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Cultural Ambiguity and the Sexual Relationship

The term "sexual relationship" is one that is thrown around and used loosely by people of all ages in the United States.While the President and Ms. Lewinsky did not have sexual intercourse, they were engaging in sexual activity, which, per Ms. Lewinsky's definition and the Jones definition Clinton used, constituted a sexual relationship.He found that loophole in the fact that there is so much ambiguity in the definition of the term "sexual relationship," and used it to his advantage.Therefore, one possibility for the definition of a "sexual relationship" could involve the clear-cut guidelines above, and as President Clinton suggested, involve only one person.This added information causes murkiness in the argument that one member...

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The Definition of Love

Fraternal love is the love of ones family and relatives, even the love of one who is close to you, in that respect, such as a friend.Marriage is basically a contract between two people creating a mutual dependence of one another in a lifetime of commitment.The Definition of Love Love by definition is an emotion explored in philosophy, religion, and literature, often as either romantic love, the fraternal love of others, or the love of God based on the definition found in The Encarta Encyclopedia.One of the most famous works in literary history is, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.It is the love for one another that keeps us going; unlike any species on earth we are the only ones that have this emotion and it is what makes us who w...

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Aicpa – Spousal Equivalent Essay

com also has a similar definition to Free Dictionary stating spousal equivalent requires cohabitation and a long-term sexual relationship.It lays down specific rules regarding cohabitation and that the couple involved would have to be publicly open about their marriage, regarding spousal equivalency I believe that instead of being publicly open about marriage the couple would have to be open about being in a monogamous relationship with each other.According to the definition, a spousal equivalent is “a person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual relationship”.Just because one cohabitates with someone else (regardless of sexual preference), doesn’t necessarily mean that they are having sex.In my tw...

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Controversy Over The Definition Of Marketing In The 21St Century

Harker, M.J. 1999, Relationship Marketing Defined?The word “relationship” should be removed entirely from a generic marketing definition.Pozzi, M 2001 The Terminological Definition: Conflicts between Theory and Practice, cited in Mayer, F 2001 ‘Language for Special Purposes: Perspectives for the New Millenium’, published by Gunter Narr Verlag, 2001 .AMA needs to rewrite their definition and come up with a more generic definition that does not exclude as many aspects of marketing as the 2004 definition does.“… It is not advisable […] to include the phrase managing customer relationships in a generic marketing definition” (Grönroos, 2006, p. 402) since there is no widely recognised definition of what a relationship is (Harker 1999 cited in...

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Definitions of Sprituality

Reviewing each definition of spirituality presented so far, if spirituality is considered as a universal phenomenon relevant to all persons (Helminiak, 2008), then it is critical that research arrives at a universal definition of spirituality.Furthermore, McSherry and Cash (2004) also carried out another review to look into the different definitions of spirituality and concluded that it would appear that there is no such thing as a universal definition of spirituality and the theoretical probability of creating one is virtually impossible.(2002) carried out another review of the literature to look into different meanings of spirituality and religiosity and identified seven themes highlighting how spirituality is defined in health literat...

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Essay about Gay Love and Marriage is Natural

Which one is the right definition?A marriage is supposed to have the foundation of love.The decision of which definition is the right one depends on where you live and what you believe.God determined that one man and one woman would be joined together to create one flesh.The biblical point of view gives marriage meaning.

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To Be Effective As A Counsellor Sociology Essay

Social skills should also be looked into by a counsellor that wants to be effective; as a counsellor, one meets many different people from different backgrounds and cultures; so one has to know how to perceive all aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication.Self-pampering cannot improve one’s sense of subjective well-being, neither can it equip one to practice congruence/genuineness, empathy or unconditional positive regard.It has also been seen throughout this essay that being a counsellor – especially an effective one – is not as easy a task as it might appear; a lifetime of commitment is necessary for this to be achieved.This relationship is multidimensional, it is not only between the counsellor and client (well at least not in al...

