Pakistan Losses In War Against Terrorism Essays

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Pakistans Loss In The War Against Terrorism

Pakistan was to face immediate question s and criticism by international community as to the safe residence of the World’s most wanted individual in Pakistan close to Pakistan Military Academy.In this assignment my aim is to give account on the meaning of terrorism, background of terrorism the 9/11 tragedy and its repercussions, Pakistan become an ally of the US in the war against terrorism.Due to the geographical proximity of Pakistan with Afghanistan and before 9/11 attacks Pakistan was staunch supporter of Taliban, It was predicted that Pakistan had to face difficult situation.The Pakistan’s government participated in the US-led war on terrorism it was to work against its old policy of Islamization and increasing extremism in Pakistan...

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Entangled Pakistan and War on Terror Essay

However, the credit again belongs to the so called war on terror which has had been the architect of good foreign relations for Pakistan.Economically war on terror has been no less than a disaster for Pakistan.Another unanticipated consequence of the war on terror for Pakistan has been its credibility.It will be unfair to say that war on terror has been a complete disaster for Pakistan.Pakistan has been accused of playing a “double-game”, whereby Pakistan pretends to assist United States but secretly support terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

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Economic Effects of Terrorism on Pakistan Essay

Role of Pakistan (how it all began) Pakistan has been a strong ally of USA in the war on terrorism.Due to this war, Pakistan has faced destruction, agony and deaths more than any other country in the world.After 9/11 attacks, Pakistan was pressurized by USA and joined the war on terror as a US ally.This war on terror has greatly changed and shaped the relations between USA and Pakistan for the better or for worse.Even though Pakistan was promised military, technological and financial aid from America due to its consistent war efforts, this all was the beginning of the dark period in Pakistan.

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Effect of Terrorism on Pakistan Economy Essay

Source: “Estimating Conflict Cost: The Case of North West Frontier Province and Pakistan (Draft for Discussion)”, .Pakistan has suffered more than any other country due to the war on terror.The paper focuses on the economic cost of terrorism in Pakistan in a multi-dimensional perspective.The frequent incidents of terrorism have given a bad name to Pakistan in the world and international markets.Terrorism has damaged the economy, polity and society of Pakistan, on multiple levels.

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Effect of terrorism on pakistan’s economy Essay

The religious intolerance, political mistrust and instability, military interventions, partial economic policies, myopic visionary policies, ethnic, regional and lingual prejudices let the flame of terrorism flared up in full swing which resulted in economic instability, trust deficit among different social factions and sense of instability among the masses of Pakistan.Sectarian violence, therefore, was an extremely rare and unheard of phenomenon in Pakistan with sectarian disputes being very localized and confined rather than being frequent and widespread.Such are certain major reasons of Terrorism in any part or country of this universe and likewise is in Pakistan.At present the gravest problem that Pakistan is facing is terrorism.On a...

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Impacts of Terrorism, Political Conflict and War on Children

Case Studies: Female and Child Survivors of a Bomb-Blast in Pakistan.War and terrorism adversely disturb the psychology of children, still many children survive and grow healthy, competent, well-adjusted and caring adults.Military Operations in FATA and PATA: Implications for Pakistan.The long term psychological effects of armed conflicts on the child’s life and personality and finally, exploring the important, resilient characteristics of children from the literature, to integrate them for the psychological well-being of victim children of Pakistan.I remember, when we migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan for the search of peace and security, we got admission in the school.

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Role of National Security in Pakistan

As in those days india is not ready to accept independence of Pakistan that’s why Pakistan has always a threat form india over its existence.Some of the issues are criticize in the national security policy of Pakistan and also some suggestions are given to government on this draft which are as follows: .Also india behavour over the neccession of states and war of 1948 , Pakistan has always a defensive position and had serious threats from some aliens force that’s why its impact on pakistans policy always remains.Also the increasing terrorism in Pakistan has some severe issues on its national security.They greatly emphazised by the interior minister to formulat the national security policy in order to come over the terrorism situation in ...

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Talibinization And The Security Threat For Pakistan Politics Essay

Chapter 3: Talibanization in Pakistan created Security threat for Pakistan .Pakistan is the front line state of American anti-terror war and important Muslim country Pakistan had many aspects to study.2, August this article writer discusses the reason that why Pakistan ally itself with America after 9/11 and what were the policy changes of Pakistan, major disputes which effects the security of Pakistan as well.It also focuses on that Talibanization has spread more and more into the tribal area of Pakistan and is mainly represented as an extremist, armed violence and mass participation, which will seriously affect the political stability and security in Pakistan .From the time of Taliban emergence in Pakistan to onward they began ...

