is $1 to $2per item, Slim fast products will be kept at $1 or below with some promotions and in some geographical areas) 7.It is more than a product, it is a plan for weight loss .i.Brochures w...

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Virginia Slims Cigarette Ad Campaign of 1968 Essay

Women who work hard are able to obtain leadership positions, political positions, and can be seen as powerhouses in their fields.They sent the message that said, “if you believe in our ideas, you should smoke our cigarettes.” This evidence shows that women at the time were fighting a hard battle for equality, and that they had fears and insecurities about themselves and the cause.The Virginia Slims ad campaign used the insecurities and fears of the second-wave of the women’s liberation movement to sell women their cigarettes.Their images made the assertions that women shouldn’t be manipulated or oppressed by men, that they have obtainable ambitious goals, and are powerful beyond common belief.

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Slim Gym’s General Manager

Finally, her focus seems to be on clients with more money, as her chief idea during the interview was for Slim Gym to raise money by offering shares to wealthy individuals.His work experience is also very solid for the needs of Slim Gym: he has been the Sports Administrator for a large university, organizing several sporting events during his time there.If the future of Slim Gym is to attract newer and likely younger clients, his ability to deal with them will be invaluable.Slim Gym needs someone who is able to recruit many new clients in the short-term, and then offer outstanding customer service and increasing gym amenities and events in order to keep them for the long-term.He can and will appeal to a diverse group, and represents ever...

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Bad Guys Always Die

Slim had pulled something from his pants.Slim and R. B were cursing to their hearts content as they were dragged before Dr BumRush.Slim was quiet a while then started gloating, ‘spy what I’ve pilfered,’ he whispered, R. B scoffed internally at his poor attempt at using big word, and half heatedly rolled over.B and called him by his full name, Slim fell to his side in convulsive laughter, almost to the point of death, R. B was staring dagger quite happy to finish the job, nothing infuriated him as much as anyone with the impudence to call him that.Kneeled and poked his finger into the head wound waved the crimson digit at Slim and sucked it, a wry smile spread across his face.

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Discuss the Significance of Names in of Mice and Men Essay

Slim however, is often thought as a hero, and thinks deeply about his actions toward other people as seen in chapter 6 where Slim out of all men goes over to check on Curley’s Wife’s lifeless body.“Carlson stepped back to let Slim precede him, and then the two of them went out the door”.Slim is perhaps the most unique characters throughout the whole book.Carlson, is the complete opposite of Slim, with ‘Carl’ meaning ‘man’ or ‘manly’ and ‘son’ meaning son, creating a definition of man’s son.Nonetheless, Carlson shows in chapter 2 that he pays respect to the more superior than him, in this case to Slim, as he precedes back to let Slim past by.

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A Comparison of Slim, Curly and Crooks Essay

33) Past his optimal physical attributes, tall and built, Slim is the most caring man of the bunkhouse.He harbors a jealousy towards Slim that is unrelenting, for he desires the kind of respect that Slim possesses.There is definitely a sliver of this attribute hidden inside George at times when he doubt the validity of this fairy tale in which he lives; always dreaming of something more.Every thought that crosses Crook’s mind is something negative; he is calloused to the feeling of hope, having abandoned it a long time ago.Yet it is this kind of attitude that holds people back and prevents them from pursuing their most important of dreams.

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Mice and men tension Essay

This makes the reader feel that all Candy can think about is his dog being shot, and this also brings a tense feel.This will increase the awkward atmosphere in the room because no one is quite sure as to how Candy can be comforted.The characters do not want the silence present, meaning the shot will be heard by Candy.Slim tells Candy that he “can have any of them pups he wants.” However, Candy refuses to acknowledge his offer, strengthening the already tense atmosphere in the bunkhouse.Slim tries to break the silence in the room by telling Candy that he can have one of his puppies.

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