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Social Psychology

One very interesting definition that stood out was, “Cheating is wrong.One of the females on the other hand claimed, “Cheating in my opinion is all about breaking one’s trust.So if two people are together just for *fun*, and neither party has said that they are exclusive with that person, then if one person goes out with another party, then that won’t be cheating as per me.” .Accessibility refers to the amount of access one has to different social networking groups, sites, forums or any other form of media.If there is communication there won’t be lies and stupid fights which can lead one to find solace in another partner.” As per her, it was the lack of communication that defined cheating.

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Friends With Benefits Are They A Good Idea Sociology Essay

As far as my experience with FWBRs, I have personally never been involved in one, but I have known people who have participated in this type of relationship.Another study conducted by Peuntes, Knox and Zusman found that non-romantics/realists, blacks, as well as those with a higher class rank/age are more likely to participate in FWBRs than those who believe in one true loves, whites and those in a lower class rank/age.So how one feels about love is also a significant factor in these types of relationships.There is no one reason why.And lastly, the definition of FWBRs is defined as a …”relationship consisting of non-romantic friends who also have a sexual relationship” (McGinty, Knox and Zusman 1128).

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Relationship between perfectionism and social anxiety

Consequently, it is difficult to find an established significant relationship from the data collected, as the statistical method used usually requires a bigger sampling to justify that the result did not fully happen by chance alone.Though the advantages of having this strive, there too are drawbacks, in particular, the level of social anxiety experienced by one.There is no significant relationship between perfectionism and social anxiety level .. Antecedent Variable .As perfectionism strives one to be perfect, it is also taxing on the individual for they are pressured to excel, or to meet standards either imposed by others or oneself.There is no significant relationship between emotional quotient and perfectionism .

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Reflections on Public Relations

Rather, it is an interactive one since the intention is the good long-term relationship between a person or an organization and the general public.For one, there is the object of the public relations campaign.For one, there are other fields and systems in the environment that influence the public relations system.Such communication usually entails the use of media, especially those that can reach a greater number of people at one time.A relationship cannot exist if the channel of communication is only one way or the other party simply dominates the other party.

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What is Culture? Essay

Consequently, it is because of those facts that a definition is so hard to create.This imaginary relationship then transitions into another major part of my definition ... ... middle of paper ... ...tudent affairs professionals, we always talk about the power of a single story.Hebdige ambiguous concept As I attempt to tease out a personal definition of culture based on my own experiences and various readings this semester, I select a few common themes that bare significance in my conceptualization of culture.Question One What is culture?This applies to my personal definition of culture because these imagined conditions are what make up the beliefs, values, and goals that cultures abide by.

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The Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision Essay

Like the other definitions that were mentioned, it focuses on three aspects – the development, enhancement and evaluation of the one being supervised.In this system, one will be able to feel how it is to be a client where both the supervisor and the coach can achieve new learning.This system can be useful when it comes to a prison officer-inmate relationship; however, they should have already made a connection with one another, or if not, the prison officer can see what is wrong between their relationship and should do something in order to correct any mistakes.This definition highlights the notion of collaboration that takes place between the one supervising and the one being supervised in where they learn things from each other.Supervi...

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My Definition Of Leadership Goals Essays

My definition of leadership now is situationally demonstrating the roles, attitude, culture, traits, skills, and behaviors needed to influence others in order to achieve a common goal or desired outcome.My Definition of Leadership .On the other hand, Oprah has great relationship behaviors that helped her create her empire.This is a large expansion from my original definition, as per blog post 1.The goal of this post is to expand on what each of these additions mean to my definition of leadership.

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Understanding And Defining Being Human Philosophy Essay

Allah (S.W.T) told his angels that my creation will build relationship and love; they will worship and respect me and my creation.Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.” (Think This Subjective fact could be human behavior and as a matter of fact I believe there is not only one accurate meaning for the word “human”.One should be able to know how ethical and appropriate a decision is.One day Allah (Subhanawo.Wa.Ta’aala) told his angels that I would like to create a human being (Khalif) on earth.Neither have we kept the relationship sacred and respected nor we have kept it alive but instead we have been turned into killers.