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Suicide Bombing On The National Front Essay

After 9/11 incident, Pakistan supported the war on terror in Afghanistan.• Parliament must debate Pakistan’s present relationship with the US, with particular reference to the American war in Afghanistan and operations in Pakistan.• Nonetheless, for their on global and regional interests, US-led western allies must not only increase the military and economic aid of Pakistan but also provide direct market access to Pak products on zero rate duty to help stabilise the country’s bleak economy in the wake of the war against terror.Pakistan is a peace loving nation and playing its important role in combating terror.That war effected Pakistan very much.

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Inefficiencies In Education Sector Of Pakistan Politics Essay

Pakistan was very careful in providing hidden help to the Mujaheddin and played an integral role in the war.This had profound affects on all aspects of Pakistan including political and financial and the result was a full war that Pakistan is continuing to fight against terrorists.The state of Pakistan was the one that trained the jihads and encouraged Muslim fighters from all over the world to come and participate in the war against the non believers.The Indian side feels that they have been taken advantage of where the Pakistan side is mistrusting of India’s role in Afghanistan and the resulting terror attacks in Pakistan.Pakistan became the front line state for the war against terrorism and one of Americas strongest allies in the war.<...

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Cross Border Terrorism Sponsored by Pak Army

The more India talks in front of the whole world about it, the more denials come from Pakistan, in the light of these facts, it is essential that India must take concrete steps to counter Pak Army support to terrorists who wage covert war against India & also unveil its true colours to the world community.“LeT had worked in close coordination with the ISI, which also provided support to launch the militants across the border” Dr. Khalid Mehmood Soomroo of the Jamiat-e-Islam asks: “Is there a single militant training centre in Pakistan which can operate without the consent of the Pakistan army?” The are numerous training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK).The invasion provided Pakistan Army an opportunity to reconstruct its prof...

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War Against Terrorism

Terrorism Means Extreme Fair.About 500 Al Qaeda And Taliban Has Been Arrested And Killed From Pakistan.Terrorism Has Now Been Becoming the Most Burning Problem For The Whole World.Pervez Musharraf the President of Pakistan Declared a True Sincere Friend of America.The War against Terrorism Is a Hidden Policy of the Super .

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War Against Terrorism Its Economic Impact on Pakistan

WAR on Terrorism: Impact on Pakistan’s Economy Rehana Saeed Hashmi * Abstract In analyzing the government of Pakistan’s policies towards USA in the war against terrorism, this article focuses on Pakistan US relationship and US assistance to Pakistan for economic development.Former foreign minister Pakistan Mr. Abdul Sattar wrote in his book that Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that US expected the fullest cooperation of Pakistan and on 13the September President Bush said, those who harboured terrorism would be treated as terrorists.Most of the American aid money has gone to modernize the military because all U.S assistance is conditional to Pakistan and the U.S Congress approved this aid on the required certification by preside...

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Is The Threat Of Terrorism Exaggerated Politics Essay

As Pakistan was a neighboring country of Afghanistan, U.S army could run its military operations and could access their supplies through Pakistan.He provides historical accounts of terrorism and sheds light on different types of terrorism that we see today such as: religious terrorism, nationalistic terrorism, state terrorism and revolutionary terrorism.Due to this, our GDP was inflated because most of the investment that was coming into the country was due to the fact that a military dictator was in power who was a pro-West leader and comparatively at that point in time, the situation in Pakistan with regard to suicide attacks was not as bad as it is now and lastly, Pakistan did not have a major energy shortage.After 9/11, Pakistan was ...

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The Consequences of Terrorism Essay

At Camp David George W. Bush in his speech said "This crusade – this war on terrorism – is going to take a while, ... " and that was the beginning of the frequent use of the term to legitimize and justify the actions taking place that had larger and hidden agendas.the "Muslim extremist" in Afghanistan acted as the gateway for the war to spill over into Pakistan.All the political, global statements and strategies to "fight" the war had direct affect on the people who were not even fully aware of the politics, the bigger picture.The western contrived term was first used by used by the American President, George W. Bush, during tenure trigger of the "war against terrorism" happened.The start off point of the "war against terrorism" was the ...

