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Estimating Reservoir Porosity: Probabilistic Neural Network

The training and validation results of neural networks .. Cross plot of predicted porosity versus actual porosity . The result of multi-regression analysis for porosity estimation .. 3.3 Porosity estimation using PNN .

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Geophysical Methods Used In Groundwater Exploration

The reason for this is that hydraulic properties depend on both porosity and geometry of the pore space. de Lima et al., 2000; tortuosity and porosity, P.M Soupious et al., 2007; lithology, mineralogy, size, shape, packing and orientation of mineral grains, shape and geometry of pores and pore channels, permeability, compaction, magnitude of porosit...

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Biodiversity Of Punjab Shiwaliks Environmental Sciences Essay

Disturbance Index has been considered here as a function of fragmentation, porosity, patchiness, interspersion, juxtaposition and influence zones or distance for the source. Some of these parameters are fragmentation, porosity, juxtapositions, interspersion etc.

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Use of Porosity in Public Spaces

Apart from giving spaces back to all the sections of the society, increasing porosity in community spaces can also act as a measure against increasing crime rates in the city, as it opens up the space to a larger section of the society. Porosity in public spaces .

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Application of electrical resistivity

This value indicates that at this point,the soil is difficult to shear and it makes water to be difficult to enter then contributed to the high resistivity .One of the reason is because its porosity is high. The ground resistivity is related to various geological parameters such as the mineral and fluid content, porosity and degree of water saturati...

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Chemical properties capacity factors

3.Problem analysis on the Case Study object (scroll) . b)pH- pH is a measurement of the acidity of a solution based on its hydrogen ion potential.

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Porosity Architecture in Public Spaces

A temporal porosity is experienced while eating in the street, taking a nap in a shady corner, or drinking a quick espresso. According to Starvides, Porosity may therefore be considered an experience of habitation, which articulates urban life while it also loosens the borders which are erected to preserve a strict spatial and temporal social order.

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Assessment of Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil

The estimation of the hydraulic conductivity from these equations required information on the kinematic viscosity and porosity of the soil. For instance, if the porosity of the soil is high then the water level will returns very quickly to its original water level before the test is done.

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Geostatistics and Advance Reservoir Modelling Essay

Despite having its disadvantages a variogram can be a useful tool in heterogeneity analysis; an indicator variogram which converts the values into 1s and 0s is notably useful in quantification of lithological and geological units and future predictions. Table 1 shows the skewness as negative, however not perfectly skewed, however one can assume it d...

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Dual Setting β-tricalcium Phosphate Composite Cement

However, even though the presence of this entanglement of CDHA is responsible for the mechanical strength, the existence of unreacted β-tricalcium phosphate and the high porosity of the prototyped materials are critical factors in the final properties of the cement. Mechanical properties, water absorption apparent porosity and density can be observe...

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What Is The Importance Of Groundwater Environmental Sciences Essay

and it has lower porosity. Vesicular volcanic rock has a high porosity which is given from the stored gas in its bubbles but in contrast it has a low permeability because pores in that rock are not connected together.

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Ultrasonic Metal Testing Essay

General Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing. Based on the laws of physics governing the spread of sound waves of high frequencies through solids, ultrasonic metal testing helps in the detection of cracks that may be hidden, in addition to porosity, voids and other kinds of “internal discontinuities” in metals (“General Introduction to Ultrasonic Test...

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Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Essay

The effects of parameters such as horizontal well length, steam quality, viscosity, porosity, permeability in both horizontal and vertical directions, injection well location, injection rate, shale barrier and grid refinement on proficiency of SAGD are analysed. Higher vertical and horizontal permeability, injection rate and steam quality have posit...

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Highly Homogeneous Copper Ferrite Nanoparticles Production

• All the samples are slightly porous evident from SEM analysis . • XRD analysis revealed that all the samples have single phase cubic spinel structure.

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The Role of Geology in Influencing Water Chemistry Essay

These rocks have little or no porosity but it is further enhanced by weathering. On the other hand, porosity is the ratio of pores and fissure volume to the total volume of the rock.

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The Role of Geology in Influencing Water Chemistry Essay

Velocity is governed mainly by the porosity and permeability of the material through which the water flows, and is often up to several orders of magnitude less than that of surface water, as a result mixing is poor (Cooke et al, 2012). An area underlain with pumice, a very light and porous rock, is more likely to hold a fuller aquifer and provide a ...