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The Biblical Definition Of Marriage Essay

We need to stop arguing in church.When the focus turns to showing love, and expressing the basic themes held in biblical text, it becomes clear that same-sex unions have a place in the Christian Church.According to Scripture, right sexual union takes place only within the marriage relationship.We need to start focusing on expressing the teachings of Jesus and following his example of unconditional love.Even more, God desires all people to become part of the church, God’s family … We believe that God intends marriage to be a covenant between one man and one woman for life … Christian marriage is a mutual relationship in Christ, a covenant made in the context of the church.

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The Definition of a Friend

Spending time with one and understanding where they are coming from is a good base of friendship.Many people do not often realize the intense relationship that one has with a friend until it is lost.So the writers advice is to treat ones friends they way one would want to be treated.Being a good pal means that no matter what happens one will stand next to their friend's decisions and choices.Support of a friend is one of the most important things that a friendship can offer.

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The Concept Of Guanxi Management Essay

One may share certain attributes with at least dozens if not hundreds of people in one’s social life, it would be impossible for one to develop and/or maintain guanxi with everyone.The beauty of guanxi lies exactly in that through one single guanxi, one can get access to a much wider network of connections.One can develop and manage only a handful of guanxi (active guanxi not relationship) for specific pur- poses at a particular time, because developing guanxi costs time, energy and .It is possible that the guanxi between two parties may evolve from one type to another over a period of time, or their guanxi is a mixed type as they may share more than one guanxi base.It could refer to one of three things: (a) the existence of a relationsh...

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Essay about The Role of Behavior in Relation to Learning

With a definition of learning along with an understanding of behavior, the types of learning, and cognition, one can understand what learning is.To understand learning, one must also understand the role of behavior in relation to learning.When the definition of learning is a change in behavior potential, it pinpoints the distinction between learning and performance.The relationship between learning and cognition is necessary and their relationship helps to understand learning.There is no definition of learning in which theorists agree that includes the phenomena they want to call learning that excludes other phenomena.

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Leadership Versus Management Essay

This definitions center is the love of God.An extremely profound definition of Christian Leadership was stated this way: “Christian leadership is a relationship based on God’s Love which is imitated by the participants, the leader(s) and follower(s).” (Ford 1991 , 25) This author understands a leader to be one who influences and encourages another to follow in doing something great.Another author defined leadership this way: “Christian leadership is a dynamic relational process in which people, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, partner to achieve a common goal – it is serving others by leading and leading others by serving .As understood by this author, the love flows through both the leader(s) and follower(s).

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Essay on Personal Definitions Of Human, Health, Environment, And Nursing

Human The personal definition of a human is one that has life and varied characteristics, and the ability to make selections about that life.Imogene King felt that a human was one that has the ability to perceive, think, feel, choose, set goals, and to make decisions (Nursing Theory, 2013, para.The next steps after identifying the deficit is to use the nursing process to develop a plan to return the patient to the maximum level of potential for daily living.The nurse will use the already collected date and develop a nursing diagnosis of Self-care deficit syndrome related to partial paralysis.This is an example of self-care deficit.

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Definition Of Love

In this case love refers to a sent of brotherhood calling for social cohesion and care for one another.Under this definition the word can also be used to describe a strong conviction about something, for example, one politics conviction any other social conviction.Zick (1993) assert that this is more than a mere liking for one another and it refers to strong feelings.In impersonal definition, the word would be used to mean the love that one has for a country, a certain principle or any other thing that one is greatly committed to.Religious love is the foundation of  different religious believes and it is meant to achieve togetherness and caring for one another regardless of race, gender, or any other factors.

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International social skills

The most well-received one is from Earley and Ang (2003).With the self-awareness and self-management, one can realize the importance of understanding of local culture (Deng, L & Gibson, P 2009).It is clear that cultural intelligence requires some components of emotional one and vice versa .Because motivation for culture adaptation, one will adjust actions to suit the situation.One’s social skills and behaviors are based on self-regulation and self-awareness.. Only when one reaches the self-awareness, he/she can acknowledge the cultural cues in unfamiliar cultural environment.

