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Fracture Resistance of Esthetic Post and Core Systems

Forty maxillary central incisors were selected, sectioned and their roots endodontically treated and assigned to 4 experimental groups (n=10).The cast metal post and core (CMPC) served as control group.The other groups are zirconium dioxide post and ceramic core group (ZCER), zirconium dioxide posts and composite core group (ZCOM) and glass fiber po...

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Comparison Post-Colonialism and Post-Structuralism Essay

Whereas post-structuralism maintains a concern with states’ constructions of threats and enemies, post-colonialism focuses more on culture and “the ordinary people” instead of the state. Post-colonialism focuses more on the view and theories of the colonized people rather than on the perspective of the colonizing “Western world”.

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SWOT Analysis Of The Post Office Ltd

Post Office has done extremely well in identifying its opportunities in the past and kept on introducing new service lines in its portfolio, this has helped the Post Office to survive in its long journey, and grabbing these opportunities in the past has today become its strength, the Post Office no longer just survives on the Post al services that i...

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The Imporance in Following the First General Order Essay

It is important to stay at the assigned post and only to retire from that post when properly relieved. It is always important to remember one’s duty in this case being “I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.” It is also important to remember one’s responsibilities as I have stated above and...

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La Poste Essay

Service improves from April 20, 2020 following the reopening of a number of post offices and the increase in mail delivery days, which drops to four days from April 21 and then to five days at the end of April ,. A citizens' vote for the post, independent of the public authorities and not legally recognized, was organized at the end of 2009 in 9,987...

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Methods for Prevention of Post-ERCP Pancreatitis

Other drug that assessed in this review article such as Nifedipine, Risperidone, Corticosteroids, and Aprepitant did not show significant effect for prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis. Considering the fact that pancreatitis is the most important of the ERCP complications we should pay attention the methods for prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis.

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Post Development Theories Dealing A Fatal Blow Politics Essay

Post development has been criticising development theories as ‘Westernisation’ or ‘Neo colonisation’ but post development is itself looking for ‘others’ which is in different name only i.e., local tradition and indigenous knowledge .. ‘Post Development’ approach or ‘critical development’ thinking is one of the prominent strands of the Post Developme...

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Post-it Essay

For its realization, it took almost 400 hours of work for four teams of glueers to distribute the Post-it notes over a 600 m2 space. This use is considered by the trademark owner to be incorrect use since it does not allow recognition that “Post-it” is a registered trademark.

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Should Animals be kept in Zoos Essay

Posted by: ajaa . Posted by: Anonymous .

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An Organisation is a Formal Group of People With one or More Shared Goals

The counter staff is the department at the post office who work behind the glass pane and deal with most of the customers who come into the post office. The computers also have a special system which is specially made for post offices and is only available to post offices.

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Friendship Between An Indian And An Englishman English Literature Essay

Post – colonialism is a critical theory emerging as a distinct category in 1990s coming after Colonialism which addresses the problems of post – colonial identity. Whilst Homi Bhabha identifies Post – colonialism he recognizes that majority of narratives contain post- colonialism tend to begin with a discussion of the legacy of colonial experience a...

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Patients With Post Stroke Dysphagia Health And Social Care Essay

The median pre test Feeding Performance of the patients with Post Stroke Dysphagia was 5 with a range of 1 to 6 and that of post median test was 6.5 with a range of 1 to 7. . Despite the result revealed an equal number of subjects in the pre and post test assessment, the subjects had an improvement in the Feeding Performance during the post test ass...

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The Post Office and Tesco Essay

The post office supplies services to the public by charging them to deliver their letters at a fee, you will have to go to a shop and purchase a stamp which can be used to send letters, also for larger letters or packages you will have to visit the post office and they will take care of the package for you and also will charge you depending on the w...

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Moot Memo Essay

It is, therefore, said that the petitioner who is a cadre post holder, viz., holding the post of Chief Secretary cannot be posted to a non-scheduled post without a declaration that the non-scheduled post is equal in status and responsibilities to a scheduled post. The transfer of the petitioner from the post of Chief Secretary first to the post of D...