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The Role of Geology in Influencing Water Chemistry

Velocity is governed mainly by the porosity and permeability of the material through which the water flows, and is often up to several orders of magnitude less than that of surface water, as a result mixing is poor (Cooke et al, 2012). The rock or sediment in an aquifer is denoted by the permeability and porosity, whereby permeability is the measure...

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Lime Mortar Repair Of Historical Buildings Construction Essay

However, in a longer term, porosity can increase due to the dissolution of calcium carbonate, mechanical deterioration, micro cracks caused by load, salt and frost attacks. Schafer and Hilsdorf (1993) tried to relate type of binder, binder-aggregate proportion and porosity in order to indirectly estimate compressive strength and elastic modulus of h...

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Installation Of Conductor Casing Engineering Essay

Primary porosity can range from less than one percent in to over 55%. However porosity of some rocks can be increased by fracturing or by using the or solution of the material itself .Therefore the resulting porosity is called secondary porosity.

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Carbon Nanofoam Structure and Functions

The foams prepared by these methods are typically of low density, continuous porosity and high capacitance. Morphology examination by scanning electron microscope shows an open cell structure and continuous porosity.

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Anticoagulants as Prophylaxis for DVT and NSAIDs Analgesic

Data analysis shows that administration of diclofenac plus heparin and diclofenac plus warfarin in groups B and C respectively, significantly increased (p<0.05) osteocytes count compared to control group, at day 7, 14 and 21. GraphPadPrsim 5 (GraphPad Inc., USA) software was package use for statistical analysis.

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Polymer Suspension Based Shear Thickening Fluid Fabric

In depth study on formation of hydroclusters in colloid need to evaluated to relate structure relationship between shear thickening behavior of polymer suspension with regard to composition (volume fraction), particle porosity, size and shape of particle. Volume fraction, particle porosity and interparticle interaction dependence is a major paramete...

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The Sand Casting Techniques Engineering Essay

In real fact, since for our cast we used a degasser to eliminate the chances of porosity, the sodium which is still contained in the molten cast shifted the alloy to the left of the eutectic point, thus making the final structure a hypo eutectic one. Image of Aluminium Silicon (Casting Alloy) .

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Essay on Using Polymers to Replace Absorption Glass Mats

Initially the important properties of the mat were assumed to be chemical inertness in aqueous acid, stability towards oxidation and heat, wettability and contact angle, porosity, and tensile strength. This is based...

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Monuments and Caves: Effect of Cyanobacteria

Survey, isolation, maintenance and morpho-metric analysis of epilithic and cryptoendolithic cyanobacteria from different monuments (temples, statues and caves) and elevated structures of Western Odisha. 7. by Mercury Intrusion porosimetry and tensile strength by Brazilian Splitting method.

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Strategies for Welding Aluminium

Trapped gases released during melting of the weld area and trapped during solidification, chemical reactions during welding, or contaminants, cause porosity in welds. Porosity in welds can be reduced by the following methods: .. Slag inclusions are compounds such as oxides, fluxes, and electrode-coating materials that are trapped in the weld zone.

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Effect of Soil Compaction on Root Growth and Nutrient Uptake by Crop Plants

The compaction of soil can be defined as an increase in its dry density,and closer packing of solid particles or reduction in porosity (McKyes,1985).In other words, soil compaction is a dynamic soil behavior by which the state of compaction is increased (Gill and Vanden Berg, 1967). During compaction soil particles move to a closer state of contact ...

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Stylolites – Greek Essay

The pore filing cementation tends to load microfossils completely with the intention that textual differences are at the present clearly visible on the porosity log. The variation is reflecting cementation of microfossils while the matrix porosity is comparable to the OJP chalk.

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Solid Dispersion System in Drug Delivery

Tablets porosity provides a way for the penetration of fluid into tablets. c. Particles with higher porosity: Particles in solid dispersions have been found to have a higher degree of porosity.

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Essay on Welding And Its Effect On Society

These porosity holes were structurally unsound creating a potentially unsafe or even catastrophic failure in the weld. What would happen is the weld would come in contact with the air the oxygen and nitrogen in the air would cause it to pit or make holes called porosity.

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