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Community Engagement Essay

In addition to the definition given, the National Standards for Community Engagement define community engagement as the one which develops and sustains a working relationship between one or more public institutions and one or more community teams, to better help them both to understand and work on the needs or situations that the community encounters (SCDC 2009).The Internet as a part of media has growth very rapidly and become one of the most important parts in people lives and help people to communication.Communication strategies are vital to support relationship formation, ensure sustainability as well as to improve understanding of initiatives amongst communities (Gottlieb 2009).Community engagement actually just have one purpose gen...

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Management Functions And Family Economics Status

Iran is one of the few countries that have not shared in the global trade expansion.A plan must be implemented, monitored, and reviewed periodically so that adjustments can be made, if necessary, to assure that it continues to move one toward his or her financial goals.Operational Definition: in the survey, family size was ask from respondents and it included, husband, wife, children, and another relative that live with family members at one home.One matter raised of this research is that it doesn’t seem logical to compare the effects of management functions on family economic status with different family’s income... Two or the three fields together are linked to one another, namely economics, sociology and the management fields.

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Evolution Of Relationship Marketing

(1988) determined that the possibility of these actions in individual cases is dependent on the degree of preceding satisfaction with the relationship, the degree of the customer’s venture in the relationship, and an appraisal of the substitutions available.Ndubisi and Chan (2005) found a noteworthy relationship between conflict handling and customer loyalty, ultimately through trust and acknowledged relationship quality.Ndubisi and Chan (2007) advanced that an effective flow of information between a business and its customers will result in a better relationship and incline customers to be more loyal.One narrow view of relationship Marketing is database Marketing highlighting the promotional aspects of Marketing interconnected to databa...

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Important To Hospitality And Tourism Industry Marketing Essay

XIang LI also published one more article related to the loyalty in tourism, “Loyalty Regardless of Brands?Customer loyalty became one of these terms.The idea of keeping customers is timeless, but the relationship marketing became the popular term approximately in 1980s.The thesis of this paper is the following: quality of the service is one of the main factors influencing on customers’ loyalty.The quality is one of the most important factors influencing on loyalty, this fact was also discussed and proved by latest publications.

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The Definition of Friendship Essay

If you look in the dictionary it will tell you that the definition of friendship is a state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness; amity; good will.“Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is by far the best ending for one.” Oscar Wilde .There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.” Oscar Wilde .“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy and art, friendship has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” C. S. Lewis .Whatever your own definition is, friendship is often considered as a mutual and agreeable relationship between two individuals, and that’...

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Critically Evaluate Doyles Definition Marketing Essay

Even so, Doyle’s definition does not go far enough in its attempts to encompass the practice and value of relationship marketing as it does not specifically refer to the strategically significant role of brands in building sustainable competitive advantage.To maximise the value of this potential emotional relationship, organisations have to take advantage of every available opportunity to ensure that engagement between their brand and their customers is positive.Equally, certain strategically important aspects of a comprehensive relationship marketing strategy that will maximise competitive advantage and, in turn, shareholder returns, are not referred to in Doyle’s definition.In any case, the choice between using one of the two methods, ...

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Definition And Scope Of Relationship Marketing Marketing Essay

It then continued to discuss on the strategies used by RM which explains tactics to manage the relationship across the different stages of RM aforementioned, which are establishing, enhancing and maintaining relationships.Followed by the views of theorists about the determinants of RM which lead to a discussion on several theorists’ views and opinions on how a seller-customer relationship is build.The first aspect deals with strategies across stages of the relationship lifecycle and thereby suggests that a relationship is a process that develops over time through typical strategies (Dwyer and Oh 1987; Wilson 1995).This chapter aims to evaluate the theoretical opinions of different theorist towards relationship marketing (RM) based on the...

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