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Role of Port Authorities Essay

* Avoid dissipation of the port authorities asset base to satisfy objectives of third parties (for example, port users demanding the use of land in the port area without regard to the lands most economic use or port and city administrations using port authority assets to pursue general city goals). The mentioned part of the port infrastructure, the ...

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Development Infrastructure Mining Sector Problems And Solutions Economics Essay

The infrastructure needs of the mining sector are classifiable into two categories -infrastructure needed to develop and operate the mine and infrastructure needed to evacuate the mineral bearing ore to the processing site or port either as raw ore or as a value added product after the raw ore has been processed at or near the pit mouth. If the ore ...

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The Infrastructure Of Pakistan

Infrastructure is a backbone of the economy and a well developed infrastructure is not only important to attract foreign investment, it also needed to maintain high growth rate. Port Gwadar, being operated by Singapore Port Authority, is aiming to develop into a central energy port in the region.

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Are China’s Transport, Distribution and Logistics Efficient?

This called for major investments in port infrastructure, and intense competition had led to extremity efficient ports that are in some instances better than some European and North American Ports. China’s infrastructure, for transportation and logistics were lacking behind in the early 2000’s and late 1999’s however with the current rate at which c...

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India and Singapore’s Hard and Soft Infrastructure Evaluation Essay

On the other hand Mumbai, India’s largest port is marked by inefficiency. This is attributed to the poor transport network around the port plus poor operations management (“Mumbai Port Profile”).

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Causes of Success at the Port of Savannah

The Georgia Port Authority has the responsibility to promote port and regional development. But the Georgia Port Authority is still anticipating a doubling of its traffic to 6 million TEUs within a 10 year range at the Port of Savannah This is particularly because of the expansion of the Panama Canal and the dredging of the Savannah harbor.

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Improving Efficiency at the Sea / Shore Interface Essay

Modern port with the technological developments, that intermodal developed that formed the inland that gives priority to with container port, inland terminal to carry network system (ISC, 2011). When port always faces long time congestion port authority may need to purchase new equipment, build new berths and creating additional storage space (ISC, ...

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Competition of Ports with the Panama Canal

Likewise, the Port of Baltimore in the late 1990’s attempted to attract two major shipping companies by offering lower dock rates and upgrading facilities around the port. The Port of Philadelphia remains proactive on attracting ships to their port; they have agents stationed across the world.

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Role of Transportation in Indian Economy Essay

Upgrading infrastructure and connectivity in the country’s twelve major ports by initiating the National Maritime Development Program (NMDP). Operationalising the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to act as an infrastructure procurer and not just provider.

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Logistics of South African economy

South Africa is developing internationally; the development of the latest harbour in Port Elizabeth is called Ngqura, and will concentrate on the movement of containers. Countries around the world have recognised this demand for increased port capacity and have spent millions on the development and improvements of ports around the world.

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Transport Geography Essay

Journal of Transport Geography, 18(3), 354-362. . The 1st International Colloquium on Airports and Spatial Development.

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Development of Sri Lanka as a Maritime Hub

That saves time and a lot of money.” The two major ports of south India, the Port of Cochin and the Port of Tuticorin, are too shallow for mega vessels such as the world’s largest container ship, the MV. 10.Government has planned to construct a Colombo Port City Development Project filling a land area of 233 hectares in the ocean area in close proxi...

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Port Essay

For their part, the port actors have created and promoted a voluntary approach, which could eventually become an eco-certification designated by the label "" Ecoport "" is being set up, which the regional council of Nord-Pas- de-Calais, within the framework of port decentralization and its Agenda 21, wishes to implement in the Port of Calais and the...

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Globalization Barcelona Renovation

The intensification of Barcelona’s infrastructure development as well as the multi-layered use for expansion has helped the city to globalize, while affectively using every piece of available land for a planned residential development, park, square or office building. The new enticement created by port and beach renovations that were completed for t...