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Analysis of Attitudes towards Terrorist Groups

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari openly declared war against TTP (DAWN, 28th December 2013).Terrorism is one of the major problems of Pakistan which is effecting and causing all other problems.Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies’s (PIPS) research shows that intense panic because of terrorism can cause dysfunctional behaviors, which commonly spread complications are stress, depression and death anxiety(Pakistan Security Report, 2009).On social networking site Bilawal Bhutto Zardari tweeted: “Shahidullah Shahid said that constitution of Pakistan is not Islamic.TTP’s declaration of war against Pakistan, there terror attacks , kidnapping and killing of armed forces, as well as common people are causing terrorism ...

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Political economic social technological environmental and legal analysis

Due to this and many other benefits, Unilever Pakistan has won the Pakistan Society for Human Resource Management’s (PSHRM) “Most Preferred Graduate Employer Award 2008” and is at the top of the list of many MBA, engineering, and IT students choice of the place to work after graduation.This war causes severe complications to the economy of Pakistan, including lower GDP growth, reduced foreign direct investments, loss of jobs, and not to mention, the diversion of resources to fund the war on terror.In 2009, The Pakistan Tea Association (PTA) and the Federation of the Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) suggested that tea should be removed from ATT list.This has caused negative publicity of Pakistan to the global world and h...

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The Ethical Implications of the Current Government Drone Strike Polices Essay

Although there is little debate as to the legality of their use on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, in recent years there are been much debate as to the role they should play in the larger American declared Global War on Terror or GWOT.Sir Christopher Greenwood a British Judge on the International Court of Justice believes that, “In the language of international law there is no basis for speaking of a war on Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group, for such a group cannot be a belligerent, it is merely a band of criminals, and to treat it as anything else risks distorting the law while giving that group a status which to some implies a degree of legitimacy” (O’Connell, 2010).Another stark example of the drone program involves the ...

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Terrorist Attack In Mumbai History Essay

Some American stock exchanges stayed closed for the rest of the week following the attack and posted enormous losses upon reopening, especially in the airline and insurance industries.Pakistan is unlikely to be able to win a conventional war against India.The United States responded to the attacks by launching the War on Terror: it invaded Afghanistan to depose the Taliban, who had harbored al-Qaeda terrorists.India has fought four major wars over the problem of the disputed POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).India’s foreign minister blamed “elements in Pakistan” for the attacks , spreading the repercussions of the attacks beyond India’s borders.

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The War Against Terrorism: The Taliban in Afghanistan

"Taliban Cave Network Found in Pakistan - Telegraph."Since the Taliban’s fall from power, America has tried to find a way to stop them, but since the Taliban still receive support in Pakistan, it is very difficult to control and capture them if they can cross over the border.Up until the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan provided both military and financial assistance to the Taliban.Recently, a Taliban cave network was found in Pakistan.This is significant because of Afghanistan’s close relationship with Pakistan.

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Military Actions Against Terrorist Organisations Politics Essay

Fundamentalism and socio-economic backwardness have always been the root causes of terrorism in Pakistan.Groups led by Sufi Mohammed and Baitullah Mehsud were responsible for series of suicide attacks (including that on Benazir Bhutto) in Pakistan.The dual policy of Pakistan, of supporting war on terror with the US overtly and supporting fundamentalists group covertly, is the reason for the failure of military actions.But the idea of Pakistan is weaker than the Pakistani” .Pakistan stands accused of following terrorism as a state policy to intimidate neighbouring countries.

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Is Terrorism the Answer? Essay

Terrorism does not die along with the death of their leader.Due to a terrorist event, these economic agents suffer from impact through losses in physical and human capital.I believe education and freedom are the two main ingredients to create a world without violence and terrorism.Terrorist attacks on different countries result in distrust and aggression between two countries and this eventually results in long term enmity and in extreme cases lead to war between the nations.Everybody believes in something and the men who proclaim war against a small society or the whole nation does so because they believe violence bring about a change.

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Cost of War on Terror for Pakistan Economy Essay

This calculation was based on the assumptions that: (i) The War in Afghanistan that begun on October 7, 2001 will end swiftly by December 2001: (ii) normalcy will resume from January 2002; (iii) the Taliban government will be ousted and some low intensity fight will continue but life in Pakistan will remain normal; and (iv) the additional increase in freight cargo and war risk premium will be removed.Pakistan had never witnessed such devastating social and economic upheaval in its industry, even after dismemberment of the country by direct war.Obviously, continuity of War will continue to bleed the economy and society of Pakistan.The abovementioned assumptions were not materialized and instead the war on terror continued to gain momentum...