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Mandatory Jail Sentence Essay

Posted by: daveyxh Report Post LikeReply 0 * I disagree with mandatory jail sentences for drunk driving because I think that raising awareness would be more effective. Posted by: Shim2free Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Small Chance of Fatality You have a greater chance of being killed by a gun than a drunk driver.

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Ex Post Facto Laws Essay

Prohibition against Ex Post Facto laws. I feel that there is need to address the lack of prohibition of ex post facto laws in taxation.

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Bank Accounting

For this, the user has to enter the line items in a bank account statement and post them. The lockbox processing created payment advises that will be post processed (through transaction code FLB1) in order to create partial items.

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The Crusades: Assessment

(For example, you should not write a post for Pope Urban II that follows the Third Crusade.) Each post will tell about events of the Crusades from the point of view of each figure.

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The Impressionism Vs Post Impressionism Film Studies Essay

Another difference between impressionism and post-impressionism was that impressionism was mainly characterized with simple and overall depiction of nature while post-impressionism sought to depict details of the works of art and nature. The main differences between impressionism and post-impressionism are that impressionists sought to capture natur...

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Free Post Secondary Education in Canada Essay

In conclusion, many arguments could be made against the “Free” post-secondary education policy if passed by Canada, but all of those arguments would be overshadowed by the “For” arguments for this specific topic. By thinking all the facts over, it would in fact be more effective for Canada to offer free post-secondary education in order to arvest mo...

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Impact of Recession on Automobile Industries in India

The study also tested the OPR for pre and post recession period in order to get empirical output by using paired t-test where t = -1.136 and not statistically significant at any standard level of risk. In hotel industry the pre and post EPS performance has been tested through paired t- test where t value has been calculated as, t = .989 which was si...

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Bellaire Clinical Labs, Inc Case

To earn full credit for participating in the COURSE, you should post at least two substantive comments to the Discussion Board on at least three different days. Extended absences, defined as failure to post into the Blackboard classroom for more than five days, must be coordinated with the instructor.

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Effectiveness of Ivy Gourd Leaves Powder on Blood Glucose

Mean score of 14 day post test fasting blood glucose level was 131.13 and mean 14 day post test post prandial blood glucose level was 157.88. The comparison of 14 day post prandial and 28 day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 11.961 is significant at <0.001 .

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The Post Office

The Newcastle LAN could also be used to link to another 20 Post Office LAN’s in different parts of the country. Further reform followed in 1981 when post and telecommunication were separated and The Post Office Corporation was divided into The Post Office (responsible for postal services and National Giro Bank) and British Telecom (responsible for t...

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Course Information & Classroom Review

14.How many Discussion Board posts (either a Reply to Message post to a classmate, or your Reply to Forum main post answering that week’s Discussion Board questions) do you need to make BEFORE Wednesday midnight CST? 17.Can a discussion board post made AFTER Sunday midnight CST be graded by your instructor?

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German postal service Essay

Deutsche Post DHL or Deutsche Post AG (formerly Deutsche Post World Net) is a German company specializing in transport and logistics. Deutsche Post DHL now consists of two major groups: .

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The assignment I will be comparing two organizations (ASDA and Post Office) Essay

On the other hand the Post Office mainly sells services e.g. In conclusion I think that the Post office is a larger and more important business because their income has been more and also they have more branches than ASDA, however ASDA only has less branches.

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Pros and Cons for Military Veterans Essay

One can get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder if he or she witnesses or experiences a traumatic event, most Americans develop Post Traumatic symptoms at some point in their lives, most of which come from domestic violence. Plus, when they get released from the military, as long as they aren’t diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they can get ...

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Post Office Compared To Banks in India

Savings products like the post office monthly income plan, Kisan Vikas Patra, National Savings Certificate, and even post office time deposits are seeing increased collections as investors shun traditional bank and company deposits. Returns from safe bank deposits average 5 per cent, and from the artificially propped up, assured-return post office s...

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The Idea Of Development Stands In Landscapes Politics Essay

In conclusion, Post development has enabled us to critically reappraise how we go about the development business, revealing in more details the complexities and diversities involved and the need to respect them. This third position seems to be the most likely rather than the other two, meaning that neither post development nor orthodox theories of d...

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