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Challenges to the Security of Ports Analytical Essay

The ports may also become targets for extremists attempting to enter the port premises carrying guns and explosives. With this in mind, port security systems are faced with the challenge of enhancing and streamlining the inspection procedures, and incorporating smart technologies or sophisticated equipment which will result in quicker and more accur...

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VLAN logically groups independent LAN stations independent to their physical locations within a bridged LAN infrastructure. Depending on the infrastructure of the network and security policies, the assignment of VLANs can be implemented using two different methods: Static or Dynamic memberships.

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Analysis of Vietnam’s Logistics Industry

In Vietnam, the Government aims to invest as much as 10 percent of its GDP on infrastructure including the transport, energy and telecommunications sectors.  The private sector is expected to play an expanded role in financing the highway, seaport and airport projects.  Improved infrastructure developments and ancillary services such as warehousin...

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Development Of Port Services In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

Unlike development an also functioning port, this newly constructed port can be streamlined to serve it expected goal. The Sri Lanka port Authority while renovating the harbour, have decided to study the feasibility of developing Point Pedro in to a Sri Lanka port Authority regional port.

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Challenges of the Logistics Industry in Vietnam

Encouraging the participation of international shipping and port companies would supplement great driving forces to the sector. On the other hand, Vietnam Internal of Commercial Technology (VICT) system of Vietnam is the only port operator using the EDI system, on standalone basis, which processes automated container billing, automated inventory man...

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The Tourism Industry In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

They are the Trincomalee port and The Hambantota port. Addition of Trincomalee port to Sri Lankan shipping network will boost huge business visitors and employment opportunities.

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Role Of Port Authorities In International Transportation Essay

With several processes involved inefficiencies can occur and that’s why port authorities are a trusted and integral entity which coordinates all the involved activities to smoothly run the trade & transportation of the country. In most ports around the world, the port authorities play a vital role in the overall trade & transportation of the...

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Sri Lankan Economy Essay

According to Daily News (2010) Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) declared that the Colombo Port records a highest ever monthly container throughput in March 2010. Sri Lanka Colombo port gains many opportunities to enhance the economy with the proximity of the port to India and other major shipping routes between Asia and Europe.

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The Jacksonville Port Project

“Mexico Starts $4.88 Billion West Coast Port Project.” Bloomberg Report, 4(28), p.33-37. The port deepening of the port is expected to: .

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Role of port pricing

Increase in the capacity of the port is urgently required as the berth occupancy at the port is 89% (Ministry of Shipping, India website) which is much on the higher side impacting the turn around time of the ship which is almost 3.09 days (KPT website). Port requires to work on procedural delays and thinking on modernizationin terms of ‘modern Gate...

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Project Network Design Essay

Port 21 – FTP . Port 110 – POP3 .

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Irish Ports

So if there are a number of ferry companies operating for a port, this makes the power of the buyer more moderate; otherwise the power of just one company can monopolise the port. Power of suppliers: The suppliers of the Irish Port Industry have comparatively little power.

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India Everywhere in the Alps: Analysis

Moreover, another aspect in which India is certainly lagging behind China is its infrastructure. For instance, poor port infrastructure is the major reason why India’s lead time for an export consignment to the U.S. is anywhere between seven weeks and 12 weeks, while China’s in contrast is between three and four weeks.

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Black Magic Essay

GVK is now looking forward to further cooperation with State and Federal Governments and third party users as it continues to finalize the requisite approvals to enable the construction of the 495km standard gauge multi-user rail system from the Galilee Basin to Australia’s closest port to Asia, Abbot Point, just north of Bowen to occur. Queensland ...

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InfiniBand Architecture Essay

On the other had, the local identifier is a 16-bit value normally assigned following the activation of the port. A switch port is open to other end nodes.

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Renegotiating Contractual Terms under PPPs

In order to develop a world class infrastructure for huge Indian geography and economy, mammoth investment is needed which posed liabilities to government sector. India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL), a government owned body incorporated by Ministry of Finance to provide long term debt finance to infrastructure projects and help cent...

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