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S E Hinton The Outsiders English Literature Essay

The main character, Ponyboy, does the right thing on page 92 when he saves the children in the burning building. The setting affects the character by a great deal because if it weren’t for the poorness of the place, Ponyboy would a completely different person.

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The Outsiders Movie Review Essay

Darry was nearly always giving Ponyboy orders or shouting at him, which upset Ponyboy. By telling Ponyboy to “stay gold”, Johnny wanted Ponyboy to stay innocent and pure, and not let the problems with the socs make him tough, aggressive, and careless like most of the greasers.

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Compare and Contrast the movies “Grease” and “The Outsiders”

The main character Danny Zucco is struggling to juggle his split personality. We see images of Dally and himself on either side of Ponyboy.

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The Outsiders Ponyboy Curtis English Literature Essay

By my perspective, I think Ponyboy shouldn’t have told Cherry about Johnny’s personal life since Ponyboy was telling Cherry (a complete stranger to Ponyboy) about Johnny’s personal life. Ponyboy is really terrified, and he tries to go back in the church to get Johnny but Dally club’s Ponyboy across the back and Ponyboy faints due to the injury.

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Reflection On ‘The Outsiders’

As Ponyboy and Two-Bit find out the Johnny is going to die soon, Two-Bit runs to a store to buy Gone with the Wind book so Ponyboy could read it to Johnny. On the way home, Ponyboy explains the bad feeling he has about the rumble, but Two-Bit doesn’t understand Ponyboy and then calls him a chicken.

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The Outsiders Susan Eloise Hinton English Literature Essay

.. Moral/Intellectual – In the novel, Ponyboy goes through a lot alone and with his brothers, one of them having to do with their parents’ death. .. Johnny tells Ponyboy in the letter: “he meant you’re gold when you’re a kid”.

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“The outsiders” by S.E Hinton

Darry, Ponyboy and Johnny made 3 of the worst decisions in this novel which were; Darry hitting Ponyboy, Johnny killing bob, and finally, Johnny and Ponyboy running into the burning church. Ponyboy got very sick.

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A Lesson Learned- An Outsiders Essay

He says to Ponyboy, “So it doesn’t do any good, the fighting and killing. Ponyboy learned that a separation of groups does not change the fact that everyone is human and have their own flaws.

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Erikson’s Theory Of Development In The Outsiders

This is the cause of the conflict in the movie and what causes the Socs to attack Ponyboy and Johnny. One sign of strength in his character is that he decides to turn himself in so the Ponyboy could go back home to his family and friends.

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Human Growth and Development Essay

Therefore, this paper aims at making most of Jean Piaget’s theory of ego-centrism of childhood and adolescent to help figure out the reflection of de-egocentricity which is the essence of child and adolescent development concerned in the film The Outsiders through the character Ponyboy Curtis a 14 year old in the film. Darrel sacrifices everything t...

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Darry and Sodapop Essay

He is only apart of The Greasers because he is best friends with Ponyboy. In The Outsiders, the story is told by Ponyboy and is in 1st person.

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Analysis of The Book of Deutoronomy

In the book "Moby Dick", Herman Melville used many of the symbols displayed through his character. An example of suspense is that when the community tries to flood the Ponyboy - there is uncertainty and I am worried about what will happen next.

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Stereotypes – the Outsiders Essay

When Ponyboy said, “We both need a haircut and some decent clothes. Later on, Ponyboy talked to Cherry, changing her perspective completely through the deep conversation he has with her, leaving her completely astounded at his intellectuality and at the discovery that the Greaser stereotype she had fitted him into was completely erroneous.

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”The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton

Soda gets worried when he sees the injuries, but Darry yells at Ponyboy, causing Ponyboy to think that Darry doesn’t love him even though he is his youngest brother. Bob tries to drown Ponyboy in the fountain but Johnny kills Bob, fearing that Ponyboy would drown.

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“Nothing Gold Can Stay” in The Outsiders Essay

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is an overlying theme for Ponyboy, as he grows from a naïve boy to a tougher, more mature boy who still is kind and thoughtful. ‘Picking up the glass.’… I didn’t want anyone to get a flat tire.” This shows how even though he became tougher, Ponyboy didn’t become like Dally, completely hardened.

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The Outsiders Essay

Ponyboy left his family and ran away with Johnny after he stabbed the Soc, without his friend he wouldn’t have anyone to depend on. Ponyboy didn’t ditch his friend when times looked tough, even though Ponyboy didn’t do anything he risked his future and possibly life to stand by his friend.

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The Outsiders Questions Essay

Ponyboy thinks it’s very important to participate in the rumble because he wants to do it for Johnny. Darry’s crying had such a profound effect upon Ponyboy because Darry was really tough.

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Archetypes in Beowulf Essay

Ponyboy protected Johnny and stood by his side. This character is Hagrid from Harry Potter.

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The Outsiders

The best part of the scene was when he told Ponyboy to stay gold; that part was the most convincing, since it looked like he was actually dying and because of the way he said it. In conclusion, Daally’s character was represented very well.

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Outsiders Book and Movie Comparison Essay

When one night Ponyboy meets her at the movies in both the book and the movie. Ponyboy and Cherry have so much in common, and Ponyboy feels comfortable talking to her more so mentioned in the book then in the movie.

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Book Analysis of the Punch

However, abandoning a very small number of people, Rajnikanth quotes can be inferred to fit our daily life. The former consists of text analysis of books, and these words are used as atomic elements of analysis.

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‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton’s Essay

This is unlike the Socs who use there knives as a technique of torture and pain as shown on pages 5 & 6 where they attacked Ponyboy. My last example was when Randy had a talk with Ponyboy and he says “I’d have let those kids burn to death.” pg.109.

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Analysis of Book Two of The Politics

An example of suspense is that when the community tries to flood the Ponyboy - there is uncertainty and I am worried about what will happen next. In other words, there are two analysis tools for descriptive analysis and reasoning analysis.

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Has Childhood Changed

At the beginning of the book, Ponyboy is quiet and weak. In The Outsiders by S. C Hinton, the main character Ponyboy changed a lot from the beginning to the end of the book.

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Character Study Task Isabella Ransome ‘The Outsiders’

Ponyboy soon comes to realise, just exactly what Soda means when he says ‘…you don’t realise all Darry’s giving up just to give you a chance he missed out on.’ (Page 212). Ponyboy is more innocent, and Darry realises he doesn’t want that to change.

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Compare and Contrast Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston in the Outsides by S.E. Hinton

Furthermore, while in the hospital Johnny states to Ponyboy that the lives of those children were “worth more than [his]” (178). As it is true that they both end up without much reason to value life, it seems fit that their opinions differ vastly when it comes to following the law.

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Comparison of Themes in The Outsiders and The Kite Runner Essay

In the book Ponyboy, a Greaser, tries to escape murdering a Soc in self-defence. Both Hosseini and Hinton, although writing about very different scenarios, characterize the same theme in each of their novels - class separations harm all people.

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The Outsiders: Effects of Social Class

The Socs initiate a fight and try to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. Ponyboy is the narrator and main character, and lives with his brothers as a greaser.

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The Outsiders Movie Critiqued Correctly

It is about a character, Ponyboy, who lives with his two brothers, Darry and Sodapop. Viewers who did not read the novel most likely understood the story fully because of how great it was told.

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I Love School Essay

Ponyboy is telling us the story, the same as in the book, but the 91-minute film only glosses over many character relationships. The reader is only told that this story takes place in the southwest, but the movie places it in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the year 1966.

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