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Workaholic Essay

We sometimes find the portmanteau words work and work, formed from the words work and alcoholism or alcoholic. The name itself is a portmanteau word constructed from the words work and alcoholic.

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Assasymphonia Essay

These words are particularly suited to the feelings of the character in this song: Salieri. The portmanteau process is therefore particularly suited here to the contradictory and mixed feelings of Salieri, a tragic figure of jealousy and hybris.

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Spanglish Essay

Indeed, it happens that a word of a language A does not have an exact translation in a language B and that one must reuse the word of the language A in the language B (ex: the Baudelairean spleen, him - even borrowed from the Latin "splen" of Greek origin!). Another example of Spanglish is the use of an English word without modification in a speech ...

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Globish Essay

Globish (a portmanteau combining global, "planetary", and English, "English") is a simplified version of English using only the most common words and phrases of that language. One notorious application of this type of globish has concerned the voices of Starwing characters (Super NES, 1993).

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Wikipedia discussion: Verifiability Essay

For example by planing everything that could be pejorative towards an organization that we support ... Ex: in the pages relating to what is happening in Syria (archeology etc.) --Ryoga (discuss) March 26, 2020 at 7:20 pm (CET) .

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Autofiction Essay

Literary theory in the English language has two notions close to autofiction: faction (portmanteau combining fact and fiction) and autobiographical novel. List, not exhaustive, of a few authors assimilated by the critic to the so-called "self-fictitious" current or who claim to be "self-fiction" in their own right: .

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Roald Dahls Lexis

The word whiffling may have been borrowed from Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. By adding ‘diddley’ in between ‘scrumptious’ creates an elongated word with a sing song nature.

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Advertorials Case Study Essay

The term “advertorial” is a portmanteau of “advertisement” and “editorial.” And was coined in 1946. These segments are designed to give a business a detailed presentation of their service that might not be possible in a traditional thirty-second or one minute advertisement .

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A Digest on the 7cs of Written Communication Essay

It is thus of utmost importance that the portmanteau of both principles (of unity, coherence and emphasis) alongside other essentials of effective communication (like language, planning and organization) all make the written communication effective. “Precision of communication is important, more important than ever, in our era of hair trigger balanc...

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Parsec Essay

The current definition (2015) gives an exact value to parsec in terms of astronomical units (the astronomical unit was defined exactly in 2012 in International System units) but the official definition gives no interpretation physical aspect of it and does not relate it to the historical definition. In figure 1, (very small scale and not respecting ...

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Jean-Marie Durand Essay

about the Inrockuptibles cover devoted to Mehdi Meklat following the discovery of dozens of racist, homophobic and sexist tweets. It is at the origin of the name of the magazine, a portmanteau which allows to insert the word "rock".

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Prioritizing Projects at D. D. Williamson

How to prioritize your organization’s projects. Project Scoring & Prioritization for Maximum Results.

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Cocktail Essay

According to the barman of Antoine's Restaurant, in New Orleans, the word cocktail comes from the fact that a French bartender was serving a drink, Bitter, in an egg cup with two handles, and the English did not not including the word "egg cup" (almost pronounced "coquetiel" at the time), would have understood cocktail. It is also said that the Engl...

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Swahili Morphology A Comparison English Language Essay

The word stems -toto and -su require a prefix that gives the word a certain number and class (Givon, 2001). .. Like in English, words in Swahili compound to make a new word or give a specific definition to a word.

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Mansplaining Essay

Other terms like "gaysplaining" exist and do not have this negative connotation, but describe an explanation in the original sense of the word. This is a portmanteau word that derives its etymology from the English words man (man) and explaining (which explains).

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Enlightenment and Siddhartha's Reunion with Vasudeva Essay

Siddhartha’s name, a portmanteau of the Sanskrit words for “achieved” and “what was searched for,” invites comparison to the Buddha himself, who went by the same name when he was a prince. New York: Grove, 1988.

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Aramide Essay

The portmanteau word "aramid" comes from the contraction of the English aromatic polyamide. Para-aramids are used in many high-tech applications in aeronautics, aerospace, shipbuilding, the military sector, transport by pipeline (liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, etc.

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Digital literature Essay

This definition is similar to that of electronic literature proposed by the Electronic Literature Organization. It is then possible to make the assumption that the publication context induces the content and that the content to have with the specificities of the medium.

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Disneyland & The Smile Factory Essay

The name is a portmanteau of imagination and engineering, suggesting that with the right mix of technicism and artistry, experiences in the park can be controlled for the maximum happiness. For example, service crew is regarded lowly compared to the tour guides.

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Instant messaging Essay

The feminine word "tchatche", borrowed from the French of North Africa and France, has spread spontaneously in Europe, as well as its derivatives: "tchatcher" and "tchatcheur". The Office québécois de la langue française proposed, in October 1997, the portmanteau word "chat" formed by "keyboard" and "chatter", entered in the Petit Larousse 2004.

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Teletoon Essay

Each block was represented by planets: . Airing from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., Teletoon at Night is a block created for an audience of adults and teenagers launched in the fall of 2002. .

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Smog Essay

This balance is disturbed by the emission of volatile organic compounds, precursors of ozone formation. O 3 + NO ⟶ NO 2 + O 2 {\ displaystyle {\ ce {O3 + NO - & gt; NO2 + O2}}} .

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The Invisible Men by H.G. Wells Essay

N.p., 30 Jan. 1983. “The stranger came in early February, one wintry, though a biting wind and a driving snow, the last snowfall of the year, over the down, walking from Bramblehurst railway station, and carrying a little black portmanteau in his thickly gloved hand.

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Humanzee Essay

These reviews were performed by the University of Chicago and the results were published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology Technical. Inspired by the research of Soviet biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, whose laboratory he visited, Dmitri Shostakovich composed the satirical comic opera Orango, an unfinished work that evokes the adventu...

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Thermistor Study Essay

[3] As an example, typical values for a thermistor with a resistance of 3000 ? As a simple example, if the voltage across the thermistor is held fixed, then by Ohm’s Law we have I=V/R and the equilibrium equation can be solved for the ambient temperature as a function of the measured resistance of the thermistor: .

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Swiss Chocolate Compare and Contrast Essay

‘Switzerland And Chocolate – Swiss Chocolate’. Toblerone produces a brand that they call the portmanteau.

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Art In The 18th Century History Essay

Neoclassicism was a rejection of the embellishment of Rococo style. Another example of Neoclassical art is Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss by Antonio Canova.

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Deepfake Essay

For example, the face of Argentine President Mauricio Macri has been replaced by that of Adolf Hitler, and Angela Merkel's face by that of Donald Trump. It is used to overlay existing audio and video files on top of other videos (for example: changing a person's face on a video).

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English in the British Colonies: ASEAN

In contrast, Standard English is not used repetition, even for intensity: the word is only said one time. For example, the words ‘titah’ (a Sultan’s speech), ‘sabda’ (another Royal family’s speech), ‘tudong’ (a head-dress worn by women), and ‘puasa’ (‘fasting’).

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Poetic form and language in ‘The Pains of Sleep’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

S., 1997, Mastering Advanced English Language, Macmillan, Hong Kong. ), 1999, Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory (4th Edition), Penguin Reference, London.

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