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Advent Of Islam In India History Essay

India and Pakistan have contrary regimes, India believes in democracy and Pakistan has had non-democratically elected governments or rather military rule.The Pakistanis felt that he had no right to do that since the majority of his subjects were muslim and would have sided with Pakistan and appealed to the international community to restore Kashmir to Pakistan or call for a referendum.The death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1948, the conflict with India over the Princely State of Kashmir, as well as ethnic and religious differences within Pakistan itself, all combined to stump early attempts to agree on a constitution and an effectively functioning civil government in Pakistan.Pakistan has realised that while it is impossible for it to match...

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Proposing a Solution: Bullying Essay

His name was Ajmal Kasab and he came to Mumbai from the Pakistan for the attacks, for just 4 thousand dollars.This quote describes that the Pakistan is the dangerous place to live because most danger terrorists made the Pakistan a center for the weapons and for the government of Pakistan is helping them in all possible way.The parents in Pakistan have ten or twelve kids for such purpose and they also teach them to fight against the Patel 6 Hindu people in Asia.“The invasion of Afghanistan by American forces in October 2001 pushed thousands of Al Qaeda operatives and Afghan Taliban fighters into the Pakistani tribal region”(Hussain 36) this quote describes that the Pakistan is the biggest enemy of India, so always the terrorist in Pakista...

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Essay The IMF Disease Eating Away Our Daily Bread

What Pakistan needs right now is a growth which is not only demand driven but job oriented which will help increase consumers’ income and standards of living of average Pakistanis.According to a recently released IMF report called “Pakistan Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper”, total losses, measured in terms of exports, foreign investment, industrial output and tax collection, are estimated to be around RS 2.08 trillion during the last five years period.The harsh IMF conditions at the moment are doing no good to the economy, instead, have added to the frustration of common men.The IMF disease eating away our daily bread Pakistan’s economy has paid a huge price in partnering the war on terror with the USA.But with high prevailing interest ...

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Indo-pak relations

They dream about ripping apart both societies or starting a war – preferably nuclear – between Pakistan and India.But this is difficult unless Pakistan India conflict is reduced in intensity.In their calculus, hurting India would buy even more tickets for heaven than hurting Pakistan.The war in 1971 ended in defeat and another partition of Pakistan.Subsequent to the fall of Taliban in Afghanistan, Indian humanitarian aid and development activity in the war ravaged country appeared to Pakistan as a threat to its support in Afghanistan and that inimical interests will have free reign in the country.

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The India-Pakistan conflict: An overview

Indians have always accused Pakistan’s top national security agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) for supporting militant activities in India and on the other hand, Pakistan says that the Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was involved in the conspiracy of separating Bangladesh from Pakistan.In year 1971, Pakistan faced a civil war between West Pakistan army and East Pakistan.Consequently, Pakistan army surrendered to Indian army and war came to end with the birth of another country, called Bangladesh.(Ref: .. Just when it seemed like the rift between India and Pakistan has started to heal, the conflict erupted again after Pakistan army break into Indian Kashmir in year 1999.As major part of Nor...

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Psychological Analysis of Terrorism and Terrorists

From 2001 to 2005, there have been 523 terrorist incidents in Pakistan but from 2007 to November 2013, the total number of incidents has risen to 13,198.” “Pakistan is both an ally in the war on terror, and in some sense, a battleground in the war on terror”.Terrorism in Pakistan: a behavioral sciences perspective.(Stephen Hadley) With the feeling of disappointment we have encountered a very high rate of terrorism in Pakistan.It has always remained a big problem and a major cause of terrorism in Pakistan too.In one of the swat operation against terrorism in Pakistan in 2009, many of the adolescents who were to be FUTURE SUCIDE BOMBERs in Pakistan were psychologically educated.

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How U.S Relations have Impacted and Affected Pakistani-Indian Relations Post Cold War Analytical Essay

The war against terrorism will therefore remain a dream if the U.S retains the same kind of relationship with Pakistan.7 David Chou, “U.S Policy toward India and Pakistan in the post-cold war era.” Tamkang Journal of International Affairs 27 (2003):1-30.“U.S Policy toward India and Pakistan in the post-cold war era.” Tamkang Journal of International Affairs 27 (2003):1-30.For the U.S to drop Pakistan in favor of India is seen as adoption of double standards where despite Pakistan remaining loyal, the U.S uses it for its convenience in anti-terrorism wars.10 The U.S is at the center of the conflict between India and Pakistan as evidenced by this paper that focuses on how U.S relations have impacted and effected Pakistani – Indian relation...

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